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  • India for Business

    1. 1. Presented By: Ajinkya Abhyankar Brij Mohan Nagi Pratik Gandbhir Sachin Pandey Varun Bharadwaj Varun Patne
    2. 2. Content India, Gro Business SWOT North wth & Culture. Analysis. American Decline. Companies in India.
    3. 3. Republic of India One of the oldest civilization of the world with oldest languages Tamil, Sanskrit (Mother of other languages) & Hindi . 7th largest country in the world with 1.21 billion population as on 1st March 2011 (2nd most populous country) Hindi is official language but English is also used for official language [Article 343(3)]. 22 other recoganized languages. 74.04 % is the literacy rate. 28 states and 7 Union Territories Most English speakers in the world 3rd largest army in the world and nuclear power nationSource: India at Glance
    4. 4. Growth Vs. Decline Growth Decline • Growth in FDI [$18662.06 million USD in • Poverty [24.4% population] 2012] (Poverty and unemployment) (Table 9.12 : Sector-wise FDI flows into Industry and Infrastructure) • Corruption • Telecom Sector [World’s second largest telephone network] • Literacy rate [74.04%] (Telecommunication) (People) • Stock Market [11.62% Sensex, 11.51% Nifty] (Capital Market) Growth Decline • Power Generation 4.6% • High inflantion rate [6.62%] •Coal 5.7% (India Inflation Rate Rate) •Refinery 6.9% •Infrastructure National Highways • Slow GDP growth [4.5%] (India GDP Growth Rate) 17.3% •Steel 3.6% • Decline in world trade [3.5% •Nuclear Energy 3.6% decline] (Table 11.1 : Growth in core industries and (International Trade, Chapter 7) infrastructure services)
    5. 5. Culture Multicultural religion with 800 different languages out of which 23 are official recognized and having several world religions, including Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Jainism, Buddhism, Si khism, Zoroastrianism and Judaism. Various styles of art, architecture, literature, music and dance. It’s the land of festivals and colors. Wide variety of authentic cuisines . Family is given lot of importance. Loyalty, integrity and unity are the three pillars upon which Indian families & Indian Culture stand. Every successful business deal is followed by a traditional lunch or dinner. All these things are reflected in the Indian Hospitality, where in guests are welcomed in the hotel by performing Aarti – Tika – Garland.
    6. 6. Business Culture
    7. 7. Government & Political Pressure The government of India has allowed 100% foreign investment to bring in FDI. A business startup in India is needed to fulfill the requirements of the national government & also state government. Blackberry encryption issue- Indian Government decrypted data on Research in Motion’s networks. Mc Donalds had to alter their menu as per local policies. Eg-selling beef is not allowed in India.
    8. 8. BUSINESS METHODS: The business conducted in India is on trust and loyalty. In India the business method tend to build for long term relationships amongst partner. HUF (Hindu Undivided Family) is the common method where in the legacy of business is carried by the other member of the family. Ecommerce has seen tremendous growth in last couple of years and conglomerate companies like Tata Group, Reliance Industries have entered in ecommerce business. Management and Consulting firms are the emerging business methods and will be a common tactic in near future.
    9. 9. Technology• India successfully developed nuclear missile called ‘Brahmos’. India has successfully built supercomputers of their own and plans to build fastest super computer by 2017. (India plans fastest supercomputer by 2017) 75% of fortune 500 companies are outsourcing their IT work into India. India ranks 2nd in world, after china for the highest number of mobile subscribers in the world (Telecommunication) The IT industry has an remarkable increase with constant 30% growth every year. IT industry is responsible for contributing about $47 billion in revenue and employs more than 1.6 million people.
    10. 10. Technology used in Hospitality Industry• Use of I- Pad for Name Paging and generating reports by the Airport Department.• Use of Portable Scanner for In room Check in in case of guest using the hotel limousine.• Use of Skype for Video Check, wherein the check in is completed while the guest reaches the hotel from airport by limousine.• Using a small television in the hotel limousine which shows videos of on going hotel promotions to the guests.• Use of Sensors in room wherein the lights get switched off in the room when the guest leaves the room.
    11. 11. People RELIGION: Majority of the people are Hindus (80.5%), other being Muslims(13.5), Sikhs(3.1), Christians, Jains, Buddhist etc. Indians are very much task oriented and not time oriented. They are adaptive and able to work long hours. All these diverse communities play an important factor in the type of businesses conducted in India. Guajarati, Marwari and Punjabi communities are considered for being prime entrepreneurs. Mumbai is known as the business hub of India, where diverse people are seen conducting their businesses.
    12. 12. SWOT AnalysisStrengths  NSE is the third largest stock exchange of the world.  The contribution of IT sector  English (an international increased to 7.5 % in 2012 business language) is considered from 6.4 % in 2008. Source: The as a primary language during the Economic Times . course of studies for the current  The historic monuments and students. the natural beauties attract  Spiritual strengths – Yoga is many international tourists to considered as the prime factor the country. EG: Taj Mahal and for attracting international Beaches in Goa and Kerala. tourist in the country.  India has a name for being the  Agriculture contributes nearly world leader in outsourcing of to 19 % of the countries GDP. back office processes. Source : Source: World Bank. ("Mahindra Rise").
    13. 13. Weaknesses  Corruption is the major  Lack of Rural Development issue faced by the country. for India. The rural This is reducing the population contributes to development rate for the around 70% of the total country. population in India.  India has always  Poverty is the major witnessed a wide gap issue, the Indian economy between the rich upper is facing today. The poverty class society personnels line is standing low at RS. as compared with the 28.65 per capita daily in lower class. cities and RS. 22.42 per capita in rural areas. Source: CNN IBN Live.
    14. 14. Opportunities  Youth Power - India has a population of over 1.21 billions, where 600  Medical tourism will have an million people are under the age of increase on inflow of 25 years. international tourist by 71.87% Source: ("The Record"). over the period .(2008 – 2020)  Every year India hosts sport events Source : ("India Knowledge") like IPL, which gives immense  Many foreign investors and opportunity for every sector of global companies are country to grow internationally. foreseeing India, as a major  India is the biggest market in future investment hub in next few for upcoming concept of medical decades. Source: ("Elsevier") tourism. The number of tourists are estimated 1.3 million by 2013. Source : ("India Knowledge")
    15. 15. Threats • The greatest threat to the Indian Tourism are • The rate at which the the increasing number population is been of terrorist attacks over increasing over the the decade. decades. • India has the inflation (Rosenberg) of around 6.62% and • The increasing prices of food price inflation of the crude oil are having 17%, which is a great an negative impact on concern for the Indian the economy, resulting in economy .(India Inflation Rate ) future crisis.
    16. 16. North American Companies in IndiaHospitality Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts Fairmont Hilton Marriott McDonalds Hyatt Starbucks (Latest)Other Companies Electronics-  Banking- Motorola  Goldman Sachs  Bank of America Apple  Citi Bank Hewlett Packard  Entertainment-  Warner Bros Pictures Retail-  Fox Studios  Walt Disney- UTV & Hungama WalMart ( Expected Soon)  Discovery Channel
    17. 17. Scope in India Yes, North American Companies will survive and succeed in India. Cheap Labour In India. India has the potential market today in the world. GDP of US is expected to deteriorate by 0.8% while India’s GDP will grow by 6.6%. Blend of North American Technology & Indian Culture will lead to high quality Hospitality service. India has highest number of middle class population with high spending power.
    18. 18. Thank You Shukriya
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