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Psychiatric Emergency Services


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Sacramento straightforward community mental health website developed to link individuals and family members affected by the disabling effects of mental illness to available services in the community.

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Psychiatric Emergency Services

  1. 1. Home Page Crisis Lines Emergency Services County Health Clinics Psychiatric Hospitals Mental health providers AOD 24H Crisis Lines Contact KAISER PSYCHIATRISTS SACRAMENTO COUNTY PSYCHIATRIC EMERGENCY SERVICES TURNING POINT C.P. PSYCHIATRIC EMERGENCY SERVICES VISIONS UNLIMITED INC. PROVIDER/SERVICES DESCRIPTION CLIENT HOW TO ACCESS PROGRAM TRANSITIONAL HOUSING POPULATION SERVICES FUNDING MORE PROVIDERS SOURCE WELLNESS RECOVERY CENTE Sacramento County Mental Crisis intervention Children/youth in Youth, parents or Managed Health Treatment Center, and stabilization crisis with agency staff may Care Medi- EL HOGAR MENTAL HEALTH Minor Emergency services for psychotic call or go to the Cal MENTAL HEALTH CARE Response Team children and youth symptoms, Sacramento Realignment (MERT) for up to 23 hours. suicidal or violent County Mental ALTA REGIONAL 2150 Stockton Authorization for behavior. Health Treatment VOLUNTEERS OF AMERICA Blvd inpatient psychiatric Center 24 hours 2008 - 2009 PROVIDER LIST Sacramento, CA settings and per day/seven 95817 psychiatric crisis days a week. (916) CHILDREN MENTAL HEALTH foster care beds. 875-1114 or (916) VA NORTHERN CALIFORNIA 875-1000 Inpatient Hospitals 24-hour full-range Children who are Referred and Realignment TRANSITIONAL LIVING (TLCS)  BHC Heritage Oaks psychiatric services a danger to authorized by MERT Medi-Cal LANGUAGE CULTURAL SERVICE  BHC Sierra Vista in a locked setting. themselves or as medically  St. He le na others or necessary. UCD CLINICAL TRAINING SITES  Sutter Hospital require 24- ACT HOME PROVIDERS hour care in a SACRAMENTO NON-PROFIT JOBS medical setting. CAREER CENTERS Partial Hospitalization Short-term intensive Children and Authorization by Realignment EMPLOYMENT: MENTAL HEALTH  Sutter Hospital treatment program in youth who can MERT or Inpatient PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION a hospital setting. avoid inpatient Utilization Point of hospitalization Authorization Transportation Services and benefit from (POA). Employment Services this program or who have been DISABILITY BENEFITS
  2. 2. who have been DISABILITY BENEFITS discharged from a UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE hospital and PAYEE SERVICES require further stabilization. DEPART OF HUMAN ASSISTANC Financial Assistances DRA MEETINGS PEER SUPPORT/SOCIALIZATION INTENSIVE SERVICES PSYCHIATRIC EMERGENCY SER CPS MENTAL HEALTH SERVICE JUVENILE JUSTICE EARLY CHILDHOOD ARRAY OF MENTAL HEALTH DAY TREATMENT ACCESS SERVICES CA MENTAL HEALTH AGENCIES MENTAL HEALTH BOARD Pease Click Here to Send us Comments, Suggestions, Corrections, Additions, Updates or Deletions If you, or someone you know, experiencing disrupting symptoms of mental health, please call Adult Access Team: (916) 875-1055 TTY/TDD: (916) 874-8070 Children's Access Team: (916) 875-9980 TTY/TDD: (916) 876- 8892. EMERGENCY MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES 24 HOURS Call 875-1000/CA Rely Service: 711, URGENT PSYCHIATRIC SERVICES (916) 732 3637 or go directly to the Sacto County Mental Health Treatment Center 2150 Stockton Blvd