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Website Testing Project
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Website Testing Project



This is the final presentation I made at my Website Usability testing project with Ultralingua Inc.

This is the final presentation I made at my Website Usability testing project with Ultralingua Inc.



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  • Types of usability testing tools: Heat mapping :  Heat mapping (or click mapping) tools record visitor clicks to create visual maps of user activity. Section I also includes eye-tracking simulators. Screen recording :  Screen recorders track individual visitors to your website to create a simulated video for each of those user sessions. User feedback  :  Tools that solicit direct feedback from site visitors User testing :Tools that simulate task based usability tests
  • Why usertesting Closest in features, to traditional in-person test Great customer reviews Quick results - same day! Overall best value for money Enables testing in user's won environment Why clickdensity Best metrics among free tools online  Gives clear, concise, easy to interpret data Test criteria - UserTesting Intermediate level users 8 tasks for old website, 9 for new website
  • http://www.useit.com/alertbox/20000319.html
  • Current website avg time spent on website via Google Analytics: 1.43 seconds
  • Supported with relevant clips

Website Testing Project Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Ultralingua  Inc., Website Usability  Testing Sabera P. Marketing Communications professional
  • 2. Project goals -->> Approach to project
      • Goal 1: Perform detailed industry landscape analysis to determine best practices in web usability testing
          • What is Web Usability testing?
          • Different types of online tools
      • Goal 2: Conduct web usability test with an emphasis on testing the efficacy of redesigned sections of the website
          • Test drove tools
          • Online tests implemented due to time constraints
          • 1 User Testing tool + 1 Heatmap tool
  • 3. Online testing -  The steps
      • Why UserTesting? Why ClickDensity?
      • Tasks for test developed, to answer specific usability questions
      • Pilot in-person test conducted to fine-tune the task list
      • Research-based decision made for selecting the number of test takers
        • 3 on the old website
        • 5 on the new website
  • 4. Why you need to test with 5 users Source: Jacob Nielsen's Alertbox blog
  • 5.
      • Online dictionary                        22.4% clicks
      • Downloadable dictionaries        18.3% clicks
      • Language localization button    12.5% clicks
    Clickdensity results - Old website Total clicks: 3455
  • 6. Avg. time on task on new website, lower than avg. time spent on current site
  • 7. Clicks per task were lower in new website
  • 8. Qualitative feedback
    • On Images
      • "I was lost with finding the right product but then used the blue arrow as a guide to find a way"
      • "Nice clean website, good usage of white space"
      • "I really like the popup on the Upgrade button"
      • "The 'Buy Now' & 'Free Trial' buttons are very misleading" (Old website)
      • "The Images here (the Carousel) are very confusing"
      • "The Images here (bottom of home page) don't match what they seem to be for"
      • "Aesthetically, the images do a great job, but they do not help me to find what I need"
    • Other Qualitative feedback
      • Registration key
    • Additional insights and feedback are included in a separate detailed report
  • 9. Recommendations
      • Review significance of 'Lost Registration Key' feature - reposition to a more visible location
        • Place 'Lost Registration key?' link next to each product's 'Buy Now' button
      • Make 'Press' page easier to navigate through
        • Link all places where 'Press kit' appears
        • Duplication of links - 'Download Press Kit', 'Press kit'
      • Placement of Newsletters - separate from Press page? 
      • Provide customer testimonials next to product links
      • Label language localization button
      • Test more! - Test often, test with few
  • 10. Accomplishments
      • Saved Marketing team over 30 hours of time to research on best practices and tools to conduct a Website Usability Test
      • Identified methodologies and tools relevant to Ultralingua
      • Provided comparative analysis from tests on Old & New site versions
        • Able to confirm errors with old website & demonstrate improvement through new website
      • Provided insights and recommendations toward second phase of website redesign
      • Documented processes and information for future reference
        • Review of major tools
        • Methodology for regular testing
        • Research and information resources
  • 11.  
  • 12. Appendix
  • 13. Tasks for test defined to answer specific usability questions
      • Can users easily locate the link for and download a trial?
      • Can users find the language-specific product pages? 
      • Can users easily buy a dictionary for a specific language and platform?
      • Can users easily navigate through the website and find an upgrade?
      • Can users easily buy multiple products? covered in above 2 tasks
      • Can users navigate the website to find a lost registration key?
      • How do users go about getting more information on Ultralingua?
      • Can users easily find a way to contact Customer support? 
      • Can users easily find a way to see the website in a different language?
      • Did images used facilitate navigation?