WATG Website & Social Media Tools Review June 2012

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Brooks & Bolt Communications' review of Destination Design Firm WATG's website and social media presence in June 2012. Includes SWOT and Recommendations.

Brooks & Bolt Communications' review of Destination Design Firm WATG's website and social media presence in June 2012. Includes SWOT and Recommendations.

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  • 1. Website &Social Media Review Presented by:
  • 2. Assessment of Channels Reviewed from 3 perspectives: Industry professional. Non-American / marketing perspective. SWOT Analysis.
  • 3. The ArchitectFirst impressions:• Sensational design, very impressive look, good design experience, appears world class organization.Digging deeper:• Communicates resort destination and big hotels in layout, messaging, images, throughout.• Credibility not built in reader’s mind for other disciplines.• Too many big projects “crowd pleasers” prominently listed in portfolio.• Site lacks personality in key developmental areas.• Didn’t feel navigation was intuitive enough in places.
  • 4. The European• Culture section communicates strong American identity.• Language used could be more international throughout.• Lacks personality – no humans immediately apparent.• Awards have no specific area on site.• Mismatches between quality of content presented and the professional look of the website.• Corporate Social Responsibility message lacking (big in Europe)
  • 5. SWOT Analysis - Highlights WATG.com Social MediaStrengths Average 4 -5 pgs browsed/visit; Twitter 2-way engagement; Good Good SEO; Impactful images. use of different content. Presence Consistent Branding. Up-to-date. on all 3 major Web 2.0 platforms.Weaknesses Portfolio search options confuse; Sporadic activity; Web 2.0 tools are lacks a human face; mixed 2-way – Facebook lacks audience messages, some content engagement; YouTube channel presented mismatches brand. needs focus and more content.Opportunities More downloadable content; tie- Interoperability between different ins between different parts of a channels; more frequent posts on integrated campaign; site all platforms; exploit Internal structure review; refreshed front communications opportunity; more page; refocused messaging. us of YouTube video content.Threats Future SEO algorithms; Budget Low risk of reputation attack – allocation versus ROI. advise monitoring.
  • 6. Next St eps
  • 7. Next steps Understand target audiences’ perceptions and levers. • Option 1: Full brand image review - Harrison:Fraser. • Option 2: Corporate image audit – Brooks & Bolt Communications. Reinvigorate on-line brand. • Refresh website layout. • Integrate interactivity. • Build trust in non-traditional target niches. • More out-of-the-box thinking – make more of concepts, edgier projects, partnerships. WATG.com needs to complement standalone Wimberly Interiors sub-brand website (but not imitate.) Future planning: 70th Anniversary in 2015.
  • 8. Give Us Marketing Challenges… We’ll Find Alexandra BrooksBrooks & Bolt Communications Solutions. +1 949-727-4016 contact@cannypr.comwww.linkedin.com/in/cannypr Twitter: @cannypr