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  • 1. Design Thinking Action Lab Assignment 3 Creating Empathy Map
  • 2. Say - Looking for a job enough to pay back loan - Going to be graduate soon in computer science - Very few jobs for fresh graduates on the job portals - Good in programming - Love server-side stuff - Can play flute - Sees great potential in cloud computing - US education at graduate level is great - Job market is recovering - New graduates have there struggle - Immigration is huge roadblock for fresh graduates - Next era would get so much benefit for big data and analytics - In future would like to open a software company - Volunteer to school to teach programming to kids
  • 3. Do • Sharp, intelligent in science domain • Resolves coding problems quickly • Passionate about learning
  • 4. Think and feel • Getting a job after degree would be tough • Need to have a job as soon as possible to maintain US immigration status and be able to start paying loan back • Passionate about computer languages • New technologies excite him by great deal • Loves music and can play flute • Extremely personable and team player
  • 5. Problem Statement Sachin who is smart, personable, outspoken, detail-oriented software engineer needs to start his career as software engineer because he wants to be able to payback his student loan and establish himself financially to open his own company in future.
  • 6. Justification Sachin is an immigrant to USA and almost on the verge of completing his masters in computer science from top ranked university in USA. As he is under heavy student debt his focus is to start his career with decent paying job as soon as possible. He is career oriented smart computer programmer who has clear vision for long term goals. To achieve long term goals he needs a job so that he can payback loan and focus on his dream.