Indian Air Ambulance: A Big Lifesaver


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Indian Air Ambulance is a highly dedicated, experienced and reliable air ambulance service provider. We are at your disposal, 24 hours a day, to accommodate all your air ambulance needs to the maximum level of safety, comfort and efficiency.

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Indian Air Ambulance: A Big Lifesaver

  1. 1. Indian Air Ambulance: A Big Lifesaver Indian Air Ambulance is a highly dedicated, experienced and reliable air ambulance service provider. We are at your disposal, 24 hours a day, to accommodate all your air ambulance needs to the maximum level of safety, comfort and efficiency. India provides a large fleet of fixed-wing dedicated air ambulance aircraft that are fully equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment and medical staff. Sometimes medical support fails in helping wounded people, just because the difficulties they had in retrieving the wounded people. There are lots of factors for delay in emergency service, one of which is unreachable location. At Indian Air Ambulance, we provide solution for the wounded people in the areas where, it’s not easy for road service to reach fast. Air ambulance handles urgency of limited time, demanding area, across the country. We don't have to give up because of those conditions, we are human, we create innovations, and we have primal instinct to survive and to live. It might be expensive, but life is worth it and we spare no expense in order to save lives. Ambulance is used for emergency medical endeavor, but it has tires that only match up for roads. Ambulance can't reach mountains or sea, isolated places, or the highest level of a building tower. We must have other alternative to manage such situation which is able to safe people in a swift manner. Thus we need an aircraft to deal with those problems, but with medical support in it. This particular method is called air ambulance. Usually, it covers everything we need as the injured or critically ill patient plus the family members, like bed-to-bed services, manages ground transportation, specialized medical care during transport, and other necessary things. Emergency Medical Services is slowly advancing through time. They try to develop more ways on how they can quickly respond to emergency medical situations. The ambulance started only as a transport for patients to hospitals for them to receive medical treatment. Now, patients can receive supplementary treatment while they are being carried to the hospital. Things that are certain is that an air ambulance service in India will routinely transport to and from hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities, hospices, and private residences with a highly
  2. 2. trained group that will safeguard lives by providing medical treatment services while transporting patient. The air ambulance specialist usually consists of emergency or critical care medical technicians, paramedics, flight nurses, a respiratory therapist, a surgeon, anesthetist, trauma specialist, and even a physician. It depends on the type of service provider, the vehicle used for air ambulance itself, and medical treatment requirements for the patient. All the medical staffs are required to have ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) and PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support) certifications. Government operated Air Ambulance service: Air ambulance services will be provided by government, either directly or by means of a negotiated contract with a commercial service provider, such as an aircraft charter company. Such services may focus on the transfer of critical care patients, may support ground-based EMS on scenes, or may perform a combination of these roles. In almost all cases, the government will provide guidelines for use to both hospitals and EMS systems, in order to keep operating costs under control, and may specify operating procedures in some level of detail in order to limit potential liability, but almost always takes a 'hands-off' approach to the actual running of the system, relying instead on local managers with subject matter expertise. In some jurisdictions, cost is a major consideration, and the presence of dedicated air ambulances is simply not practical. In these cases, the aircraft may be operated by another government or quasi- government agency and made available to EMS for air ambulance service when required. In Delhi, India, the helicopter that responds as an air ambulance is actually operated by the local hydroelectric utility, with the Delhi Ambulance Service or Indian Ambulance Service providing paramedics, as required. In some cases, the flight paramedic will be provided to the aircraft operator by local EMS on the needed basis. In other cases, the paramedic will staff the aircraft full-time, but will have a dual function. Air Ambulance free for Emergency service in India:
  3. 3. In many cases, local jurisdictions do not charge for air ambulance service, particularly for emergency calls. This is not, however, universally true. The cost of providing air ambulance services is considerable, and many such services, including government-run ones, charge for service. There are certain groups which, in particular, charge for service. These tend to be privately-owned companies, such as aircraft charter companies, hospitals, and some private-for-profit EMS systems. Within the Indian subcontinent, almost all air ambulance service is on a fee-for-service basis, except for those which operate by private subscription. Many jurisdictions have a mix of operation types. Fee-for-service operators are generally responsible for their own organization, but may have to meet government licensing requirements. What kind of treatments that the ambulance staffs will provide in Indian subcontinent? They offer from basic life to critical care support. The basic life is the most simple because their patient only needs minimal life support. The crew should be able to handle some illness like cardiac defibrillation, ability to control and monitor dysrhythmia, establish and maintain respiratory airways, and of course administer drugs. The medium one is advanced life support. They handle patients who suffer trauma, burns, and cardiac failure, but may suffer from a variety of other conditions. Air ambulance service or aero medical evacuation is being offered by different organizations. It may also depend on which country you are in. These organizations include military or personal models, government-funded, fee-for-service, donated by a business organization and also public donation of the different aircraft that they use. It can be a rotary wing, a fixed-wing or a huge aircraft. To provide an unmatched level of Air Ambulance Critical Care in India while assisting clients in finding the most appropriate means of transportation in accordance with their need. The number one goal is to ensure the overall satisfaction of patients and their loved ones. The pilots and medics are on-call 24 hours a day. For all urgent inquiries call the 24 hour response team. Crew members are regularly trained and updated on current treatment modalities, medications, and procedures. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional patient care. For more information on air ambulance service in India, please
  4. 4. visit us at: or send your queries at or contact at +91-9579034641.