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My sweet mom My sweet mom Presentation Transcript

  • Welcome back to The Mother and DaughterShow……. So today’s mother and daughter arePreeti the MOM and Harsha the DAUGHTER.Preeti is the winner of the WORLD’S BEST MOMCOMPETITION. She had got tons of cups andcertificates. Do you want to have a look at them? Ok, you can…..
  • Those kitties are so cute!!! Preeti’s daughter Harshaloves her mother very much. She every time makes giftand greeting cards for her, on special occasion. Preetitoo loves her daughter very much. Do you want to see some photos of Preeti andHarsha together? See them, but please don’tlaugh……….
  • Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha……Oh, sorry, sorry. Thosephotos are so funny…… But I was wondering how is Harsha andPreeti looking very different in these photos.What!!!! Somebody had changed the photos.Yeah now I have the real photos, I will show youthem.
  • Harsha and Preeti look very nice and cute inthese pics, right? Do you know what? Harsha saysthat her mom has not only got the title WORLD’SBEST MOM, because she is a mom, she has got itbecause she has the talent to be the best mom. Inthe next page you will find how Harsha loves Preeti
  • M = for the MILLION things she gave me,O = for being an OUTSTANDING mother,T = for TEACHING me how to be good,H = for her HEART of purest gold,E = for her EYES with love-light shining,R = for she is always RIGHT, and always be.
  • So Harsha, why do you say that your mom And you asked why…… You knowis very precious for you? That moms scold their children. But‘Umm….. As you know that for a they scold them because they wantchild there is nothing more their children to be good and understandprecious than a mother. Even if their mistake. And this is really what momanybody asks me to exchange does. And that’s the firstmom with dozens of diamonds, reason. There are stillwouldn’t give away mom.’ many reasons why I love‘Do you really think that mom.Preeti deserves to be theBest Mom? And why?’‘Of course, momsurely deserves toBecome the Best Mom.
  • What !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My Fairy God Mother is not evenhappy after I did all this!!!! Oh….. You want me tosay that even louder? Ok then……………