Generating Employment Alternatives for Self Reliance (G.E.A.R)
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Generating Employment Alternatives for Self Reliance (G.E.A.R)

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GEAR was formed in 2010 with the core purpose of helping the deprived section of the society to stand on its own feet through self-employment. The very first activity of GEAR was to provide sewing......

GEAR was formed in 2010 with the core purpose of helping the deprived section of the society to stand on its own feet through self-employment. The very first activity of GEAR was to provide sewing machines to four women in Korangi area in Karachi, Pakistan on interest-free lending. This initiative helped these four women to start their independent tailoring businesses earning about four to five thousand rupees a month.

Each one of these women paid back an amount of Rs. 1000 every month to GEAR, expanding its funds pool, which was used to support new partners. The journey went on and stands at this moment with addition of men and women, girls and boys supporting this noble cause of social business for uplifting individuals and society as a whole.

GEAR funds and provides business model development support to its partners without charging anything for financial and allied services. It is an organization in ‘social business’ based on funds from those who can afford to those who are in need—with the objective of empowering the later to becoming self-reliant in financial terms and then contributing to the revolving fund of GEAR.

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  • 2. INTRODUCTION Operational since 2010 Core Purpose - helping the deprived section of the society to stand on its own feet through Self Employment. Organization in ‘Social Business’ based on funds from those who can AFFORD to those who are in NEED
  • 3. VISION & MISSION Vision: Social and economic prosperity through establishing a culture of self-employment, dignity, and honor. Mission: GEAR is determined to create an innovative model of ‘social business’ for the financially challenged of the society by creating a sustainable financial resource coupled with a support system resulting in a continuous flow of economic activity.
  • 4. OBJECTIVES OF GEAR Identify poor section - Identify Financially Challenged people in the society (GEAR Partners) by referrals through friends and family circles. Develop an unique Self Employment Model matching the expertise and interest of GEAR PARTNER Fund the Self Employment Model of the selected partner and also help them in executing the same Monitor the results and Operational Mechanism of the Model on a continuous basis in order to ensure that the model is generating acceptable revenue. Troubleshoot wherever needed.
  • 5. OBJECTIVES OF GEAR Collecting GEAR partners’ contribution of profit to GEAR pool of funds (to the extent of initial amount funded only; no interest/profit is charged) in order to create the next round of Self-Employment for new partners, hence, the ‘Sadaqa-e-Jariah’ keeps on moving with every one benefitting in both the worlds InshaAllah. Make sure that GEAR-partners’ are earning a Halal living are morally conscious enough to spend their earnings on Jaiz (legitimate) personal and family needs and abstain from spending the money on drugs, alcohol, gambling etc. Provide support to GEAR-partners’ in case of a contingency like medical emergencies in family or accidental destruction of business setup etc.
  • 6. OUR OPERATIONAL PHILOSOPHY Funds: Local Funding of operational model Donors of social business is done through local and international donors. It basically started Int. from friends circle locally. This is Family FUNDS Donors a revolving fund which creates a multiplier effect. Nevertheless we treat this as a short-term measure for the start-up cycle. Friends
  • 7. OUR OPERATIONAL PHILOSOPHY Operational Expenses: Keeping our operational costs as minimum as possible, meetings are held at members’ homes, not at expensive venues. Volunteering : All of our Operational team members work without charging any salary and perform GEAR work including identification of candidates, visiting their places for evaluation, designing and helping out in execution of the social business model etc. and consider expenses incurred from their own resources as their contribution to GEAR pool of sadqa-e- jariah.
  • 8. OUR OPERATIONAL PHILOSOPHY Sustainability: Long run - More Sustainable Self Revenue Generating Model to bear its own expenses and fund the self employment rather than depending fully on donations etc. GEAR branded Self Employment Model e.g; GEAR Kiosk, GEAR Vegetable and Fruit Cart etc., which will be provided to GEAR partners to execute. Advertising and sales promotion tools for local and multinational companies and the advertising revenue earned will become resource of GEAR for funding business initiative of our partners.
  • 9. OUR OPERATIONAL PHILOSOPHY Affordable Contributions Short-term fund raising - through lifetime membership program by paying a lifetime fee of Rs. 500. The contribution goes into the revolving fund for creating self-employment of GEAR partners. The convenience based contribution model can raise big funds e.g., 50000 members contributing Rs. 500 each Rs. 25m creating 1000 self-employment and a multiplier effect of 10,000 families in 10 years.
  • 10. OUR OPERATIONAL PHILOSOPHY Focus on Women and Family:  Together with male partners, GEAR focuses on women and the entire family to put them into self-employment in especially designed areas.  In this connection, partnering with Industrial Homes and Training Centers for skill development like sewing, secretarial work, etc. is also taken up as project.  Training cost is also put into social investment and GEAR partners are expected to contribute in the pool of financial resources after earning and income generation activities based on the skill developed.
  • 11. OUR OPERATIONAL PHILOSOPHY Strategic Partnership with Allied Services to improve the life of GEAR partners:  GEAR goes into strategic partnership with other Social and Educational Institutions to improve the life of its partners catering to services as Health and Medical facilities, Skill Development for Self-employment, Religious, Moral, and Spiritual insights development and such other areas of vital importance.
  • 12. How We Operate.. •Visit the candidates at their home 4. •Funding is strictly done for the sake 1. and collect information. of core purpose i.e. creating self- •Family composition - number of employment so as not to deviate family members being supported Core Team Meets Identification on Weekly/ from the core purpose of GEAR. of Potential •Present income Fortnightly basis GEAR also avoids funding of Candidates •School going children and their for interviewing businesses which are non-Islamic and needs and final injurious to the society e.g. •History of self-employment approval pan/beri/gutka shop etc., •Potential trade in which they need support, •Amount of fund needed2. 5. Funds are not released to candidate in cash but in terms of investments. The Volunteer organizes the self-employment activity with necessary tools, raw material purchases, infrastructure investments, etc 3. 6. GEAR provides monthly feedback to the donor in terms of an overall operational and financial report. It is also done for specific GEAR partners who have been funded by some donors. An operational progress report together with financial status is also provided to such donors.
  • 13. SELF EMPLOYMENT MODEL EXAMPLES Vegetable carts  Street Food stalls Fruit carts  Flower Making Pop corn carts  Leveraging parts from C grades Potato chips stalls Imported Jeans Domestic sewing  Selling garments in family and Tailor shop friends circle Tyre Repairing shop  Car Cleaning Clothes/Fabric selling Motor Cycle mechanic shop  Candle making/distribution Fabric selling at various markets  Donkey Cart for transporting materials Rickshaw  Artificial jewelry/ornaments for Retail Kiosks ladies Residential Small Retail shop  Components and Parts for Shoes Vault making Cap making
  • 14. Our Work
  • 15. FINANCIAL STATISTICSTotal Receipts Rs. 5,875,832Total Disbursements Rs. 5,586,110Total families helped 319Total Active cases 126Average Loan Size Rs. 17,511Administrative expenses 5%Recovery Ratio: 91.5%
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