Course objectives & outline (eng.)
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Course objectives & outline (eng.)






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Course objectives & outline (eng.) Course objectives & outline (eng.) Presentation Transcript

  • In the name of Allah, the most Gracious, the most Merciful. Quote of the week “ The greatest of all journeys begins with the first step”.
  • Fall 2013 HUM100 “English Comprehension & Composition”
  • ►Course ► Co-coordinator: Ayyaz Qadeer
  • Course Objective ► The primary objective of designing this course is to enhance the students’ comprehension of English Language. ► The students will be helped to implement techniques of improving understanding of their studies in general and English in particular. ► A secondary objective of this course is to help the students learn how to compose various forms of messages in official document writing. ► The students will acquire a good level of proficiency of English language writing.
  • Course Outline : Week no. 1  Introduction to the course  Enhancing Comprehension Skills-I Previewing, Reading for main ideas, using context for vocabulary, scanning for details, making inferences, identifying exceptions and referring to the passage
  • ► Week 2 ► Enhancing Comprehension Skills-II Class room activities ► Week 3 Basic Grammar Review-I Definition of a sentence, Sentence structures, Punctuation marks, Modifiers (adjectives and adverbs)
  • Week 4 Basic Grammar Review-II Verb tense, Subject-verb agreement, Articles/determiner, Word order, Prepositions Week 5 Advanced Sentence Structures-I Misplaced modifiers, Dangling modifiers
  • Week 6 ► Advanced Sentence Structures-I I Parallelism Sentence fragments Run-on sentences ► Week 7 ► Pre-writing Techniques Free-writing, note keeping, brain storming, mind mapping, journalistic questions (5 w’s), Exercises for students ►
  • ► Week 8 ► Paragraph Writing Definition, unity, topical sentence and supporting details, Relevant Exercises ► Week 9 ► Essay Writing Definition, Characteristics, Types, Organization, common methods of beginning, cohesion, coherence, Practice activities
  • Week 10 ► Précis Writing Definition, Need/Importance, Characteristics, do’s and don'ts in précis writing, Practice Activities ► Week 11 ► Message Composition-I Memo writing Email messages ►
  • ► Week 12 ► Message Composition-II CV/Resume Writing Cover Letter ► Week 13 ► Word Skills Vocabulary building, synonyms, antonyms, effective use of thesaurus, dictionary skills
  • ► Week 14 ► Presentation Skills Assessing the Reason and Receivers, Delivering the presentation, Gathering material, Organization of data, Use of appropriate language, Use of graphs, figures and visual aids, Involving the audience ► Week 15 ► Student’s Presentations-I & ► Students Presentations-II ► Week 16 ► Problem Solving Session and Critique
  • ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ► Recommended Course Literature: Baron’s SAT II Writing High School English Grammar and Composition (Wren and Martin) Business Communication (Locker & Kaczmarek) Recommended Course Requirements and Expectations : 80% attendance is mandatory 3 Quizzes (10%) 3 Assignments (10%) Individual Presentation (5%) 1st sessional exam 10% 2nd sessional exam 15% Final exam 50 %