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Ta islim challenge_pdf

  1. 1. “Brought to you by FreeLife International”
  2. 2. What is the TAIslim 90 Day Challenge?• A scientifically validated way to get in great shape• Fun it works saves money Fun, it works, saves money• Win prizes and vacations
  3. 3. Over $1,000,000 inFREE Product, Prizes, and Vacations!FREE P d Pi dV i !
  4. 4. Who Is Behind the Challenge?  FreeLife International® FreeLife International®• Leading nutritional company since 1995• Over $1 billion in total sales• Brilliant Scientific Team includes researchers from  Columbia, Cornell, Tufts, and other universities C l bi C ll T ft d th i iti• Published clinical studies and patents pending
  5. 5. Charities
  6. 6. A Scientifically Proven Way to Get into Great Shape!TAIslim users lost 4X more weight and 6X more fat! users lost 4X more weight and 6X more fat! Real Research
  7. 7. The Foundation of the Program is the TAIslim® SHAKE: The Ultimate Meal Replacement! SHAKE: The Ultimate Meal Replacement!• Vitamins  Minerals  Antioxidants  Amino Acids Amino Acids• All‐natural energy  boost• Feel full for hours• High‐quality whey  g q y y protein, no soy• Natural flavors
  8. 8. How Do I Join the Challenge? How Do I Join the Challenge? 3 Share your 90 day  results and win! 2 Choose from 1 of 4 Challenge Packs.1 Set your weight loss or fitness goal.
  9. 9. What Do I Take? Fit Pack Fit P k Shape Pack Sh P k $10 Savings! $20 Savings! Active Lifestyle Pack y Body Breakthrough Pack y g$98 Pack Savings! $105 Pack Savings!
  10. 10. Lost 27 lbs Does It Work? Lost 41 lbs Lost 136 lbs Lost 91 lbs Lost 57 lbs
  11. 11. How Do I Get It for FREE? How Do I Get It for FREE?YOU 3 CUSTOMERS FREE with a Challenge Pack Challenge Pack • We call it the Body for FREETM Program! We call it the Body for FREE • Enroll 3 and your next month is FREE! • And every month after your first is FREE, as long as you have 3! “See Body for Free Program information for complete details.”
  12. 12. The Power of Word of MouthFreeLife rewards Marketing Executives for sharing the TAIslim Challenge with others. sharing the TAIslim Challenge with others• Share your results• Invite others to join the Challenge• Earn part‐time or full‐time income• Drive a BMW, Cadillac, Lexus, or  Mercedes … Paid for by FreeLife!
  13. 13. How do you Get Started Sharing  the Challenge?Become a FreeLife Marketing ExecutiveB F Lif M k ti E ti• Eligible to get your Body for Free• Eligible to earn income• Eli ibl f Eligible for your FreeLife Luxury Car F Lif L C• Only $29.95
  14. 14. Best Way to Get Started GOLD QUICK START PACK PLATINUM QUICK START PACKRegular AC Price: $709.40 Regular AC Price: $1,064.10Special AC Price: $499.95 p Special AC Price: $699.95 p $ SAVINGS OF $209 SAVINGS OF $364 $1,000,000 Challenge & $1,000,000 Challenge & Body for Free d f Body for Free + + LUX Car Club Eligibility LUX Car Club Eligibility
  15. 15. It’s as Simple as 3 – 4 – 3 $48 $400 SD ADV Bonus $100 SDI ADV Bonus $150 Fast SDII ADV Bonus $300 3 Track T k Service Pool $250 ME with ME with ME with $1,248 ME with 4 Gold/Platinum Gold/Platinum Gold/Platinum Gold/Platinum QSP QSP QSP QSP3 $100 $100 $100 $100 Hypothetical example. For complete requirements please see the FreeLife Compensation Plan.
  16. 16. Duplicate 3 – 4 – 3Duplicate 4XHelp 4 of your Personally EnrolledMarketing Executives duplicate 3‐4‐3 and Qualify for FreeLife’s Lux Car Club!Drive the car of your dreams!
  17. 17. The Power of Residual Leverage Work with a few and be rewarded for the success of many over the long term f f f y g 5% of 349,524Level 1 x 5% = over $87,381/mo. (Avg order 100pts)Level 2Level 3Level 4 X 4 = 256 1% of 349,524 x 5% = overLevel 5 X 4 = 1,024 $17,476/mo. $17 476/ (Avg order 100pts)Level 6 X 4 = 4,096Level 7L l X 4 = 16,384 X 4 = 16 384 1/10% ofLevel 8 X 4 = 65,536 349,524 x 5% = $1,750/mo. (Avg order 100pts)Level 9 X 4 = 262,144 X 4 = 262 144 FreeLife makes no guarantees or projections of income, as such representations may be misleading. Your success depends on your effort, commitment, skill, and leadership abilities, and how effectively you exercise these qualities. Please see FreeLifes Annual Income Statistics.
  18. 18. Anyone Can Achieve Their Goals• No experience necessary• Business tools that help you succeed• Personal website• “My FreeLife Office” to track your success• Success system to remove the guesswork• p y Company‐led Conference Calls – TAIslim Challenge Hotline: 800.795.0222 – Monday night Momentum Update Call – Thursday night TAIslim Challenge Call Thursday night TAIslim Challenge Call
  19. 19. How Simple is the Business?• Step 1 ‐ “START THE CAR” Getting Started Training• Step 2 ‐ Share the Challenge with others dl h l d h k and let the tools do the work• Step 3 ‐ Have a Challenge Party
  20. 20. Which Option Fits You Best?1. Accept the Challenge Get your Fit, Shape, Active, or Body Breakthrough  y , p , , y g Pack2. Accept the Challenge and get your Body for Free! Accept the Challenge and get your Body for Free! YOU 3 CUSTOMERS with a Challenge Pack ith Ch ll P k FREE Challenge Pack Ch ll P k3. Accept the Challenge, get your Body for Free,  get paid and drive a new car! get paid, and drive a new car!
  21. 21. “Brought to you by FreeLife International”