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juSTa Hotels & Resorts is a chain of Small Luxury Hotels in India with hotels in New Delhi, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Goa Barmer (Rajasthan) and resorts in Udaipur & Chittorgarh (Rajasthan) and Trasi (Karnataka).
Each hotel offers a unique experience hand crafted by Deepika Govind - India's leading fashion designer. Our hotels, with less than 50 rooms each, are geared to give you personalized service and a unique experience.

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JuSTa Hotels & Resorts - Small Luxury Hotels

  1. 1. Vision • To provide an upscale, luxury Hotels & Resorts brand which appeals to both the business and leisure travelers. • A First-Class international hotel epitomizing elegant living in a residential setting. • To be a hospitality company, with a twenty hotels in our portfolio over the next three years • To create “A Small Luxury Hotel” space in India on the European model • To be the preferred employer of smart, young & talented individuals
  2. 2. CORPORATE VALUES At jüSTa Hotels & Resorts, the corporate values are much more than a programme or a policy – they define who we are and inform the decisions we make. The company’s guiding principle is the Golden Rule – to treat others as we wish to be treated ourselves. Strive for an environment, which has a positive influence & has a long-lasting impact on both the sphere of operations & our people. This is integral to our success as a company. We act in a manner consistent with our corporate values, jüSTa Hotels & Resorts, will continue to seek opportunities to enrich and contribute positively.
  3. 3. Our Code of Conduct • Ethical Business • Teamwork • Customer first • Two-way communication with our people • Safety Security and be positively proactive towards the Environment • Compliant with all statutory requirement
  4. 4. About Us • The chain has been founded by Mr. Ashish Vohra (CEO & Founder) in the year August 2005. • He is supported by a management team comprising of young professionals who have worked in India’s finest hotels, namely The Oberoi Group, The Hyatt, etc. They have a combined experience of over 70 years. • We currently operate 13 hotels in 9 cities which are Bangalore, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Gurgaon, Udaipur, Chittorgarh, Barmer, Goa & Trasi, with a total of 340 keys and comprising of over 350 personnel across the group. • The Group was earlier called The Residence Group of Hotels which is now re-branded to jüSTa Hotels & Resorts.
  5. 5. Ashish Vohra Founder & CEO A. Khan Head of Finance & HR SALES Rohit Katyal Head of Sales National Capital Region Jaya Kumar Head of Sales Hyderabad & Gujarat Sachin Mahesh Head of Sales Bangalore, Mumbai & Chennai OPERATIONS UB Srivastava Head of Rajasthan Naveen Vishen Head of Operations National Capital Region KS Thimmaiah Head of Operations Bangalore Narayan Rao Head of Operations Goa & Turtlebay Corporate Structure Vikas Lal Sharma General Manager The Jehan, New Delhi
  6. 6. Ashish Vohra-Founder &CEO • With over 20 years of work experience, with the Oberoi Hotels & Resorts, he has handled key position like Regional Director – Northern Region, Director of Marketing and Brand Development. • He specialises is in the field of Marketing, Sales, Strategy and Finance • The company was founded on15th August, 2005. • The company has grown organically & has a mix of own hotels, Revenue share and Management contract model in the portfolio. • The company is set to expand to three new cities in the next two years and hopefully go seek funding for future plans
  7. 7. Deepika Govind - Head of Interiors & Design • A leading Fashion designer, whose signature can be see across the Hotel Interiors for jüSTa Hotels & Resorts • All the fabrics are woven and only natural materials • Most of the hotel product like lamps, furniture, bed-throw, cushion covers, curtains, upholstery are curated especially for the chain • All the Art, which is an intrinsic part of the signature is selected by her • All the hotels have their own signature design concepts for differentiation - www.deepikagovind.com
  8. 8. Reshmi Sen – VP (Training and HR) Reshmi Sen has been with hospitality industry for over 13 years. She has served in various capacities to gain in-depth understanding of the operations, from food & beverage management to learning & development consulting with The Oberoi Group, The Radisson etc. She joined the group in 2008 & since, has been instrumental in talent management & acquisition. Her skill in conceptualizing, developing & executing learning modules in a practical manner have helped us set high standards of excellence. The employee engagement quotient has significantly increased under her tutelage.
  9. 9. Brand -jüSTa The jüSTa brand stands for a new experience in hospitality. jüSTa : A Sanskrit name with an International Stature and a sound of exotic, as well as luxury .The Sanskrit meaning is “Welcome”, extended meaning is Welcome to your Home. Enhanced by the design this name becomes an experience and adventure.
  10. 10. Brand Platform  JüSTa delivers an outstanding, luxurious and personalized experience for the new generation of business travellers who are proud of there culture and busy in building the future of India  jüSTa believes that “Art,” is the ultimate expression of India’s culture & gives it center-stage, thus positioning it at the core of the jüSTa experience  jüSTa redefines the traditional luxury codes with the grand atmosphere, personalised service and exquisite its fabrics across spaces, interspersed with Art  The path of this new India, is in the hand of the current generation reiterating their pasts & taking it forward to levels, hitherto unimagined
  11. 11. The Logo: The Logo  A tree which stands for life, eternity, shelter with giving and our brand value green. Made by a young talented painter named Mrinal Dey from Shantineketan. The colours of the rainbow depict the various hues in the form of art and fabrics we have used. Brand Ambition • Everything comes to life through Art • Develop an inspirational Indian brand, which become aspirational, delivering an outstanding contemporary experience. In this clutter of International and local brands, we would like to stand out with our aspiration Indian identity
  12. 12. Brand Pillars jüSTa The Residence • Luxury • Contemporary • Green • Indian
  13. 13. jüSTa-Views jüSTa Views - Luxury • Intimate indulging areas Cultured (art minded)environment and impressive soft natural light, private gardens and water ponds, luxurious tactile and olfactory sensations (silk, extreme comfort…) • Natural material used in silk curtains, jacquard weave duvets, 450 thread-count bed sheets, 350 gsm towels from fine cotton and Ayurvedic toiletries etc. • Every detail has been treated with an aesthetics sense, transcending functionality, transforming the daily experience into something extremely pleasurable. This lifestyle is supported by a wide range of services • Everything is seamless and efficient yet immensely comfortable.
  14. 14. jüSTa views on Indian Art and Culture jüSTa View on Art • At jüSTa, Art is much more then décor • jüSTa believes that Art is the ultimate expression of culture • At jüSTa, each piece of Art reflects a dimension of Indian culture, both traditional or emerging • Unique art pieces are fully integrated into the jüSTa experiences, they are distinctive signature elements
  15. 15. jüSTa Goes Green jüSTa views - Green • It isolates you from the busy outside world. • It creates a luxurious haven. • Green is the thread throughout the experience of jüSTa
  16. 16. jüSTa – Views on Contemporary India • Every thing is seamless and efficient yet, immensely comfortable. • Every detail has been treated with an aesthetic sense, transcending functionality, transforming the daily experience into something extremely pleasurable with in India touch and warmth. • Lavish intimate experiences
  17. 17. jüSTa Experience, Look and Feel • jüSTa offers a variety of rich moments, alternating the standard experience of the public spaces with the indulgent comfort of the intimate areas. jüSTa subtly balances the grand and the intimate to deliver a true luxury experience. • In public areas, its about "how it looks & feels“: intimate spaces, outstanding pieces of art… Whereas in the private areas, the emphasis is on "how it feels & looks”: lavish materials, exquisite smells…
  18. 18. jüSTa Design Philosophy • Art inspired and focused, it believes that Art is the unifier of Traditional and Modern India • Individualistic, crafted gradation of colors, luminous, environment friendly • The design philosophy has been all about balance- Colour, Form, Proportion, Scale, Light, Art and the juxtaposition of the old and the new • Our effort is to use materials and techniques that illustrate the concept of layering, textures, mystery, unveiling etc., • The Textiles used have a sense of contemporary yet ornate, opulent yet intensive. An adherence to classic styles, (hence, timeless), with an unexpected twist or surprise detailing.
  19. 19. Art is the voice of these changing Times INDIA is living in intense, creative times of change & energy. Where is the brand which would fully reflect these rich times? What is LUXURY in India today? Could it be a new type of luxury with roots in both yesterday and tomorrow? What if the ultimate luxury was about Connection to the Soul? We believe a new star is born in India, which expresses its spirit through ART, as a bridge between cultures, regions and times. Aspiring to provide new experiences through which art is found not only within the hotelier’s craft but also through REINTERPRETATIONS of classis designs by modern artists The new Brand seeks to offer international five star standards infused with ‘SPIRIT of India’ expressed by Indian Art as well as the reinterpretations of rituals as ‘Art of hospitality’. The changing time is magnified as an ‘Artist-Hotelier’s’ evolving vision, thanks to the talent & voices of seasonally showcased local artists. We spires to offer a feeling of ‘ home to the soul’ thanks to NEW PERSPECTIVES on Indian art and beauty and perpetual reinventions of traditions in a kind of ‘bridge’ through time.
  20. 20. Competitive Advantage • Product differentiation with luxurious yet comfortable, interiors, with attention to detail and service delivery. • Cost leadership through smart sourcing of better quality products. • Customizing and packaging our services to suit the requirements of our guests. • An excellent alternative to the high priced Luxury hotels.
  21. 21. What We Believe We Are Known For Our Traits: • Speed • Simplicity • Self Confidence • Innovation • Passion for excellence • Customer delight
  22. 22. Brand Values – Stylish Design but inward focused – Technology driven – Attention to detail – Respect for privacy with warmth and concern We follow the basics: The focus is on ensuring that everything that touches the guest body, required for a good nights’ sleep, should be of Oberoi Hotels standard or even better quality. We use Snoozer mattresses, Abhishek industries towels, Herb-line toiletries, Micro fiber pillows of the same quality as used by Oberoi Hotels, we use 500 thread count bed sheets, Duvet cover, Pillow covers, etc.
  23. 23. Design Concept • Straight lines • Clean • Comfortable • Accent on color, form and light to be the focal point • Minimalist • Modern and Contemporary • Uniform and fabrics reflect this philosophy • Earthy, muted Colors • Indo (Indian Warmth) Western (Efficiencies) • Delivering a multi design experience • Understated in general • Created our own signature style in our class • Energy efficient and Easy to maintain
  24. 24. Product Specification - Across the group • Wi-Fi Internet connectivity • World Class Mattresses – Snoozer brand of Mattresses • Large rooms – 300 square feet • Writing tables with Table Lamp • Comfort Sofa and a reading chair mostly cotton Lines or Silk Linen, Curtains are all silk • LCD Television wherever possible with digital Satellite TV connections • Electronic Safe with number lock • Multi-cuisine Restaurant • Board Room, Meeting & Conference Rooms with A/V Equipment • Laundry service-Same day express delivery service also available • Auto Power Back up and 24 hour hot water supply • Central or Split Air-conditioning • Medium Size Lobby with sit down check in 24 hour check in check out facility • Concierge Services, Transport with Car Rentals & own drivers • Mini Bar, Bathroom slippers, TCMF, Wooden and Satin Hangers, Shoe Miette, Shoe Horn • 350 thread count linen for Bed sheets; Jacquard Duvets cover 400 thread count; • High quality bath linen, face/bath/hand towels - 400 GSM and above • Herb-line toiletries bath amenities • Seated Reception Counters with Lobby Furniture/Lounge facility • Round the clock room Service; American Buffet breakfast with live egg counter;
  25. 25. Operations Overview
  26. 26. Operations • At jüSTa Hotels & Resort, the focus is completely on guest comfort, experience and memories. • We endeavour to make our services ‘guest oriented’ and not ‘process oriented’. This is an expression of our guiding principle ‘to treat others as you wish to be treated’ • Our exceptional team is carefully selected to reflect our core values and each trained to these values for excellence in service to the guests. • Attention to detail, eliminating wastage and our quality assurance reflects in our guest feedback and our profit efficiencies. • Our team is encouraged to share immediate feedback to enhance and constantly improve guest experiences.
  27. 27. Operations Strength • Training of each team member to focus on personalization and ‘take decisions’ towards improving guest experiences • Simple and well set Standard Operation Procedures • Profiling of all arrivals for ‘personalization on plate’ looking at seasonality and quality of ingredients available • Accurate guest experience and feedback monitoring programs translating scores to compare to high numeric benchmarks • Clear cost and profit efficiencies for each operational area resulting in high quality, eliminate waste and improving / continuing high margins for owner • Team encouraged to establish / cement relationships with guest across all levels • High teamwork across all our departments and hotels • Monitoring employee satisfaction scores to ensure high motivation and team spirit
  28. 28. Our Achievements so far  All hotels are profit making ventures  A choice of 13 hotels, resorts & convention cetnre in nine years time frame  Most of our Hotel are in the top 25 hotels on Trip Advisor - 3 hotels have won the Tripadvisor Travelers Choice Award, 3 hotels have won the HDFC Bank Award.  Almost 22% of our business is through the electronic channels & this is to be increased to 30%.  Environment, Safety, Security cleared by companies such as US Security Services, IBM, GE, Toyota, Volvo, Philips, etc  Preferred Partners on International web sites like Expedia, Booking .com, Gulliver travels, Makemytrip.com, etc  Noted personalities such Sunita Williams, Azim Premji, Virat Kohli & Aravinda D’Silva etc. have stayed at our hotels across the country  Best in class and an excellent alternative to the high priced luxury hotels
  29. 29. Strength • Management drawn from reputed hotels chains • Understanding and delivery of customer requirements • Pro-active and innovative approach • Able to revenue manage and create higher demand for our hotels through our large network of Sales and Marketing professionals across 6 cities • Approved hotels for a large number of multinational and public sector companies • Key relationships with large corporate Houses like IBM, Motorola, GE, Nike, HDFC Bank, BHEL, NTPC, ICICI Bank, etc.
  30. 30. jüSTa Services
  31. 31. Asset Optimization & Advisory Services • jüSTa Asset Optimization and Advisory Services aims to assist Hotel Owners to achieve Optimization of their investment. • We offer comprehensive end to end services from Asset Planning, Development, Brand Compliance, Operations Set up & Monitoring of Hotel Operations. • We also offer ‘tailor made’ services to existing Hotels for Upgrading, Brand associations or continuity of Independent Operations with improved efficiency & preparedness for competition
  32. 32. Why Asset Optimization & Advisory Services? • Hotels require : High Investment Complex Development Plan & Execution  Established Standard Operation Procedures  Well trained Human Resource & Management • It also requires constant Assessment, integration and placement across multiple marketing platforms & market segments to ensure right market share at the right price. • This requires experienced professionals in each hotel field to develop solutions, implement and monitor to ensure desired efficiency for Asset Optimization.
  33. 33. Our Services Asset Owning Company jüSTa Asset Optimizing Services Development & Project Market Share, P&L Optimization Services Operation Advisory
  34. 34. Development & Project 1. Consultants Review: provide review for finalization of Hotel consultants, scope of work & fees 2. Design Review: review of project design to ensure compliance to Brand standards, work flows, energy efficiency, non duplication of services, assisting in brand compliance waiver, if required. 3. Project Budget: review of project budgets for improved returns. 4. Design Compliance Review: during project execution & provide solutions on ‘site issues’, if any, to ensure brand compliance. 5. Pre Opening Services: Preparation of Operation equipment, Pre opening & Market launch Budgets based on operations review, launch period & competition bench marking
  35. 35. Market Share, P&L Optimization Services 1. Market Review & Pricing Strategy: analysis of competition review, demand drivers & market segments in the competitive market to arrive at Pricing strategy for all services. 2. Business Plan Documentation: facilitate this critical exercise to finalize documentation to set key Hotel targets and the path to achieve them. 3. Revenue & Costs – P&L optimization: facilitate overall revenue & cost planning to drive incremental revenues, benchmarking costs & eliminating wastage for improved profits.
  36. 36. Operation Advisory 1. Standard Operating Procedures: Assisting Executive Team in formation of SOP’s to align Hotel processes with Brand & ensuring consistency in services 2. HR Consulting, Training & Development: Assisting Executive Team to prepare: 1. Initial manpower requirement & HR cost budgets. 2. Training modules for SOP’s. 3. Customer Satisfaction and to maintain high order of guest services 3. Operating Audits: to monitor compliance of all SOPs & Brand standards 4. Guest Satisfaction Monitoring & SOP realignment: develop customized guest satisfaction trackers & provide scores for monthly & annual monitoring of guest satisfaction 5. Mystery Shopping: independent & periodic ‘mystery shopping’ to monitor SOP’s.
  37. 37. Notable Achievements & Milestones • Winner of the Tripadvisor Travelers Choice Awards for the following hotels: – jüSTa MG Road, Bangalore 2013 – jüSTa Off MG Road, Bangalore 2013 – jüSTa Panjim, Goa 2014 • Winner of HDFC Bank Award for best hotel in its segment for the following hotels: – jüSTa on Necklace Road, Hyderabad 2012 – jüSTa Panchsheel Park, New Delhi 2013 – jüSTa Greater Kailash, New Delhi 2013 • Approved third party operator for Wyndham • Our First project for Wyndham Hotels was to manage and set up the Ramada Hotel in Vashi, Navi Mumbai • Our second project for Wyndham Hotels was a 72 room hotel Ramada Resort Udaipur
  38. 38. Other Services-Sales, Marketing &Operations
  39. 39. Sales & Marketing Strong Network of Sales teams across the country with presence in all National Capital Region, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, & Karnataka Existing relationships with Travel agents within the country and other countries Established tie ups with Online Travel Portals in India and globally – Expedia, HRS, Travelocity, Hotels.com, Booking.com, Agoda, Makemytrip, Yatra, Travelguru, cleartrip, etc. Strong Digital Presence with responsive website which SEO compliant Presence on major Social Media Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc., to engage customers GDS & RFP representation through Sabre Hospitality, Lanyon & Pro-Lodgic
  40. 40. Hotels Location Hotel Name No. of Keys Year Established Bangalore jüSTa MG Road 18 2010 jüSTa Off MG Road 12 2006 jüSTa Indiranagar 21 2008 National Capital Region jüSTa Panchsheel Park 24 2006 jüSTa Greater Kailash 24 2008 jüSTa Gurgaon 24 2010 Rajasthan Rajputana Udaipur - A jüSTa Resort 54 2012 Lake Nahargarh Palace, Chittorgarh - A jüSTa Resort 40 2012 Sanchal Fort, Barmer - A jüSTa Hotel 27 2014 Goa jüSTa Panjim 26 2013 Hyderabad jüSTa On Necklace Road 40 2007 Udupi, Karnataka Turlebay on Sea, Trasi - A jüSTa Resort 16 2012 New Delhi The Jehan - Convention Centre for Weddings, Mice & Events 14 Rooms + 4 Halls (15000 Capacity) 2014
  41. 41. jüSTa-Brand jüSTa Views - Luxury • Intimate indulging areas Cultured (art minded)environment and impressive soft natural light Private gardens and water ponds Luxurious tactile and olfactory sensations (silk, extreme comfort…) jüSTa View - Contemporary • Everything is seamless and efficient yet extremely comfortable. • Every detail has been treated with a sense of aesthetics, transcending functionality, transforming the daily experience into something extremely pleasurable. This lifestyle is supported by a wide range of services - free wireless internet connection, restaurant , 24 hour room service