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Presentation on 1960s supermodel Twiggy or Lesley Hornby

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  1. 1. TWIGGY PRESENTED BY Hiral Patel Jaikumar Damodharan Kuldeep Raj Megha Panwar Rishi Kumar Sachin Pandey Reference :
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION • Real Name: Lesley Hornby • Born: 19th September 1949 in London, UK • Popular fashion model in 1960s and world’s first supermodel • Also an actress, author and singer • Married Michael Whitney, an American actor in 1977 and has a only daughter Carly Lawson • Married Leigh Lawson, a British actor, director and writer after five years of death of her first husband Reference :
  3. 3. PERSONALITY TRAITS • Body Image Twiggy had thin body (Zero figure) and big eyes which is the only reason for being called Twiggy. She looked boyishly but appealing. She fitted the androgynous style for which she is credited to bring in trends in 1960s (The Model as Muse: Embodying Fashion). • Trend Setter Her skinny figure, false eyelashes and carved jaws made her unique model from others. She took great advantage of her uniqueness and experimented with various looks of both men and women or in other words Unisex (Twiggy Biography). • Opportunist Seeing her popularity and success, she ventured into launching her own clothing line named Twiggy Dresses. Also made entry in to films and also became a singer. She managed well to cash on herself. • Other Traits Demilitarize sense of humor, titter and a little scatterbrained (Twiggy Biography). Reference
  4. 4. CAREER • Fashion Model • Actress • Singer • Author Reference :
  5. 5. TWIGGY AS A FASHION ICON • World’s first international supermodel • Modeled mostly in America, France, UK and Japan during her peak career • Appeared in various magazines such as Vogue, Tatler and Woman’s Mirror • Successor to Jean Shrimpton (TV: Camera on Twiggy; Cinema Verite Technique Helps Exploit Visit of Model Most in Vogue) • Great sense of fashion • Criticized for her unhealthy looks ('America's Next Top Model' judge Twiggy: Too thin models "terrifying") • Retired in 1970 Reference dia/twiggy-vogue-cover-1967_zps7ae3c4c4.jpg.html Reference dia/twiggy-01_zpsbd739121.jpg.html
  6. 6. • In 1971, she debuted in movie The Devil in a small role later seen in the movie The Boyfriend in lead character • Her role in the movie The Boyfriend won her two Golden Globe awards • Hosted her own television show ‘Twigs’ • Appeared in various musical albums • Her first stage show was in year 1974 named Cinderella • Judged America’s Next Top Model reality show in 2005 to 2007 (America's Next Top Model' judge Twiggy penning over-40 style guide) Reference dia/tumblr_mfrcnw5CKU1qjq9f9o1_500_zps159cda94.jpg.html TWIGGY AS AN ACTRESS/HOST/JUDGE
  7. 7. • On her Manager/boyfriend’s advice she launched a debut album ‘Beautiful Dreams’ (Twiggy Biography). • Here I Go Again song became popular • The album debuted in Top 20 and 150000 copies of album were sold earning here silver disc (Twiggy Recording). • Apart from singing, Twiggy also writes book. Her autobiography ‘Twiggy in Black and White’ written by herself in 1997 made her best selling author (Twiggy’s official website). • Twiggy’s other work include ‘Twiggy’s Guide To Looking Good’, ‘Twiggy By Twiggy’ and so many more (Twiggy’s official website). TWIGGY AS A SINGER & AUTHOR Reference
  8. 8. INFLUENCE • Twiggy mainly influenced teen-agers and other age group to imitate her • She is also credited for bringing power to fashion Industry • Her long eyelashes, skinny body and sculpted jaws were to appealing to public and people started working out to get that body • Though she was from UK but made significant influence and trend setter in America • Such was her fan following and popularity that she also enjoyed success as an actress, singer, entrepreneur and author Reference 70c-800wi_zpse3e3d654.jpg.html Reference http://
  9. 9. ACHIEVEMENTS • The Face of 1966 (Twiggy’s Official Website) • Two Golden Globes Award for New Star Of The Year – Actress and Best Actress in Musical Role • Two Silver Discs, Two Chart albums for music recording • Won Tony Awards for musical ‘Me One and Only’ • Cover Girl for Vogue and Tatler for numerous time • Has her own clothing line named Twiggy’s Dresses • Became Judge in America’s Top Model reality Show Reference
  10. 10. TWIGGY NOW • Twiggy is still active as a singer. • Recent Album – Romantically Yours • She support various campaign like Breast Cancer Research group, Anti-Fur Campaign. • She works with Marks & Spenser advertising campaign • Recently launched own line of bed linens • Has her own line of clothing in America in association with HSN shopping channel (Reference – Twiggy’s official website) Reference
  12. 12. REFERENCE • The Model as Muse: Embodying Fashion By The Metropolitan Museum of Art, May 6 to August 9, 2009 retrieved on 15th September 2013 from • Twiggy Biography By AETN UK 2005-2011 retrieved on 15th September 2013 from • TV: Camera on Twiggy; Cinema Verite Technique Helps Exploit Visit of Model Most in Vogue By JACK GOULD for The New York Times on April 28, 1967 retrieved on 16th September 2013 from • Wikipedia • America's Next Top Model' judge Twiggy penning over-40 style guide, 22nd October 2007, retrieved on 16th September 2013 from over-40-style-guide-1013418.php#OAhdId0TXw8A7ddh.99 • Twiggy Recording, retrieved on 16th September 2013 from • Twiggy’s Official Website, retrieved on 16th September 2013 from