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This presentation covers the story that how Wateen re-brands its corporate identity and come up with new face along with some brand activation campaigns.

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  • Assalaam waliekum
    Muhammad Sohail Qureshi said:
    i requested to or wateen telecom . your new data usage policy is unfair and very strange policy !
    a common thing is your package name is 1mb unlimited but get only 40gb with 1mb !
    after this data stage get speed only 250kbps.
    1st i said that you telling a lie to every customer .
    mr ceo or owner of wateen telecom. your old usage policy is good and truth because maximum speed with maximum data usage is like that unlimited.
    but new policy is very low and very limited
    plz i requested to you take a action
    and change this policy
    i hope you understand this situation.
    Thankue in advance for give me a big favour!
    Regards: Msqureshi
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Story of Wateen Re-branding

  1. 1. WATEENRebranding & Brand Activation
  2. 2. I would like to thank all those known individuals/entities whose pictures and contentsI’ve used for making this presentation for educational purpose.
  3. 3. Syed Abdul Basit Marketer Telecom Professional
  4. 4. This presentation will discuss the rebranding phase of WateenTelecom from “We Connect” to “Jo Chaho” followed by the brandactivation campaignsSCOPE OF THE PRESENTATION
  5. 5. Reason for Wateen Reason of taking Wateen Telecom is that it is recognized as a largest WiMAX service provider in Pakistan Recently the Wateen brand is re-launched with new corporate identity has given the company a new modern look with a very extensive and rich history backing the expansions From branding perspective, Wateen itself is a brand and comes under Brand as an Organization
  6. 6. About Wateen Wateen Telecom, an Abu Dhabi Group venture started in 2007, is a converged communication services provider that fulfills connectivity requirements for organizations and individuals in Pakistan. Products/Services
  7. 7. Products & Services
  8. 8. Products & Services
  9. 9. Vision & Mission Vision “To lead Pakistan into the digital revolution” Mission  Deliver high-quality, flexible and innovative solutions that are cost-effective  Provide complete customer satisfaction on time, every time  Make ‘Broadband Pakistan’ a reality
  11. 11. New Slogan  Jo Chaho
  12. 12. MARKET RESEARCHCategory Profile, Customer Profile, Competitor Profile, Market Share, Customer Satisfaction Survey
  13. 13. Category Profile Current population of Pakistan ~ 179 million Total Broadband subscribers ~ 1.9 million Thebroadband penetration in Pakistan is only 1%, means still 99% of population are not using broadband service (mainly internet service except mobile internet users)
  14. 14. Customer Profile Majority of broadband users belongs to youth category Main Target Audience  Students and Business Executives Customer Needs  Unlimited Downloading  Seamless Video Streaming  Fastest Internet Browsing
  15. 15. Competitor ProfileBroadband Players Ranking Subscriber Base Brand Image Service Wateen 1st 300,000 Strong Wireless Telecom (WiMAX) Wi-tribe 2nd 150,000 Medium Qubee 3rd 75,000 Weak PTCL 1st 430,000 Very Strong Wireless WorldCall 2nd 148,441 Weak (EvDO) Wired PTCL 1st 450,000 Very Strong(DSL, HFC, NayaTel 2nd 150,000 Strong FTTH) Others 3rd 100,000 Medium or Weak Source: PTA – Telecom Indicators
  16. 16. Market Share Broadband Operators - Market Share 2011 Link Dot Qubee, 3% Net, 3% Others, 4%Wi-tribe, 9% WorldCall, 10% PTCL (DSL+EvDO), 57% Wateen, 15% Source: PTA Annual Report, 2011
  17. 17. Survey: Customer Satisfaction Customer Satisfaction 30% 28% 27% 25% 20% 20% 17% 15% 10% 8% 5% 0% Very Somewhat Neither Somewhat Very satisfied satisfied satisfied nor dissatisfied Dissatisfied dissatisfied
  18. 18. REBRANDING
  19. 19. New Corporate Identity Rebranding Philosophy  The philosophy behind the new visual identity represents ‘freedom’, based on the unlimited possibilities offered by Wateen for its consumers to connect, share, exchange and communicate whatever they desire.  The main concept for the design is to break free from all grids, rise above all constraints and simply explore the freedom provided through the internet.
  20. 20. New Corporate Identity Make it Possible through:  With this renewed spirit and a new management team to lead the transformation, the company has undergone a complete overhaul.  The turn-around is completely focused on building a dynamic and customer focused organization, investing in upgrading its network and re-engineering its systems and processes to deliver outstanding services.
  21. 21. New Corporate Identity Ambition  Wateen aims to become Pakistan’s largest and most trusted name in converged communications, providing the most advanced triple-play services in telephony, Internet and Cable TV, as well as networking and data management.  To this end, Wateen has already begun partnering with some of Pakistan’s leading institutions to expand its network and bring its vision of providing the internet to every household in Pakistan a little bit closer.
  23. 23. Digital Revolution Decision to rebrand Wateen  In early 2010, there were lots of negative associations with the brand, and customers had a lot of issues with us.  The brand did not fulfill its promises and the tagline – We Connect – was very functional.  Research also suggested that customers were not aware of Wateen’s entire product portfolio; and perceived as a company that just sells internet and the customers did not really know how Wateen is enabling Pakistan’s digital needs.  They realized that this was a challenge that could be translated into a huge opportunity.
  24. 24. Digital Revolution What to Communicate?  Wateen has diverse product portfolio, like providing data, voice telephony, and multimedia services for consumers and enterprise solutions for corporate customers. o Largest ICT company in Pakistan o Providing services to different sectors like healthcare, media, telecom, banking and finance o Connect more than 60-70% of ATMs in Pakistan o Launched WiMax in 25 cities of Pakistan and it was one of the largest WiMax rollouts in the world
  25. 25. Digital Revolution Planning for Rebranding  It starts with organizational change; the rebranding doesn’t mean only a change in visual identity, it also means a change in how to approach the business. Wateen has new management, a new CEO (Naeem Zamindar) and new people on the board  Focus is on creating a new Wateen, which is innovative, responsive and responsible
  26. 26. Digital Revolution Planning for Rebranding (cont 1)  Rebranding meant to move on from past mistakes and focus on the vision, i.e. to lead Pakistan’s digital revolution  Within the organization, they have a new Customer Care Head and Chief Transformation Officer (CTO). Most organizations have a HR head but the Wateen’s CTO, is trying to transform the entire organizational mindset and make it more customer-centric
  27. 27. Digital Revolution Planning for Rebranding (cont 2)  Going back to the market with new brand promises; they are focusing on Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Sialkot, Multan and Gujranwala, and beefing up their network because 75% of the customers are currently in the metros  Retraining the staff to be more efficient and effective when it comes to solving customer problems  To improve day-to-day operations at the franchise level
  28. 28. Digital Revolution Major Reasons for Rebranding  Thereare multiple factors that led to the rebranding: o the service issues, o the competition, and o the new management with its transformative vision
  29. 29. Digital Revolution Cosmetic Benefits “We have transformed from functional to emotional. We have revamped our corporate ID symbols and icons to announce that the new Wateen is different from before. Our main objective is to introduce Wateen as more than a WiMax operator and to promote it as a Pakistani organization which truly believes in making a difference for people.” Sohaib Sheikh, Head of Marketing, Wateen
  31. 31. Brand Activation“A marketing interaction between consumers and the brand, where consumers can understand the brand better and accept it as a part of their lives.”
  32. 32. Brand Activation Principles To activate brand demand, Wateen has to ignite the passion of the consumer with the power of a big idea. There is a need to emotionally connect the brand with the consumer at the right time, in the right place and in the right way, thus motivating consumer commitment. By turning insight into action, the brand’s reason to believe becomes more acceptable and understanding, and the opportunity to purchase becomes more promising.
  34. 34. Wateen Freedom Booth Freedom Booth, a revolutionary communications medium. The first of its kind to be launched anywhere in the world. Reflects Wateen capabilities as a leader in converged communication services and exemplify the company’s data, voice and content creation services. Its applications are limitless. This cutting-edge medium of communications aims to maximize the application potential of the internet, while helping connect people across the country.
  35. 35. At Freedom Booth Launch “Currently, we are asking people to share their ideas on how they intend to make a change in society and help progress Pakistan. In the future, we also intend on utilizing this content and sharing it through Wateen’s various media channels and cable network.” Syed Jibran Ali, Chief Commercial Officer, Wateen
  36. 36. At Freedom Booth Launch “We are excited with the opportunity the Freedom Booths present – how these can revolutionize the use of communications on a global level and change the way we experience the internet. The Booths are also a great medium for people to experience the promise of Wateen brand and the services we offer. I believe these will help people who have never used the internet before to experience its power and to bring about a digital revolution in Pakistan.” Naeem Zamindar, CEO, Wateen
  37. 37. • Freedom booths are attached to quad bikeswith a rally of brand ambassadors carryingthe call out to express for your country.• Brand ambassadors are carrying messagesplacards and involving people in the activity.• This activity is conducted in six cities whichinclude Multan, Sialkot, Faisalabad, Gujrat,Sahiwal & Surgohda.• These booths are placed out side thecolleges and universities and move to marketplaces in the evening time.
  39. 39. Communication Material Communication style adapted for freedom booth is journalism.A newsletter is released with a new campaign on freedom booth.
  40. 40. OnSocialMedia
  41. 41. In Newspapers
  42. 42. Activity Pictures
  43. 43. People AreEnjoying WithWateen’s Freedom Booth
  44. 44. Inside view of Freedom Booth
  46. 46. Wateen Scouts A revolutionary youth movement, Wateen provides a platform to the youth of Pakistan to step forward and present their ideas for making a difference.A grand opportunity to materialize dreams into reality; Wateen will facilitate the shortlisted suggestions and help bring them to life.
  48. 48. BRAND METRICSBrand Equity Metrics, Brand Penetration, Brand Development Index
  49. 49. Brand Equity Metrics Brand Equity Metrics70%60% 60% 55%50%40% 40% 40%30%20%10% 0% Differentiation Relevance Esteem Knowledge
  50. 50. Brand Penetration Wateen’s Brand Penetration is 0.17% As the market penetration of broadband is 1%, the brand image of Wateen in customers mind is 17% of the broadband industry Thereis a huge opportunity for Wateen to penetrate in this segment aggressively.
  51. 51. “If my mind can conceive it and my heart can believe it, then surely I can achieve it”. Jesse Jackson
  52. 52. Concluding Remarks It is this can-do attitude which will lead Wateen into an era of openness and enlightenment. This change in mindset is what is required to lead the country out of it’s current despondency. The Internet will help in leading this change. Wateen is a great example of brand as an organization and its core values shows the brand personality that one can adapt.
  53. 53. THANK YOU@ SyedAbdulBasit