10 DMM Trends to Watch in 2013


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Stay up to date on the current distributed marketing trends of 2013. We look at the top 10 trends for distributed marketing management, why we feel they're trends to watch, and how your company or organization can prepare. Don't be left out in 2013.

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10 DMM Trends to Watch in 2013

  1. 1. 10 Saepio Learning Series DMMTrends Watchto in2013
  2. 2. 10 DMMTrends Watchto in2013 This document explores ten trends to watch in 2013. These are: Introduction 1. Move To Turn-Key, Opt-In Campaigns 2. Big Data in Local Bites 3. Increased Focus On Analytics/Reporting 4. Increased Importance Of Local Mobile Communications 5. Local Augmentation To Loyalty Programs 6. Local Use Of Social Marketing Matures 7. Point-Of-Sale Advertising Importance Grows 8. Customers Actions Will Trigger Marketing Messages 9. Content Marketing Moves Local 10. Corporate Marketers Help Local Marketers Identify And Inform Word-Of-Mouth Advocates
  3. 3. Trend OneMove To Turn-Key, Opt-In CampaignsIn 2013, corporate marketers will begin to move from a la carte solutions for local mar-keters to turn-key, opt-in campaigns. Such events can be focused on a sales event (i.e.Memorial Day Sale) or quarter-long campaigns with Good/Better/Best participation levels.Cross-channel automation makes this possible.Why we believe this will be a 2013 trend:Consumers rely on an increasingly widening range of channels to receive marketing com-munication. Local marketers don’t have the time or skill to create the multi-channel mar-keting campaigns to support these new consumption habits. Corporate marketers mustsimplify the process for them to keep local marketing effectiveness high.What we recommend organizations do to prepare:Think multi-channel and think connected campaigns for every resource provided to localmarketers. Look to multi-channel marketing platforms to simplify the process. To read more, download “Turn-Key, Multi-Channel Campaigns Made Easy for Local Marketers.” http://bit.ly/YkGTT5 10 DMM Trends to Watch in 2013
  4. 4. Trend TwoBig Data in Local BitesDMM platforms let the insights from Big Data inform marketing decisions at the local level.Corporations begin to provide local marketing content options based on trade area levelanalytics. This blend of corporate insight and local intuition helps set the stage for betterresults from local marketing efforts.Why we believe this will be a 2013 trend:Big data is top of mind and corporate marketers are actively looking for ways to apply theinsights it can provide. They will see bringing insight to local messages as an obvious appli-cation that will also address the corporate marketers’ historic distrust of local marketers’ abil-ities to message properly in the local market. Big data provides a fact-based way to insertcorporate directives into local activities.What we recommend organizations do to prepare:Structure big data reporting to include local market views that are easy for the local market-er to understand and apply. Implement an automated content creation platform that drawson big data analytics to optimize local communi-cations but that also still allows for local marketerparticipation and engagement in marketingstrategy and content. To read more, download “Automating Marketing Localization Keys to Selecting Solutions that Cut Costs and Boost Sales.” http://bit.ly/NZTB4L 10 DMM Trends to Watch in 2013
  5. 5. Trend ThreeIncreased Focus On Analytics/ReportingCorporate marketers begin to watch local marketing activities and results more closely toensure that best-practice campaigns are shared across multiple markets. An early-stageability to provide predictive outcomes for local campaign investment begins to emerge.Why we believe this will be a 2013 trend:Return on the investments focused on supporting local marketing are already underscrutiny. This scrutiny will likely increase as across the board accountability expectationscontinue to rise for corporate marketing.What we recommend organizations do to prepare:If you can’t collect data on local marketing activities and results, you can’t analyze or reporton it. Utilizing a distributed marketing platform with built-in data capture and reporting willbe required to provide the analytics, reporting,and best-practice campaign creation desired. To read more, download “Leveraging the Power of Analytics in Local Marketing - Making Customer Data Actionable.” http://bit.ly/WAE76V 10 DMM Trends to Watch in 2013
  6. 6. Trend FourIncreased Importance Of Local Mobile CommunicationsAs more and more mediums are consumed via mobile phones, local mobile marketing willincrease in importance. Look for mobile friendly local email creative as an early adjustmentin 2013 with mobile list building activities increasing as the year progresses.Why we believe this will be a 2013 trend:All research points to smart phones and tablets as the primary way consumers engage withmultiple channels including emails, websites, and social networking. Local marketers maynot focus on SMS or MMS messaging but will recognize the importance of mobile-opti-mized communications for the 10+ channels that can now be consumed on a smart phone.What we recommend organizations do to prepare:Mobile-optimize all the marketing resources provided for use by local marketers. Also lookfor turn-key solutions you can provide to help local marketers build customer and prospectmobile marketing lists. To learn more about local mobile communica- tions, watch the webinar on How National Brands Integrate a Mobile, Social, Local Approach for Local Marketers. http://bit.ly/WT5uaL 10 DMM Trends to Watch in 2013
  7. 7. Trend Five Local Augmentation To Loyalty Programs Oversaturation has begun to diminish the effectiveness of loyalty programs. Look for corporate marketers to begin to give local marketers access to the “local” loyalty network to offer “same-day” specials based on some local trigger, i.e. if the temp hits 90 degrees in a local area, loyalty card members get X discount on ice cream for the rest of the day. Why we believe this will be a 2013 trend: Loyalty marketing is becoming very familiar to consumers and beginning to show signs of fatigue. For many industries, the customer loyalty is primarily expressed through purchases at a single retail or service outlet. Corporate marketers will look to engage the local market staff to keep the loyalty marketing benefits (including the personal relationships created) valued by the consumer. What we recommend organizations do to prepare: Implement systems that enable joint loyalty marketing content creation between your corporate marketing team and the local market- ing staff. Automate ongoing processes to minimize dependency on human co- ordination to localize the personalized loyalty message creation. Local Local Marketer Marketer Campaign Selection Customization of Materials Local Consumer To see how this works, schedule a demo with us today.Stage and Review Multi Channel Schedule Delivery Content http://bit.ly/10zdYuQ 10 DMM Trends to Watch in 2013
  8. 8. Trend Six Local Use Of Social Marketing Matures Corporate marketer’s become increasingly willing to give local marketers control of local social outlets. While there are stumbles, most of the social communications from corporate and local remains coordinated and consistent. Why we believe this will be a 2013 trend: While it varies dramatically by industry, corporate marketers are becoming more comfort- able with local involvement in social marketing. A lot of this comfort is driven by systems that enable corporate control and/or review of social postings. What we recommend organizations do to prepare: Corporate marketers should reassess local involvement in social marketing within the context of available systems to help control messages. They should also look for systems that highly automate processes as unstructured social marketing can consume a substantial amount of Provide ed at the local marketer’s time. Coordinent t Local Con rkets to all Ma Audience Market A Local Marketer Local AudienceMarketing Admin Market B Control Local Content Marketer for Local To see how this works, schedule a Markets Local Audience demo with us today. Local Marketer Market C Post Approved Local Market Content http://bit.ly/XtbUxT 10 DMM Trends to Watch in 2013
  9. 9. Trend SevenPoint-Of-Sale Advertising Importance GrowsIn spite of the proliferation of the Internet in shopping and purchasing patterns, an im-mense number of buying decisions are still being made in store. Early stage integrationsbetween NFC enabled smart phones and locally managed digital display units will start toappear in late 2013.Why we believe this will be a 2013 trend:POPAI research shows that the majority of purchase decisions are still made at a retail loca-tion. With consumers using smart phones for consuming marketing messages and con-ducting product research (often at the point-of-sale), the retail environment becomes themarketer’s battleground. Marketers will look for innovative ways to engage consumers viamobile during point of sale process and will look for better point of sale communications.What we recommend organizations do to prepare:Corporate marketers should developpermission-based mobile access to theircustomers for point of sale push market-ing. They should explore creative waysto display digital content in-store and tosupport mobile-originated, consumer-drivenengagement through mobile devices whilethe consumer is in the decision process. To see how Point-of-Sale Advertising works, schedule a demo with us today. http://bit.ly/SrtpBE 10 DMM Trends to Watch in 2013
  10. 10. Trend Eight Customers Actions Will Trigger Marketing Messages As big data, campaign management and distributed marketing platform technologies continue to intertwine, local customers and local marketers will begin to determine when and what messages the customer receives. The customer’s actions will trigger receipt of location-informed marketing messages. The local marketer will participate in the process by managing the offers that are published to customers and prospects receiving the localized content. Why we believe this will be a 2013 trend: Consumers now expect to be in charge of when, where and how they receive marketing messages. Loyalty marketing programs have also trained them to expect high personal- ization. We believe that innovative companies introduce engagement based marketing concepts in 2013 and consumers will quickly come to expect nothing less. What we recommend organizations do to prepare: Prepare your content for real-time, personalized assembly across all channels. Find a multi-channel, just-in-time content assembly platform or provider and begin to experiment with consumer driven communication sequences. Real Time ContentPersonalized AcrossAll Channels To learn more about how Customer-Driven Local Marketing works, schedule a demo with us today. http://bit.ly/ULTLNt 10 DMM Trends to Watch in 2013
  11. 11. Trend NineContent Marketing Moves LocalThe content marketing wave that has permeated B-to-B marketing at the corporate levelmoves to B-to-B and B-to-C marketing at the local level as local search grows in importance.News releases, blogs and keyword optimization all are key to the process. Most important,however, is automating this historically labor-intense process for local marketers.Why we believe this will be a 2013 trend:As mobile device use grows for local search, high, natural search positioning is critical.Because PPC doesn’t work well for mobile advertising, corporate and local marketers willinvest heavily in localized content marketing to improve visibility.What we recommend organizations do to prepare:Invest in a distributed marketing management platform to facilitate automated local ver-sioning of corporate-created content. Employ automated resources to distribute/post localcontent for search engine exposure. To learn more, download “Tapping the Potential of Local Marketers: How Better Brand Alignment Can Fuel Increased Sales.” http://bit.ly/VVVUbt 10 DMM Trends to Watch in 2013
  12. 12. Trend Ten Corporate Marketers Help Local Marketers Identify and Inform Word-Of-Mouth Advocates Social platforms continue to provide a strong environment for word-of-mouth marketing. Corporate marketers move to help local marketers identify and provide information resourc- es to their WOM advocates. Why we believe this will be a 2013 trend: Marketers simply have better information about social advocates and more tools to reach and influence them. They also have a much better command on how to influence the advo- cates without turning them off. What we recommend organizations do to prepare: Develop structured programs that engage local marketers in identifying word-of-mouth marketing advocates. Provide locally versioned resources the local marketers can share with these advocates. Favorites LibraryMarketing Manages Assets and Materials Local Marketer History Stage for To learn more, schedule a demo Delivery with us today. Multi in Saepio Channel Fulfillment Scheduler Local Consumer http://bit.ly/V221ag 10 DMM Trends to Watch in 2013
  13. 13. About SaepioSaepio makes it easy for corporate and local marketers to build and run effective and en-gaging all-channel marketing campaigns. Saepio’s powerful MarketPort marketing platformstarts with easy … • Easy to Build and Run Cross-Channel Campaigns because everything – email, land- ing pages, social, mobile, digital banner ads, signage, print ads, direct mail, and much more – are all managed in a single, integrated digital marketing platform. • Easy to Maximize Brand Value at the Local Level because local and corporate mar- keters share a single platform but experience the same platform differently based on their roles. Brand control, speed to market, and content localization is all easily accom- plished whether messages are for local, national or global audiences and corporate marketers can easily assign campaign tasks to local marketers. • Easy to Engage Customers with personalized, relevant messages because corporate intelligence gleaned from CRM data, customer analytics, consumer actions and more can determine what content is served when, where and how. • Easy to Automate Marketing Fulfillment because robust workflow enables every cross channel customer touch point to happen automatically whether launched by corporate marketing, initiated by a local marketer or triggered by a customer’s action.This robust yet simplified approach to today’s complex marketing challenges is in use athundreds of leading companies and organizations, including many of the world’s mostpowerful brands. It is transforming the way corporations focus and manage their marketingefforts in a world that introduces new channels, new competitors, new regulations and newopportunities at every turn.Visit Saepio.com, email sales@saepio.com or call 877-468-7613 to learn more. For More InformationShare This Document with your Network Contact Us Saepio Technologies 600 Broadway Suite 400 Kansas City, MO 64105Follow Us: Email info@saepio.com Call Toll Free 877-468-7613 to learn more 10 DMM Trends to Watch in 2013