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  • 1. NeuroplanningMedia Brunch, Czech Publishers Association,Magazine SectionPrague, June 17th 2010By Dag Inge FjeldStrategic director PHD Network, Norway
  • 2. What is Neuroplanning?
  • 3. 1: how the brain physically functions Neuroscience Partners - Dr Gemma Calvert and Dr Adrian Owen of Neurosense Ltd.
  • 4. 2: h ww o e process ad n store information Cognitive Psychology Partners - Wendy Gordon & Dr Giep Franzen / Margot Bouwman
  • 5. 3: media metrics
  • 6. neuroplanning
  • 7. October 11th seasonal advertisements
  • 8. Did you purchase your Christmas gifts in February?In June?
  • 9. Sensory inputRelevance Contrasts Emotions and metaphors
  • 10. Christmas plays out differently in various mediachannels
  • 11. “We are not thinkingmachines that feel, we arefeeling machines thatthink"
  • 12. ContentReinforced by the context
  • 13. In touch The Big TelecomFamily Protective father an engram
  • 14. In touch FreeFamily offerFamily Protective father activate
  • 15. neuroplanning
  • 16. fivekey questions
  • 17. Is the targetemotionallywarm,neutral orcool?”
  • 18. “What is theperceivedinterest level inthe message?
  • 19. “Is theobjectiveimmediate orlong term?”
  • 20. “Is themessageimplicit orexplicit?”
  • 21. “Do you want tochange, reinforceor introduceassociations tothe brand?”
  • 22. neuroplanning
  • 23. Strengthen Your brand is well regarded and the brand engram is full of positive, desirable associations. Job of communication is reinforcement.
  • 24. Breakthrough
  • 25. ___ _____ _______
  • 26. "You can say the right thing about a product and nobody willlisten. Youve got to say it in such a way that people willfeel it in their gut. Because if they dont feel it,nothing will happen."- William Bernbach, quoted in Bill Bernbach said . . . (1989), DDB Needham Worldwide.
  • 27. Six neuroplanning communication models Strengthen Breakthrough Disrupt Connect Subinfluence Activate
  • 28. Content and neuroplanning Don’t start with an ad Start with the enabling experience Build the communications plan around the experience Create content through the experience Leverage the content