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Hace career project

  1. 1. I want to be a...Interior Designer
  2. 2. What is an Interior Designer?• decorate and furnish interiorspaces.• homes, offices, schools, publicareas, etc.• lighting, colour, texture, paint,furniture purchase andplacement, flooring selection andinstallation, fabric installations,window treatments, andaccessories.
  3. 3. A Typical Day as an Interior Designer9:00-9:30am Arrive at showroom office and look through interior design websitesfor latest news and trends.9:30-10:00am Start going through my work emails and responding to client calls.10:00am-12:00pmMy first client arrives for their consultation. I would have already made a blueprint for adesign layout for the main living rooms which they want me to redo but today’s meeting is toshow them some of the items in the showroom which I included in the blueprint.12:00-1:00pm Finalize colour and decor choices and source some new ideas toreplace what the client did not like.1:00-2:00pm Go into the showroom and sell some of the merchandise to otherclients.2:00-4:00pm Meeting at a house I’ve been working on for a while since everything we ordered has nowarrived. We arrange everything and make note of any problems that need to be sorted.4:00-4:45pm Deal with all problems from the previous house.4:45-5:15pm Work on a proposal for redecorating a space that I have been askedto prepare.5:15-6:30pm Go to a project site and take measurements of the rooms and startbrainstorming ideas of possible designs.6:30-7:15pm Back in office, on phone with vendors to enquire about outstanding orders and toplace any new orders from the day. Also finish going through that days emails.
  4. 4. What Education is needed to be anInterior Designer?• Computer Aided Drafting andDesign, Contract InteriorDesign, History of Interiors andFurniture, Interior Design,Interior Design Graphics,Interior Design ProfessionalPractice, Interior LightingDesign, Interior Structures andMaterials, Residential InteriorDesign and Space Planning.• Florence Design Academy,Kingston University andVancouver College of Art andDesign.
  5. 5. What Specific Skill do InteriorDesigners Need?• Creativity - to transform a dull-looking room and give it an exciting new lookand being able to think outside of the box.• Computer - to use the various design software, such as CAD, which will helpyou to create 2D and 3D designs and visuals.• Organization - to organize my schedule, office and everything else in aneffective way.• Finances - to get everything accomplished with the budget I’ve been given.• Observation - to sense what would fit the client’s lifestyle and wishes whilestill looking good.• Resourceful - to knowing where to buy things and who to hire for a good price.• Multi-tasking - multiple projects going at once and I will need to be able tomanage them all at the same time.• Time Management - important to be efficient for deadlines and appointments.
  6. 6. Why are Interior DesignersImportant to Society?• Helps people selltheir houses.• Makes living spacemore functional.• Creates aestheticallyappealing andpractical space at thesame time.
  7. 7. Why Would I Enjoy Being anInterior Designer?• You have to be verysocial because youmeet and workwith so manypeople.• Great way toexpress creativityand imagination.• Well paying job.
  8. 8. Interesting Facts About InteriorDesigners• Most people confuse interior design withinterior decoration. Inter Designers arefocused on the selection of colour palettesto go with complimentary furniture,window coverings, flooring, lighting, andartwork. Today most interior decoratorsneed to be familiar with architecturaldetailing like home renovations, floorplans, and construction codes.• Designers can specialize in one or morecategories of interior design. The two corespecialties are residential and commercialdesign. Residential interior design dealswith planning and design of privateresidences. Commercial design isconcerned with the planning and design ofinteriors used for commercial, governmentor educational purposes. Subcategoriesinclude sustainable/green design,accessible design, entertainment design,facilities management, government/institutional design, health care design andhospitality/restaurant design.
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