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I gave this talk in Mobile Monday Delhi and Wednesday Forum in Adobe India

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Mobile Trends

  1. 1. Mobile:What’s Next! By:
  2. 2. Mobile (Basic Parts) Camera. Lens Printer ?? GPS Projector ?? Accelerator and Gyroscopes. What’s Next?
  3. 3. Camera
  4. 4. Text with print media
  5. 5. Something related! 2D barcode technology from Adobe. (Adobe Live cycle forms) Demo Adobe Acrobat Document
  6. 6. Mobile Code (Using Camera)
  7. 7. Different names for same. DataMatrix QR Code PDF417 Barcode
  8. 8. QR code usage example in Japan
  9. 9. Object Hyperlinking
  10. 10. How it works Get a mobile code on the desired object. Eg: QR-Code Generator Get it back using the mobile camera. To decipher it you need. Eg: Nokia Mobile codes
  11. 11. Popularity A recent survey of a sample population of 7600 in Japan. 90% of people (Under 20) know about them. Most of them find in Magazines, Advts and Newspapers(84%,51%,32%) Most wanted service (76%) wants to read URL’s and access them.
  12. 12. Possibilities with printers!
  13. 13. Memjet Technology
  14. 14. Mobile with a code printer
  15. 15. Lens
  16. 16. Macro Photography
  17. 17. Without lens
  18. 18. With Lens
  19. 19. GPS
  20. 20. FoxyTag,University of Geneva.
  21. 21. FoxyTag Posting virtual tags in order to warn other drivers. Tags posted by FoxyTag are directional.
  22. 22. Projectors
  23. 23. Projectors Possibility of having an inbuilt projector in your mobile device to watch movie by projecting on a white plain surface Companies actively involved are TI and Upstream Inc.
  24. 24. Sample projectors.
  25. 25. Accelerators and Gyroscopes
  26. 26. Samsung SCH-s310 Model
  27. 27. iPhone (adjusting screen when tilted)
  28. 28. What sensors can do iPhone’s accelerometer detects when you rotate the device from portrait to landscape and vice versa,so proper landscape aspect ratio. when you lift iPhone to your ear it immediately turns off the display to save power. Phone can switch off itself when it is kept facing down.
  29. 29. Questions ????? Enlighten me ☺ By Mailing at
  30. 30. References
  31. 31. Camera + Code Cameraphones Create and decode URL barcodes Nokia Mobile codes Memjet printer technology
  32. 32. Camera + Code….. Yellow_arrow Object_hyperlinking Semacode Smartpox Denso-wave
  33. 33. Camera + Code….. Business cards 2.0 QR-Code Generator Data Matrix QR Code report View on camera phone influence
  34. 34. GPS Foxytag GPS phones help people find friends
  35. 35. Projector TI movie projector in a phone Upstream Engineering DLP technology
  36. 36. Accelerators and Gyroscope Article on motion sensing in mobile
  37. 37. Others Nokia Tricks & Secrets Wave Bubble Cool patents on tagging workflows for mobile Interview: Sky Dayton, CEO of Helio - Engadget Mobile Fingerprint security in mobiles
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