Opening of Geographic Data
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Opening of Geographic Data






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Opening of Geographic Data Opening of Geographic Data Presentation Transcript

  • Opening Geographic Data As Catalyst for the Creative Economy & Innovative Solutions Shoaib Burq t: @sabman
  • Geographic Data What’s so special about it?
  • When did most people start to take note of Ajax?
  • When they first saw Google Maps and asked how it works?
  • Why?
  • because maps are useful! and data used to make the map is even more useful
  • ... but, someone forgot to put the download button
  • Why would we need a download button/data? Don’t the people who really need it have it already?
  • I want to create themed cartography
  • I want to create my own a routing server
  • ... I want to route in Tehran ...
  • and route my bike to get here today
  • What about for building other open government sites
  • as at 21 December no way to get postal regions boundaries for Australia without paying for non- commercial user What about for building other open government sites
  • What about for more pressing uses? as if routing my bike isn’t pressing enough
  • Global Issues
  • What about for Geo-Temporal Data Global Challenges Predicting Bush fires?
  • What about for Climate Geo-Temporal Data Global Challenges Change Research?
  • The Geographic Questions
  • Where? and Why there?
  • The Temporal Questions
  • When? and Why then?
  • Increasingly we want to answer Geo-Temporal questions
  • Where & When? Why there & then?
  • So way can’t we just have the geographic data? To create say a poverty map for analysis on directing my donations
  • Key Indicators • Socio-Economic Data • Distribution of Poverty • Basic Human Needs • Infant Mortality • Malnutrition Measures
  • Geographic Factors • Coastal Proximity • Climatic Conditions • Elevations • Transportation Networks • Exposure to Natural Disasters • Climate Change Vulnerability
  • Besides the reasons mentioned by others there is one reason unique to GeoData
  • Was Dominated by Specialist Industry and Academia (Suits)
  • The changing face of the GIS Industry
  • These people speak another language few web people understand - W*S • Simple Features Specification • Web Mapping Service (WMS) • Web Feature Service (transactional) (WFS-t) • Web Coverage Service (WCS) • Web Processing Service (WPS) • Sensor Observation Service (SOS) • OGC Catalogue Service (OCS) • Style Layer Descriptor (SLD)
  • GIS & Web 2.0 Only just coming to terms with the web architecture Still have an XML-RPC bias Still searching for a cleaver search solution
  • Now Barbarians at the Door
  • (Real-time NSW Traffic Incidents)
  • (Real-time NSW Traffic Incidents)
  • When Governments Open Up their Data
  • let’s take GeoRSS + =
  • Atom & GeoRSS
  • Interoperable out of the box Standard Identification System (URI)
  • Interoperable out of the box Standard interaction protocol
  • Interoperable out of the box Standard data exchange formats
  • Load balance? Easy REST resources are cacheable
  • Scalable out of the box REST resources are stateless so easy to scale
  • Microformats & Semanitcs |
  • Role of Web 2.0 tools • Crowd sourcing for data • Local engagement • Self-help & Collaboration
  • OpenStreetMap proves public contribution works
  • Learn More OpenStreetMap Canberra Mapping Party: http:// Open Source Geospatial Conference: October 2009 Sydney http://
  • Thank you Shoaib Burq t: @sabman