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Top 10 slide tips

Top 10 slide tips



This presentation is about the top ten slide tips article written by Garr Reynolds.

This presentation is about the top ten slide tips article written by Garr Reynolds.



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  • Great image on slide 3 to visualize the idea of limiting text.
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  • Good job on your slideshow. The only suggestion I have would be to think about changing the font. It could be hard to read for people sitting in the back of a room.
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  • I loved the pictures that you used.
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  • Suiting and clever photos, the compliment each slide and its text very well!
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  • I like this photo for the high quality graphics, pandas are so cute :)
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  • -Top 10 slide tips article by Garr Reynolds <br />
  • - Presentations should support what the speaker is saying and act as a supplement to the information presented <br /> - If slides are too busy, it distracts from the speaker’s message <br /> - Slides should have a lot of negative or white space <br /> - Less clutter on slides = more powerful message <br />
  • -The best powerpoint slides will be meaningless without the narration of the speaker <br /> -Do not bore your audience with a slide full of text, they will be reading instead of listening to the speaker <br /> -The audience will benefit more from a handout with more detailed information on it to take away from the presentation than a copy of the slides <br /> -If a handout is involved, it should be given out AFTER the presentation <br /> -Lastly, NEVER read directly from a slide <br />
  • -You may use animation on slides, but do so sparingly and professionally <br /> -Your audience will get bored if the presentation is full of slow moving animations <br /> -As a rule of thumb: use two to three different types of animations in the presentation, and do not put transitions between each slide <br />
  • -Never use small graphics and stretch them, or clipart <br /> -Use unique images that your audience has not seen time after time <br /> -If you are not using your own photographs, be mindful of copyrighted images <br /> -using images of people in your presentation helps the audience connect on an emotional level <br /> -Decide if you want the image at the focus, or the background of the slide, this will determine the amount of text <br />
  • -Keep a consistent visual theme throughout your presentation, but avoid using templates that the audience has seen before <br /> -Make your presentation unique- No two presentations should be alike! <br /> -Make your own templates <br />
  • -Use the appropriate charts for the data you are trying to display <br /> -Pie Chart: percentages, no more than 4-6 slices with contrasting colors, highlight the most important slice by exploding the slice <br /> -Vertical Bar Chart: used to show changes over time, limit to 4-8 bars <br /> -Horizontal Bar Chart: used to compare quantities, limit to 4-8 bars <br /> -Line Chart: used to show trends, highlight if the change is positive or negative by adding a graphic such as an arrow <br /> -If you are using a chart of data, convert the information to a graph for your audience, it will be easier to understand <br /> -Keep it simple and to the point <br />
  • -Be aware of the way you want to make your audience feel, color is emotional, different colors evoke different emotions <br /> -Cool colors (blues and greens) work best for backgrounds <br /> -Warm colors (oranges and reds) work best for objects in the foreground <br /> -The best slide color combination is a blue background with yellow text <br /> -Be aware of where you will be presenting and how the color will be effected <br /> -You do not need to be a color expert, but be aware of simple color tricks <br />
  • -Use the same font set throughout your presentation <br /> -Use no more than two complementing fonts in the presentation (ex. Arial and Arial bold) <br /> -Know the difference between a serif font and a sans serif font <br /> -Use a sans serif font in your presentation <br /> -Use fonts that will be easy to read from the back of the room <br />
  • -Use video and audio to show examples of what you are presenting on <br /> -Embed media into your presentation <br /> -DO NOT use cheesy sound effects found in powerpoint (ex. horn sound) <br />
  • -Spend time organizing slides so the delivery will be easy to understand for the audience <br /> -Seeing all of your slides in order helps you to see the logical flow of the overall presentation <br /> -This also help you catch small mistakes that you may not see if you look at the slides one by one <br />

Top 10 slide tips Top 10 slide tips Presentation Transcript

  • Slide Tips Article by: Garr Reynolds source:http://www.garrreynolds.com/preso- tips/design/ Image Credit: Leo Reynolds- http://www.flickr.com/photos/49968232@N00/205620942 Top
  • KeepitSimple Image Credit: Nana B Agyei- http://www.flickr.com/photos/32876353@N04/5603559201
  • LimitText Image Credit: Leo Reynolds- http://www.flickr.com/photos/49968232@N00/5868220880
  • LimitEffects Image Credit: Robert Snache- http://www.flickr.com/photos/84614046@N00/4759600248
  • HighQualityGraphics Image Credit: Kevin Dooley- http://www.flickr.com/photos/12836528@N00/5402340884
  • AvoidPowerpointTemplates Image Credit: David Rabbit Wallace- http://www.flickr.com/photos/35034353195@N01/2158268642
  • Simple Image Credit: Doug Belshaw- http://www.flickr.com/photos/94991702@N00/4186789683
  • ColorMatters Image Credit: Flightless Kiwi- http://www.flickr.com/photos/28614552@N00/119173914
  • Image Credit: Ian Livesey- http://www.flickr.com/photos/29488979@N06/12019033414 ChooseFontsWell
  • Image Credit: Jim Sneddon- http://www.flickr.com/photos/37718156@N00/2389333790 UseMediaWisely
  • Image Credit: Evelyn Giggles- http://www.flickr.com/photos/23797059@N02/3716705025 OrganizeyourSlides