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As an expert on experiential selling I give my experience on Nokia Axcademy

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  • Purpose of this slide: A rigorous sales framework is needed to support the sales effortWhat to Say : To help the sales rep do a better job in selling in such a challenging environment, a rigorous sales framework which is both consistent and complete is requiredLink to next slide:Hence the needs for the 5 phased framework
  • Purpose of this slide: To give some tips on how to connect with the Consumer?What to say: In order to connect well with your Consumer, you should be approachable and adaptable. Try to act or talk the way your Consumer is talking Preferably use the same language as your Consumer Use small talk to make your Consumer feel comfortable Always maintain eye contact with your Consumer so that feel they are being attended to Create Space - Let Consumers take their own time to move around in the store and be comfortable with the surroundings and look around for things of their own interest Actively look to reconnect with the Consumer to answer their queries and talk to them to keep them interestedHere we will talk about 5 key areas that you need to understand and practice in connecting with your consumerLink to next slide: Lets look at a short movie to see some examples of good and bad connection
  • Purpose of this slide: To introduce the skills and techniques that we will use to successfully explore consumer needsWhat to say: There are three key techniques that successful sales reps use to explore the needs of the consumers they help. Before investing the time to explore consumer needs however successful sales reps always makes sure they understand the reason the consumer is in the store. We will look at that more on the next slide but the three key exploring techniques are: Asking effective questionsSupporting your questioning techniques with effectives listening skillsConfirming your understanding by summarsing consumer needs We will look at each of these in turn but why do you think it is important to understand the reason for the consumer coming into the store?Link to next slide: Reasons why consumers enter the store
  • Purpose of this slide: When will consumers say “WOW!”?What to say: Explain: “As you see, the WOW experiences might be different for each consumer. One consumer is more interested in listening to their heavy rock music very loud using headphones, another one wants to get rid of their Ipod.”Ask: “What does this mean for the things that you demonstrate?Suggested answers:• the demonstration is different for every consumer• the demonstration is based on the needs / preference of the consumer• the demonstration is aimed at creating a WOWSay: “As devices have become more complex, our consumers want to experience them beforethey buy them. By demonstrating those experiences which are relevant to the consumers needs anddesires, we will be able to create a WOW that will excite the consumer for our device and triggerthem to buy.”HANDOUTSDistribute the experience table hand-out to the participants. Explain that we will complete this table throughout this ‘Create an experience’ section.Link to next slide: Explain the columns of the Experience Table
  • Brand Equity

    1. 1. Meningkatkanekuitasmerekmelalui experiential marketing<br />DisiapkanuntukKuliahUmum MANAJEMEN PEMASARAN <br />UniveristasPelitaHarapan<br />Senin 6 Juli 2009<br />
    2. 2. aboutfacilitatorDONO<br />S.M.S. SADANA<br /> Education: S1 UGM dan S2 UI<br />0818836957<br /><br />PROFESIONAL:<br /><ul><li>EXPLORE – expert partner
    3. 3. Senior Instructor INTERSTUDI
    4. 4. Deputy Rector ABFII Perbanas 2007-2008
    5. 5. Director cHRome (Center for Human Resourses</li></ul> Organization & Management) Development<br /><ul><li>HR Consultant Indoneks(Ind-Japan)</li></ul>COMPETENCE: <br /> Human Capital, Marketing Public Relation, Information Technology<br />TRAINER/CONSULTANT:<br /> Nokia, SekretariatNegara, MahkamahKonstitusi, PT Jamsostek, BPK, ConocoPhillips, British Petrolium, PT Arun, McConnell Dowell, YTL-Paiton, PT Pertamina, PT Indah Kiat, PT Krakatau Steel, PT Arun LNG, BCA, etc.<br />LECTURER: S2&gt; ABFI InstututePerbanas, Warnborough University S1&gt; STIE Perbanas, StimikPerbanas, D3&gt;AksekTarakanita, Interstudi, Global Business College<br />
    6. 6. Selling Has Changed<br />Traditional<br />Relationship<br />Tell<br />Persuade<br />Manipulate<br />Long Presentation<br />Overcome Objections<br />Protect info<br />Distrust<br />Power Close<br />Tanya <br />Menunjukkan perhatian<br />Non-manipulative<br />Pendekatan Konsultatif<br />Menyediakan service<br />Menyediakan info<br />Trust<br />Follow-up<br />Short term<br />Long term<br />
    7. 7. BRANDING YOURSELF<br />Magister Manajemen<br />Abfii Perbanas<br />
    8. 8. Customer Sekarang<br /><ul><li>Lebih educated
    9. 9. Ingin quality
    10. 10. Ingin solution
    11. 11. Mencari long-term relationships
    12. 12. Ingin creative solution
    13. 13. Punya Banyak pilihan</li></li></ul><li>LEARNING FROM THE TOP<br />
    14. 14. Sukses membangun hubungan<br />7 © 2008 Nokia<br />
    15. 15. Sukses menggali kebutuhan konsumen<br />Asking Effective <br />Questions<br />Effective Listening<br />Summarising<br />Consumer Needs<br />Reason for <br />Consumer Visit<br />Exploring Needs<br />
    16. 16. KNOWING YOUR CUSTOMER<br />Magister Manajemen<br />Abfii Perbanas<br />
    17. 17. Nokia ingin memberikan WOW pada konsumen di 7 bidang pengalaman<br />10 © 2008 Nokia<br />
    18. 18. Today’s Sales Personnel<br />Must possess strong interpersonal communication skills<br />Must be knowledgeable in their industryMust add value to their customers<br />Must be flexible – able to manage customers’ tension<br />