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Erp by Mohammad Saeed Khan



ERP, SAP ERP, CASE, Saeed, ERP presentation, ERP Overview, Inventory, Human resources, Paycheck, Profile

ERP, SAP ERP, CASE, Saeed, ERP presentation, ERP Overview, Inventory, Human resources, Paycheck, Profile



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  • One million =10 lakh

Erp by Mohammad Saeed Khan Erp by Mohammad Saeed Khan Presentation Transcript

  • What is ERP…..?• ERP is a process of managing all resources and their use in the entire enterprise in a coordinated manner• Support business through optimizing, maintaining, and tracking business functions.• Software solution that addresses the Enterprise needs, taking a process view of the overall organization to meet the goals, by tightly integrating all functions under a common software platform
  • WHY ERP………..?• For Management – to know what is happening in the company• One solution for better Management• For cycle time reduction• To achieve cost control & low working capital• To Adopt latest technologies• To satisfy the customers with high expectations• To be Competitive & for survival
  • WHAT MAKES ERP DIFFERENT• Integrated modules• Common definitions• Common database• Update one module, automatically updates others• ERP systems reflect a specific way of doing business
  • COMPANIES BEFORE ADOPTING ERP SYSTEMSNow a days figure may be converted into digital form but the result is same…. ….Poor Data organization…no concept of data warehouse….
  • Companies After Adopting ERP Systems
  • Benefit of ERP…!• One common system - less duplication, more efficient• Customer focus - better customer service• Open communications among business partners• Help in integrating applications for decision making and planning• Allow departments to talk to each other• Easy to integrate by using processed built into ERP software• A way to force BPR (ReEngineering)
  • SUCCESS STORIES• Autodesk (computer aided design software maker) • Reduced delivery time from 2 weeks to less than 24 hours• IBM Storage Systems Division • Reduced time to re-price – 5 days to 5 minutes • Time to ship a replacement part – 22 to 3 days • Time to complete a credit check – 20 minutes to 3 seconds
  • DISADVANTAGES OF ERP• High cost• Forced change of processes• Very complex software• Lack of trained people• Not Internet-ready
  • DIFFICULTY IN IMPLEMENTATION• Very difficult• Extremely costly and time intensive• Typical: over $10,000,000 and over a year to implement• Company may implement only certain modules of entire ERP system• You will need an outside consultant or an expert.
  • ERP Product selection Criteria FunctionalityGoal: Support Costs Vendor Technology
  • ERP MAJOR VENDORS SHARE IN 2010• SAP - Systems Applications Products in Data Processing• Oracle• Microsoft• PeopleSoft & Others SAP Oracle Microsoft PeopleSoft & others
  • ERP 2008 -2013 ESTIMATED GROWTH Source: Gartner Enterprise Software Markets, Worldwide, 2008-2013 1Q09 Update
  • ERP Adopting Options• OPTION 1 – MAKE [Using Internal resources] Developing a custom-built ERP package, specific to the requirements of the organization, with the help of the in-house IT department.• OPTION 2 – BUY Going for Tailor-made ERP packages available in the market like SAP, Oracle applications, Baan, PeopleSoft etc.• OPTION 3 – MAKE [using External resources] Developing a custom-built ERP package, specific to the requirements of the organization, with the help of a software solution provider
  • Adopt ERP using in-house IT department.• At the starting stage: using Inventory management software For Example— CASE-IMS (CASE Inventory Management Software) Basically it’s a software developed my me, in which at the starting stage there are four Module.. 1. Stock Management (Any Type of stock) 2. I.T or Electronics related Stock Management 3. H.R Module (ex- Employee Details ,Payroll, P.F, E.S.I ) 4. Gasifier Client and Maintenance Management
  • Login & Sign-Up Page screen shots
  • Choice Form… Completed Under Development
  • Module 1: Stock Details Status :--Ready
  • Full Stock Details
  • Generate Monthly or Weekly stock report
  • Module 2: IT/ Networking Stocks.. Status :--Ready
  • GraphicalRepresentation Module 3: Complete H.R SolutionRegistration PayrollE.S.I & P.FQuick View ofEvery Things40% Completed
  • Administrator Through This Section you can see every thing and make any type of changesaccording to your wish Complex password Security
  • Benefits of CASE-IMS Easy to maintain all stock details: • Stationary Stocks • Factory Stocks • Other Stocks. Easy to maintain all IT Stock details: • Full Systems(PC) Record with configuration and warranty Status • Printers Record • System Driver Record • Routers and Their Configuration Record • Internet Accounts Record Easy to maintain all Employee Record including their • Salaries • P.F • E.S.I • Remaining Leaves & Short Leaves
  • Cont.….Benefits of CASE-IMS Easy to maintain all Gasifier Client Details, Maintain other record My future planning is to convert this Window Based software to Web Based. Through which we can access our data from all over the world. And many more in the future……………..