South Dakota Right to Life Voter Guide


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South Dakota Right to Life Voter Guide for the upcoming June 5 South Dakota Primary

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South Dakota Right to Life Voter Guide

  1. 1. South Dakota Right to Life Primary Edition Voter GuideSouth Dakota will be having its GOP and Democratic primaries on Tuesday, June 5. Due tothe sizeable number of match ups between candidates with varying pro-life records andviews, SDRTL is distributing a voter guide in an attempt to cut through some of thecampaign rhetoric. If your race is not listed on the first three pages, flip back to the lastsection to see why. In general, candidates to the right in the Senate races and toward thetop in the House races are more likely to be a stronger pro-life voice in Pierre. Remember,voting records always trump rhetoric and that candidates can be intentionally ambiguousabout their intentions. Don’t forget to turn out to vote for LIFE on June 5th! District 9 Senate District 12 Senate District 14 Senate District 20 Senate Sen. Deb Peters (R-I) Rep. Lora Hubbel (R) ▪received a D rating from ▪received an A rating from SDRTL for her 2011-2012 SDRTL for her 2011-2012 legislative voting record legislative voting record ▪in 2007 and 2008 voted ▪“I have seen abortion change against requiring abortion the heart of a once loving girl facilities to offer sonograms into that of a scared, wounded (HB 1193, HB 1296, and SB 88) animal that lashed out at ▪in 2010 received a total of attempts to help her…abortion $11,500+ from leftwing PACS similarly wounds America.” Sen. Mark Johnston (R-I) Scott Bartlett (R) ▪received a C rating from ▪believes that “there is nothing SDRTL for his 2011-2012 more sacred than life itself” legislative voting record ▪opposes abortion at any ▪in 2011 voted against phase of a pregnancy protecting women from the ▪believes that we should do coercive practices of abortion whatever can be done to facilities (HB 1217) preserve life no matter what ▪would not sign a pledge to the age of the person happens repeal Obamacare to be Deb Soholt (R) David Rose (R) ▪will not comment on views ▪“How can ending a life, young ▪first read: It is worrisome to or old be good for South have a candidate not give any Dakota? Ending a human life indication about her views on is reprehensible even when life issues when her opponent legal. I remember how we is very open about the subject. once respected life, but now ▪even more troubling is her we are more selfish. We have endorsement from pro- to go back to thinking that life abortion Sen. Joni Cutler is important and special.” Sen. Mike Vehle (R-I) Steve “Sibby” Sibson (R) ▪received an F rating from ▪currently, the treasurer for SDRTL for his 2011-2012 Mitchell Area Right to Life legislative voting record ▪states “It was during a 2004 ▪in 2009 and 2010, voted for committee hearing on abortion embryonic stem cell research that I became solidly pro-life. (SB 195 and SB 74) After hearing both sides, I ▪in 2009, voted to require came to the conclusion that insurance companies to cover abortion was wrong for moral, abortifacients (SB 134) legal, and health reasons.”
  2. 2. District 24 Senate District 30 Senate District 31 Senate District 33 Senate District 34 Senate Sen. Tad Perry (R-I) Jeff Monroe (R)▪received a D rating from ▪in 2001 voted for a BabySDRTL for his 2011-2012 Moses Law for abandonedlegislative voting record children▪ in 2011 voted against ▪ in 2000 voted to ban non-informed consent (HB 1217) therapeutic research involving▪in 2012 voted against embryonic stem cellsprohibiting exchanges from ▪in 1998 voted to protect pro-including abortion coverage in life pharmacists fromhealth plans (HB 1185) dispensing abortifacients George Ferebee (R) Sen. Bruce Rampelberg (R-I)▪supports a 72-hour waiting ▪received an A rating fromperiod for abortions insuring SDRTL for his 2011-2012that women are not being legislative voting recordcoerced or forced into having ▪in 2011 and 2012 voted toabortions protect women from the▪signed a pledge to support coercive practices of abortionthe repeal of Obamacare facilities (HB 1217 and HB▪100% conservative rating 1254)from Life & Liberty Group Sen. Tom Nelson (R-I) Bob Ewing (R)▪received an F rating from ▪opposes abortion whileSDRTL for his 2011-2012 supporting adoption optionslegislative voting record ▪states: “Since an unborn child▪in 2009 and 2010, voted for cannot make decisions forembryonic stem cell research itself, society is responsible(SB 195 and SB 74) for its protection. Only God▪in 2009, voted to require can make decisions on life, weinsurance companies to cover do not have that authorityabortifacients (SB 134) when it comes to abortion.” Michael Buckingham (R) Sen. Phil Jensen (R-I.)▪in 2007 and 2008 voted to ▪received an A rating fromrequire abortion facilities to SDRTL for his 2011-2012offer sonograms (HB 1193, HB legislative voting record1296, and SB 88) ▪exposed the hypocrisy of▪in 2007 voted to ban abortion abortion providers with a hogas a form of birth control (HB housed version of HB 1150 in1293) committee in 2012 that flipped▪in 2006 voted to reinstate the regulatory bill back ontoSouth Dakota’s abortion ban Planned Parenthood Sen. Craig Tieszen (R-I) Stacey Wollman (R)▪received an F rating from ▪CEO of Care Net PregnancySDRTL for his 2011-2012 Care Center since 2004legislative voting record ▪believes in “protecting the▪in 2011 and 2012 voted sanctity of life fromagainst informed consent (HB conception to natural death”1217 and HB 1254) ▪opposes embryonic stem cell ▪in 2009 and 2010, voted for researchembryonic stem cell research ▪enjoined efforts to defend(SB 195 and SB 74) informed consent bills
  3. 3. District 10 House District 13 House District 15 House District 18 House District 22 House Jason Long (R) ▪states that “I am a strong Rep. Jenna Haggar (R-I) ▪received an A ratingDistrict 6 House pro-life supporter and will sponsor pro-life from SDRTL for her 2011-2012 legislative legislation, as well” voting record Isaac Latterell (R) ▪states that he will “protect Don Haggar (R) ▪states “I am not shy to admit the sanctity of human life from conception to that our religious beliefs are fundamental to natural death” and that he will “reject how we view the world, and I believe all life is Obamacare” with all of its federal mandates precious.” Herman Otten (R) ▪no Obamacare pledge Dave Munson (R) ▪in 2000 voted to ban non- June Nusz (R) ▪states: “my Christian beliefs therapeutic research involving embryonic have taught me that every life is sacred.” stem cellsDistrict 11 House District 14 House District 16 House District 19 House Rep. Mark Willadsen (R-I) ▪received an A G. Mark Mickelson (R) ▪states “I am pro-life. I rating from SDRTL for his 2011-2012 believe that life begins at conception. Every legislative voting record human life has dignity, and we need to protect Jim Stalzer (R) ▪believes “in the sanctity of the most vulnerable in our society.” life from conception to natural death” Steve Westra (R) ▪states “As a father every Christine Erickson (R) ▪states that she is life is sacred, and as a society we need to do “pro-life” everything we can to protect human life.” Chris Karr (R) ▪will not sign a pledge to Frank Alvine (R) ▪states “As a physician, support the repeal of Obamacare or support a father of three, and grandfather of nine, I 72-hour waiting period for abortions certainly consider myself to be pro-life.” Rep. R. Shawn Tornow (R-I) ▪received an A Rep. Patrick Kirschman (D-I) ▪received an A rating from SDRTL for his 2011-2012 rating from SDRTL for his 2011-2012 legislative voting record legislative voting record Anne Hajek (R) ▪states that she is “very much ▪in 2011 and 2012 voted to protect women pro-life.” from the coercive practices of abortion Larry Zikmund (R) ▪states “The unborn and facilities (HB 1217 and HB 1254) elderly are among society’s most vulnerable. Karen Soli (D) ▪will not comment As your Legislator I will support policies that Mitch Fargen (D-I) ▪received an F rating from protect both groups.” SDRTL for his 2011-2012 legislative voting record Rep. Jim Bolin (R-I) ▪received an A rating Thomas Bixler (R) ▪states that he is a “strict from SDRTL for his 2011-2012 voting record defender of pro-life and does not support Rep. Patty Miller (R-I) ▪received an A rating abortion in any form” from SDRTL for her 2011-2012 voting record Matt Stone (R) ▪states he is “pro-life, human Kevin Jensen (R) ▪states “life begins at life is precious and should be protected” conception. FACT: Whether you believe a Thomas Stotz (R) ▪states that “It is my fetus is a person or not, abortion terminates position that life begins at conception. As a the natural progression of a human life.” natural health care provider, I believe that it Don Lantis (R) ▪states that he “supports should be respected in all its stages.” adoption option over abortion” Mike Stevens (R) ▪no Obamacare pledge Rep. Stace Nelson (R-I) ▪received an A rating Jay Slater (R) ▪no official comment from SDRTL for his 2011-2012 voting record Dick Werner (R) ▪states “I am pro-life.” Rep. J. E. “Jim” Putnam (R-I) ▪received an A David McGirr (R) ▪will not comment rating from SDRTL for his 2011-2012 First read: McGirr may or may not be pro-life. legislative voting record He is certainly not very informed about the Kyle Schoenfish (R) ▪states “I support the issue. Werner is vaguely pro-life. Slater sanctity of human life. I am pro-life; I oppose seemed the most enthusiastic of the three in abortion, human cloning, euthanasia, and pro-life views. This is a hard race to call, but I assisted suicide.” put them marginally in this order. More Roger Hofer (R) ▪“I am strongly pro-life.” participation was needed on their part.
  4. 4. District 24 House District 30 House District 32 House District 26A HouseDistrict 22 House District 29 House District 31 House District 35 House Dale Hargens (D) ▪in 2006 voted to reinstate Rep. Mark Venner (R-I) ▪received an A rating South Dakota’s abortion ban and voted for from SDRTL for his 2011-2012 legislative abortion facility inspections (SB 185) voting record Doug Kazmerzak (D) ▪in 2000 voted to ban Tim Rounds (R) ▪in 2007 and 2008 voted to non-therapeutic research involving embryonic require abortion facilities to offer sonograms stem cells (HB 1193, HB 1296, and SB 88) Rep. Peggy Gibson (D-I) ▪received an F rating Mary Duvall (R) ▪will not sign a pledge to from SDRTL for her 2011-2012 legislative support a repeal of Obamacare or support a voting record and managed to score the 72-hour waiting period for abortions insuring lowest House pro-life ranking for 2011-2012 that women are not being coerced or forced Rep. Dean Wink (R-I) ▪received an A rating Rep. Lance Russell (R-I) ▪received an A rating from SDRTL for his 2011-2012 voting record from SDRTL for his 2011-2012 voting record David Eatherton (R) ▪believes that “life begins Rep. Mike Verchio (R-I) ▪received an A rating at conception and abortion should not be from SDRTL for his 2011-2012 voting record used as birth control” and supports a 72-hour Florence Thompson (R) ▪states “If elected, I waiting period for abortions while pledging to pledge to vote to support pro-life legislation.” support a repeal of Obamacare Travis Bies (R) ▪will not sign a pledge to Gary Cammack (R) ▪will not sign a pledge to support the repeal of Obamacare support a repeal of Obamacare or support a Tim Behlings (R) ▪will not sign a pledge to 72-hour waiting period for abortions support the repeal of Obamacare Gary Coe (R) ▪states that he is “Pro-life with Rep. Kristin Conzet (R-I) ▪received an A rating no exception. Science supports the Bible in from SDRTL for her 2011-12 voting record that life begins at conception.” Rep. Brian Gosch (R-I) ▪received an A rating John Teupel (R) ▪supports a 72-hour waiting from SDRTL for his 2011-2012 voting record period for abortions insuring that women are Jeanette Deurloo (R) ▪states “I support the not coerced or forced concept that all humans, the unborn and the Rep. Fred Romkema (R-I) ▪received a B rating elderly, have an inherent right to life. From from SDRTL for his 2011-2012 voting record conception to death, each human being has a Timothy Johns (R) ▪will not sign a pledge to purpose, a destiny. I would not want to deny support the repeal of Obamacare that right.” Don Kopp (R-I) ▪received an A rating from Whitney Meek (D) ▪no comment SDRTL for his 2011-2012 voting record Troy Heinert (D) ▪no comment Blaine “Chip” Campbell (R) ▪states: “’We the Calvin Jones (D) ▪no contact People’ love good and wise choices. ‘Life, Trent Poignee Sr. (D) ▪no contact Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness’ are First read: Have fun trying to contact any of three of the finest.” these candidates. Meek was the only one Jack Siebold (R) ▪supports a 72-hour waiting who bothered to pick up a phone. Messages period for abortions insuring that women are only die in Heinert’s answering machine, and not coerced or forced and signed a pledge to one may have to actually drive out to the support the repeal of Obamacare Jones or Poignee house to get a word in. Other Races: (do not present any life issue differences) Early voting for the June 5 primary began on United States Representative ▪pro-abortion Jeff Barth April 20. The Republican Primary is closed to only (D) v. pro-abortion Matt Varilek (D) Republicans. The Democratic Primary is open to District 2 Senate ▪pro-life Art Fryslie (R-I) v. pro-life Independents and Democrats, not Republicans. Norbert Barrie (R) Information for this voter guide was compiled District 4 Senate ▪pro-life Tim Begalka (R-I) v. pro-life from the following sources: LRC website, SDRTL Val Rausch (R) Pro-life Rating Scorecard, Life and Liberty Group District 6 Senate (R) ▪pro-life Gene Abdallah (R-I) v. pro- Candidate Evaluation guide, candidate campaign life Ernie Otten Jr. (R) websites, and phone and electronic media ▪If you still have not found your race, your district is not interviews. Please contact Spencer Cody with any having a primary on June 5 for the legislature. comments or concerns regarding this publication at or 605-948-2449.