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Ae company profile

  1. 1. ANAND ENTERPRISES COMPANY PROFILE Security Services solution Management Company
  2. 2. STRUCTURE OF THE COMPANY Name of the Company : ANAND ENTERPRISES Status of the Company : Enterprises Corporate Office : SHOP NO 1, EKTA HOUSING SOCIETY, NEAR YERWADA FIRE STATION, AMBEDKAR CHOWK, YERWADA, PUNE – 411 006 Contact Details : 020-6533966 MOB - 9370144515 MAIL –
  3. 3. WORKFORCE We provide Security Services to Industries of all sectors and are in this business for more than a decade We provide smartly uniformed, trained and well supervised guards who are responsible for security and safety of assets, personnel and property against losses due to theft, pilferages, intrusions and hazards such as fire. We have a team of over 500 motivated, disciplined and reliable staff, which includes high profile professionals, dedicated managers and officers working in various departments as under: • Marketing • Vigilance • Quick Reaction Team • Administration • Training
  4. 4. SALIENT FEATURES • Emphasis on recruitment as per industry standards / requirements • Intensive Training Program ( 7days ) to new appointees to meet the industry standards. • Training on safety, fire fighting & first aid • Thorough antecedent check of our staff / police verification • Emphasis on providing cost efficient and value added services. • Our management team is available 24 x 7 in case of any Emergency
  5. 5. OUR STRENGTH TRAINING, TEAMWORK, COMMUNICATION, VIGILANCE, PROMPT ACTION DURING EMERGENCY, EFFECTIVE LIAISONING, CONFLICT RESOLUTION …….. make us feel better than our competitors MODE OF OPERATION • Assessment of clients premises • Deployment and Mobilization • SOP (In consultation with client ) • Job Description • Familiarization to modern security equipments • Effective Reporting • Effective client co-operation • Investigation in case of any incidents • Statutory Compliance
  6. 6. ACHIEVEMENTS • Association of more than 2 years with more than 50% Clients • In-House and on Job Training • Fast mobilization of manpower • Effective MOB handling
  7. 7. WELFARE MEASURES • Ensuring motivation through high remuneration • All benefits disbursed timely according to government norms • Provision of free accommodation where ever required • Provisioning of free conveyance where ever required • Felicitation through award and rewards for outstanding performance • Provisioning of mobile to security personnel. • Grant of loans and advances to needy
  8. 8. ANTECEDENTS VERIFICATION • Personal verification • Address proof verification • Academic verification • Professional background check • Police verification as per Guard Board norms • Verification through references
  9. 9. TRAINING Foreword: Regular Training to security personnel is one of the prime and essential requirements. Our training to security personnel includes training of various security aspects as to impart knowledge of physical security and methods to protect property, personnel, facilities and prevent unauthorized entry, trespass, damage, sabotage, other illegal activities, criminal acts. Mentioned below are some of our training features :• PHYSICAL TRAINING Marching, saluting, and maintaining body posture and body language • PROCEDURAL PHYSICAL SECURITY Prevention and control of access, material transaction, key management, control and parking of vehicles, incident /occurrence reports, fire prevention, protection and fighting. and documentation • SAFETY Monitoring housekeeping activities, first aid, identification of hazards, safe storage of hazardous materials. Preventive measures to avoid accidents/damage to property in case of adverse situations. • TRAINING ON IT SECURITY AND ELECTRONIC MEDIA Control and access.( laptops,dvds,ipods,cameras and camera mobiles. • BOMB THREAT & PHYSICAL SECURITY Training pertaining to preventive measures to deal with BOMB THREATS and terror activities, Rumors and exterior security measures. • VIGILANCE ACTIVITIES Patrolling and reporting suspicious activities. • CONFIDENTIAL COMMUNICATION AND CALL SIGNS Use of walkie - talkie and emergency operations. • DISASTER MANAGEMENT AND EMERGENCY EVACUATION Training related to natural calamities/emergencies, accidents and actions to be taken during such disasters/emergencies. Formulation and Activities of emergency reaction team (ERT). Evacuation and Mock drill in the case of disaster management. • ON JOB TRAINING We prepare SOP in consultation with principle employer and impart OJT at Company premises. Brief knowledge of statutory compliance and welfare measures
  10. 10. M/S ANAND ENTERPRISES Assuring you of our dependable services Thank You