indus river system


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indus river system

  1. 1. Presentation : Indus river system ASSIGNED BY: DR, SHAUKAT AWAN SB PRESENTING BY: SADAM HUSSAIN KHAN ROLL # 19
  2. 2. Pakistan’s river system consists of more than 60 small and large rivers. Indus River, with an overall length of around 3200 KM and total estimated annual flow of 207 billion cubic meters, it is Pakistan’s longest and largest river. After originating in the lake mansarover highlands of Kailas mountains of Tibetan Plateau, it runs from north to south through the entire length of the Pakistan and after collecting waters from all other Pakistani Rivers ,it finally unloads into the Arabian Sea near Karachi. Other famous rivers flowing through Pakistan includes Jhelum River, Chenab River, Ravi River, Sutlej River, aided by a number of smaller rivers (Kabul,Swat, Haro, Kunhar,zhob, Chitral, Tochi, Shah Alam, Naguman, Adezai, Soan ,gomal etc) and stream etc. these five rivers supply water to the entire Indus Basin . These rivers have their origin in the higher altitudes and derive their flows mainly from snowmelt and monsoon rains;
  3. 3. Sequence of Lecture • Pakistan’s River System; • Indus River Basin – Salient Features; • Salient features & catchments of main rivers •(Sutlej, Ravi, Chenab, Jhelum, Indus) • Indus River System-Replacement works and •Indus Basin Irrigation System
  4. 4. Indus River Basin: the Induse river is the most famous, and largest river in origine in lake mansoraver tibet in ladakh And finally after running across the pukhtoon khwa ,punjab,sindh province of pakistan flow into the arabian Sea. It is fed by glaciars and snow melt of himalayas, it consist of three “3” main reserviors , “16” barrages “2” siphons across major rivers, “12” interlink canals , “2” head works , “44” canal system in which (23 in Punjab), (14 in sindh), (5 in pukhtonkhwa), ( 2 in balochistan) and more then 107000 water courses and the Total length of canals is about 56073 Km.the basin of river covers area about 2,04,000 Sq Km lies In pakistan
  5. 5. reserviors barrages
  6. 6. canals
  7. 7. Famous Dams ,Terbela Dam, gazi brotha hydro project Are the most engineering works on induse river. gazi brotha hydro project
  8. 8. Salient Features of Main Rivers - Indus River Length ,925 miles/1,489 Km above Tarbela Catchment Area, 1,80,000 Sq.miles/2,88,000 Tributary Rivers, Twenty seven (27) major tributaries above Guddu Barrage Largest Tributary, Shyoke river (400 miles/640km), catchment area (12,600 Sq.miles/20,160 Dams on the River, Tarbela Barrages on River , Kalabagh, Chashma, Taunsa, Guddu, Sukkur, Kotri.
  9. 9. Barrages on River , Kalabagh, Chashma, Taunsa, Guddu, Sukkur, Kotri. Kalabagh Guddu Taunsa Chashma Sukkur, Kotri