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UPFRONT MEDIA is a technology led Communications Planning and Activation Agency. We provide integrated results driven solutions for our clients.

We are the product of the digital age and we truly embace the digital age. We seamlessly combine our strengths in Creative, Technology, Activation and Evaluation to deliver solutions that build on traditional concepts or transform them altogether.

Importantly we believe in being held accountable for what we do and we therefore place Insight and Analytics at the core of what we do.

Communications Planning, Media Planning & Buying, Analytics, Research and Insight, Event Management & Enhancement, Social Marketing, Search Marketing, Web Application Development, Mobile application Development, Web Development, Creative Design

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About Upfront Media 2013

  2. 2. UPFRONT MEDIAUPFRONT MEDIA as an agency concept was launched inAugust 2009 with the intention of disrupting traditionalmarketing norms. We deliver digital services that convertpassive consumer communications into digital interactiveexperiences.The company’s aim is to deliver solutions that harnesslimitless creativity with technological opportunity. Tocreate executions that stand out and at the same timegenerate a desired and measurable response. Whiletraditional methods are important and have their place wesee them as a minimum prerequisite and not the end.We organise ourselves under four main pillars:Creative, Technology, Execution and Insight. Our corestrength lies at the intersection of creativity and itsapplication to technology platforms such as the internet.We create work that gets the most out of the possibilitiesafforded by today’s platforms and we underpin this withrigorous analytics to drive measurable returns for ourclients.COMPANY PROFILECOMPANY PROFILE · LENGTH OF OPERATION · CORE COMPETANCIESWHO WE ARE | UPFRONT | APRIL 2013
  3. 3. Current OfficeNew office (2013)Supporting regionally for existing clientsUPFRONT MEDIA has a physical presence inSingapore, Malaysia and the Philippines with new officesopening in China and Indonesia in 2013. We service IBMand Grant Thornton on a regional basis throughSingapore with local agency partner support whererequired. We have a deep understanding of all themarkets in countries in which we operate.SG – (HQ)PHMYTHCNIDTWNZVTHKORGANISATIONAL CAPACITYORGANISATIONAL CAPACITY IN REGIONWHO WE ARE | UPFRONT | APRIL 2013
  6. 6. 6OUR TOOLS
  7. 7. TOOLSTURNING DATA INTO BUSINESS INTELLIGENCECONCEPT LEMONADETesting effectiveness of a creative material evenbefore campaign launch prevents wastage ofvaluable marketing dollars.It also increases campaign performance andtherefore makes our marketing budget much moreeffective.LOCOWISELocowise delivers a real-time social mediaactionable analytics platform for brands, wherecontent is driven by data and performance resultsare measurable.UPFRONT ANALYTICSSuccess is measured not in exposures, GRPs orCTRs. Success is measured in metrics that drivebusiness intelligence that in turn lead to insights thatincrease your customer base, customerloyalty, revenue and profitability.Upfront Media’s detailed tracking and analyticsallows you to turn marketing data into usablebusiness intelligence.Screenshots of Concept Lemonade websiteScreenshots of Locowise websiteOUR TOOLS | UPFRONT | APRIL 2013
  8. 8. 8
  9. 9. CHALLENGEPower 98FM looked dated andthe station had not beenrefreshed for almost 10 years.Bringing lost consumers back tothe station and enticing newlisteners would require astatement.RESULTSSOLUTIONWe developed a new logo thatreflected the charisma and spirit ofthe brand.We developed the first musicallydynamic HTML5 site in Asia andthe mobile application on iOS andAndroid to match. Furthermore, wecreated a social music map thatallows listeners to pin memories tosongs and locations and sharethem with friends.BRIEFPower 98FM is a radio station inSingapore and was facing anissue of being perceived as out-of-date and out-of-touch.Listenership was shrinking.We were brought onboard tomake Power98 exciting andrelevant for today’s digitalaudience. The radio stationwanted to target a more dynamicand upward mobile segment ofthe market and the image of thestation had to reflect this.POWER 98FM REBRANDINGIDENTITY REDESIGN · ADVERTISING · WEBSITE CREATION · MOBILE APP CREATIONRevamped Power 98FM website Power 98FM Mobile ApplicationPower 98FM Outdoor Print AdvertisementINSIGHTRadio is no longer just aboutradio. In today’s digital age radiois about online radio and mobileradio, whenever and wherever alistener wants to tune in.The rebranding of the Power98FM identity was a hugeundertaking which involvedeverything from creating a newlogo, stationery, collaterals, printadvertising to website and mobileapp creation.9OUR WORKS | UPFRONT | APRIL 2013
  10. 10. INSIGHTTravel Insurance costs less thanpeople think. This makes itaffordable with the added benefitof allowing for peace of mindwhen abroad.CHALLENGEAIG has little awareness inMalaysia and we had to disruptexisting practices and change theculture of buying travelinsurance, not something a lot oftravellers saw as necessary.This with a challenging Cost perAcquisition (CPA) target andlimited budget made it a verydifficult task.RESULTSSOLUTIONOur solution evolved over time butwas focused on seasonally relevantcreatives and messaging andutilising low cost channels tomaximise budget. We focused onsearch and display advertising andfocused budgets on key holidayperiod. Through rigourous analyticsand hard negotiations we fine tunedthe campaign to be as costeffective as possible.BRIEFGenerate cost effective sales forAIG Travel Insurance in Malaysia.The target audience wasMalaysian masses between theages of 21-44 with a monthlyincome of RM3,000 and above.AIG TRAVEL INSURANCEPast Chartis Banner Ad Campaigns Current Interactive Banner AdsBANNER AD CAMPAIGN · MOBILE APP CREATION · SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGNOUR WORKS | UPFRONT | APRIL 2013
  11. 11. INSIGHTSingaporeans are proud of their“kiasu” nature, the desire to find agood deal, not just in priceterms, but in terms of a betterservice proposition.CHALLENGEBringing this new proposition tothe market. We had to disruptexisting practices and changethe culture of buying carinsurance. Car owners wereused to the agent handlingeverything, and wereaccustomed to renewalshappening automatically.RESULTSSOLUTIONBeing a direct online model, wecould promise speed comparedto using agents. So we explicitlyunderscored our promise withthe quotation claim “you can geta quote from Aviva in 60seconds”We drove this and the betterdeal message home with BrandResponse and Direct Responsetechniques via online / offlinemedia and search (SEM &SEO).BRIEFBuild a multimillion business fromscratch. Do it within one year.And do it by entering a crowdedand commoditized market with acompletely new and untestedsales and distribution modelCampaign Duration: June 2010 –March 2012AVIVA MEDIA CAMPAIGNMEDIA PLANNING & BUYING · SEM · SEOOnline Banner Ad CampaignTaxi WrapsAviva Get Quote Online AppOUR WORKS | UPFRONT | APRIL 2013
  12. 12. INSIGHTWhen people have nothing to dothey turn to their phone for help.CHALLENGETurning a passive experience intoa dynamic and rewardingrelationsWe needed to get delegatesinformation they wanted, whenthey wanted it and we needed toget IBM data that would help themfine tune content and convertprospects to clientsRESULTSSOLUTIONDevelop a mobile application oniOS, Android and BlackBerry thatwould allow delegates to have arich and informative experience.• Question and answermechanism• QR code reader• Dynamic Resources• Speaker Interaction• Social media integration• Full Analytics for IBM• IBM Sales software integrationBRIEFIBM holds over 2000 events a yearacross ASEAN with audiencenumbers that exceed 200.IBM events were analogue andpassive, and we were tasked to makethem interactive, engaging andmeasurableIBMMOBILE APP CREATION · EVENT MANAGEMENT · SMS CAMPAIGN / QR CODESIBM Event Mobile AppOUR WORKS | UPFRONT | APRIL 2013
  13. 13. INSIGHTOnline is the number 1 place wherebusiness decision makers get theirinformation. Yet the financialindustry has been slow to movemarketing budget into digital.CHALLENGEGrant Thornton are relatively smallcompared to the big 4 and areeasily outspent. Our main obstaclewas to outshine the big spenderswith limited resources.RESULTSSOLUTION• Identify what business content ismost searched for and mostrelevant to our target audience.• Develop and seed that type ofcontent in digital environmentsfor business decision makers tofind.• Take advantage of the of thebrand association from thecontent and drive prospects tothe Grant Thornton site througha fine tuned SEO strategyBRIEFWith limited budget, GrantThornton, a global accountancyfirm, wanted to increse their visibilityand drive traffic to their site forpospective clients and talentedrecruits alike.One of the core requirements was toshowcase Grant Thornton content.We were asked to undertake MarketResearch, Content Seeding, creativeproduction, Digital Consultancy andSEO in 7 markets:SG, MY, CN, NZ, TW, VT, IN.GRANT THORNTON INTERNATIONALSEO CAMPAIGNInfographics in GT SEO HandbookGT markets in the regionOUR WORKS | UPFRONT | APRIL 2013
  14. 14. NESTLE PURINA PETCARE PHILIPPINESSOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGNINSIGHT45% of Filipinos are online, ofwhich 97% are on Facebook.Pet owners love to show off andexchange stories about their petwithin social environments.CHALLENGEBuilding a relationship with aconsumer is challenging butbecoming part of an alreadystrong bond between pet ownerand their pets presented adifferent challenge all together.RESULTSSOLUTIONWe created the Purina Facebook pagewith a diversified content plan, then westarted activating the different brandchannels to directly engage with petowners.Promotions, competitions, events, expert advice, puppy club, kitten club andCSR campaigns were carried out.To build traffic, we implemented atargeted media plan using PPC andeventually we rolled out a tailor madecommunity management plan, Includingapplications to drive and develop therelationship.BRIEFNestle Purina Petcare Philippineswanted wanted to bud a strongerrelationship with owners of pets.UPFRONT MEDIA were taskedto turn a relationship between petand their owners into a relatioshipbetween pets, their owners andNestle.AVERAGEMONTHLYINCREASE OFFACEBOOK FANSFancy Feast Facebook Page Fancy Feast Banner Ad Campaign14OUR WORKS | UPFRONT | APRIL 2013
  15. 15. overviewBosch wanted to createconsumer awareness of CleanDiesel. Bosch also wants tochange consumer perception ofwhat a Diesel Engine is in 2012 /2013. Ultimately Bosch wants toincrease purchases of CleanDiesel engines in South EastAsia.Campaign Duration: OngoingBOSCH CLEAN DIESELPost Launch MicrositeAd BannerBosch Clean Diesel Facebook SitePre-Launch Teaser Ad BannerBANNER AD CAMPAIGN · MEDIA PLANNING & BUYING · SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGNOUR WORKS | UPFRONT | APRIL 2013
  16. 16. UNIFYING COMPLEXITY FOR SUPERIOR BUSINESS OUTCOMESRESOURCES AND TOOLSOur team has the right set of skills and access to the righttools to deliver on your ambitionEXPERIENCEWe have a deep knowledge of the creative and technologyaspects of digital and social media marketing.INNOVATIONWe invest to make sure you stay ahead of the competitionPASSIONWe love what we do and this translates into what weproduceWHY UPFRONT MEDIAWHY US | UPFRONT | APRIL 2013
  17. 17. THANK YOU