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News articles featuring Sabrosa Foods Inc.

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Sabrosa In The News

  1. 1. November 2009 Duane Thompson's passion for salsa sparked in the mid-1990's after having a tough day. After the college football team he played for had a particularly awful game, Duane returned to his dorm room exhausted only to find that his friends had raided his fridge, including the bag of garden fresh vegetables his grandmother had delivered to him that morn- ing. With the few vegetables and half a bag of tortilla chips he had left, Duane created his earliest version of Sabrosa salsa. Realizing that the snack he just created left him satieated without any of the stomach trou- bles he experienced from other salsas, he made it his mission to tweak his recipe in search for the perfect salsa. By 2000, demand for his homemade salsa had grown so high that he decided to quit making the salsa altogether so he could figure out how to bring it to market while maintaining his standard of local, wholesome ingredients. In 2006, he founded Sabrosa (Spanish for "tasty") Foods Inc and began manufacturing his salsas in a co-packing plant in Virginia Beach. The primary ingredient in his salsas are bell peppers instead of a tomato base common in many salsas, making his salsas a better option for heartburn sufferers. The naturally balanced pH makes Sabrosa salsas shelf stable for up to two years without the use of artificial preserva- tives. All of the produce in his salsas are fresh from local sources: "If you don't continue to harvest the farms around here, they'll go away," he says. "If you're buying local, you're grow- ing your own community." We couldn't agree more. Duane sent us a few jars of his Medium Salsa. We dipped, cooked, and topped all sorts of dishes with it and en- joyed every bite. The unique flavor adds a powerful salsa punch without high levels of heat. We were adding this tasty condiment to anything we could think of, and it took us just days to clean out our jar. In fact, the only thing we'd change about Sabrosa Foods Inc. Gourmet Roast Bell Pepper Cooking Salsa is to double the size of the jar! Sabrosa Foods Inc.'s mission is to produce healthy, flavorful, all-natural gourmet condiments which seems to be no problem for Duane. His simple-but-powerful recipe is bound to please anyone who likes salsa, including those people with acid reflux or heartburn troubles. Duane, we're happy to give Sabrosa Foods Inc. Gourmet Roast Bell Pepper Cooking Salsa the Naturally Savvy Seal of Approval. For more information on Duane Thompson or his salsas, visit Disclosure Statement: This product review was based on free samples received from the manufacturer or PR firm representing the manufacturer, for the purposes of publishing a review on All of Naturally Savvy's reviews reflect the personal experience of Andrea, Randy, or another Naturally Savvy Product Review Specialist while using the product, and are based on their opinions at the time of publication. Naturally Savvy does not receive financial compensation in exchange for any product reviews.