Cook County: Our First Year-rev


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Cook County: Our First Year-rev

  1. 1. 2010-2011 DEC JAN FEB MAR APR MAY COOK COUNTY OUR FIRST YEAR December 6, 2011 Toni Preckwinkle | President Cook County Board of CommissionersJUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC
  2. 2. WHERE TONI HAS BEENPresident Toni Preckwinkle1st District Earlean Collins2nd District Robert Steele3rd District Jerry Butler4th District William Beavers5th District Deborah Sims6th District Joan Patricia Murphy7th District Jesus Garcia8th District Edwin Reyes9th District Peter N. Silvestri10th District Bridget Gainer11th District John P. Daley12th District John Fritchey13th District Larry Suffredin14th District Gregg Goslin15th District Timothy Schneider16th District Jeffrey R. Tobolski17th District Elizabeth Gorman
  3. 3. Accoountabl to its citizen le s ns,Cook County will be tran k b nsforme edinto the bes t st-run county in the U c United States s,led by its Bo b oard Presiden P ntwith an unw a waverin commitmen ng ntto op pen, hoonest an effic nd cient goovernm mentthat provide high quality ser p es her rvices a lowe costs at er s. 1
  4. 4. Toni’ GoT ’s oalsFISCAL RESPONF R NSIBILIT TYEnsure County taE C axes are as low a possib and t as ble thatta axpayer dollars are used effectively. Deliv timely and a d verbalanced budgets Institute long-tb d s. term fina ancial pla anningand impro County govea ove ernment efficienc to ens cy sureth roll ba the sales tax he ack s x. NNOVATIN TIVE LE EADERSHIPCreate a culture of exempC o plary lea adership,professiop onalism and colla a aboration in Coun n ntygovernme makg ent, king it po ossible to deliver high-qua o alityservices to resides t ents.TRANSPT PARENC & ACC CY COUNTA ABILITY YPromote transparP rency to make go overnme more enteffective and accee essible, with greater trus from its st sre esidents and imp s proved employee morale e e e. MPROVED SERIM RVICESProvide high-quality, reliaP h able front tline serv vices to t thepublic in key area such as crimin justic healthp as a nal ce, hcare,economic development, and the Fe c a Forest PreserveDistrict.D 2
  5. 5. 2010 DEC JAN FEB MAR APR MAY Executive Passed Published Order for Performance 100-day Announced Mandatory Management Passed report card Require capital project Ethics Ordinance responsible employees to log and professional Training solution to close several political service contract 2011 $487M contacts moratorium budget gap What we have done so far Toni has taken responsibility for giving County government a new direction. She said it would not be easy. The County faces daunting challenges.$440M The County is taking some big steps in the right direction.Annual savings to In less than a year in office, the County closed two budget gaps,residents andbusiness owners saving taxpayers $800 million. The progress rests on a frameworkfrom the sales tax of long term financial management and strategic structuralrollback changes across county government. The STAR Performance management program has begun to change the culture of County government. Managers are making data driven decisions and the natural barriers that separate agencies are being broken down. Through a comprehensive approach, the County has made significant progress already.$80M With firm resolve, Toni is committed to continue to work toward Amount saved by achieving her vision of making Cook County the best run county in issuing moratorium on capital projects, the nation. Toni’s first executive order 3
  6. 6. JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DECReleased Published Conducted Introduced PassedCity-County first STAR Report County’s first 2012 budget 2012 Issued LaunchedCollabor- online town budget, Executive Order Open Dataation Report hall closing on preliminary website $315M gap budget What we promised Toni’s vision for Cook County is one where it is accountable to its citizens. When she took office, she published a transition report $52K with 37 initiatives. She promised to check-in after 100 days and The cost per one year. On the following pages, you will see the progress we year of housing have made on these initiatives. one detainee in Cook County Jail What to expect going forward From day one, Toni committed to making progress on each of her four goals: fiscal responsibility, innovative leadership, transparency and accountability, and improved services. This document highlights the progress the County has made on 9,000+ achieving each of her four goals. In her 100 day report, Toni Number of outlined additional commitments to improving services in the areas detainees of health care, public safety, property and taxation, economic currently in Cook County development, and the Forest Preserve District. You will find our Jail; 70% progress on these goals as well. awaiting trial for non-violent We invite you to see what Toni has accomplished in her first year. offenses Thank you for reading this report and for taking part in an open, honest and efficient Cook County. 4
  7. 7. Transition Initiative Transition Update1. Impose a moratorium on non-essential capital Saved taxpayers over $100M and implemented projects and service contracts long-term capital plan2. Completely repeal the sales tax increase by Passed legislation to reduce sales tax by 0.25% on 2013 Jan 1, 2012 & 0.25% on Jan 1, 20133. Improve budgeting with long-term financial Added 5-year forecasts to the budget; quarterly planning, capital strategy and transparency financial reporting; long-term capital plan4. Establish a new performance management Implemented “Set Targets, Achieve Results” (STAR) culture program throughout County5. Streamline management structure, focusing on Reduced management positions within 2011 and the right talent for the right job 2012 budgets; more analysis on horizon6. Share services across County agencies, for both Instituting IT & printing consolidation; saved ~$1M in back-office and front-office functions 2011 via back office shared services7. Undertake a desk and compensation audit Completed preliminary audit in President’s Office8. Reduce procurement costs through strategic Saved over $25M by examining all contracts and sourcing opportunities9. Lead economic development efforts through a Established new Bureau of Economic Development; new bureau of economic development focusing on regional planning10. Improve efficiency of the criminal justice Instituted performance goals for the system; System committed to reduce jail pop. by 1,000 in 201211. Engage in labor negotiations, seeking equitable Resumed negotiations and finalized contracts with and responsible contracts 40% of workforce; working to finalize remaining12. Take advantage of new pension rules by Deferred a significant majority of senior staff hires deferring the hire of non-critical senior staff until after new pension rules took in effect13. Restructure County debt Used best practices to restructure debt in 201114. Limit overtime spending and provide Reviewed overtime spending on a case-by-case basis comprehensive review in 2012 budget and reduced spending15. Audit benefits provided to employees Audited employee and dependent benefit statuses16. Establish a Pensions Sub-Committee to design Established a Pensions Sub-Committee under the and implement pension reform Finance Committee17. Audit real estate holdings Used data to issue RFP to identify best solution18. Centralize fleet management Surveyed each department and Offices to create an inventory; instituted new policies on procurement 5
  8. 8. Transition Initiative Transition Update19. Investigate ending tax subsidy to unincorporated Established task force to end unincorporated tax areas subsidy; plan due on March 1, 201220. Explore enhancing revenues by securing grant Worked with foundations and other County agencies funding and providing fee-based services to secure additional grant dollars21. Improving energy efficiency by greening county Worked with ComEd to green County buildings; saved buildings $1M in energy costs through “Wattage Wars”22. Promote public-private partnerships to address Worked with over 29 pro bono partners to receive the County’s critical challenges over $5M in services to help transform County23. Make budget information publically accessible Published a budget website and “Resident’s Guide”; and budget decisions more transparent eliminated floor amendments24. Publish cross-county purchasing information Open data portal now includes contract awards25. Build capacity of minority-owned & women- Launched aggressive MWBE outreach campaign; owned business establishing partnerships with non-profit agencies26. Enter into strategic partnerships to improve the Built relationships; working with new leadership at health system health system to formalize partnerships27. Use standardized risk assessments Increased data sharing among stakeholders28. Enhance Forest Preserve youth education Launched initiative bringing 2,000 youth to Forest initiative Preserves; created “Greens for Teens” fundraiser29. Improve public involvement of the Forest Commitment to doubling volunteers; launched Preserve with volunteering and special events “Gateway to Preserves” initiative30. Formalize County personnel plan Created strategic plan with Shakman administrator31. Improve collections management Launched delinquent tax initiative32. Update County fee structures to account for Updated fee structure in 2011 and 2012 budgets value of services, inflation, and benchmarks using benchmarks to inform decision-making33. Increase accountability for risk management Reformed policies and added new positions34. Identify ideal structure and membership for Passed ordinance to formalize structure and Health System Board of Directors membership for health system Board35. Expand electronic monitoring (EM) usage Raised EM usage from 400 to 1,000 in 201136. Explore transferring Forest Preserve police Continuing to work with stakeholders to evaluate37. Government 2.0: improve residents’ experience Launched open data portal to create apps for via technology residents; new services can be accessed online 6
  9. 9. FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY RIGHT-SIZING GOVERNMENT $2,360 Figures in $millionsGeneral Fund Appropriations $2,338 $2,340 $2,330 $2,320 $2,300 $2,280 $2,260 $2,236 $2,240 $2,220 $2,200 $2,180 FY 2010 FY 2011 FY 2012 YEARThe President has made important, fiscally responsible structural changesthat have made the County more efficient and reduced the size ofgovernment. PROVIDING RESPONSIBLE BUDGET RECOMMENDATIONS The President’s 2011 and 2012 Figures in $millions 70 budgets saved 65 taxpayers $800 million. The 161 President closed the combined $802 802 million shortfall in her 2011 and 2012 507 Executive Recommendations primarily through making structural Structural Better Revenue One-time TOTAL changes to County Changes Financial Enhancements Budget Fixes government Management 7
  10. 10. What we have donePassed legislation to completely roll back the 1% sales tax increaseSaved taxpayers over $800M in two budgets in less than one yearImposed a moratorium on capital projects, saving taxpayers over $100MReleased a preliminary budget and passed the 2012 budget prior to the startof the fiscal year – previously uncommon practices in County government What we are doingInstituting Set Targets, Achieve Results (STAR); a performance managementprogram that professionalizes County governmentReducing procurement costs by examining each contract; saved over $25MalreadyEstablished a task force to increase the level of service and reduce the cost ofservice being provided to unincorporated Cook CountyImposed quarterly allotments on all Office and Department budgets todecrease the likelihood of being over budget What to expectEnhanced long-term financial planning, in line with best practices for publicand private sectorsFocused efforts on the areas of absence management and shared services toensure that all County employees are being efficient and being used efficiently 8
  11. 11. FISCAL RESPONSIBILITYINITIATIVE PROGRESSRolled Back The 1% Sales Tax IncreaseToni is keeping her promise to roll back the 1% Stroger sales tax Committed to reduction inincrease. The increase will be reduced by .25% on January 1, 2012 FY2011 and FY2012 Budgetsand eliminated completely in 2013 – providing $440 million in annualtax relief to residentsClosed over $800M in 2011 and 2012 Budget GapsThe administration closed a $487 million budget shortfall in the FY2011 Included a plan in the 2012budget and a $315 million budget gap in the FY2012 budget. budget.Imposed a Moratorium on Capital ProjectsToni’s first Executive Order issued a moratorium on non-essential Implemented in 2011capital projects and service contracts. The moratorium stoppedunneeded projects, allowing the administration to be more strategicabout capital spending. An updated capital improvement plan wassubmitted May 2011, saving taxpayers over $80 million.Produced a Preliminary BudgetThe County published its first formal preliminary budget in history, Implemented in 2011/Ongoingincreasing transparency and improving the budget process by settingthe framework and starting the discussion earlier.Made Timely Budget SubmissionToni submitted an executive budget recommendation to the Board of Implemented in 2011Commissioners on October 25, 2011, six days ahead of the October 31,2011 date outlined in the executive order.Passed Budget Prior to the Start of the Fiscal YearWith a vote of 16-1, the County Board moved to pass the 2012 Budget Implemented in 2011prior to the end of the fiscal year. In the past eight years, the Countyhas only had two budgets in place prior to the beginning of the fiscalyear.Curbed Non-Personnel Spending by 5% at End of 2012Following the announcement of the preliminary budget, the President Announced in 2011/issued an executive order mandating that non-personnel spending be 2012 implementationcurbed by 5% at the end of 2012.Published a Five Year ForecastThe Executive Budget Recommendation contained a 5 year forecast of Implemented in 2011revenues and expenditures as required by the June 29, 2011 ExecutiveOrder. 9
  12. 12. INITIATIVE PROGRESSMoving Towards Performance-Based BudgetingToni took steps towards her goal of performance-based budgeting by Announced and begun inevaluating the allocation of resources based on performance, linking 2011/Ongoingservice delivery impacts to the budget and using performance targetsto drive costs down.Issued Countywide Financial HandbookThe Budget Department issued a financial handbook designed to assist Implemented in 2011departments in determining budget to actual expenditures.Waived Issuance of Additional 2011 DebtThe County did not issue new debt in 2011 to pay for capitalimprovements and equipment. Rather, the County terminated or Implemented in 2011deferred capital projects and used bond funds from prior years to payfor the capital programs.Established a Pensions Sub-CommitteeEstablished a pensions sub-committee to focus on reforming pensions Announced and begun into avoid future tax increases and service cuts. Toni is working with 2011/Ongoingleaders in the Illinois General Assembly and public employee unions toachieve meaningful pension reform in 2012.Restructured County DebtThe County restructured its various existing outstanding General Announced and begun inObligation Bond series to generate $85 million, $92 million and $85 2011/Ongoingmillion in budget relief for 2011, 2012, 2013 respectively. It is expectedthat this restructuring will generate additional debt service savings of$20-25 million during 2012.Evaluating our Real Estate AssetsFor the first-time Cook County is collecting data and developing Announced and begun inrecommendations for efficient use of real estate assets and long-range 2011/Ongoingcapital planning. In 2012, a consultant will be retained to develop theplan, with recommendations for both short and long-term savings andefficiencies.Instituting Lockbox and E-Payment Services CollectionThe County’s revenue department is centralizing Home Rule Tax Announced and begun inCollection through lockbox and e-payment services. This initiative will 2011/Ongoinghelp departments operate more efficiently and effectively. Theseservices will reduce collection personnel, eliminate paper filing, andallow departments to focus on compliance rather than collection. 10
  13. 13. INNOVATIVE LEADERSHIP City-County Collaboration The City and County are collaborating to build a superior regional workforce training system, a more efficient criminal justice system, and improved homeland security protection. The collaboration created combined savings of $11 million for the two governments in their 2012 budgets.The President haspartnered with theBusiness community tohelp reform CookCounty. The Countyhas engaged 29 firmson 64 pro bonoprojects, receiving over$5 million in servicestowards transformingCook County. 11
  14. 14. What we have doneLaunched an Open Data portal and an Apps CompetitionSaved energy costs through the Wattage Wars competitionMade significant progress toward completing pending CollectiveBargaining Agreements What we are doingPromoted public-private partnerships through 29 pro bono partners,receiving over $5 million in servicesThe County partnered with the City of Chicago to identify areas for jointsavingsEngaging the foundation community in a collaborative to find innovativeways to improve County governmentCreating a Shared Services Center to look at ways to consolidateduplicative functions across offices. What to expectConsolidation of disparate, inefficient IT functionsFormalization of an employment planAchievement of highest quality custodial services at the lowest pricethrough managed competition 12
  15. 15. INNOVATIVE LEADERSHIPINITIATIVE PROGRESSImproved Energy Efficiency through “Wattage Wars”The Department of Facilities held the Wattage Wars competition, which Implemented in 2011challenged the staff of each County building to lower energy costs.Through the competition the County was able to reduce energy costsby $1.1 million over six months.Promoting Public-Private PartnershipsThe County expanded the pool of talent available to solve challenges by Announced and begun inpartnering with pro bono support from the business community along 2010/Ongoingwith non-profits and foundations. The County has engaged 29 firms on64 pro bono projects, receiving over $5 million in services towardstransforming Cook County.Established Relationships with Foundation PartnersToni has engaged foundations to find innovative ways to improve Announced and begun inCounty government. Efforts have focused around public safety, health 2011/Ongoingcare, innovation, economic development, workforce development, andforest preserves.Creating a Shared Services CenterThe new Shared-Services Center will formalize the work that the Chief Announced and begun inAdministrative Officer has been leading for the last six months through 2011/Ongoingincreased collaboration between departments, agencies, and theoffices of the separately elected officials. A new Shared-ServicesCenter has been created to implement and administer the work of thecommittee established previously by the Chief Administrative Officer.The Shared-Services Center will first focus on consolidating high-volume and specialty printing; mail distribution services; record storage,retention, and disposal; telephone operators; salvage and recycling;and contracts and procurement.Completing Collective Bargaining AgreementsAs of July 2011, only four of the 94 collective bargaining agreements Announced in 2011/had been completed. As of today, the County has negotiated and 2012 implementationsubmitted several dozen additional agreements to the Board forapproval. These agreements will affect 40% of the roughly 18,000unionized County employees. 13
  16. 16. INITIATIVE PROGRESSHolding Managed Competition for Custodial ServicesManaged competition is a structured, transparent procurement process Announced to be implementedthat allows open and fair competition between the current government in 2012workforce and potential private-sector companies for the governmentcontract. The labor-management partnership helps existinggovernment employees prepare bids that are competitive with private-sector options. The lowest bid will receive the government contract.Through a managed competition process, the government will ensurehigh-quality custodial services at the lowest cost with guaranteedperformance.Holding Apps 4 Metro Chicago CompetitionThe County launched the Apps 4 Metro Chicago competition where it Ongoinginvites software developers, community groups, businesses andindividuals to build apps that solve problems and improve services inMetro Chicago.Launching Municipal Marketing InitiativeThe County has developed an initiative that will allow third parties to Ongoinguse various County assets for advertising purposes. This initiativeexpected to result in a more efficient use of County assets and isprojected to generate approximately $2-3 million in revenue.Launching Choose Cook County CampaignThe Board of Commissioners approved a 2012 budget amendment Announced and begun inallocating funds towards a campaign to help County businesses attract 2011/Ongoingcustomers. Businesses located in Cook County had been hit hard withthe previous sales tax increase, as residents have crossed Countylines to purchase goods and items.Consolidating IT Infrastructure and Utility ServicesThe lack of technology coordination is expensive, makes cooperation Announced and begun indifficult, and burdens County operations. Responsibility for technology 2011/Ongoinginfrastructure and utility services was transferred from all Countyagencies and the Health System to the Bureau of Technology.Formalizing the Employment PlanThe Bureau of Human Resources is working to formalize the Cook Announced and begun inCounty Employment Plan. Human Resources has developed an 2011/Ongoingimproved work process flow chart and created and revised forms andcorrespondences in order to enhance the hiring and employmentprocess. 14
  17. 17. TRANSPARENCY &ACCOUNTABILITY DATA SETS AVAILABLE ON COUNTY WEBSITE 250 228 200 150 Data sets 100 50 0 July August September October November December Month Through the Open Data initiative, 228 valuable data sets (e.g. detailed foreclosure data; Office performance data) have been added to There were not any data sets available to residents prior to the initiative. The President has worked collaboratively with Commissioners of both parties and from the City and the suburbs. She has strived to make the budget process more transparent and collaborative. 15
  18. 18. What we have doneImproved budget transparency by holding first executive branch town hall,first online town hall, and released resident-friendly budget documentsTraveled the entire County, visiting all 17 Commissioners’ districts within100 daysCreated a transparent Boards and Commissions Appointment processImproved transparency of County Board meetings What we are doingContinually adding valuable data sets to data.cookcountyil.govReleasing Quarterly STAR Reports that report performance and year-to-data spending for all County Offices and Agencies What to expectLive video streaming of the County Board meetings on the County’swebsiteAll employees in the Offices Under the President have received ethicstrainingA regional open data portal that includes the County, the City and theState of Illinois 16
  19. 19. TRANSPARENCY & ACCOUNTABILITYINITIATIVE PROGRESSCreated an Open Data PortalCreated a website to support the open Implemented in 2011/Ongoinggovernment ordinance and published County’s first Open GovernmentPlan. Over 228 data sets have been released on the Open Datawebsite. The County is also developing a regional portal with the City ofChicago and the State of Illinois.Expanded Ethics TrainingThe President issued an executive order that her entire staff, not just Announced and begun insenior level officials and employees, be required to take ethics training. 2011/OngoingInstituting proper training will be the first step in establishing a moreaccountable culture. By using technology, the County will be able toensure that its employees are aware and trained on proper ethicspolicies and procedures without a significant additional cost.Requiring Employees to Log Political ContactsIn an initiative created by working with the County’s Inspector General Implemented in 2011and the compliance administrators for the County and ForestPreserves, the County and Forest Preserve require employees to logcontacts from elected officials regarding certain employment actions.Political contact logs are reviewed and maintained by the CountyInspector General.Held First Preliminary Budget Public HearingToni held the first executive budget public hearing prior to the release of Implemented in 2011her recommendation on the 2012 budget.Held First Online Town HallTo interact directly with constituents, Toni held her first online town hall Implemented in 2011in August 2011. Users were able to ask questions directly to Toni bothreal time and ahead of time via Twitter and the County’s website. Staffwas also available to answer questions via chat. Video of the town hallwas streamed live on the County’s website. Over 200 County residentsparticipated in the event.Imposed Quarterly AllotmentsThe Budget Department imposed quarterly allotments for the first time Implemented in 2011/Ongoingto limit the amount of funds available to departments in order todecrease the likelihood that departments would run out of money bythe end of the year. 17
  20. 20. INITIATIVE PROGRESSMaking Boards and Commissions Process TransparentThe President makes appointments to more than 50 boards, Implemented in 2011/Ongoingcommissions, committees, sanitary and mosquito abatement districtswhich have impact on citizens of Cook County. Toni requires thatcitizens apply for boards online at site also includes pertinent information about each board andcommission, such as the number of members, length of term,qualifications, and names and status of board members.Launched Budget WebsiteThe Budget Department launched an interactive preliminary budget Implemented in 2011/Ongoingwebsite. The website took a comprehensive look at the preliminarybudget and broke down the $315 million shortfall. The website had aninteractive function that allows users to see how reducing expendituresor increasing revenues would affect the $315 million budget gap. Thewebsite was updated on the release of the President’s ExecutiveBudget Recommendation and will be updated to include the finalbudget as adopted.Publishing Budget to Actuals QuarterlyFor the first time, the County is collecting and publishing its budget-to- Implemented in 2011/Ongoingactual spending on a quarterly basis as a way to track progress andstay accountable about meeting budget goals throughout the year.Improved Grants ManagementThe Budget Department developed a grants manual and grant RFP Implemented in 2011/Ongoingpolicies and procedures. Cook County Works, CommunityDevelopment, the Department of Homeland Security and EmergencyManagement, and the Judicial Advisory Council have worked toimprove management and spending of the grants they receive.Improved Transparency of Board MeetingsBy working with the Bureau of Information Technology, the Secretary of Announced and begun inthe Board has been able to provide live webcast of audio for County 2011/OngoingBoard meetings and video of all regular County Board meetings. TheSecretary is working to add an enhanced search feature that will allowfor keyword searches of video clips online. 18
  21. 21. PUBLIC SAFETY REDUCING THE JAIL POPULATION 10400 2005 10200Average Daily Population 10000 9800 9600 2007 9400 9200 2009 9000 2011 8800 8600 8400 Jan Feb March April May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec MonthThe STAR review sessions focused on reducing the jail populationthrough the increased use of electronic monitoring. The Presidentmatched a grant to the Sheriff to provide additional services forindividuals who are put on Electronic Monitoring. INCREASING USE OF ELECTRONIC MONITORING 19
  22. 22. What we have doneSet meaningful goals for the public safety system (e.g. reducing the jailpopulation)Worked collaboratively to significantly increase non-violent offenders onElectronic MonitoringAdvocated for electronic risk assessments to promote data sharing in thecriminal justice system What we are doingReducing the jail population by investing in alternatives to detentionReducing the number of youth detained in the JTDC by investing inCommunity based alternativesConsolidating the five weekend bond courts in the suburban municipaldistricts at the Criminal Courthouse in ChicagoPromoting reintegration programs that divert non-violent offenders intorehabilitative programs What to expectClosure of one of the nine JTDC centers by June, 2012Reduction in the average daily population of the jail by 1,000 detaineesover the next year 20
  23. 23. PUBLIC SAFETYINITIATIVE PROGRESSIncreasing Non-Violent Offenders on Elec. MonitoringThrough collaborative work of the criminal justice stakeholders, the Implemented in 2011number of detainees facing non-violent charges on electronicmonitoring (EM) increased to over 1,100 from a low of 100 in 2009.Facilitated Expansion of EM for Low-Risk OffendersThe President gave a matching grant to the Sheriff’s Office of up to $1 Included a plan in the 2012million for job training and other services for residents on Electronic budget.Monitoring.Working Collaboratively to Close Jail TiersToni brought together elected officials, funders, and pro bono partners Included a plan in the 2012to examine areas where the public safety system can be more efficient. budget. Savings expected inBy examining opportunities to responsibly reduce the jail population 2012and close jail tiers, the County can save up to $5M in 2011.Improving Efficiency of Criminal Justice SystemThe Cook County Criminal Justice Coordinating Council was reinstated Announced and begun into promote collaborative efforts with key criminal justice stakeholders. 2011/OngoingWorking groups will be focused on the following topics: IT/Data Sharing;Professional Development; Re-Entry/Recidivism Reduction.Advocating for Electronic Risk AssessmentsThe administration monitored the state wide push for a uniform Ongoingassessment tool and advocated for electronic assessments to permitdata sharing and reduce the number of assessments done.Reconvened Judicial Advisory CouncilThe Judicial Advisory Council Advisory Board, now chaired by Illinois Implemented in 2011Supreme Court Justice Anne Burke, held its first meeting in four years.Awarded Adult Redeploy Illinois GrantThe County secured a $1 million grant from the State of Illinois for an Announced in 2011/Adult Redeploy Project—a project designed to reduce the number of 2012 implementationCook County residents going to prison for technical parole violations.Holding Foundation Working Group on Public SafetyThe President’s Office has worked with area foundations to create a Ongoingworking group which has been examining the following issues: systemmapping, enhanced pre-trial services, and mental health initiatives. 21
  24. 24. INITIATIVE PROGRESSReducing Time to Disposition in Non-Complex CasesTo ensure that clients with non-complex cases are represented Announced/To be implementedadequately and efficiently, the Public Defender’s Office will work to in 2012ensure that continuances are monitored and evaluated in specificcases to ensure that the motion will not simply increase a defendant’stime to disposition.Began Public Defender-Court Clerk Data ProjectWorking with the Bureau of Technology, the Public Defender’s Office Announced and begun instarted the design and build of the “Court Clerk Data Download” 2011/To be implemented insoftware project which will allow the office to input case data from the 2012Clerk’s system into its own case management system. Created New Attorney Evaluation ProcedureThe Public Defender’s Office has developed an attorney evaluation Announced and begun inform that will allow management to better evaluate the staff. In Fiscal 2011/Ongoingyear 2012, the management staff will be trained on the procedures forconducting these evaluations.Enhanced Emergency Response CapabilityIn 2011, the Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Announced and begun inManagement began the process of creating an operational response 2011/Ongoingcapability that closely coordinates and communicates with othermunicipal first responder agencies throughout Cook County. In 2011,DHSEM created a DUTY DESK concept which provides emergencypersonnel throughout the County with real-time information andintelligence 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.Developing an Emergency Training & Exercise ProgramDHSEM is developing a robust training and exercise program to Announced and begun inaddress the needs and priorities of the first responders of all 128 2011/Ongoingmunicipalities in Cook County.Collaborating to Reduce Community ViolenceThe County is co-facilitating a multi-disciplinary leadership team and Announced and begun inviolence prevention, intervention, and response working groups with 2011/Ongoingthe City of Chicago with the goal of reducing violence in the region.Efforts include One Summer Chicago, aimed at providing summerprogramming targeted to at-risk youth. 22
  25. 25. HEALTH CARE REDUCING HEALTH SYSTEM’S RELIANCE ON TAXPAYER DOLLARS Figures in $millions 35 42 53 384 254 CCHHS Revenue Personnel- Contract Final Subsidy Related Savings Subsidy Request SavingsIn 2012, the President’s Office worked with the Health System to reducethe subsidy the County provides the Health System without reducingpatient care. Toni was named the Vice Chair of the Health Steering Committee for the National Association of Counties (NACo). As the implementation date for Health Care Reform approaches, she will lead efforts to ensure that our public health systems are prepared 23
  26. 26. What we have doneReduced the patient subsidy without reducing patient careIncreased funding for strategic public health initiativesReconvened the Southland Advisory Council to ensure Southlandresidents voices are heard What we are doingHelping professionalize the Health System to improve systemcompetitivenessTaking a leadership role in regional and national healthcareWorking collaboratively to help prepare for healthcare reformPromoting a labor-management partnership on patient care What to expectFormation of regional healthcare panel to address gaps in care in theregionStrategic approach to preparations for implementation of Health Reformin 2014 24
  27. 27. HEALTH CAREINITIATIVE PROGRESSReduced the Subsidy without Reducing Patient CareWorking collaboratively with the Health System, the President’s Implemented in 2012 Budgetadministration was able to lower the subsidy the County provides to thehealth system without reducing patient care. Significant budget savingswere achieved through reducing supply chain and non-patient serviceexpenditures, and eliminating unfilled new and vacant positions. Thehealth system lowered its dependence on County funds withoutreducing patient services while avoiding substantial layoffs.Expedited the 2015 Strategic PlanThe President’s administration worked with the health system to Began in 2011/Ongoingexpedite the implementation of their strategic plan: Vision 2015. Theplan calls to reallocate dollars more efficiently to strengthen specialtycare and develop comprehensive outpatient centers at strategically-located sites. The President worked with the health system, board andcommunity groups to gain approval to transform Oak Forest Hospitalinto a regional outpatient center.Increased Funding for Dental CareToni recommended an increase in funding for dental health by $1 Implemented in 2012 budgetmillion. Poor oral health has been linked with a number of otherdiseases including diabetes, heart and lung diseases, stroke, and low-birth-weight, premature births. Large areas of Cook County have beendesignated by the federal government as Dental Health ProfessionalShortage Areas (HPSAs) and funding for outpatient dental care willhelp reduce these growing trends.Increased Funding for Access to CareToni recommended an increase in funding by $1 million for Access to Implemented in 2012 budgetCare to provide primary care to underserved residents in suburbanCook County. Access to Care will be able to partner with localproviders to offer routine medical exams, diagnostic labs, x-rays andprescribe medicine to underserved populations. Approximately 4,350low-income residents will be linked with a primary care physicianthrough this grant.Provided Term Appointment Details for Health BoardThe administration worked with the Board of Commissioners to provide Implemented in 2012 budgetfor specific term appointments for members of the Independent HealthSystems Board. 25
  28. 28. INITIATIVE PROGRESSTaking on a National Leadership Role in HealthcareToni was named the Vice Chair of the Health Steering Committee for Elected in 2011the National Association of Counties (NACo). She will have theopportunity to lead efforts around strengthening service delivery,providing residents with proper access to care, and ensuring that publichealth systems are sustainable for years to come.Preparing for Health Care ReformThe administration is working collaboratively with CCHHS to Implemented in 2011professionalize the system and lower administrative costs in order toinvest in patient care and make it competitive for the implementation ofthe Affordable Care Act in 2014.Taking a Regional Approach to HealthcareFollowing the Joint Committee on City-County Collaborations Announced and begun inrecommendation, the President will convene a panel regarding regional 2011/Ongoinghealth care in preparation for the implementation of healthcare reformin 2014. The panel will examine how to link County facilities, federallyqualified health care centers, and private hospitals to meet the careneeds of all residents.Creating a Labor Management PartnershipThe President will work to create a Labor Management Health First Quarter 2012Partnership in which the health system will collaborate with workersand physicians in decision making and create a process that willimprove patient care and infection control.Created a Southland Health Advisory CouncilA Southland Health Advisory Council was reconvened to give a way for First Quarter 2012faith and community leaders to have input on the future of health carein the Southland. The eleven-member council meets quarterly to adviseToni on public health care issues in the Southland region.Partnering with Foundations on Health IssuesThe President’s Office and the health system have worked with area Implemented in 2011foundations to create a working group to address health care issuesfacing the region. The group has received an in-kind donation to studyof mentally ill in judicial and health systems as well as a grant to studythe need for pediatric dentistry at Provident Hospital.   26
  29. 29. PROPERTY & TAXATION Assessor The Assessor sets the value of County properties (Assessments) through a mass appraisal process Assessor After assessments are completed, the Assessor hears (Appeals) appeals of the assessments Board of The Board of Review also hears appeals. Every The property tax Review appeal to the Board of Review is reviewed by each of (Appeals) the three Commissioners’ staffs. process can be confusing and arduous The Assessor reviews the Board of Review file and for taxpayers. Assessor (Certification) makes the necessary adjustments to the The County is assessments. working to make the property The Assessor sends the completed assessments to system more Illinois Dept. of Revenue the Illinois Department of Revenue, which creates the efficient and more tax multiplier and sends the assessments back to the (Multiplier) Assessor. accessible for taxpayers. Assessor The Assessor then certifies the final assessments and (Review & sends them to the County Clerk. Adjustment) Clerk The Clerk calculates the tax rates and sends the final(Calculate Rates) rates to the Treasurer. Treasurer The Treasurer mails the tax bills to property owners(Mails & Collects and collects the taxes. Bills) The County sent its tax bills out 43 days earlier in 2010 27
  30. 30. What we have doneConvened the stakeholders in the processSet goals for the property tax systemCreated an online appeals process for the Board of Review What we are doingWorking to develop a sophisticated measure for the cost of theassessment and appeals processesMapping the property tax process to gain a full understanding of eachstep What to expectA tax system that is easier and more understandable for property ownersA clear description of the cost associated with each step of the propertyassessment and appeals process 28
  31. 31. PROPERTY & TAXATIONINITIATIVE PROGRESSConvened the Stakeholders in the ProcessThe stakeholders in the property tax system were convened through the Announced and begun inSTAR performance management process to discuss ways to make the 2011/Ongoingsystem more transparent and efficient.Created Board of Review Online AppealsIn partnership with the Bureau of Technology, the Cook County Board Completed in 2011of Review created an online appeals process. Property tax appealswere previously filed downtown at the Cook County Building. Theonline system creates a more open and convenient appeal process fortaxpayers, allowing homeowners to appeal their property taxassessment online.Mapping the Property Tax ProcessThrough the STAR process, stakeholders are taking a look at each step Announced and begun inin the property tax process to develop a clear picture of the work that is 2011/Ongoingperformed at each step.Understanding the Cost of Assessment and AppealsThe administration is working with stakeholders to develop a Ongoingsophisticated measure of the cost and appeal functions per parcel. Themeasure will be included in future STAR Reports.Completed the Tax Process EarlierTax bills were mailed 43 days earlier this year. The administration Completed in 2011/Ongoingworked collaboratively with the stakeholders in the property tax systemto make sure they had the resources they needed to efficientlycomplete the tax cycle. The President will continue to work with theproperty tax system to work toward mailing property tax bills out ontime, 29
  32. 32.   30
  33. 33. ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT The Department of Community Development is ramping-up investment of NSP grant funds to create jobs and provide much needed development in County communities SALES TAX RATE COMPARISON 2.00% 1.80% 1.60% 1.40% 1.20% 1.00% 0.80% 1.75% 0.60% 1.25% 0.40% 1.00% 0.75% 0.75% 0.20% 0.00% Jan 1, 2008 July 1, 2008 July 1, 2010 Jan 1, 2012 Jan 1, 2013 County residents and business owners will be relieved of $440M in taxes with the complete sales tax roll back 31
  34. 34. What we have doneKeeping the commitment to repeal the 1% Stroger sales tax increaseCreated a unified Bureau of Economic DevelopmentHeld financial literacy workshops What we are doingInvesting in suburban infrastructureConsolidating City and County workforce effortsDeveloping a comprehensive growth agenda with investment fromfoundationsWorking collaboratively to mitigate the foreclosure crisis What to expectComplete repeal of the Stroger sales tax increase by January 1, 2013Comprehensive strategic plan to promote economic growth in the region 32
  35. 35. ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENTINITIATIVE PROGRESSKeeping the Commitment to Lowering the Sales TaxPresident Preckwinkle is keeping her promise to roll back the 1% sales Committed to reduction intax increase. The increase will be reduced by .25% on January 1, 2012 FY2011 and FY2012 Budgetsand eliminated completely in 2013 – lifting a $400M burden off ofresidents and businesses.Investing in Suburban InfrastructureThe County is investing in suburban highways, roads and bridges by Included a plan in the 2012bonding off Motor Fuel Tax (MFT) funds to support a job-creating budget.$100M infrastructure plan. Previously, these projects were funded onan annual, pay-as-you-go basis, not allowing for long-term, guidedcapital investments in our suburbs. The 2012 expected capitalimprovement spending budget of $49M is projected to create 1,316jobs in 2012, concentrated in suburban Cook County.Created a New Bureau of Economic DevelopmentIn the FY2011 budget, the President merged the Department of Implemented in 2011Planning and Development, Office of Capital Planning and Policy,Department of Building and Zoning and Cook County Works under theBureau of Economic Development focused on creating economicopportunities for businesses, communities, and the workforce in theregion.Initiated Cook County Economic Growth Strategy StudyThrough the working partnership with the Economic Development Announced and begun inFoundations Collaborative, Chicago Community Trust agreed to fund a 2011/Ongoingstudy for the Bureau of Economic Development focused on thedevelopment of a comprehensive growth agenda for Cook County.Restructured Workforce TrainingThe President re-branded the office formerly known as the President’s Implemented in 2011Office of Employment Training and renamed it Cook County Works(CCW). They revised workforce fiscal policies and practices and re-organized the agency to reflect administrative oversight of delegateagencies. CCW ceased work as direct service provider.Created the Chicagoland Workforce BoardPresident Preckwinkle and Mayor Emanuel announced the Announced in 2011/consolidation of City and County workforce boards and workforce 2012 implementationdevelopment agencies to increase efficiencies and broaden servicedelivery throughout the region. 33
  36. 36. INITIATIVE PROGRESSImproved Summer Youth Employment ProgramCCW employed approximately 500 youth and young adults in Cook Implemented in 2011County agencies, businesses and non-profit organizations, in a widevariety of fields.Held Bank of America Financial Literacy WorkshopsThe county is holding on-going financial literacy workshops offered to Held in 2011/OngoingCook County residents at CCWs One-Stop Centers (Cicero, ChicagoHeights, Maywood and Oak Forest) provided at no cost by Bank ofAmerica volunteers. Expected to serve 350 to 500 County residents permonth.Collaborated on Vacancy Foreclosure InitiativeThe Department of Administrative Hearings has worked collaboratively Announced in 2011/Ongoingto develop a plan that would assist the Chancery Division of the CircuitCourt in reducing the backlog of foreclosures which is well in excess of100,000.Partnering on Logistic Park Calumet, Harvey, IL.Department of Highways partnered with CNT and the South Suburban Announced and begun inMayors and Managers Association to apply for a Transportation 2011/OngoingInvestment Generating Economic Recovery (TIGER) Grant for anintermodal connector that is key to the development of Logistics ParkCalumet. These local Intermodal Connectors are part of the NationalHighway System but their current deplorable condition has been called“a national disgrace”. It will provide a catalyst for industrial developmentand jobs creation in some of the region’s most economically depressedneighborhoods.   34
  37. 37. FOREST PRESERVE DISTRICT INCREASING ATTENDANCE AT FOREST PRESERVE NATURE CENTERS 500,000 485,000 480,000The Forest Preserve 460,000 453,000District is working to 440,000increase visits to its six 420,000nature centers through 400,000public outreach, 380,000especially with young 360,000people. 340,000 320,000 300,000 2008 2009 *2011 data through Nov. 20, projected for full year The District’s new “Greens for Teens” Annual Golf Tournament will help fund new youth programming and help bring Cook County young people on visits to its six nature centers. 35
  38. 38. What we have doneConducted a comprehensive desk audit of the Cook County ForestPreserve DistrictCreated additional positions in the ecology division and expanded thevolunteer resource programImproved public interface, including a new website with updated guidesand maps What we are doingIdentifying and acquiring key land parcels to create connections betweenpropertiesExpanding outreach initiatives and educational programs, particularly forchildrenWorking to continually grow the Forest Preserves District volunteer corpsFocusing on greater accountability throughout the entire organization What to expectComplete the Forest Preserves District Land Acquisition PlanContinued commitment to natural land restoration 36
  39. 39. FOREST PRESERVE DISTRICTINITIATIVE PROGRESSImplementing Desk Audit RecommendationsThe District reorganized and clarified the roles and responsibilities of Announced and begun ineach of the District’s departments, and moved twenty-five positions to 2011/Ongoinglocations where they would be most effective. In the FY2012 budget,the District began aligning positions and job titles with departments sothat staff know definitively to whom they report. This structural changewill allow District staff to be more responsive to public requests forinvolvement and to more effectively engage partners, volunteers andland stewards.Expanding Youth Outreach OpportunitiesThe District’s Mighty Acorns Program involved 32 schools and over Ongoing3,900 students during the 2011-2012 school years. The Districtcollaborated on the “Leave No Child Inside” campaign, including specialprograms at nature centers, and training and educational programs.Continuing To Grow the Volunteer CorpsThe District has set the goal of doubling the number of volunteer hours Ongoingby 2014, targeting a 20% increase in 2011, 33% in 2012 and 45% in2013.Identifying and Making Key Land AcquisitionsThe Forest Preserve District continues to make strategic land Announced and begun inacquisitions to fill the gaps in our 300-mile trail system and add to our 2011/Ongoingforests, prairies and savannahs. This year alone, the District hasacquired 69 acres and we anticipate ending the year with a total of 170acres after the District closes on its proposed acquisition of 99 acresnear Burnham Prairie.Effectively Enforce EncroachmentsThe District has begun to effectively enforce encroachments on Forest Announced and begun inPreserve property and has already reclaimed six acres of land in 2011. 2011/OngoingCommitted to Natural Land RestorationThe District created eight new ecology and restoration staff positions, Announced and begun inthe largest increase in over ten years. This will better align the District’s 2011/Ongoingbudget with its mission to preserve and protect the natural lands andbeauty of the Forest Preserves, and better comply with requirementsrelated to grants from the Army Corps of Engineers. 37
  40. 40. INITIATIVE PROGRESSIncreasing Public AccessThe District redesigned its web site with new features including a Announced and begun insearch engine, expanded media capabilities, a General 2011/OngoingSuperintendent’s blog, and social media functions including a Twitterfeed. They also developed mobile interactive applications for theBlackberry and Apple iPhone that provides an interactive navigationalmap of the District and essential information about picnic groves, biketrails, fishing, and hiking trails. The district also updated the fishingguide and picnic grove maps.Improving District InfrastructureThe District is faced with decades of deferred maintenance. The Announced and begun inDistrict will allocate just under $8 million for infrastructure 2011/Ongoingimprovements such as repairs and replacements of existing bridges,plumbing systems, and other related needs.Updating Technology and EquipmentThe District is creating an Intranet system to share and archive Announced and begun ininformation, institute and update processes and policies, and better 2011/Ongoingcommunicate with employees. All full-time District staff will have emailaddresses, receive skills training, and have clear job descriptions andresponsibilities.Improving Personnel OversightThe administration collaborated with District Legal Department to Announced and begun insuccessfully create an Employment Plan as required per the 2009 2011/OngoingSupplemental Relief Order. They also improved their Seasonal HiringProcess which hired seasonal employees sooner and provided firstever District orientation class. Reduced aquatic staff overtime by 90%from 2010 seasonReceived Several National and Local AwardsThe District received the US EPA and Chicago Wilderness Excellence Received in 2011in Conservation and Native Landscaping Award Received for theOrland Grassland Restoration Project and the third consecutiveCertificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting forComprehensive Annual Financial Reports.   38
  41. 41. LOOKING TOWARD 2012Toni’s first year demonstrates important progresstoward aching achieving her goal of making CookCounty the best run county in the United States.Toni has taken responsibility for giving County government anew direction. Despite daunting challenges, the County ismaking significant progress.As we look toward 2012 and beyond, Toni and her team arecommitted to providing:Fair and efficient criminal justice:Significant structural improvements to the criminal justicesystem will make the system more efficient. The County iscommitted to diverting low-risk, non-violent offenders tocommunity based alternatives to detention anddeinstitutionalizing juvenile offenders.Accessible, effective, and efficient healthcare:A regional approach to health care will promote a strategicapproach to providing care and expand access to the mostvulnerable. By working collaboratively with the Health andHospitals System we will continue to work to professionalizeoperations. 39
  42. 42. Timely, effective and accessible tax system:Residents should be able to pay their taxes in an easy andunderstandable manner. Communities and school districtswho rely on this revenue should receive these funds in atimely manner to fund local operations.Robust economic opportunities:A regional approach to economic development thatincorporates the strengths of the City and the suburbs topromote and grow the economic base for the entire region.Clean, safe and enjoyable Forest Preserves:Opportunities will be expanded to make the County’s openspaces more accessible for children, families, and outdoorenthusiasts.We deserve the best run County in the United States. Whatare your ideas for improving County government? Stay intouch with Toni and let her know your ideas on how theCounty can be improved. 40
  43. 43. Fiscal Innovative Transparency ImprovedResponsibility Leadership & Accountability Services