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Tech Tools Presentation


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2010 All Staff Tech Tools

2010 All Staff Tech Tools

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  • Surprise @ # in class3 parts – Tools in Gadget BagDemonstration of how to downloadTalk about I-Pod TouchTime to Play
  • We will be adding the B&N Nook to one of the gadget bags and Sony e-Reader to another when they are circulated To familiarize staff with gadgets patrons might ask for help with. Different kinds of electronic books – E-books – Downloaded to be read at computerE-audiobooks – Downloaded to be listened on a computer or transferred to a portable player. E-Reader – Currently, the Nook, Sony e-reader
  • Software - generally any netbook will run on any software that its operating system supports.
  • You can't play games on a netbook (outside of web-based games). Tons of other software types you can't (or won't) use on a netbook. No Photoshop and none of those proprietary apps that people seem to need to do their day-to-day business. Netbooks serve a small purpose — to let you get online — and they do it well.
  • BEADS - Can anybody give me some general information about Linux?As everything becomes connected to the web, consumers don’t want to have to learn new ways to access content on a multitude of devices. That’s why Google, Nokia and even Intel are pushing for software than can run the gamut between 4-inch touchscreens and 40-inch televisions. It won’t be easy, in part because an operating system has to take into account different ways of: inputting information on various devices — from touchscreens to keyboards differing screen resolutions. But the payoff is that consumers will find it easier to use mobile devices, and developers can port their apps across a wide range of gadgets more easily.
  • Choosing an MP3 Player-Check the compatible players at the KDL websiteThink about the size of the screen and navigation buttons Are they easy to see and understand?Look to see if they have an audiobook option
  • OverDrive WMA Audiobooks are about half the file size of OverDrive MP3 Audiobooks but maintain the same level of audio quality. OverDrive WMA Audiobooks are generally compatible with portable devices and can be transferred to many Apple devices (where permitted by the publisher or record label)
  • OverDrive MP3 Audiobooks are encoded at a bit rate of 64kbps and are available for download as MP3 files. OverDrive MP3 Audiobooks are compatible with many devices including most cell phones, PDAs, and MP3 players. If you wish to transfer audiobooks to a device (other than the Apple iPod or iPhone) that plays MP3 audio files but does not support DRM-protected WMA files, you must check out OverDrive MP3 Audiobooks.
  • Downloading to an Ipod involves changing a setting in I-Tunes. See the bottom of your handout.Why use the eLibrary icon? You get the most current status on the book’s availability.
  • Why use the eLibrary icon? You get the most current status on the book’s availability.
  • BEADS…Difference between wireless and Wi-Fi. Can anybody explain what the difference is? Wi-Fi – have to be within range of a LAN Wireless – like a cell phone3G is the third generation of wireless technologies; enhancements over previous wireless technologies. Mostly used with mobile phones and handsets as a means to connect the phone to the Internet or other IP networks in order to make voice and video calls..andto download and upload data and to surf the net. Kindle Features: Power cord for charging and USB connection are connected together. To use the USB to transfer data, remove the AC 3-prong plug.Can change text size and page orientationExperimental Features Browser – Basic Web reads web sites that are primarily text-based. It does not support media plug-in like Flash, Shockwave, etc. or Java applets. Launch it to browse, choose a bookmark, or enter a URL.Play MP3 – You can copy MP3 files from your computer to your Kindle “music” folder to listen to music or podcasts while you read. They are played in the order they we entered.Home > Menu > Experimental >Then make selection using 5-way, and push center of 5-wayHas a reflective electronic display which mean you can read it even in bright sunlight.
  • Need 2 volunteers to work together to download an audiobook Know library card # Never downloaded an audiobook before
  • At the stations, once you’ve tried something and want to stick around, please help the person that follows you.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Welcome
      Tech Tools
    • 2. Gadget Bag
      MP3 Player
      Amazon Kindle
    • 3. Netbook
      Used for –
      Surfing the web
      On-line applications
      Web cam for connecting long distance using programs like Skype
      Other programs that do not consume large amounts of resources
    • 4. Netbook
      Limitations –
      Slimmed-down Operating System
      Smaller keyboard
      Smaller screen size
      Smaller storage
    • 5. Netbook
      Things to be aware of –
      Various operating systems –
      Windows vs. Linux
      Various versions of Windows –
      Windows XP
      Windows 7 Starter Edition
      Windows 7
    • 6. MP3 Players for Audiobooks
      Choosing an MP3 Player
      Size of screen…will you be viewing videos?
      Navigation buttons
      Speakers…how will you be using it?
    • 7. Transferring
      WMA Files VS. MP3 Files
      OverDrive WMA Audiobooks –
      Are smaller file sizes than MP3 Audiobooks
      Are generally compatible with portable devices
      Can be transferred to many Apple devices
    • 8. Transferring
      WMA Files VS. MP3 Files
      OverDrive MP3 Audiobooks –
      Are larger than WMA files
      Are compatible with many devices including most cell phones, PDAs, and MP3 players
      Use when device plays MP3 audio files but does not support DRM-protected WMA files
    • 9. DownloadingAudiobooks
      Before downloading e-audiobooks –
      Download the player
      Download I-Tunes for Ipods
      and change I-Tunes settings…
      • Edit > Preferences > General Tab >
      • 10. Import Settings button >
      • 11. Select AAC Encoder
      • 12. Choose Spoken Podcast
      • 13. Click Refresh
    • DownloadingAudiobooks
      When ready to download, use the KDL eLibrary icon on the home page.
    • 14. Amazon Kindle
      Has 3G wireless capability
      Can download directly to the Kindle
      Can surf the web…sort of
      Find books at Amazon or on the web
      Text to Voice
      Easy navigation
    • 15.
    • 16. It’s Play Time !
      Please complete the evaluations
      Thank You