Live The Dream with Sacred Rides


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Are you a passionate mountain biker? Want to earn a living from your passion? Take a few minutes to find out about our Live the Dream program - it just might change your life!

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Live The Dream with Sacred Rides

  1. 1. Live the Dream<br />Partnership program<br />LIVE THE DREAM<br /><br />
  2. 2. LIVE THE DREAM<br />Partnership program<br />Live the Dream is a Sacred Rides partnership program that allows you to earn a living from your passion (mountain biking), while partnering with one of the most respected brands in the tourism world.<br />LIVE THE DREAM<br /><br />
  3. 3. LIVE THE DREAM<br />Partnership program<br />We’ll help you get your dream off the ground and take the guesswork out of running a successful mountain bike tourism business, by bringing you customers, giving you extensive training and access to our operations materials and tools, and providing ongoing support via our experienced staff.<br />LIVE THE DREAM<br /><br />
  4. 4. WHAT YOU GET<br /><ul><li>An opportunity to earn a healthy rate of return on your investment that is up to 3x higher than comparable market rates of return
  5. 5. A chance to make a living doing something you love
  6. 6. In-depth, ongoing support and training
  7. 7. The benefit of partnering with a respected and recognized brand that’s been around for 15 years
  8. 8. The benefit of our experienced marketing team, helping to bring more Riders (customers) to you
  9. 9. Flexibility to develop your own products/trips and marketing initiatives
  10. 10. Liability coverage under our insurance package</li></ul>LIVE THE DREAM<br /><br />
  11. 11. WHAT YOU NEED<br /><ul><li>A passion for mountain biking
  12. 12. An upfront financial investment
  13. 13. A commitment to socially and environmentally responsible tourism that makes direct, positive contributions to local communities
  14. 14. A commitment to uphold our vision and philosophy
  15. 15. A commitment to undergo our comprehensive training program</li></ul>LIVE THE DREAM<br /><br />
  16. 16. ABOUT SACRED RIDES<br />Launched in 1996 as Fernie Fat-Tire Adventures, then changed name to Sacred Rides Mountain Bike Holidays in 2006 (now doing business as Sacred Rides Mountain Bike Adventures)<br />Ranked “#1 mountain bike tour company on Earth” by National Geographic Adventure magazine<br />Extraprovinciallyincorporated company with Mike Brcic as sole shareholder<br />Full-time staff in Toronto: owner Mike Brcic, marketing director Donnie Claudino and two interns (working on marketing and Keeping Rides Sacred program)<br />Part-time staff consists of a team of 25-28 guides around the world, as well as dozens of support staff<br />LIVE THE DREAM<br /><br />
  17. 17. AWARDS<br />Ranked “#1 mountain bike tour company on Earth” by National Geographic Adventure magazine, 2009<br />Winner of TEVA/Adventure Travel and Tourism Association award for sustainable travel, 2009<br />Tourism for Tomorrow finalist<br />Top Adventure Trips Around the World, Outside Magazine, 2007<br />Top Trips in Canada, Explore Magazine, 2004, 2006, 2009<br />LIVE THE DREAM<br /><br />
  18. 18. MEDIA ATTENTION<br /><ul><li>Outpost Magazine article, 2007
  19. 19. Men’s Journal article, 2008
  20. 20. Globe and Mail features – 2x
  21. 21. Ride Guide TV episodes – 2x (BC and Peru)
  22. 22. feature articles – 4x
  23. 23. feature articles – 3x
  24. 24. Financial Post article, Chile – 2007
  25. 25. Numerous features in bike and adventure magazines</li></ul>UPCOMING<br />Bikemagazine feature article, Croatia – July 2010<br />Bike magazine feature article, Peru – 2011<br />Singletrack magazine feature article, Peru, August 2010<br /> feature article, Mexico trip - May 2010<br />Calgary Herald feature article, Mexico trip – June 2010<br />Mountain Living feature article, Mexico trip – summer 2010<br />CNNiReport episode, Croatia trip – fall 2010<br />Norrona (Norway) feature article, Croatia trip - fall 2010<br />LIVE THE DREAM<br /><br />
  26. 26. WHAT’S A SACRED RIDE?<br />We get asked this question a lot. People wonder what’s up with the ‘sacred’ in our name.<br />Are we riding with Jesus?Well, no, although if that’s your thing then go for it.<br />Do we practice odd rituals?Well, yes… if you count greasing our chains before every ride, and having a beer after.<br />Are we trying to convert people to our religion?Well, yes again... but not ‘religion’ like you’re used to thinking about it. It’s the religion of mountain biking and it means something different to everyone.<br />For us, the ‘sacred ride’ is the evolution of mountain biking and mountain bike tourism: it’s mountain biking that makes a difference in the world - not just in our customers minds’ and hearts, but also in the communities where we ride.<br /> Read on….<br />LIVE THE DREAM<br /><br />
  27. 27. WHAT’S A SACRED RIDE?<br />A sacred ridemakes you feel at one with the universe – that indescribable feeling you get when you’re riding a trail that’s so perfect you’re completely lost in flow.<br />A sacred rideexposes you to the spectacular beauty of our planet.<br />A sacred rideconnects you with your fellow riders through amazing experiences and shared challenges.<br />A sacred rideopens your eyes to new people, new places, new cultures and new ways of life.<br />A sacred ridemakes tangible, direct contributions to the communities where we ride. Through our donations and our Riders’ support, we’re building schools, creating jobs, saving wilderness and making positive change in the world.<br />A sacred rideleaves you forever changed for the better and with memories that will stay with you your whole life.<br />LIVE THE DREAM<br /><br />
  28. 28. OUR MISSION<br />With an award-winning devotion to customer satisfaction, we dedicate ourselves to providing truly unique mountain bike experiences that offer our Riders opportunities to not only experience spectacular places and thrilling rides, but also to get intimate with local communities and cultures.<br /> <br />Sacred Rides is an extraordinary adventure travel company with a sincere commitment to promoting environmentally and socially responsible riding. We exceed our Riders’ expectations through an empowered and inspired team, guided by shared values and vision and a deep passion for mountain biking and the outdoors. <br /> <br />Integrated into the Rider experience and everything we do is a deep commitment to supporting initiatives that foster thriving communities and healthy environments in order to ensure that we are Keeping Rides Sacred.<br />LIVE THE DREAM<br /><br />
  29. 29. OUR GUIDING PRINCIPLES<br />Community<br />Respect for the planet and people<br />Listening<br />Integrity and Responsibility<br />Fun and Enthusiasm<br />Teamwork<br />See <br />LIVE THE DREAM<br /><br />
  30. 30. KEEPING RIDES SACRED<br />Born from a recognition that we have a duty to the people and places where we ride, Keeping Rides Sacred is our commitment to ensuring that we leave these communities and environments enriched and healthier as a result of our being there. <br />On each trip, we donate 1% of trip revenues to local community projects. These funds are donated directly to community organizations and local nonprofit organizations.<br />We also offer our Riders opportunities to learn more about these projects during their Ride, and often provide opportunities for hands-on volunteering, working side-by-side with community members. <br />We have teamed with Artez to provide online fundraising tools to allow our Riders the opportunity to do their own fundraising before, during and after their trip. <br />LIVE THE DREAM<br /><br />
  31. 31. OUR RIDERS<br /><ul><li>Gender65% male, 35% female (female Ridership is growing)
  32. 32. Home countryCanada 55%, U.S.A. 25%, Europe 15%, other 5%
  33. 33. Average household income: $140,000 Cdn
  34. 34. Age20-29: 13% 30-39: 29% 40-49: 40% 50+: 17%
  35. 35. Professionoverwhelmingly from the professional sector (doctors, lawyers, executives, teachers, etc…)
  36. 36. 95% of our Riders rank responsible tourism as an important factor in making their travel decisions</li></ul>LIVE THE DREAM<br /><br />
  37. 37. HOW THE PROGRAM WORKS<br />By now you’re probably somewhat interested and probably more than a little excited. And you’re probably wondering how it works.<br />STEPS TO LIVING THE DREAM<br />Make an upfront investment with Sacred Rides<br />Submit a proposal for potential trips (min. 1 week duration) to our office and work with our staff to create your Sacred Ride(s) in your location<br />We’ll schedule a trial run of the trip with media, at least 4 months out from the date of approval of your proposal.<br />Our staff will come to you 1 week before the trip to conduct an in-depth training prior to the media trip, as well as an in-depth post-trip debrief to help you finalize your Sacred Ride<br />We’ll create a website for you (e.g. as well as a listing for your trip on <br />We’ll market your trip(s) extensively, using a portion of your investment<br />Start earning $ and Living Your Dream!<br />LIVE THE DREAM<br /><br />
  38. 38. PRICING MODEL<br />Upfront partnership fee: amount will vary depending on location and potential market size for that destination<br />Marketing fee: to be split 50-50, with 50% of fee towards direct marketing of your trip(s), and the other 50% into a pool for overall marketing of Sacred Rides<br />Training fee: to cover costs of training<br />Royalty payment: you’ll receive 90% of every booking, with a 10% commission to Sacred Rides <br />We’ll bring you Riders for your 7-to-14-day trips, while you can do local marketing to day trippers and locals (at 10% commission rate)<br />LIVE THE DREAM<br /><br />
  39. 39. MARKETING PLAN<br />We’ll take 50% of your upfront investment and create a customized marketing plan to market your trips and bring you Riders right out of the gate!<br /><ul><li>Media campaign: we’ll bring journalists on the first ‘trial run’ trip and invite them to write stories about the trip. This formula has worked successfully for every one of our new destinations to date.
  40. 40. Facebook Ads campaign/Fan Page promotion: We have over 4500 people on our Fan Page and already have a successful ads campaign. Your campaign will be targeted specifically to your destination.
  41. 41. Google Image Ads campaign: We’ll create Google image ads of various sizes for your destination and place them on key partner sites.
  42. 42. Publicity Campaign: We’ll send out press releases about your trip(s) to our extensive media database.
  43. 43. Promotion to our Rider database: We’ll promote your trip(s) to our existing database of well over 3,000 Riders (people who have done a Sacred Ride) as well as newsletter list of over 2,000 people
  44. 44. Other: Grassroots campaigns, slideshows, events, and more!</li></ul>We’ll create and provide you with a detailed marketing plan, including budgets and customer targets. <br />After launch, we’ll send you regular updates about the progress of the marketing plan.<br />LIVE THE DREAM<br /><br />
  45. 45. WEBSITE<br />Our current website at receives over 12,000 unique visitors/month and is the main portal through which we receive bookings. The website is being redesigned and the new version will be launched in June 2010. The new design will be much cleaner and provide lots of additional functionality, including the ability to search by dates, skill/fitness rating, and keyword.<br />We will create Ride pages for each of your trips at the new website, as well as a personal profile for you and each of your guides.<br />In addition, we’ll create a separate website (e.g. that you can use for promoting additional product/trips. (e.g. local skills camps, day trips, etc..) <br />Bookings can me made online or entered into the system via back-end booking process (for bookings taken in person or over the phone)<br />LIVE THE DREAM<br /><br />
  46. 46. BOOKINGS<br />We use an online booking system provided by a 3rd party software provider. The sytem is robust and allows us to generate detailed reports.<br />All bookings for your trip will be handled through the booking system, and you’ll have the ability to log in to the system and access booking reports for your trips.<br />When a new booking comes in for one of your trips, you’ll receive an email with detailed information about the Rider and trip they booked on.<br />You can create unlimited coupon codes and integrate with Google Analytics in order to track your marketing efforts.<br />You’ll also be able to create new trips in the system and take bookings for new trips you may want to create to cater to walkup business (e.g. day trips and skills camps)<br />LIVE THE DREAM<br /><br />
  47. 47. TRAINING<br />Upon joining the program, we’ll schedule a 1-week training with one of our senior staff, in your location.<br /><ul><li>What’s a sacred ride and how to deliver one
  48. 48. First-aid training
  49. 49. Creating your trips, itineraries and safety plans
  50. 50. Identifying local community projects for our Keeping Rides Sacred program
  51. 51. MTB U program – how to develop skills camps for local and international markets
  52. 52. After your first media trip, our staff member will conduct a thorough trip debrief and help you make any changes to your trip to make the trip ready for Riders!
  53. 53. In-depth training in marketing, sales and financial literacy</li></ul>LIVE THE DREAM<br /><br />
  54. 54. GUIDES’ KIT<br />During your training you will be provided with our comprehensive guides’ kit, with documentation covering all aspects of delivering a Sacred Ride, including:<br /><ul><li>Sacred Rides vision
  55. 55. Welcome packages for Riders
  56. 56. Bike rental forms and gear purchase forms
  57. 57. Equipment checklists
  58. 58. Expense reports
  59. 59. First aid checklists
  60. 60. Medical information forms and incident reports
  61. 61. Waivers
  62. 62. Pre-trip safety talk script
  63. 63. Risk management plan
  64. 64. Trip itinerary
  65. 65. Safety plan
  66. 66. Mid-trip and end-of-trip evaluation surveys</li></ul>LIVE THE DREAM<br /><br />
  67. 67. ONGOING SUPPORT<br />After your training, you’ll receive ongoing support from our support staff. <br /><ul><li> Full booking system training and support
  68. 68. Website training and support on how to update your website and add new trips
  69. 69. Workshops on social media and marketing
  70. 70. Invitations to annual training workshops in British Columbia</li></ul>LIVE THE DREAM<br /><br />
  71. 71. YOUR OBLIGATIONS<br /><ul><li> Agree to complete the training
  72. 72. Launch with a minimum of one approved trip of minimum 7 days length, with guaranteed departures to an agreed frequency (at least 2x/year to start).
  73. 73. Maintain a commitment to sustainable tourism activities and lead by example in undertaking local initiatives to support the local community and environment.
  74. 74. Operate Rides and System in accordance with guidelines from Sacred Rides
  75. 75. Actively promote the service to local customers.
  76. 76. Operate all Rides on an exclusive basis branded as Sacred Rides product. It is not permissible to sell Riders on a similar trip operated by you, or to resell your trips to other providers.
  77. 77. Full compliance of the branding toolkit provided, including Sacred Rides shirts / jerseys / outerwear being worn by guides and support staff at all times.
  78. 78. All tour participants must be booked into the Sacred Rides website/ reservation system - no matter the source of booking. </li></ul> <br />LIVE THE DREAM<br /><br />
  79. 79. MAKE THE LEAP TODAY AND START LIVING YOUR DREAM!<br />Email: Call: +1.647.999.7955 ask for Mike<br />LIVE THE DREAM<br /><br />