b-guided dossier


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b-guided dossier

  1. 1.       Fashion Marketing & Communication Ellinor Lindqvist & Sabine Kodu
  2. 2. IndexProduct trends………………………………………………………………3Market / consumer behavior trends……………………………………..3SWOT………………………………………………………………………….4Goals and Objectives………………………………………………………5Target definition…………………………………………………………….6New B-guided 2.0 application…………………………………………….7Goals and objectives behind tools ……………………………………..8B-guided 2.0 and CRM……………………………………………………..9B - guided 2.0 and locating / ubiquity / identification……………..…9   2  
  3. 3. Product trendsCity-lifestyle guides are something that has become more popular during thelast couple of years. Their function is to guide people and advise them aboutevents that are happening, places to visit, interesting artists and other thingsthat might be of interest.If we look back at previous decades city guides were more oriented towardspresenting facts. They gave people information about were to go and what todo. Writing about lifestyles has become more important nowadays.Earlier the magazines were focused on sending messages to the readers, aone-way communication. They didnʼt include that much participation from thereader. It was more interesting to hear an expert point of view, now it is just asinteresting to hear the voices of “common people”. Consumers arecontributing to the content and are an important part of the process.The consumer behavior trends show that the people are demanding morepower and want to be closer to companies and organizations. Transparency isimportant and also the consumer involvement. Magazines are even moreconsumer oriented and have understood the value and importance of having agood company-consumer relationship. They are interested in the readeropinions and want to satisfy them. The participation of the consumer hasbecome a key point.Internet has become very important also. City lifestyle guides have theopportunity to reach readers through their websites. For many magazinestheir sites have become equally important as the magazine itself. It hasfunctions and possibilities that the paper version does not have. It is the toolthat people use when searching for information. City lifestyle guides providereaders with up to date information and have a service that can provide thisaround the clock.Market / consumer behavior trendsTechnology has developed really fast, but our media-market skills are stillvery pore in using all the availabilities. Every body wants to have allinformation in a second.We have all kind of smart phones, small computers, pads and Internetavailability everywhere and now people more and more began to use those allattributes.But because there is too much information, mix of lies and truths, consumerswant more personal contact. They want to communicate straight to thesource. So that is way social medias become very popular and are goodpossibilities for market.Getting an experience form everywhere, making the visit enjoyable and easyto the customer. Nowadays customers are very important to the companies.They are not jus numbers for them. Companies are more interested about   3  
  4. 4. customerʼs lifestyle and behaviors. Customers are started to take as partners.Also we canʼt forget that every person is curious. So companies have to sharemore information and provide customer with more power.They compliment each other - companies get closer and better info aboutcustomers and customers get inside/behind the scene info from companies.SWOTWe have pointed out the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threatsthat we can find on the current website. We can see that there are manyopportunities for improvement. It is important for the website to develop inorder to keep customers and attract new ones.Strengths • The idea of the website is good • The existing topics are interesting.Weaknesses • The language on the website is only in catalane. You can choose English but it doesnʼt work and the text does not make sense. There is no Spanish. Buy offering a limited option of languages you are not reaching all your possible customers. • The website is not updated to 2.0 system and the technology is not working. • Pages are not opening, there are headlines but no content and blank pages. The overall structure is confusing and not understandable. It is not user friendly. • The design of the website is not attractive. • They donʼt stand out.Opportunities • Upgrade to 2.0 CRM strategy • More collaborations with restaurants, bars, lounges, clubs, shops and artists, bloggers and other websites. • More frequent update.   4  
  5. 5. • Better marketing and awareness of magazine that will generate more profit. • Developing the design and layout of the webpage.Threats • Other magazines and websites in the same category. • Losing consumers.Goals and ObjectivesThe most important asset for a company is their costumer. The knowledge ofthe costumer needs and demands is a key factor to succeed. It is important tohave a good communication and a website that fits the individuals requests.The main goal is to develop a good company-customer relationship creating aplatform where they can easier communicate with each other.Customers are demanding a more personalized experience when usingwebsites. The 2.0 strategies allow the consumer to be more interactive. Theaim is to build a strong customer relationship, creating a two-waycommunication between the website (company/organization) and theindividual. The goal is to build a relationship that will last. It is important that companies are transparent and share information thatprovides the consumer with insight to the organization. By giving theconsumer more power and the opportunity to be heard and have an opinionthe company can easier find good strategies for future development. Byviewing the customer as a partner when developing and improving productsor services the company will experience a greater success. When using theideas and desires from customers for the development instead of theassumptions from within the company it is possible to easier find the bestsolutions. If we create a good communication with the costumer any problems thatoccur will be recognized faster and it will be easier for the company to createa resolution. There are different areas that CRM 2,0 supports and increasesefficiency within an organization and enhances sales and service. In the market research department it enables on going monitoring of yourcustomers conversations with each other. This is more effective than justdoing occasional surveys and focus groups. It provides an opportunity toparticipate in and stimulate conversations customers have with each other,instead of just sending outbound communications to customers. This way the   5  
  6. 6. communication goes both ways. From the sales point of view it makes itpossible for enthusiastic customers to help sell, create a buzz and introduceeach other to new products. It helps customers work with each other to comeup with new ideas that are good for the product and service department. Italso enables your customers to support each other and to find any problemsthat accrue which results in a more effective support department.The main goals are to: • Create a good and long lasting relationship with the customer, enhance loyalty. • Develop a better understanding of the consumer preferences and interests. . • Create a dialogue with the consumer giving them the opportunity to be more interactive and provide the company with input into the innovation process. • Reveal product development ideas driven from costumer. • Detect problems and find a resolution faster. • Identifying needs more effectively by understanding specific customer requirements. • Cross-selling other products by highlighting and suggesting alternatives.Target definitionThe B-guided website and magazine are focusing on people in their earlytwenties and up. It could be the older generation of professionals or theyounger generation of creative people. They are interested in design, art,trends and are style conscious. They are innovative people who want to befrequently updated. It is important for them to know what is going on aroundthe city, which places are cool at the moment. They want to be apart of sociallife.The other target group is travelers who want information about the place thatthey are visiting. They want to discover the city and B-guided is just the one tohelp them.   6  
  7. 7. New B-guided 2.0 applicationDescriptionWe want to create a customer-experience that not only focuses on thefunctional and operational characteristics of the website but also on style,emotions, design and interaction. By upgrading to 2.0 we will incorporate thetools and techniques of social media into the customer management process.We will provide the modern user with tools that allow them to be moreinteractive and create a platform were it is easier to communicate. It isimportant to understand which communities are attractive to potentialcustomers and then engage those communities in a way that best fits theconsumer.ContensThe contents of the website will be more user friendly allowing the user to beinteractive. The tools incorporate social media into the site. We will includefacebook to the b-guided site. It is the biggest social networking site with 600million active users, so the communication possibilities are enormous. Therewill be two buttons that give you the opportunity to share information or press“like”. We also want to include the microblogging site Twitter. Anotherinteresting thing that would be nice to have on the website is an employeesblog. This will help to enhance the identity of the brand and the lifestyle that itis trying to transmit. By creating an attractive blog with interesting contentsusers can get a day-to-day update about what is happening. The company willappear more transparent. We will have RSS (web feeds) on the website thisway users can subscribe and receive information that they find interesting.There will be different opportunities to share information. For an example wikisand the chance to send information by e-mail, if you should find an interestingsubject that you want to share. It is a good idea is to create a facebook pagefor b-guided and also twitter. Users will find a link were they can follow b-guided on both of these sites. There will be good opportunities to leavecomments on the website. There will be hyperlinks in the contents, this iscontextual advertising. The website contains a lot of information aboutdifferent clubs, restaurants and other places to visit. We will include bothGoogle maps and youtube and publish APIs (application programminginterfaces) that allow the web page to download a customized map or videoand embed it in other content. There will be a search engine in the website soit will be easier to find what you are looking for. It is also important to have astructure of the articles, pictures and other content in the magazine.   7  
  8. 8. Goals and objectives behind tools • RSS, This format allows consumers to filter news, subscribe to certain sections and ignore others, receive alerts about news that might interest them. • Twitter, B-guided will have their own twitter. This gives them the opportunity to reach consumers and keep people updated. Allows users to tweet, spreading the word, create awareness of the magazine. • Facebook, B-guided will have their own facebook page were they can interact with readers, this will also be a place for discussion and updates. Users have the possibility to share information or press “like”. • Google maps, when recommending places to visit there will be APIs that allow the user to download maps. • Youtube, Different APIs will make it possible for the consumer to view videos that are linked to certain content. • Employees blogg, This will be a place were b-guided can further build their image and create an understanding for what they are all about. Making an attractive blog will attract readers. This will also be a place that employees can interact with readers and keep them updated. • Wikis consumers can share information with each other and with employees. For an example wikis and the chance to send information by e-mail, if you should find an interesting subject that you want to share. • E-mail, Allows people to share content they think is interesting. • Search engine, Makes it easier for users to find what they are looking for on the site. Consumer role participation and interactivity The consumer role is the main reason for upgrading to a 2.0 CRM. The tools that we have presented will all enhance the consumer participation. Another step to take would be to develop games and quizzes designed for the website. This will make the site even more interactive and stimulating for visitors. We are inspired by the Hermes webpage http://www.hermes.com/index_us.html# . They have created artistic and interesting ways of engaging the user. We would like to develop something similar. This could be something to consider in the future.   8  
  9. 9. B-guided 2.0 and CRMCRM, customer relationship management, as the name already says, maingoal is to create a strong and endless relationship between B-guided and itsconsumers. Thanks to nowadays the fast technique development it could bedone very easily. We just need to be aware of the tools that help us to getcloser to our target. And these tools are available for us to use in 2.0 web.However the techniques will not do the entire job for us, we need also be verygood communicators.But nothing is working by it self. So one of the B-guided employers should beworking as CRM. She/he must be available all the time, working 24/7. All theapplications and sites must be updated frequently. Then consumers will bechecking them all the time, hoping to find and get some new information. B-guided CRM person must be like a best friend with each of the consumer.B - guided 2.0 and locating / ubiquity / identificationMost of the 2.0 web applications that the new B-guided website is going touse are written out above, but these are not all. CRM will also try to connectwith their consumers through other ways then the webpage. We will try toenter to their lifestyle and share the path with them. We will be available andseen for them where ever they are. Starting with the advertisements all overthe places that we are cooperating with. And of course B-guided magazineand webpage are still the same team. So even if a consumer is not in a moodfor technics B-guided and he/she can always have a good relationshipthrough the magazine.Another technology that will help us with ubiquity is mobile phone. Yourmobile phone and keys are the two things that every person always carrieswith them. That gives us a chance to be all the time interactive with our target.Many of the tools necessary to build a CRM 2.0 relationship already exist onsmartphones. First of all B-guided should have a mobile phone application. Soevery time consumers use their phones they will see it. Phones are useful forB-guided to give out coupons or tickets for some places for examples. Or toidentify peoples location or interests. Through mobile phones we can send toa selected group advertisements or promotions. It is all about informationfinding the right person not persons finding the information, which is thefutures key concept.   9