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Management information systems (mis)
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Management information systems (mis)






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    Management information systems (mis) Management information systems (mis) Presentation Transcript

    • Copyright © Wondershare Software
    • To provide lower and middle management withprinted or electronic reports with inquirycapabilities so that they can control, organize andplan more effectively and efficiently.Computerized MISs typically extract andsummarize data from TPSs to allow managers tomonitor and direct the organization Copyright © Wondershare Software
    • Copyright © Wondershare Software
    • Internal Data Sources Organization’s TPS and ERP systems Related Databases.External Data Sources Customers. Suppliers. Competitors and stock holders (not already captured by TPS). Internet and Extranets. Copyright © Wondershare Software
    • MIS uses the input data and processesit into information for the use ofmanagers primarily in the form of pre-determined reports. Copyright © Wondershare Software
    • Collection of reports (scheduledreports, key-indicator reports anddemand reports, exception reports anddrill-down reports.) that are distributedto managers. Copyright © Wondershare Software
    • Provide reports with fixed and standardformats.Produce hard-copy and soft-copy reports.Use internal data stored in the computersystem.Allow end users to develop their own customreports.Require user requests for reports developedby systems personnel. Copyright © Wondershare Software
    • Scheduled (Periodic) reports :- Reports producedperiodically (daily, weekly or monthly etc) depending on thedecision making need.For Examples:-Daily or weekly sales analysis reportsMonthly financial reports.Key-indicator reports :- Provide a summary of the previousday’s critical activities and typically available at the beginningof each work day. They summarize inventory levels,production activity, sales volume etc. Copyright © Wondershare Software
    • Demand reports :- Reports or screen outputs developed togive relevant information at someone’s request (adhoc).Suppliers & customers use demand reports.Example :-Inventory level of certain productException reports :- Reports which are automaticallyproduced when a situation is unusual or requires managementaction.Drill-down reports :- Reports which provide detail data abouta situation.Demand Report Push Reporting Copyright © Wondershare Software
    • Financial MIS :- Provides financial information to accountants, broader setof people who need to make better decisions on a daily basis.Financial MISs perform the following functions.Integrate financial and operational information from multiple sources,including the Internet, into a single system.Provide easy access to data for both financial and non financial users.Make financial data immediately available to shorten analysis turnaroundtime.Enable analysis of financial data among multiple dimensions-time,geography, product, plant, customerAnalyze historical and current financial activity. Monitor and control theuse of funds over time Copyright © Wondershare Software
    • Copyright © Wondershare Software
    • Profit/Loss and Cost systems :- Organize revenue and cost data forthe company. The internal input to the MIS. Profit center :- Department within an organization that tracks total expenses and net profits. Example - investment division of a large insurance company. Revenue center :- Division within a company that tracks sales or revenues. Example - marketing or sales department Cost center :- Division within a company that does not directly generate revenue. Example - manufacturing, research and development Copyright © Wondershare Software
    • Auditing :- Analyzing the financial condition of an organization anddetermining whether financial statements and reports produced byfinancial MIS are accurate.Types of auditing are Internal auditing :- Auditing performed by individuals within the organization. External auditing :- Auditing performed by an outside group. Copyright © Wondershare Software
    • Funds Usage and Management :- Assist with funds usage andmanagement.. Internal uses of funds Purchasing additional inventory and machinery Hiring new employees Buying new office equipment Increasing marketing and advertising Investing in new products Increasing research and Development. External uses of funds They are typically investment (investing in banks, stocks, bonds, bills, notes, futures, foreign currency) related Copyright © Wondershare Software
    • A marketing MIS supports managerialactivities related to productdevelopment, distribution, pricingdecisions, promotions, and salesforecasting. Copyright © Wondershare Software
    • Overview of a marketing MIS Copyright © Wondershare Software
    • Market research :- Market research is a formal study of themarket and customer preferences. Tools used for marketresearch include surveys, questionnaires, pilot studies andinterviews.Product development :- This involves the conversion of rawmaterials into finished goods and services.Promotion and advertising :- To improves their sales. Richness and reach are important measures of effective advertising.Product pricing :- Product or service pricing is anotherimportant and complex marketing function. With relation to aproduct, retail price, whole-sale price, and price discounts mustbe set. Copyright © Wondershare Software
    • A human resource MIS, also called thepersonnel MIS, is concerned withactivities related to employees andpotential employee of the organization. Copyright © Wondershare Software
    • Activities performed :- Workforce analysisand planning, hiring, training, job and taskmanagement, other personnel related issues.Outputs :- Some organizations havecomputer systems to assist with humanresource planning, hiring, training, skillsinventorying, wage and salary administration. Copyright © Wondershare Software
    • Human resource planning :- Overall purpose: Put the right number andkinds of employees in the right jobs when they are needed.Personnel selection and Recruiting :- If the human resource planreveals that additional personnel are required, the next step is to recruit andselect personnel. Management information systems can also be used tohelp rank and select potentialEmployees Training and skills inventory :- For some jobs very specifictraining should be given to new employees. Other jobs may require generaltraining about the organizational culture, orientation, dress standards andthe expectations of the organization.Employee schedules :- developed for each employee, showing his/herjob assignment over the next week or month.Job placements :- often determined based on skills inventoryreports, which show which employee might be best suited to a particular job.Wage and salary administration :- This MIS subsystem involvesdetermining wages, salaries and benefits (medical payments, savingplans, retirement accounts).Outplacement :- Employees leave companies for various reasons. Copyright © Wondershare Software
    • Copyright © Wondershare Software
    • Design and engineering.Master production schedule and inventorycontrol.Process control.Quality control and testing. Copyright © Wondershare Software
    • Accounting MISs :- An information systemprovides aggregate information on accounts payable,accounts receivable, payroll and many otherapplications.Geographical Information Systems :- A computersystem is capable of assembling, storing,manipulating and displaying geographicallyreferenced information, that is data identifiedaccording to its location. Copyright © Wondershare Software
    • Copyright © Wondershare Software