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A Select Few is a head hunting recruitment company specialising in the search and acquisition of quality sales talent for telecommunications, technology and media companies in the UK

A Select Few is a head hunting recruitment company specialising in the search and acquisition of quality sales talent for telecommunications, technology and media companies in the UK



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Are You Ready Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Will you achieve this year’s Sales Target?
  • 2. Are you ready? 2012 will be a challenging year. Gaining traction in a highly competitive market demands the right product/service, coupled with an aggressive sales strategy, supported by the right sales people. But we don’t have to tell you this. You know what you need to achieve this year’s sales target.
  • 3. But will everyone in your sales team deliver?It’s the perennial problem sales team leadersface, who will perform and who willundermine your success?Who will be retained and who will you have toreplace and let go?And if you are increasing your team, how canyou ensure that you recruit only the best ofthe best?
  • 4. A Select Few A Select Few is a boutique style recruitment company – we specialise in head hunting the best sales talent for your industry.
  • 5. Click through the next few pages and wewill show you how….
  • 6. Just another Recruitment Company? A Select Few are head hunters. We will provide you with tailored recruitment solution to meet your specific needs. Whether you are: • Looking for speed to replace or increase sales staff, • To find top sales management talent, • Or to ensure your channel partners maintain the best sales teams to represent your services. We work on a No Placement – No Fee basis, but with a difference…
  • 7. A Select Few Typical Recruitment AgencyQualitative [We target only the best] Quantitative [The numbers game]Work with you to create candidate Receive a Job Specification from the Clientbenchmark criteria and job specificationWe create a candidate universe Carry out a 4 – 6 keyword search on thetargeting the best sales talent in your online jobsitesindustry and of your competitorsWe directly contact target candidates Researcher contacts 12 likely candidates, requests current ResumeWe meet with candidates and interview Shortlist of 5 candidates – not interviewedthem face-to-faceA shortlist of candidate is presented to This often results in sending unseenyou together with a comprehensive candidates to a client for interview withbrief on each individual, their fit against rarely any chance of a successful outcomethe benchmark, their expectations, and for both the candidate or the objectives – You interview onlythose candidates who are the best ofthe best.
  • 8. Our Methodology We provide one of the most detailed and thorough methodologies for sales talent in your industry, allowing you to make a sound hiring decision. Qualitative not Quantitative Our competency based search, selection and interviewing process is not reliant upon simply collecting and sorting CVs. It is specifically geared around an agreed benchmarked criteria based on your specific business needs and proactively head-hunting the best sales talent in the market on a person- to-person basis
  • 9. 21 days……From initial brief to shortlist 0 – 7 days 7 – 14 days 14 – 21 daysClient Briefing Benchmark Ideal Candidate Due DiligenceOur Proposal Review & Agree Benchmark Short List Submittal to ClientJob Specification Long List Candidates Shortlist Review with ClientDefine Search Universe Interviews & Assessment Client Interviews ShortlistResearch & Market Analysis Shortlist Selection Final Candidate Selection
  • 10. Finding the right candidate How do we find the right candidate for you? We do not advertise in online job sites, nor do we search the data contained in 1 them. Trying to find an exact fit for a job requirement this way is an unfocused, time consuming and often unrewarding process. We start by working with you to specify exactly who you are 2 looking for. We do this creating a candidate benchmark criteria. This set out the values that a candidate must aspire to in order to be identified and considered. There is no point in collecting minnows when all you want is a gold fish!
  • 11. We then create a candidate universe – this means we draft out3 exactly where we could find someone that meets the calibre you require. This could be people who work at your competitors or other respected companies. 4 From this universe we compile a list of sales talent. 5 We make personal contact, to determine who would jump at your opportunity.
  • 12. Finding the right candidate 6 We short list a number of candidates and through a face-to-face competency interview we select a short list of best-fit candidates . 7 Where it is possible, we can provide a comprehensive reference check to verify that the information that they have given is correct. We can gain proof of earnings and a carry out a background check of qualifications.
  • 13. 8 We then offer you a short list of candidates who represent the best-of-the-best. 9 If you require us to assist you with the final interviews, we will.10 When a candidate is chosen we will keep in touch with both you, the client, and the candidate, to ensure everything runs smoothly.
  • 14. Our StrengthsWe have already got our feet wet as topperformers in sales. Here is our own personalsales track record:• Managed the UKs top automotive advertising accounts for the largest UK Advertising & Marketing Agency• Managed the Army & Reserves recruitment campaigns for over 15 years• Founded the first telecommunications carrier service at C&W• Founded the 1st UK telecommunications indirect sales channel• Founded the telecommunications division for NTL [later Virgin Media]• Account Managed the build of Vodafones national fibre network - revenue £32m p.a.• Built numerous sales channels for hosting, broadband, mobile, VoIP and app. services• Delivered a mirror data centre for one of the UKs largest Banks• Acquired 6,000 new users per day for a mobile VoIP App.• Sold VPNs into a major UK Supermarket brand• Sold Mitel, Avaya, Panasonic PBX systems to large enterprises
  • 15. We recruit C level, management and specialist sales professionals for: • Mobile [Voice & Data] • Control Systems • Mobile [Applications] • PBX Systems • Wireless • Software • VoIP • Cellular • Social Media • Network [Access & Transmission] • Open Source Technology • Multi-Media • Network Infrastructure • Computing • Television • VPN • Mobility Solutions • Marketing • Cloud Services • Nanotechnology • Digital Media • Ethernet • Wi-Max • Gaming • Internet • Mobile Phones • Billing • Computers & Tablets • Conferencing • Servers & Routers • NGN • Broadcast • Hosting • Security • Unified Communications • RFID • CCTV • Machine-to-Machine
  • 16. A value-add for your ChannelIncrease the productivity and potential of distribution channel partners Recruiting Channel Partners is the easy bit – ensuring that they are productive is the challenge! If you operate partner or distribution channels A Select Few offers a channel support service which is totally targeted to increase the productivity from indirect sales.
  • 17. Working with your Channel Management team we will create benchmark criteria for sales talent that reflects the"must-have" qualities, knowledge and performance track record required to represent and sell your products andservices in the channel.A Select Few will work directly with your Channel Partner on a No Placement - No Fee basis to proactively searchand acquire sales talent to best fit the agreed criteria and the specific role.The Benefits:• The benefit to you is that your partner channel becomes populated with sales talent who will increase growth and productivity and this service cost you nothing!• The benefit to your channel partner is that they gain a professional head hunter recruitment service that will ensure they hire the best candidate to sell your services, and they only pay a 15% fee. Everyone wins!
  • 18. Market Mapping Market Mapping can be a valuable component for your strategic planning Essentially, it is the process whereby a company can create a deep understanding of the standard and capability of sales talent within a sector or industry pertinent to their products or services. This affords you with an identified pool of sales talent that can be accessed in the future when you have a recruitment requirement. It can be part of a progressive company’s forward planning particularly if your company is in its growth phase.
  • 19. It makes sense – you no doubtplan for most elements of yourbusiness – why not plan forsales?
  • 20. Q&A Q. How effective is Head Hunting? A. We employ the same skills as any quality sales person, we plan, we prepare, we prospect, qualify, inform, enable and close. We always ensure a win-win outcome for both the client and the candidate. When compared with a generalist Recruitment Agency we are 100% more effective in delivering the right person for the job. Head hunting is targeted, personal and results orientated. We don’t commoditise, we add true value to both parties. Q. Is your Fee negotiable? A. The majority of Head Hunters will charge a fee of 25% for deploying a comparable methodology. Our regular fee is 20%, however our prime objective is to build a long-term relationship with your company as a preferred supplier. To enable this we are happy to set our fee as low as 15% Q. Nationwide? A. Although we are based in Mayfair, London we operate Nationwide and are happy to travel to meet both the client and selected candidates.
  • 21. Q. When do we pay your fee?A. Our fee and any expenses incurred becomes payable 30 days after the date the Candidate is offered a position with your company.Q. What happens if the candidate changes their mind?A. A Select Few guarantees that if the candidate hired by you leaves within three months of the start date, or fails to start, for any reason (other than being let go, being made redundant, or the client company goes into liquidation) we will undertake to provide a suitable replacement candidate within one month free of charge. of their departure by The ClientQ. If we engaged A Select Few for our recruitment needs would you recruitcandidates for our worldwide offices?A. A Select Few has a network of associate Head Hunting partners and have recently sourced sales talent for the Asia/Pacific region. Although our service is orientated to the United Kingdom we could provide a worldwide service subject to a negotiated fee. of their departure by The Client
  • 22. What’s the cost? We provide exceptionally good value
  • 23. Our Fees: No Placement – No FeeRecruiting Sales Talent for your company: 15% of Basic Salary[Regardless of role status]Recruiting Sales Talent for a Channel Partner:The Service Provider [You]: No FeeNo recruitment costs are incurredThe Channel Partner: 15% of Basic Salary[Regardless of role status]Expenses:Expenses such as travel, room hire and accommodation will be charged at cost tothe company/channel partner as and when incurred
  • 24. A Select Few If you have an immediate need for the recruitment of sales talent either for your team, or your channel partners contact me to arrange a meeting. Please retain my business card for your future recruitment requirements:
  • 25. Specialists in the search &acquisition of sales talent foryour industry
  • 26. A Select Few Stuart A. Burns A Select Few Suite 4b, 43 Berkeley Square, Mayfair, London W1J 5FJ England Tel: 02 07 60 50 48 Mobile: 07720 850 858 Email: Website: A Select Few, a Division of MM-ST Limited - A company registered in England & Wales. Registration Number: 07322233 Registered Office: 20 Birmingham Road, Walsall, West Midlands WS1 2LT England. VAT Registration Number: 119 2095 23