The subject is sports syllabus


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The subject is sports syllabus

  1. 1. The Subject is Sports Fall 2013 MOOC October 14-November 24 Instructor: Rick Burton, David B. Falk Professor of Sport Management, Falk College for Sport and Human Dynamics, Syracuse University Course Overview: This course will explore the evolution of sports from the ancient Olympic games to today’s multi-billion dollar industry. Focus will be on sports that are played around the world–i.e., baseball, soccer (football), American football, golf, tennis, Olympic games, with some attention to typically American sports. The goal is to examine aspects of sport from both historical and business perspectives: the development of professional sports teams and competitions, contemporary issues that have confronted organized sport, and the likely effects of these on the future of sports. Specific topics to be addressed include: The origins and evolution of the Olympic games Development of professional sports teams and leagues The sports industry: Marketing & sponsorship Sports venues and media Women in Sports The future of organized and recreational sport
  2. 2. Course Objectives: Participants will: learn about key events in the evolution of sports learn basic marketing and sponsorship principles consider the cultural and historical foundations influencing sports participation consider the importance of sponsorship for leagues, contests, and events like the Olympic games learn about revenue generation from sports venues and events consider ethical issues related to competition as athletes and teams “race to the top” engage with others enrolled in the course, sharing perspectives on different sports played around the world Course Format: Six weekly sessions will consist of: A video “lecture” or presentation of approximately 20 minutes A short quiz to test comprehension of key concepts Discussion questions related to the topic of the week Additional resources related to the topic of the week Instructor response to discussion posts from the previous week Access to materials: Materials will be “released” weekly and will remain on the course site until 1 week after the end of the course sessions. Participants may enroll at any time during the 6-week course duration. Interaction among participants: One of the key features of a MOOC is the ability to discuss a subject of interest within a community of learners. Sport is a global phenomenon; however, different sports are enjoyed in different parts of the world, and the dynamics surrounding sport participation and viewership vary in interesting ways. Learning about what sports “mean” in different cultures and how contests are shared in different venues and via different media provides insight into the underpinnings of the games we love.