Guidelines on the prevention of mosquito breeding


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Guidelines on the prevention of mosquito breeding

  1. 1. Dengue Prevention What you need to know…
  2. 2. What is dengue fever? Dengue fever is a virus infection caused by the dengue virus. There are 4 kinds of dengue viruses. Close-up of an Aedes mosquito
  3. 3. Aedes mosquito Aedes Aegypti Aedes Albopictus
  4. 4. Symptoms of Dengue Fever Example of a skin rash due to dengue fever
  5. 5. Do you know… •Dengue fever and dengue haemorrhagic fever are the most common mosquito-borne viral disease in the world. •Only the female mosquito feeds on blood. This is because they need the protein found in blood to produce eggs. Male mosquitoes feed only on plant nectar. •The mosquito is attracted by the body odours, carbon dioxide and heat emitted from the animal or humans. •The female Aedes mosquito searches for suitable places to lay their eggs. •Aedes are day-biters, most active during dawn and dusk.
  6. 6. Life cycle of the Aedes mosquito 1-2 days Larvae Pupae 4-5 days Eggs 2-3 days Stagnant water
  7. 7. How Do Aedes mosquitoes Transmit Diseases... Mozzie bites an infected person Healthy person comes down with dengue fever Infected mozzie bites a healthy person
  8. 8. This is what you can do to help…
  9. 9. Prevent Mosquitoes from Breeding! Remove ALL sources of stagnant water. Deny the Aedes mosquito of any chance to breed.
  10. 10. Potential Breeding Grounds
  11. 11. Common Mosquito Breeding Grounds Artificial containers (man-made) 1. Flower vases and pot plates Natural containers 2. Pails, water-storage jars, basins 1. Tree Holes, bamboo stumps 3. Discarded receptacles 2. Leaf axils, fallen leaves 4. Choked roof gutters 3. Ground Depressions 5. Gully Traps 6. Unused toilet bowls and cisterns 7. Aircon Tray and dish rack tray 8. Concrete drains All these sites require constant inspection !!
  12. 12. Potential Breeding Grounds Flower Pots Flower Pot Plates
  13. 13. Potential Breeding Grounds Overflow cistern of the WC Gully Trap
  14. 14. Potential Breeding Grounds Collar of the toilet bowl
  15. 15. Potential Breeding Grounds Hardened soil of potted plants Tree holes
  16. 16. Potential Breeding Grounds Plant axils
  17. 17. Potential Breeding Grounds Scupper drains Bamboo pole holders
  18. 18. Potential Breeding Grounds Road side drain Barbeque pit
  19. 19. Potential Breeding Grounds Canvas sheets
  20. 20. Potential Breeding Grounds Discarded receptacles
  21. 21. Potential Breeding Grounds Air-con tray
  22. 22. Potential Breeding Grounds Roof gutters Litter Bins
  23. 23. The 10-Minute Mozzie Wipe-Out Exercise
  24. 24. 1. 5 Easy Steps •Change water in vases/ bowls every other day. •Add sand granular insecticide* to water. *You can view the list of retailers carrying sand granular insecticide at the following webpage:
  25. 25. 2. 5 Easy Steps •Remove water from flower pot plates every other day.
  26. 26. 3. 5 Easy Steps •Turn over all storage containers
  27. 27. 4. 5 Easy Steps •Inform your parents or any adults in your household to cover bamboo pole holders when not in use.
  28. 28. 5. 5 Easy Steps •Clear blockages and put Bti insecticide in roof gutters at least once a month
  29. 29. What Else Can You Do… Check your landscape structures for any water retention & mosquito breeding regularly. Remove these structures if possible. Add in prescribed amounts of sand granular insecticides to stagnant water.
  30. 30. Use of the Anti-mosquito valve
  31. 31. If you are going on holiday or vacating your home…
  32. 32. If going on holiday.. •Seal off all floor and gully traps •Cover all toilet bowls
  33. 33. If going on holiday.. Leave your contact number with your neighbor so that the NEA can contact you should there be a need to inspect your premises urgently.
  34. 34. Spread the dengue prevention message to others… Let your family, friends and neighbours know about the dangers of breeding mosquitoes
  35. 35. How to Prevent Mosquitoes Bites Wear shoes, socks, long pants and long-sleeved shirt Use mosquito repellents Mosquito coils Mosquito nets
  36. 36. For more information, you can visit the website at