Air Ambulance India specializes in Patient Transport


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India has teams of in house aviation and travel experts who will make the arrangements necessary to deal with any medical or security request requiring ground or Air Ambulance transportation.

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Air Ambulance India specializes in Patient Transport

  1. 1. Air Ambulance India specializes in Patient Transport India has teams of in house aviation and travel experts who will make the arrangements necessary to deal with any medical or security request requiring ground or Air Ambulance transportation. With their industry knowledge, established contacts and logistical expertise, our teams can quickly organize a variety of services. We can secure wide bodied aircrafts to respond to mass casualty situations and large scale security evacuations. Where we need to enhance our capability to evacuate critical medical cases, India has invested in a fleet of International SOS air ambulances that function as intensive care units in the sky. These can be immediately deployed and have adult to neonatal and pediatric capability in India. The reason why air ambulance in India is so vital is as follows. If a person is on vacation in Mexico and has a medical emergency such as a heart attack, kidney failure, third degree burns, a spinal fracture etc... He requires immediate attention and the best doctors or surgeons to perform an operation. This is just one example of where the services of an air ambulance would be essential, to transport the patient immediately to trusted professionals. Another example of where an air ambulance is used and needed by hospitals is in the case of an organ transplant. For example, a person in New York needs a liver transplant and the only suitable donor is in San Francisco, the hospital needs the organ to be transported within 24 hours. In this case they would have an air ambulance pick up the liver from San Francisco and deliver it to New York within the allotted time frame. The trip is too far for a helicopter; therefore a jet is the only way to transport it. An air ambulance in India is essential for any medical facilities, since a medical emergency can arrive sporadically. If you have this service, you will be ready and well equipped to handle the emergency and very likely save a life. Make sure that your hospital or nursing home provides this service and will always be ready to save lives. Use of air ambulance in Military:
  2. 2. As with many innovations in Emergency Medical Service (EMS), the concept of transporting the injured by aircraft has its origins in the military and the concept of using aircrafts as ambulances is almost as old as powered flight itself. Air medical transport first occurred in 1870 during the Siege of Paris when 150 wounded French soldiers were transported by hot air balloons to France. During the First World War Air Ambulances were tested by various military organizations. Aircrafts were still primitive at that time, with limited capabilities and the efforts received mixed reviews. The exploration of the idea continued, however and by 1936, an organized military air ambulance service was evacuating the wounded from the Spanish Civil War for medical treatment in Nazi Germany. The US military has recently employed UH 60 Black Hawk helicopters to provide air ambulance services during the Iraq War to both civilians and military personnel. The use of military aircrafts as battlefield ambulances continues to grow and develop today in a variety of countries, as does the use of fixed wing aircrafts for long distance travel, including repatriation of the wounded. Things that are certain is that an Air Ambulance service will routinely transport to and from hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities, hospices and private residences with a highly trained group that will safeguard lives by providing medical treatment services while transporting the patients. The air ambulance specialist usually consists of emergency or critical care medical technicians, paramedics, flight nurses, a respiratory therapist, a surgeon, anesthetist, trauma specialist and even a physician. It depends on the type of service provider, the vehicle used for air ambulance itself and medical treatment requirements of the patient. All the medical staffs are required to have ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) and PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support) certifications. Organization: Air ambulance service, sometimes called aero medical Evacuation or simply Mede vac, is provided by a variety of different sources in different places in India and the world. There are a number of reasonable methods of differentiating types of air ambulance services. These include military/civilian models and services that are government funded, fees for services, donated by business enterprises or funded by public donations. It may also be reasonable
  3. 3. to differentiate between dedicated aircrafts and those with multiple purposes and roles. Finally, it is reasonable to differentiate by the type of aircraft used, including rotary wing, fixed wing or very large aircrafts. It should also be noted that this information applies to air ambulance systems performing emergency services. In almost all jurisdictions, private aircraft charter companies provide non emergency air ambulance service on fees for services basis. Government operated air ambulance in India: In some cases, air ambulance services will be provided by governments, either directly or by means of a negotiated contract with a commercial service provider, such as an aircraft charter company. Such services may focus on the transfer of critical care patients, may support ground based EMS on scenes or may perform a combination of these roles. In almost all cases, the government will provide guidelines for use to both hospitals and EMS systems in India, in order to keep operating costs under controls and may specify operating procedures in some level of details in order to limit potential liabilities, but almost always takes a 'hands off' approach to the actual running of the system, relying instead on local managers with subject matter (physicians and aviation executives) expertise. An air ambulance is the same idea as an ambulance truck; the only difference is that one drives and one flies. Another term in India that's also used to describe an air ambulance is Mede vac. An air ambulance has all the required tools and machines for a medical patient in order to transfer them safely to a hospital. The air ambulance jets are all equipped for advanced life support with ventilators, medications, CPR equipments, an ECG, stretchers and all the necessary medical supplies. There is no loss to the hospital or any medical facility that uses air ambulance (Government use, Nursing homes, assisted living etc...) in India because they are only charged a fee when they actually use it. For instance, if anyone has this service there will be an air ambulance waiting for them until they call in an emergency. There is no charge for having the air ambulance waiting around for possible use. To learn more about the Air Ambulance service in India, please
  4. 4. log on to: or send your queries to or contact at +91-9579034641