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Ipp company profile

  1. 1. Company Profile & Future Development Company History Applications Segments Products by Segments Market Strategy Installations
  2. 2. Company History 2001, IPP Pump Established Joint Ventures * Two Pump Manufacturers * One Motor Manufacturer * One Foundry All operations are more than 20 years Full experience in the core business Well equipped to provide quality products * Capacity of Electric Power System - Voltage: 220V / 380V / 440V / 2200V / 3300V / 4000V / 6600V Max Power: 2500HP max * Test Capacity of Pumps : 19,875 cbm/hr ( 87,552 USGPM)
  3. 3. Company History Pump Factories Pump Testing Factory Outlook
  4. 4. Company History Foundry Factory Pump Testing Factory Outlook
  5. 5. Company History Motor Assy Factory
  6. 6. Company History 2001, Set up Joint Ventures 2002-2004, Establish Distributors in Asia Areas 2005, Start to establish Distributors in Europe/ Middle East Countries 2006, Focus on Australia, and continue to market the products in Europe/ Middle East Countries Achema Show in Frankfurt on May 06 Aquatech Show in Amsterdam on Sept 06 2007, Participate Exhibition in Dubai and Middle East Countries
  7. 7. Application Segments Water Supply Building Service Irrigation Domestic Water Supply Hot Water Circulation Industry Reverse osmosis Water Transfer Electronic Industry General Industry Chemical Process Chemical Industry Electro-Plating Process Etching Process Surface Treatment
  8. 8. Products By Segments Water Supply Deep Well Submersible Pumps: - SPS / SPC / SPX Multi Stages Pumps: - MVI / MHE In-Line Pump: - HG
  9. 9. Products By Segments Industry Multi Stages Pumps: - MVI End Suction Pumps - ISO / WXB / SSV In-Line Pumps - HG Split Case Pumps - HS Single Stage SS Pumps - ASG Deep Well Submersible Pumps: - SPC / SPX
  10. 10. Products By Segments Chemical Process Magnetic Drive Pumps - TMD Vertical Submersible Chemical Resistance Pump - BPK / CDK / CPK
  11. 11. Market Strategy Launch Products for Oversea Market Double Suction Split Case Pump Vertical Turbine Pump ASG Single Stage Stamped SS Pump In-Line Pump Deep Well Submersible Pump in Plastic Impellers Establish Channels to Market in Europe and Middle East Countries Segments Distributors – Water Supply, Industry, Chemical Process Sales Representatives responsible Marketing Functions of Sales Regions Sales Representative in Australia
  12. 12. Installations Double Suction Split Case Pump HS 450-680 Dia: 450 * 300mm Flow: 33.34 cbm/min Head: 62.3M HP: 600HP/6P Qty: 3 sets
  13. 13. Installations Double Suction Split Case Pump HS 450-680 Dia: 450 * 300mm Flow: 33.33cbm/min Head: 80M HP: 750HP/6P Qty: 2 sets
  14. 14. Installations Vertical Turbine Pump Dia: 900mm Flow: 100cbm/min Head: 59M HP: 1700HP/10P Qty: 4 Sets
  15. 15. Installations Air Conditioning Application WXA, End Suctions Pump HS, Double Suctions Split Case Pump
  16. 16. Installations Frequency Control Boosting System in Electronic Industry WXA, Single Stage End Suction Pump
  17. 17. Installations Ocean Park Vertical Turbine Pump in Sea Water Application 30HP/4P x 8 sets