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Stagecraft presentation

  1. 1. NAGPURpresents
  2. 2. Curtain RaiserNagpur’s well known actor-director-writer-producer,Theatre Guru Vikash Khurana, who has been doing theatresince the last 30 years, founded Stagecraft Theatre in 2003.Stagecraft Theatre is a motley group of professional menand women of all ages and from diverse backgroundscomprising of actors, technicians, musicians,choreographers, designers, et al. Their efforts have timeand again met with positive reviews from both the pressand the audiences alike.
  3. 3. Curtain RaiserStagecraft has staged as many as 30 productions in the lastsix years, and a consistent 6 plays a year for the last fouryears. Stagecraft has provided the audiences withunadulterated entertainment, be it rib-tickling comedies,edge of the seat suspense, high voltage drama, costumeextravaganzas, classics, larger than life musicals.Today their productions are a much-awaited event andcreate a buzz in the city long before the curtain rises andcontinues much after the applause fades. In their theatricaljourney, they have collaborated with several schools,colleges and corporate houses as well.
  4. 4. Kismet (2007)
  5. 5. The Director – Vikash KhuranaNagpur’s Theatre Guru and Head of Stagecraft Theatre, thecity’s first and only English Theatre Group.Trained under such eminent theatre persons as SatyadevDubey, Amrish Puri and Naseeruddin Shah in Bombay.Attended a Summer Workshop at the Royal Academy ofDramatic Arts (RADA), London.Winner of the Rotary Award for Vocational Excellence forContribution to Theatre.
  6. 6. The Director – Vikash KhuranaConducted several Theatre Workshops andActing Courses for Schools & Colleges.Acted in and directed almost 60 Plays, withmore than 200 stage performances, inNagpur and Bombay.Performed at prominent venues such asthe NCPA and Prithvi Theatres in Bombay.
  7. 7. A Midsummer Night’s Dream (2008)
  8. 8. A Midsummer Night’s Dream (2008)
  9. 9. Past Productions2003 My Fair Lady (Musical)2004 Peter Pan (For School Children) An Evening of 3 One-Act Plays (Comedies) Once Upon a Time in Bollywood (Musical)2005 Heads ‘n’ Tales (Comedy) Fatal Instincts (Thriller)
  10. 10. Ten Little Indians (2009)
  11. 11. Ten Little Indians (2009)
  12. 12. Past Productions2006 Dangerous Curves Ahead (Bedroom Farce) A Summer’s Dream (For School Children) Aladdin (For School Children) Singing in the Rain (Musical Comedy) Night of January 16th (Courtroom Drama) Rumours (Comedy)2007 The Hotel Bombay International (Farce) William Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet Deathtrap (Thriller) Agatha Christie’s Ten Little Indians (Crime) Kismet (Musical) 12 Angry People (Courtroom Drama)
  13. 13. The Mystery of the Pantomime Cat (2009)
  14. 14. The Mystery of the Pantomime Cat (2009)
  15. 15. Past Productions2008 Liar, liar! Love’s on Fire! (Comedy) Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca (Mystery)William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream Rope (Thriller) The Last Crime of Karan Kumar Khanna (Comedy) Tall Tales (Comedy)2009 William Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice Alice in Wonderland (For School Children) Agatha Christie’s Ten Little Indians (Crime) JK’s Women (Comedy) Enid Blyton’s The Mystery of the Pantomime Cat The Haunting (Ghost Story)
  16. 16. The Merchant of Venice (2009)
  17. 17. The Merchant of Venice (2009)
  18. 18. Press Reviews – ‘The Hitavada’ (Nagpur’s Leading English Daily) Vikash Khurana has unearthed a host of young talented locals who display amazing confidence and perform with incredible panache. The lead actors won the hearts of the audience by their superb acting. Top quality acting and direction… (The play) is superb. Vikash Khurana, with his eye for detail, has created another masterpiece. As usual, Khurana has handled the plot with a surgeon’s dexterity. But captivating were the performances by each artist. Not only has Vikash Khurana infused life into the English Theatre Movement in the city, but has taken it to a new height. Theatre Guru Vikash Khurana has done it again. A standing ovation for a marvelous presentation. A really exemplary effort that deserves a loud applause The play grips everyone from the beginning…to a brilliant climax. (The Play) speaks volumes of the capabilities of Vikash Khurana as an ace Actor and Director.
  19. 19. The Haunting (2009) Haunting
  20. 20. Press Reviews – ‘The Times of India’ (The Play) so tugged the heartstrings that the audience kept to their seats long after the curtain fell. English Theatre comes of age… deserves kudos. There was a lot of attention paid to every detail on the sets, and the outcome of hard work that was put in behind the scenes, had to be seen to be appreciated. An edge of the seat roller coaster ride. Solid performances… engaging narrative… visually appealing. And as you applaud in the end, the feel good factor has well and truly kicked in. Brilliant... Puts you on the edge of your seat. The riveting plot and great performances kept all theatre lovers in a thrall. The play had the audience in rapt attention and the hall in pin drop silence.
  21. 21. Macbeth (2010)
  22. 22. AAW All About Women (2010)
  23. 23. The Proposal
  24. 24. 2010This year Stagecraft Theatre has already staged 4 productions.In the remaining quarter, Stagecraft Theatre will present 2 newProductions.The theme of these plays is “The Masters of Suspense” and willfeature Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Adventures of SherlockHolmes and Agatha Christie’s Witness for the Prosecution.There will be a minimum of 2 shows of each Play.
  25. 25. Schedule - 2010Month Name of PlayJanuary 16th & 17th George Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion (With School Children)March 13th & 14th William Shakespeare’s MacbethJune 12th & 13th Fun on the Run (Comedy)July 3rd & 4th All About Women (Comedy)November The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Mystery)December Agatha Christie’s Witness for the Prosecution (Courtroom Drama)
  26. 26. Benefits to Sponsors An exclusive one-of-its kind event in Nagpur. Tickets of value equivalent to Sponsorship Amount. Name & Logo to be featured prominently in all communication, viz. Press Advertisements, Posters, Tickets and Invitations, Brochure, etc. Venue Branding: Name & Logo to be featured prominently at the venue – Entrance Arch, Panels, Kiosks, Banners, etc. A golden opportunity to collect a database of the specified target audience. Option to conduct a Sales Promotion exercise, e.g. “Buy ABC product, get X passes free” or a Loyalty Programme, by extending invitations to Clients and Customers.
  27. 27. Target AudienceMale/FemaleAge Group - 18 to 50 years1000 persons (approx.) per PlaySEC A+, A1+ Segment
  28. 28. Past Sponsors & Patrons
  29. 29. Past Sponsors & PatronsBharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC)Bhavya Honda (Motor Cars) Maharashtra State Handlooms CorporationDinshaw’s Frozen Foods Max New York Life Insurance Co. Ltd.D.Y. Patil International School Piramyd Retail StoresFirst City Mihan Nagpur Raisoni GroupForms Lifestyles Reliance India MobileHDFC Home Loans Satya Paul SareesHDFC Standard Life Insurance Co. Ltd. Sequel Ford (Ford Motor Cars)ICICI Credit Cards Star Motors (GM & Chevrolet Cars)Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. State Bank of IndiaInternational Institute of Fashion Design TATA TeleservicesIron Butterfly The HitavadaITC limited (Sunfeast Biscuits) W&G Designer Garments and Sarees
  30. 30. Contact Vikash Khurana +91 98232