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In today’s blog updates, am going to show you how to rank your pages in Google and other search engine quickly. Here is a million dollar information am reveling for free. Something most internet marketers would have package in an eBook and sold for $97.

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how to rank number 1 in google search engine

  1. 1. Articles from CyberNaira How To Rank Number 1 In Google Search Engine 2014-01-11 10:01:15 Shamsudeen Adeshokan 56 Like 0saves Save Email Print Get a free domain name and 1GB web Hosting for just N2500 By: andrechinn Why should you care listen to a tramp looking guy like me telling you how to rank number 1 in Google search engine? Who the hell I am to tell you how you can shoot your pages to rank high in SERP in record time? Well, the answers to that are pretty simple. Am not talking from what I read on other blogs, I talked from practical experience I have ranking my post as high as first spot on Google search engine and first page in Bing. Take a closer look at the screen shoot below; clicking on the link will open a new tab on your browser for the image to display.
  2. 2. 1. 2. 3. 4. Image number one. Image number two. Image number three. Image number four I don’t have to bother you with too many images to proof my claim. However you’re here to learn how you can do it also, not me. In today’s blog updates, am going to show you how to rank your pages in Google and other search engine quickly. Here is a million dollar information am reveling for free. Something most internet marketers would have package in an eBook and sold for $97. Lets get to work. The Starting Line To Higher Ranking In Google. Before anything, you must define in clear simple statement to both search engines and your targeted audience what problem exactly your website solve. For instance, this blog description reads “Blogging tips to help you make money online“. In one sentence, I speak to both search spiders and human that my contents are built around blogging tips and tutorials that empower people to earn money online. This help both search engine spiders and human visitors at a glance to understand what this blog content is all about. If the spiders can’t understand what your blog contents are all about, then no search engine optimization or keyword research in the world can get you anywhere near the first 20 pages of SERP. So, your first task is to have a clear visible blog description that in one sentence explain what problem your blog or services solves. This ensure that your web pages are properly index to rank for the right keywords. So, when users type in search query related to your blog topics, your web pages have the chances of showing in search result pages. Getting Keywords phrase. First, get a list of keyword phrases your targeted audience will likely use as their search query when searching for terms relevant to your blog topics. In the case of my articles that got rank #1 in Google, this how I do it. First, I brainstorm on a list of relevant keywords my targeted audience are likely to find my content with. Affiliate marketing. Promotes affiliates products.
  3. 3. Email list affiliate marketing. Marketing affiliate products. Affilliates Marketing Affiliates The first keyword phrase target generic audience, not really targeting a specific group of people. With such keyword, anyone could type it in as search query. What exactly do they want to know about “affiliate marketing“? The second was more targeted at people who want to find out “how to promotes affiliate products“. Now that I have a list of keywords ideas, is time to use Google keyword tools, now called keyword planner. Is free and will always be, I suggest you always use it before writing your post. What I want is a targeted keyword phrases with the highest global monthly search volume. You probably don’t want to waste your time to rank number 1 in Google search engine for a keyword that has no value or high in demand. A Word Of Advice. Make sure your final keyword phrases has most of what it takes to give return on your time and efforts. Like I said earlier, there is no point in ranking number 1 for a keyword no one is searching for. Your targeted keyword should: Be relevant to your blog topics. Has high global monthly searches. Your keyword should be valuable in the market. Others should be competing for it also – If no marketers target your keyword, that is a red flag. The main key ingredient to rank number 1 in Google search engine is to target long tail keyword. If you wrote an article with your main targeted keyword as “affiliate marketing”. The major problem with such keyword like this is, millions of pages are also targeting it. So, the better you narrow down your audience, the better your chances to hit the first page of SERP. Exactly what I did when I wrote this article that got rank number 1 in Google search engine and this one too. I did not just target the keyword phrase “affiliate marketing” and “blogging in Nigeria” respectively, but I manage to narrow my audience down to a more specific group of people. That’s the key factor to online marketing. Find a small group of targeted audience who are desperate to find solution to their problem and sell to them the solution.
  4. 4. Calling Crawlers To Dine With You. Next, when you’re done writing your post and hit the publish button, you might want to visit pingomatic to send ping to all major search engines. WordPress has an inbuilt system that does this on your behalf. But why leave your business in the hands of robot? If you want something done right, do it yourself. Head over to pingomatic and send ping to internet crawlers. The more often you updates your blog, the more this spiders take you serious. Make sure there is enough meat and potatoes to give this spiders when they arrive to dine with you. They eat no food, but quality content. Optimizing Your Post For Search Visibility. I follow and abide to one golden rule when writing my content for search engine visibility. First, I write my content for human and then, think about how to optimize it to drive organic traffic. Bear in mind that the era of keyword stuffing has gone, keyword density no longer an important part to higher ranking of web pages. As a matter of fact, the overall density of your keyword shouldn’t be more than 3%. With so many Google algorithm changes in recent months, is important to stick to giving value to your readers in whatever you do online. But there are things you can do to help your chances of ranking on the first pages of search result. Lets assume you want to rank for the target keyword ” How a 20-year-old school dropout make money online“. Your focus keyword in the title is “make money online“. Therefore, it will be best to make it appear near the start of your post title : “Make money online – How a 20-year-old school dropout did it“. This will help you rank better. Another important rules to follow here is, within the first paragraph of your post, make sure your focus keyword appear once and in the last paragraph. Take a look at the first paragraph of this post, you’ll notice this strategy in action. The spiders need to quickly understand what the content on a page is about and the better way to do that is to say it quickly in your copy. The page url is an important place to include your focus keyword. Another major ingredient that help spread your content like wild-fire is the headline. If you hit number 1 spot on all major search engines but your headlines didn’t convince the user to click-through to your websites, then you’ve wasted that number
  5. 5. 1 position others with never to ignore headline might have benefit from. Crafting a never to ignore headline is a must for any salesman if you’re willing to make any sales online. In the past, I wrote an article on how you can master the act of writing compelling headlines that stand out in the crowd. Read that post to learn more. So Shamsudeen, You’re telling me this is all to rank number 1 in Google search engine? No, there is more to it than you’ve read so far. Many other remotes factors contributes to higher ranking in any given search engine. Create quality content that people will always link to, something worthwhile. In the eyes of Google, any content that get linked to from different authority blog is a vote of confident for that page. This create a good-looking natural back-links for that page. And it get shared a lot on the net. Creating lots of pages doesn’t automatically leads to higher ranking, but creating valuable content would do. Though, creating lots of pages may increase your chances of ranking high in search engine due to fact that more pages may give you opportunity to have more quality content index. Everything you’ve read so far would be completely useless if your website is not worthy of linking to. In fact, if there is only one factor that guarantee higher ranking in search engines, that factor is quality content. Building back-link become easier when you create valuable content people are naturally linking to. When you start achieving this, every other things you need to move to the top spot of any search engines fall in place without much stress on your part. Another good reliable strategy to building good quality back-links that looks natural is guest posting. The benefits that comes along with successful guest posting campaign are enormous. I recently read a post on dearblogger on how he got page rank 3 with 28 back-links in three months. The core strategy or tactics that lead to that achievement is guest posting on authority blogs among which is Through guest posting you build good quality back-links which is one of the direct factor that lead to higher ranking. Be selective in blog you drop your guest post, and know exactly what you want from your guest post campaign.
  6. 6. Recently, I wanted to guest post on a certain blog. I wanted to build back-link in the process and expose my blog to their audience. Base on their Alexa rank, the blog drive massive traffic. Back-link is my first priority, I run a check on the blog to see their page rank and domain authority. It happens that the blog has a page rank 0. This is not what I want. In the past, plenty of links to your site amount to higher ranking, but not anymore. Quality now counts over quantity. Be careful which sites you link to and sites that link to you. Your blog may get De-index in Google search engine if caught to be a heaven for spammers. Be careful who you deal with, or SEO company that works for you. Well said and enough, I believe there are tones of other useful and important things you could do to improve the overall quality of your content to rank higher in any search engine. But am not “Mr know it all” especially when it comes to search engine optimization topics. Therefore, over to you. How do you manage to rank number 1 in Google search engine and others? If you think I have given something here today, do me a favor. Hit the share buttons and help spread the world out of my small empire. Sign up below to start receiving valuable blog updates and get our quality 16 WordPress themes all for free including a bonus E book By Yaro Starak. Thank you ! 0saves Save 56 Like If you enjoyed this post, please consider sharing it using the social buttons, click here to subscribe to the RSS feed to have future articles delivered to you via email. Are you struggling with your blog? Click here to download 16 WordPress themes and the blogging profits blue print E book by Yaro Starak all for FREE. Google+
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