Specification And Price List For Portable Oxygen Bar

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  • 1. GuangZhou YiFang Trading Co., Ltd. Address: Room 206, Wuhua Mansion, No. 62, Keyun Road, Tianhe Area, Guangzhou, China TEL: 86-20-8569 9406 FAX: 86-20-85575086 http://yifangparty.en.alibaba.com http://yfnovelty.en.alibaba.com MSN:sunnyshinemay@hotmail.com Yahoo Messenger: yfparty Skype:may.wongcn E-mail: yfparty@yfparty168.cn sunnyshinemay@vip.163.com Specification for portable oxygen bar Portable oxygen-bar is also called "portable canned oxygen," "small oxygen tank,"which iscomposed by aerosol cans, breathing masks, flavor components and other parts,contented of pureoxygen and have a variety of fruit-flavor. Hgh oxygen content, small in size, easy to carry,easy-to-use,it is a new type of green health supplies.Apply to: sports, mental overdrafts,high-pressure work, leisure tourism, and other areas. Rapidly easing fatigue, refreshing andclear-headed, improve work efficiency and learning effectiveness! It is the good partner of athletes,white-collar workers, students, drivers and outdoor sports .main uses and application1、Mental overdraft: Student learning tension or the use of examinations, to prevent dizziness andvomiting, asthma symptoms, mental burnout to keep a clear head and focused, agile thinking,enhance memory power.2、High-pressure work:: White-collar work under high pressure in a long time, the regular use ofmitigation nervous, feeling depressed condition, and to maintain strong energy.3、 Sports: For physical training or competition, the elimination of shortness of breath, asthmasymptoms and restore strength.4、Long drive: Driving long time breath oxygen in addition to your fatigue Dayton, refreshed to ensureroad safety.5、Dirty air: The serious air pollution or in the office, bedroom, workshop premises block air circulationsluggish, poor air quality, regularly smoke oxygen, to clean up the respiratory tract, lung replacementof harmful gases, to ensure good health.6、Leisure travel: Use in Karaoke Diskin, Disco dance halls, Internet cafes, bars, sauna centers, andother places , anytime and anywhere to enjoy the fresh air; can be used after excessive alcohol andtobacco to sober minded, effect to dealcoholic, can also be used in tourism to reduce fatigue andsober-minded. Page 1 of 4
  • 2. GuangZhou YiFang Trading Co., Ltd.Note: You won’t have else feeling (effect) under natural breathing.Price(FOB shanghai)of Portable Oxygen Bar TYPE ORDER QTY 4500ml 8000ml DELIVERY1000CANS (MOQ) 2.45usd/CAN 2.65usd/CAN 30days 2000CANS 2.40usd/CAN 2.55usd/CAN 30days 3000CANS 2.35usd/CAN 2.45usd/CAN 30days 5000 CANS 2.05usd/CAN 2.25usd/CAN 30days 10,000 CANS 1.78usd/CAN 1.98usd/CAN 30days 20,000 CANS 1.68usd/CAN 1.84usd/CAN 30daysNote:1. Terms of payment: 30% deposit by T/T before massive production, the balance will be paid against the copy of bill of lading.2. Delivery time: from 7 to 50 days.3. Your company name (logo, etc.) can be printed on the can if the order is over 10,000 cans.Product description (for 4500ml):2. 1.Portable oxygen bar3. Application temperature: -25 to 55 degrees; Pressure: 1.0MPA;4. Use time: 35 times (2 second/time); Flavor: natural fruit;5. Content: oxygen purity 90-95%Model (Flavor): there are several different models, it can be with mint, or can be with grapefruit, or can be withmint mixed grapefruit, or can be without any smell. Page 2 of 4
  • 3. GuangZhou YiFang Trading Co., Ltd.Method to use:There is a breath mask for per can. First, you open the lid (it is mask in fact) of the can, then youconnect the venthole with the mask, and you press the switch. When you breath, you can press theswitch, that is..Storage time:In normal temperature, it will be more than 2 years if the oxygen is without the flavor (the flavor isbelow the mask). It will be more than 1 year if the oxygen is mixed with flavor.Certification: ISO 9001:2000 certification and certification of good manufacturing practices for pharmaceuticalproducts peoples republic of China (GMP)Packaging: one item product(can ,breath mask,flavor packet… ). TYPE 4500ML 8000ML QTY/CTN 24PCS/CTN 25PCS/CTN CARTON SIZE 0.47*0.32*0.23CM 0.39*0.39*31.5CM GW/NW GW:3.6KG;NW:2.4KG GW:4.5KG;NW:3.3KGCartons for container:usually one 20”FCL contain 21,000cans for 4500ml products;one 40”FCL contain 28,000cans for8000ml productsAbout OEM :We accept OEM production. For less quantity (MOQ: 1000 cans) , we can make a stick according toyour requirement ( for example: France writing, English writing, Germany writing, etc.), then use thestick to cover our design (Chinese writing). The plus cost will be US$0.28 piece. As we need to makestick first, also need to pay worker to stick it.For large order (over 10,000 cans), we will print your logo (company name, etc.) freely on the bottledirectly according to your requirement.For flavor, we can make different flavors according to your requirement.About Sample :1. For the customer who have a well- know about the portable oxygen bottle, we suggest to order 2 Page 3 of 4
  • 4. GuangZhou YiFang Trading Co., Ltd.bottles in different flavor to study it. As the air shipment fee is expensive.2. The sample fee for 2 bottles is US$45 including air courier shipment fee. The cost US$45 will bereturned after we have the order.3. The sample fee for one carton (24cans, 4500ml) is US$222 including air courier shipment fee ( samplefee is $72, shipment fee is $150).4. The sample fee for one carton (24cans, 8000ml) is US$278 including air courier shipment fee ( samplefee is $75, shipment fee is $203).5. The sample fee for 4 cantons (96 cans, 4500ml) is US$812, including EMS express shipping. However,the half of the cost for 96 cans ($406) will be returned in the future if we can have your order over 5000cans within one year. And the total sum for 96 cans ($812) will be returned in the future if we can haveyour order over 10, 000 cans within one year. Page 4 of 4