Social media for NGos in KPK Pakistan


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This presentation is a proposal for international and local NGOs/ development agencies operating in Hazara division and entire KPK province of Pakistan

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Social media for NGos in KPK Pakistan

  1. 1. Proposal presentation:Social Media TrainingFor NGOsandSocial Development sectorBy: Saeed Khan Abbasi
  2. 2. Trainer’s profile Saeed Khan Abbasi• @ Social Media Branding Expert, Social Media Trainer, Image building, Lobbying Expert and Blogger• @ Successfully motivated to over 55000 youth till now• @ Motivational Speaker• @ Chief moderator: : Social Media Governments Project• @ CEO: Brand Pakistan Blogging••
  3. 3. Empowering you with social mediaThe power of social media is transforming the way in which non-profitsaccomplish their missions. Although some local NGOs have started toexperiment with social media applications, the uptake is still limited and inmost cases not part of a broader strategic approach. However, traditionalNGO activities such as fundraising and advocacy will directly benefit fromthe availability of a wide range of affordable online services andapplications. (
  4. 4. We make your effective presence on global socialmedia networksOver 01 billion people worldwide and over 21 million from Pakistan are already engaged
  5. 5. Testimonial: Many well known international NGOsand development organisations are on social media
  6. 6. Testimonial: Many well known international NGOs anddevelopment organisations are on social media
  7. 7. So why not you!
  8. 8. Avail our cost effective and easy to adopt SocialMedia Branding Training
  9. 9. Customized Programs:• Our social media training programs are tailored to your needs while our training targets the following:• Gather information on your NGO and your goals• Research your projects and services in social media networking• Examine the competitors you face and their activity online• Look at your overall online presence and how social media can assist• Tailor the course content with all of the above in mind
  10. 10. Salient Features: Our training features the following: • @ Creating social media awareness (motivational & general awareness) • @ Engaging NGOs and community
  11. 11. Salient Features:@ Providing complete insight of social media@ Using the well known social media networks like facebook, twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, blogs etc
  12. 12. Salient features:@ Social media benefits: Advocacy and fund raising@ Social media for NGOs & Development sector
  13. 13. Salient Features@ Social media for donor relations@ Social media for global exposure
  14. 14. Salient features:@ Social media for local community access
  15. 15. Target audience:Our clients can range from sole social workers tonational NGOs, public sector bodies,international groups and organizers. Whateversector your organization works in, we can helpyou obtain the skills and strategy you need forsocial media marketing and brand building.
  16. 16. Who can join?NGOs, nonprofits, foundations, social enterprises, causeand advocacy organizations, educators, general public
  17. 17. Target Audience:Ideal for people from remote areas of Pakistan where technology for rapid access is must!
  18. 18. Training Impacts:Our social media training programs teach delegates howto increase image building, brand awareness andpromote their organisation online through the use ofTwitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and many more social media platforms.
  19. 19. Training Standard:We dont deliver average training. Every single one ofour courses is tailored to our client, their relevantsector, the area and region they operate in, the projectsand services they offer and the competitors they face.
  20. 20. Training Duration:As all sessions are based on client specific thereforelength or duration of each session varies from needspoint of view. Selection of training module will bemade on as and when required basis.
  21. 21. Social Media at your Doorstep:Our training is delivered on your premises with hugeadvantages to your company or organisation that avoidsexpenses, time wasting and many other hurdles.
  22. 22. Session Pre-requisites:To hold one of our training courses at your premises (ornominated location), your site must be able to meet the followingrequirements:@ Reliable broadband or cable internet access with a minimum achievable speed of 1mbps (preferably more)@ Seating and desks for all the delegates you wish to be trained (maximum of 6) - and trainer
  23. 23. Session Pre-requisites: @ A wall or screen that can be projected upon by projector attached to a laptop computer (we bring the projection equipment and laptop) @ Be able to ensure the training area is quiet, spacious and will not be subject to regular interruptions during the course of the training (this is for your benefit, not ours!)
  24. 24. Sponsorship and Partnership:Because of the highly valued and global standard basedbenefits of our proposed Social Media Training forNGOs & Development Sector we are looking forvaluable sponsors/partners to offer these trainingsessions.
  25. 25. Sponsorship and Partnership:Since our target audience is the entire social and developmentsector of Hazara Division (KPK province) where access to basiccivil amenities, rights and technology is still deprived or limited.Therefore your brand will be promoted as that region’s socialmedia awareness partner.
  26. 26. Sponsorship and Partnership:Our sponsors or partners will get great marketing andbranding benefits both online and off line beingsupporting in social media awareness amongprofessionals and masses.
  27. 27. Sponsorship Segments: BudgetIf we start our training activity for any NGO, organization or group that coststravelling, boarding, lodging , training fee (starting minimum 5000 per hour)of trainer besides all expenses include during the entire training session.It includes provision of all technical equipments we mentioned in previousslides, also training course material and other relevant stuff or expenses.Exact cost or budget varies from location and need to need basis so will bedecided if a specific place of training is mentioned.
  28. 28. For more info:Saeed Khan AbbasiSocial Media Branding & Image building Consultant,Social Media TrainerKarachi, Pakistan (South-Asia) , saeedabasi@yahoo.comCell: 0346-2492867, 0333-2124418
  29. 29. Thank you!