An Introduction to Distributed Marketing Management Technology


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An Introduction to Distributed Marketing Management Technology

  1. 1. DMM Saepio Learning SeriesAn intro toDistributedMarketingManagementTechnology
  2. 2. What is Distributed Marketing Management Technology?Distributed Marketing Management (DMM) is marketing automation platformtechnology that helps organizations effectively and efficiently manage the auto-mated creation and implementation of brand-compliant and locally relevant mar-keting messages and campaigns at the local level. DMM is often viewed as part ofthe Marketing Resource Management technology stack.Organizations that depend on local marketers to representbrand messaging are the primary users of DMM technology.This includes but is not limited to organizations that must sup-port channel marketers, franchisees, authorized dealer networks,agent marketing, manufacturer reps and distributors, and fieldmarketers.DMM gives an organization: Local Local Marketer Marketer Campaign Selection Customization• The ability to control brand messaging at the local level of Materials• Dashboard insight into marketing activities and perfor- mance at the local level• Nearly instant speed-to-market with new or corrected marketing content• Dramatic time and cost savings, and Local Consumer• A platform for exploding brand value at the local level. Stage and Review Multi Channel Schedule Delivery Content An intro to Distributed Marketing Management Technology
  3. 3. DMM Role in Marketing Technology StrategyDistributed Marketing Management platform technology is designed to operateas a stand-alone marketing platform or in tandem with other legacy systems. TheDMM platform includes:• Digital asset management• Multi-channel dynamic content creation• Marketing fulfillment automation• Advanced marketing workflow automation (including Marketing Multi Channel approval process workflow) Content Fulfillment• Reporting and analytics Automation• Local marketer database and engagement. Digital Asset Management Approval Local Marketer Reporting and Analytics Local Marketer Database and Engagement An intro to Distributed Marketing Management Technology
  4. 4. One Platform – All Channels – to Simplify Building and Running CampaignsDistributed Marketing Management platform technology seeks to simplify allaspects of marketing for the local marketer. One key to simplicity is creating asingle experience for building and runningcampaigns across multiple channels. ADMM platform will provide a single, similar Digital Display Emailexperience for content creation, list man-agement and integrated campaign execu- Mobile Printtion for:• Email Marketing• Social Marketing• Mobile Marketing• Print Ads and Fliers Landing Campaigns• Direct Mail Marketing Pages• Landing Page Creation• Digital Display Web Marketing, and Signage Social• Digital and Traditional Signage and Direct Mail In-store Point of Sale Marketing An intro to Distributed Marketing Management Technology
  5. 5. Management and Measurement of Local MarketingDistributed Marketing Management platform technology captures and reports onall local marketing activities. Additionally, all measurable marketing performancemetrics can be captured at the local and regional level for easy monitoring.Marketing activity and local campaign performance data can be viewed throughdashboards and tabular reports within the DMM platform or exported intobroader marketing performance monitoring software solutions. Reportscan be viewed in aggregate for the full distributed marketingecosystem, at a regional level or local level.Finally, when integrated with DMM budget manage-ment functionality, reporting can provide insight intocampaign ROI. An intro to Distributed Marketing Management Technology
  6. 6. Brand Consistency Across All MarketsKeeping a brand safe when it is in the hands of local marketers has long been thechallenge of corporate marketers. A DMM platform provides local marketers withcontent creation “freedom” yet within a “framework” of corporate approval.Corporate marketers can control availability of content, controlaccess to content, enforce compliance and regulatory require-ments, enforce language guidelines and more.Plus, with dynamic content creation technology, content– including previously locally versioned content -- caneasily be updated, retired or recalled. Regulate Access and Control Multi Channel Content Across Markets An intro to Distributed Marketing Management Technology
  7. 7. Corporate Analytics Insight / Local IntuitionA Distributed Marketing Management platform provides the framework for blend-ing corporate analytics-based insight with local intuition. Any portion of dynami-cally created yet locally touched content can be driven by corporate insight. Thiscan come from marketing analytics systems, customer loyalty program data or anyother data source and application.While such corporate systems can create powerful personalizedand localized marketing content, blending these systems withinput from local marketers based on local marketing intuitioncan help explode brand value in the local market.Depending on the size of your stakeholderslist, consider also meeting with stakehold-ers who will not be on your team. Earlycommunication is important to building afoundation of support for your project. Alsocontinue to communicate throughout theproject to all stakeholders on the list. An intro to Distributed Marketing Management Technology
  8. 8. About Saepio For More InformationSaepio makes it easy for corporate and local marketers to build and run effectiveand engaging all-channel marketing campaigns. Saepio’s powerful MarketPort Share This Document with your Networkmarketing platform starts with easy … • Easy to Build and Run Cross-Channel Campaigns because everything – email, landing pages, social, mobile, digital banner ads, signage, print ads, direct mail, and much more – are all managed in a single, integrated digital Follow Us: marketing platform. • Easy to Maximize Brand Value at the Local Level because local and cor- porate marketers share a single platform but experience the same platform Contact Us differently based on their roles. Brand control, speed to market, and content Saepio Technologies Inc. localization is all easily accomplished whether messages are for local, national 600 Broadway Suite 400, or global audiences and corporate marketers can easily assign campaign tasks Kansas City, MO 64105 to local marketers. • Easy to Engage Customers with personalized, relevant messages because Email corporate intelligence gleaned from CRM data, customer analytics, consumer actions and more can determine what content is served when, where and how. • Easy to Automate Marketing Fulfillment because robust workflow enables Call Toll Free 877-468-7613 to learn more every cross channel customer touch point to happen automatically whether launched by corporate marketing, initiated by a local marketer or triggered by a customer’s action.This robust yet simplified approach to today’s complex marketing challenges is inuse at hundreds of leading companies and organizations, including many of theworld’s most powerful brands. It is transforming the way corporations focus andmanage their marketing efforts in a world that introduces new channels, new com-petitors, new regulations and new opportunities at every turn.Visit, email or call 877-468-7613 to learn more. An intro to Distributed Marketing Management Technology