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Data Sheet Ebs Ghg Accounting Software

  1. 1. GHG ACCOUNTING SOFTWARE DATA SHEET GHG Accounting Software for E-Business Suite FEATURES Executive Summary Capture and report data at both the facility and Ndevr’s GHG Accounting Software for E-Business Suite enables asset level. companies to capture all their environmental data within their existing Capture and report data E-Business Suite infrastructure and facilitates emissions reporting for relating to scope 1, 2, and 3 both voluntary and legislated emissions reporting schemes. emissions separately or in any combination. GHG Accounting Software for E-Business Suite is implemented as a Automatically determine the custom module within E-Business Suite enabling environmental data to correct transformation factors. be captured either manually or electronically. Captured usage data is Flexible reporting structures. then converted via current emissions transformation factors into a CO2e Report individual emission equivalent. Reporting for both internal and external purposes is types separately. facilitated by Oracle’s Business Intelligence Standard Edition One or Enterprise Edition. Store date related emissions factors for recalculation usage. Designed for companies with complex operations, and multiple sources Easily change and update emissions factors. of emissions, the GHG Accounting Software module for E-Business Suite enables up to date, accurate, auditable, globally compliant emissions Incorporate targets for different emission types. reporting without any duplication of data, outsourcing, or the double handling of invoices. Maintain data security, as well as accuracy and transparency. Maintain data integrity. Maintain your system integrity. The Challenge Facing Companies That Need To Report Emissions Around the world, companies are facing increasing legislation around the way they manage their businesses, and the impact of their operations on the environment. Green House Gas (GHG), and related legislation, encompasses such things as the recycling of product packaging in Germany, GHG content of products sold in the EU through to complex CO2e data reporting to the Department of Climate Change in Australia. Corporations are also watching global developments around the introduction of Emissions Trading Schemes and trying to gauge the impact it will have on their business when such schemes become mandated in the countries within which they operate. Many companies, from the leadership team and shareholders, down to front line employees, have a genuine desire to ensure that their corporation is acting in a responsible and ethical manner when it comes to their treatment of the environment, the resources they consume during production processes, and ethically managing, and reducing, the waste they generate from their day to day operations. Ndevr Pty Ltd Suite 6, Level 3, 499 St Kilda Rd Melbourne, VIC 3004 Australia +613 9865 1400 Ndevr Pty Ltd © 2009
  2. 2. GHG ACCOUNTING DATA SHEET SOFTWARE GHG Accounting Software for E-Business Suite For the teams of employees attempting to manage the environmental data associated BENEFITS with a companies operations, the task is formidable. In order to participate in recognized Global Environmental global voluntary reporting schemes, companies must undergo extensive and expensive Reporting Compliance data audits, maintain a ledger of over 200 up-to-date emissions factors that will be updated frequently, as well as being able to compare figures on an annual basis. Rapid Production of Include the additional effort for record keeping, data security, and audit-ability Environmental Reports for requirements associated with legislated and mandated reporting schemes and this Internal and External Use becomes potentially a long and expensive process. Reduced Environmental In addition, due to the bottom line benefits a company has in adopting leaner greener Data Management and practices, there is also a desire for companies to track the emissions that may be Reduced Auditing Costs generated by an individual asset, such as a truck, or to track such information as water Increased Visibility and consumption, or the amount of landfill waste generated. When armed with factual data, Reporting of Emissions companies can work towards goals associated with reducing operational costs or Across the Enterprise encourage behavioural changes in employees. If this data is not being accurately captured in the first instance, then how can a company expect to benchmark and Reductions in CO2e and measure their improvements going forwards? Operational Cost Reductions Ndevr’s GHG Accounting Software empowers a company to confidently capture all the data from emissions sources across their entire business operations without fear of over or under reporting, while maintaining data integrity. Benefits of Ndevr’s GHG Accounting Software For a corporation facing the challenges associated with managing their environmental data, the benefits of using GHG Accounting Software include: Global Environmental Reporting Compliance - GHG Accounting Software was originally designed to meet the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard, which provides the framework and reporting principles for most voluntary and legislated environmental reporting programs around the world. Rapid Production of Environmental Reports for Internal and External Use - Utilizing the Business Intelligence tools, Intelligence reports covering emissions summaries and trends can be generated at the touch of a button. Business Intelligence reports are also fully customizable. Reduced Environmental Data Management and Audit Costs - The cost of outsourcing the collation, conversion, and reporting of corporate environmental data into usable formats sourced from across a medium sized organization - using external consultants is significant, and ongoing. Once implemented the software manages this function from within your existing ERP, providing rapid ROI - with Oracle Business Intelligence providing immediate insight into your corporate environmental data. Ndevr Pty Ltd +613 9865 1400 Ndevr Pty Ltd © 2009
  3. 3. DATA SHEET GHG ACCOUNTING SOFTWARE GHG Accounting Software for E-Business Suite Increased Visibility and Reporting of Emissions Across the Enterprise - GHG Accounting Software captures and matches the raw transactions from invoices, purchase orders, smart meters, inventory systems, fleet management systems or from any other sources that capture the transactions. Data is then able to be tracked and matched against relevant invoices, purchase orders, projects and project sites - even identifying and recording emissions from sub-contractor activities. Reductions in CO2e and Operational Cost Reductions - GHG Accounting Software enables you to set a benchmark reporting date, and then track emissions against a future target. By setting targets a company is also able to reduce costs associated with energy or water consumption, and track waste against a target to facilitate reductions. Features of Ndevr’s GHG Accounting Software By implementing Ndevr’s GHG Accounting Software to capture, convert, manage and report on environmental data, companies will be able to: Capture and report data at both the facility and asset level - A corporation may be operating several facilities in multiple locations that either consume energy or produce greenhouse gas emissions, and wish to view data relating to a single facility or a group of facilities. Similarly the emissions data relating to fuel consumption that is associated with a particular asset, such as a truck being operated by two drivers with different driving habits, or because the fuel for that asset was purchased in different states. Capture and report data relating to scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions separately or in any combination - Corporations may wish to manage and report on environmental data relating to a specific project that incorporates scope 1 emissions produced by a facility, scope 2 emissions produced by sub-contractors who come under the Corporation’s operational control, and scope 3 emissions relating to flights taken by staff on the project. Automatically determine the correct transformation factors - Record transactions once and automatically determine the correct emission transformation factors for complex items, such as transport requirements relating to Euro I, Euro III, and Euro IV engine types. Flexible reporting structures - Capture and report data by separate facilities, combined facilities, by legal structure, or by management structure. Report individual emissions types separately - reporting is able to be displayed as CO2 equivalents, or as one of the 6 greenhouse gases. Reporting can also display the data as it relates to the transaction - for example liters of fuel, or Mega Watt Hours of electricity. Ndevr Pty Ltd +613 9865 1400 Ndevr Pty Ltd © 2009
  4. 4. GHG ACCOUNTING SOFTWARE DATA SHEET GHG ACCOUNTING SOFTWARE GHG Accounting Software for E-Business Suite Store date related emission factors for recalculation usage - Emission factors will change over time, as technology improves, and our methods of extracting energy from fuel become more efficient - however the emissions that are current today may need to be reported on in the future or scrutinised historically. Also - entering historical data may require the application of historical conversion factors. Easily change and update emission factors - Emission factors will be continuously updated due to advances in fuel efficiency and energy production. While Ndevr will update emission factors as part of each new version release, a corporation may wish to apply custom conversion factors, or update conversion factors in between product release dates. Incorporate targets for different emission types - for a Corporation wishing to reduce their emissions, it is vital that they begin by benchmarking their current emissions prior to setting reduction targets - then it is possible to establish how a target will be reached. Maintain data security, as well as accuracy and transparency – The requirements of all legislated and voluntary reporting schemes around the world call for data to be secure, accurate and transparent in accordance with world-wide accounting principles. Maintain data integrity - The requirements for carbon neutrality in the future will mean a corporation will either be required to purchase offsets in an exchange environment, or sell credits. Once Emissions Trading Schemes are the norm, and carbon or CO2e is commoditized, then it is essential that a corporation has an accurate and reliable understanding of their assets and liabilities. As with financial data, a spreadsheet system is simply not robust or secure enough to manage this volume of data to the required standards. Maintain your system integrity - GHG Accounting Software has been developed using the Oracle framework – ensuring your E-Business system is intact – and providing a single source of the truth for both your corporate financials as well as your environmental footprint. Contact Us For more information or to organize a demonstration of GHG Accounting Software for your company, please contact or ring +613 9865 1400. Ndevr Pty Ltd +613 9865 1400 Ndevr Pty Ltd © 2009