Tamarind industry


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Tamarind industry

  1. 1. Tamarind industry Saed M zubeidat Mohamad N zubeidat
  2. 2. introductionThe tamarind is the core of the fruits of the •Horny to plant evergreen Fast growth height of up to about three meters, wood solid slant to reddish color Tamarind known by severalnames including Rouge , Alihumr , and erdab.
  3. 3. Tamarind…1Tamarind contains between 16-18% acids •including citric acid, tartaric acid, malic acid1..citric acid ….C6H8O72..tartaric acid …. C4H6O63..malic acid …. C4H6O5.
  4. 4. Tamarind Manufacturing …Tamarind attend Soaked in cold water for •several hours or in boiling water for simpletime with the addition of a few of hibiscusleaves, fennel seeds and leave it until it snapsand then filtered and added to it a little sugar
  5. 5. Benefits tamarindTamarind juice is used as a laxative and a nice •chilled refreshing and useful for cases ofconstipation and intestinal disorders andlaziness.Due to the presence of acids and minerals in thetamarind drink it useful in ridding the blood ofexcess acidity and expel the contents of toxins.
  6. 6. Tamarind component-Dextrose 35%.- Potassium.- gum.- Pectin.- Fibers
  7. 7. Benefits and uses:Tamarind is used to impart strong acidity to •dishes, and is superior to the acidity ofvinegar and lemonBreaks thirst so used as syrups, blendingmaterial dates Hindi with water andsugar, and add rose water, and drink in thesummer time heat
  8. 8. Benefits and uses Cont …Tonic for the liver and gallbladder, given in •cases of jaundiceDiuretic, removes sand and gravelAddresses cough, and diseases of the trachea
  9. 9. Tamarind double-edged sword, it is useful to •humans, but in some cases may lead topoisoning or death. Here are some importantfacts that we should know in order torecognize evil and use it
  10. 10. Tamarind damage:Warns use tamarind for people with diabetes. •On the one hand, tamarind contains a highamount of simple sugars, which constituteroughly 57% of its weight, causing a rapid risein blood sugar level . On the other hand, otherstudies suggest the animals that tamarindconsumption is linked to a severe fall in bloodsugar levels
  11. 11. Tamarind damage Cont …Consumption is not recommended Tamarind •by pregnant women or nursing mothersbecause of the lack of scientific evidencefollows studying the safety of the fetus.
  12. 12. Tamarind makingComponents necessary for the Tamarind •making :1; Tamarind dryer beads. 2; Eight cups of water3; 2/3 cup of sugar.4; Two cups of ice.
  13. 13. Tamarind making contiWash tamarind wellCut into small pieces and placed with two cupsof water on the fire to boil.Remove from the heat and leave to cool.Hurt in a piece of muslin and add him 6 cups ofwater.
  14. 14. Tamarind making contiMangle even nominate juice and leave untilclouds color.Placed in the refrigerator, and offers after theaddition of sugar to him and a few drops of rosewater.
  15. 15. Tamarind making conti
  16. 16. Problems and obstacles food industries 1- Fragmentation and lack ofcoordination between the Arab foodindustries, which led to arecurrence, as well as the modestamount of money invested in itindividually or collectively.
  17. 17. Problems and obstacles food industries2- Fluctuations in the prices of most foodcommodities - as raw materials - andthe food that is manufactured, leadingto a financial loss for many farmers andfoodfactories.
  18. 18. Problems and obstacles food industries3- Most factories operating in thefood processing need modernequipment and machines, so mustprovide the necessary financialinvestments to attract.
  19. 19. Problems and obstacles food industries4- Fluctuation types or levels of quality foodproducts, led and leads to not expanddomestic or overseas markets.
  20. 20. Table 1.1 Mean composition of tamarind fruit Constituents Amount (per 100 gm) Water 17.8-35.8 g Protein 2-3 g Fat 0.6 g Carbohydrates 41.1-61.4 g Fibers 2.9 g
  21. 21. Table 1.1 Mean composition of tamarind fruit count… Constituents Amount (per 100 gm) Ash 2.6-3.9 g Calcium 34-94 mg Phosphorous 34-78 mg Iron 0.2-0.9 mg Thiamine 0.33 mg Riboflavin 0.1 mg Niacin 1.0g
  22. 22. Table 1.2 Chemical composition of tamarind juice concentrate and tamarind pulp powder (%) Constituent Tamarind juice Tamarind pulp concentrate (TJC) powder (TPP) Moisture -Tartaric acid (total) - Invert sugars - Proteins - Starch - - Ash - - Crude fibre -