Teacher development - Learning from the Royal Bafokeng Institute


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Dave Ryan is a Director at the Royal Bafokeng Institute in the North West province of South Africa. In this presentation he joined the Teacher Development group to talk about his work as a maths educator and teacher development practitioner.

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Teacher development - Learning from the Royal Bafokeng Institute

  1. 1. Mathematics Focus Group February 2014 Presented by: Dave Ryan
  2. 2. Dave Ryan • 2011 – 2014 IEB NSC Mathematics Internal Moderator • 2008 – 2011 IEB NSC Mathematics Internal Moderator • 2006 – 2007 IEB Matric Mathematics Internal Moderator • 2003 – 2005 IEB Matric Mathematics Portfolio Moderator • 2000 – 2002 IEB Matric Mathematics HG Paper 2 Examiner • 1997 – 1999 IEB Matric Mathematics HG Paper 1 Examiner • Presently: Working for The Royal Bafokeng Institute • Previously: Deputy Principal St Stithians Boys College • HOD Mathematics St Stithians Boys College • HOD Mathematics Hilton College • College
  3. 3. Section 14 Public schools on private property RBI/Education/Q0013 Growth curves
  4. 4. The education system is broken… Matric Results 2013Copy of NSC2013 Subject stats.xlsx RBI/Education/Q0013 Growth curves
  5. 5. The education system is broken… • Stop the bleeding RBI/Education/Q0013 Growth curves
  6. 6. The education system is broken… One day a man planted a bamboo seedling. He cared deeply for it, so each day he watered it and tended to it, always making sure it had the proper sunlight to grow. After a year's time, the man saw that the plant had not grown at all, but he continued to water it, tend to it, and make sure it was nourished by proper sunlight. Again, after the second year the plant had not grown. He watered and tended it through the third year and the fourth. Suddenly, as if by magic, in the fifth it began growing. In fact, it grew two and a half feet a day until in six weeks it was ninety feet tall. RBI/Education/Q0013 Growth curves
  7. 7. Long term it is all about the teacher and the journey towards optimal classroom practice RBI/Education/Q0013 Growth curves
  8. 8. We must recruit young, dedicated, talented individuals into the teaching profession…and mentor them…Gordon is the future RBI/Education/Q0013 Growth curves
  9. 9. Lesson study RBI/Education/Q0013 Growth curves
  10. 10. Short term…get to the kids RBI/Education/Q0013 Growth curves
  11. 11. Mathematics Procedures Application Thinking RBI/Education/Q0013 Growth curves
  12. 12. Mathematics Procedures Thinking Application RBI/Education/Q0013 Growth curves
  13. 13. Continuing Professional Teacher Development (CPTD) Teachers and Dave reflect Teachers plan a lesson together with or without Dave Lesson conducted which Dave videos.. Focus on children’s learning not the teaching
  14. 14. Collaboration with… • Teachers…lesson study • Schools…extra teachers…Charora…dedicated time for CPTD • DoBE… • Business…people not buildings • Universities…recruit the top of the pile into teaching, not…a different model for teacher training • Questions? RBI/Education/Q0013 Growth curves
  15. 15. Boys 2-20 RBI/Education/Q0013 Growth curves
  16. 16. A Shayer model of Learning