Nikon 1 v1 10.1 mp hd digital camera system with 10 30mm vr 1 nikkor lens (black)
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  • 1. My Associates StoreShopping CartProduct DetailsNikon 1 V1 10.1 MP HD Digital CameraSystem with 10-30mm VR 1 NIKKORLens (Black)From NikonThis item is not available for purchase from this store.20 new or used available from $299.00Average customer review:(111 customer reviews)Product Description A revolutionary new imaging system from Nikon, harmoniuously designed from the ground up The Nikon V1 is faster than you are with the worlds fastest autofocus among cameras with AF Advanced Photography Features that let you become all the photographer you want to be Command your creativity with the simultaneous capture of still and Full HD video Bring your images to life with Nikons new Motion SnapshotProduct Details Amazon Sales Rank: #1651 in Camera & Photo Size: 10-30mm Lens Color: Black Brand: Nikon Model: 27504 Published on: 2011-10-24 Dimensions: 8.00" h x 8.00" w x 6.00" l, 2.90 pounds
  • 2. Features A revolutionary new imaging system from Nikon, harmoniuously designed from the ground up The Nikon V1 is faster than you are with the worlds fastest autofocus among cameras with AF Advanced Photography Features that let you become all the photographer you want to be Command your creativity with the simultaneous capture of still and Full HD video Bring your images to life with Nikons new Motion SnapshotEditorial ReviewsFrom the ManufacturerFor your very mobile lifestyle comes a completely new imaging system designed withfreedom—to create and express—in mind. Creativity without boundaries is yours with a balanceof high performance, advanced features, portability and newly designed interchangeable lenssystem. Compact and highly portable, the Nikon 1 V1 goes everywhere you go. Amazing imagescaptured with a highly responsive autofocus plus super fast shooting speed. Touch a dial andcapture Full HD (1080p) movies. Snap high resolution still photos even while you record! Attacha Speedlight to add fill light, or use the GPS unit to add location data to image files. Infuse yourworld with imagery and express as never before.
  • 3. Witness the revolutionary new Nikon 1 SystemA breakthrough in technology and designCapture every moment of an incredible life with an evolution in imaging technology. At the heartof Nikon 1 is EXPEED 3, a culmination of years of dedication to advancing digital imagingtechnologies. Witness outstanding system performance, high-speed dual image processors, state-of-the-art focal-plane phase detection auto focus and the fastest data transfer rates. Superiorimage quality, tone reproduction, advanced noise reduction, and an ability to create a whole newtype of image are all delivered with the new Nikon 1.Focus without hesitationAdvanced hybrid AF puts the focus in your controlYour camera goes with you everywhere since moments worth sharing can happen at any instant.Nikon 1 V1 delivers an amazing 10fps speed in autofocus and 60fps in manual mode, courtesy ofa unique combination of contrast and focal plane phase detect autofocus. Don’t let yourcreativity be hindered by slow focus speed. Even fast moving action is rendered with amazingclarity—thanks to an incredible 73 point AF array continuously working to ensure everything issharp and clear.
  • 4. Professional touches extend versatilityFeatures to bring photography into the incredibleWork like a pro with an advanced set of features that extend creativity. Flexibility comes to yourworkflow allowing composition with either the electronic viewfinder or Live View LCD panelduring both still and movie work. Extend your lighting range by tapping the multi-accessory portand connect the small, yet powerful Speedlight unit. Capture perfect audio for all movie needs byplugging a high quality microphone (support for Nikon’s ME-1 Microphone with the AS-N1000adapter) into that same port. There’s even an optional GPS unit that records longitude, latitudeand altitude.For moments that deserve moreMotion Snapshot brings the memory to lifeCertain glances at life just cannot be retold with merely a single photograph. Bring to life thoseincredible times by injecting personal interpretation through Motion Snapshot. In a single click,your vision takes flight—bringing moment, motion and sound to light. Reveal the essence thatcan’t be captured in a single photo.
  • 5. Extend your creativitySimultaneously capture Full HD (1080p) movies and photosWork with both high resolution photos and Full HD (1080p) movies to bring even more creativeexpression to life. Start recording at the touch of a button. See a moment you’d like as a still? Hitthe shutter. Autofocus keeps everything in focus, even when working double duty to recordmovies and photograph stills. Elevate production with the addition of varied frame rates in30/60/400/1200fps. Don’t be hindered by working in just one mode—Nikon 1 flexibility givesyou more.
  • 6. Only the best photo returnedLet the camera do the work with Smart Photo SelectorAlways producing, always looking to frame a shot to perfection? What if there was a camera thatcould do the thinking for you—working to return a photo with optimal exposure, subjects inframe, clarity and focus, even eyes open? For times when you prefer to just be in the momentand let the camera do the work, move the dial to Smart Photo Selector. You find the bestmoment. Nikon 1 V1 will capture it.1 NIKKOR LensesCompact, light, high performance opticsExpress quality with the revolutionary new 1 NIKKOR lens system. Don’t be limited by a singlefixed focal length—select from a growing selection of lenses that incorporate Nikon’s vibrationreduction (VR) technology for blur-free images. Aspherical elements keep lenses compact whilemaintaining high quality. A silent stepping motor (STM) keeps autofocusing quiet—especiallyduring movie recording. Compactness brings portability, whether using the single focal length10mm or the 30-110mm telephoto. 1 NIKKOR extends a heritage of precision symbolized bydurability, superior image quality and optical excellence.Low lightAn advanced innovative Nikon super high-speed AF CMOS imaging sensor, wide ISO range andoption to select the best lens for the job gives you even more control over the light. Produceamazing photos in all those moody environments. Tap only ambient light and open the most
  • 7. artistic doors to photographing on the dance floor, nabbing dramatic sunsets and candlelitmoments. For extended range, attach the 1 Nikon Speedlight for fill flash and more.Electronic viewfinderAccustomed to framing your images with a viewfinder? The Nikon 1 gives photographers theoption to work with flexibility—using either the 1,440,000-dot (SVGA) electronic viewfinder(EVF) or the large high resolution, 921,000-dot (VGA) LCD panel with 100 percent view. Seeevery one of your creations rendered clearly on the high contrast viewfinder. The camera’s eyesensor allows you to toggle between EVF and LCD views by placing your eye to the EVF. ADiopter adjustment is available, as well.EXPEED 3 ProcessorEXPEED 3 marks the culmination of years of dedication to advancing digital imagingtechnologies. At the heart of Nikon 1 is EXPEED 3, with dual image processors, to deliveroutstanding system performance, high-speed processing, state-of-the-art phase detectionautofocus and the fastest data transfer rates. Witness outstanding image quality, tonereproduction and advanced autofocus at unprecedented speeds.Intuitive simplicityEasy access to advanced features are hallmarks of the Nikon 1 system. From the ultra intuitivecommand and features buttons, easy-to-understand menu and fast lens mount, you’ll beexpressing thoughts and visions as never before. Even advanced features for photos and moviescan be created with one-click ease.LCD monitorCheck your creativity: frame and share your creations on the large and sharp 3.0-inch LCD colordisplay. An ultra-high resolution VGA screen featuring 921,000-dots shows every detail toprecision. An anti-glare coating renders easy viewing of photos and HD movies, even outdoors.SpeedlightFor instances where available light is not enough to properly illuminate subjects, or when speciallighting effects are desired, use the optional Nikon 1 SB-N5 Speedlight. Plug this compactdevice into the i-TTL hot shoe. Angle the device up, down, left or right and bounce light to yourcreative advantage. No batteries are required to power this device.
  • 8. Customer ReviewsMost helpful customer reviews491 of 499 people found the following review helpful.A fun camera with a few little flaws and lots of new stuff.By Kirk TuckI am a professional photographer and have been for a long time. I also write books aboutphotography. I like cameras and own many different kinds, from medium format film cameras tosuper zoom compacts. But Ive been very interested in the whole category of mirrorless camerasfor the two years. I own three different Olympus Pen cameras, including the new Pen EP3, so itwas a little bit counter-intuitive for me to pick up a Nikon V1 as well. I was originally attractedto the camera because of the industrial design which (unlike just about every one else on theweb) I like very much. Its clean and to the point. I like cameras with high resolution EVFsbecause it makes the process of shooting (and especially shooting video) seem very much likeusing the traditional cameras I grew up with. I cannot understand the fad of holding a camera atarms length and trying to compose a good photograph. Just doesnt work for so many reasons.Ive shot with the Nikon in the studio (using LED light panels) and outside for the last five days.It focuses very, very quickly and with the mechanical shutter engaged it shoots at 5 fps. You canalso use the electronic shutter to shoot 10, 30 or 60 fps. Amazingly fast. The EVF works verywell in bright sun and in low light.The camera is small and light and the video specs are very good as well. There is even a highspeed video mode that allows you to shoot very short clips at 400 fps. When you play back at anormal 30 fps the footage becomes incredibly slow slow motion. While the video lacks a bit offinesse in the audio realm the test clips Ive shot at regular 1080i and 1080p are sharp and thecolor is great. There is a standard socket for an external microphone and variable sensitivitysettings in the menu. Just not fine tuned control over manual sound levels.The two lenses I got are the standard kit lenses and both of them work well, provide greatVibration Reduction and seem sharp even when shot wide open. I hope they flesh out theofferings to include some high speed prime lenses as well.The camera, when used with the electronic shutter, is 100% silent in operation.What are the flaws? 1. You should be able to turn off the image review but you cant. Thatmeans, when shooting in single shot mode, the camera will show you a review image after eachpush of the shutter which slows your shot to shot time down to about 2 seconds. If you were ableto turn off the review the camera is completely capable of shooting very, very quickly. In thecontinuous mode theres enough shutter delay to throw you off your game if youve beenshooting with a $5,000 sports camera. If you are upgrading from a point and shoot, you wontnotice it at all. The cure is to go electronic and set the camera for 10 fps and then shoot in bursts.No lag and youre pretty much guaranteed to catch some peak actionThe menu is much less detailed but much more straightforward than the menus in the Olympus
  • 9. Pens which is both good and bad. The Nikon is easier to learn (especially for people comingfrom Nikon SLRs) but the Olympus menus give you more fine control over just about everysetting.Ive had great luck with the images that come out of the camera. The jpegs are well exposed, fullof good detail and the colors are right on the money. Just as good as the "famous" OlympusJpegs. Im waiting on Adobe to implement the new nef raw files into ACR and Lightroom so Ican start shooting raw files. You can use the supplied software for now but the workflow is somuch slower I just cant stand it.Im certain that Nikon will do well with this system because its quite a huge step up fromcameras like the Panasonic LX-5 or the Canon G12 and lets you interchange lenses. When theyadd a pro model and an ultra wide angle the ball will really start rolling.For me its the new "compact" camera. I take it with me everywhere and it takes great imageswithout much intervention on my part. Is it as good as my Canon 5Dmk2 or Canon 1DS mk2 fullframe cameras? No. The files arent as detailed and they dont have the same sense of depth. Butthe iSO of the Nikon is close to my 1ds2 and that camera was $8,000 only a few short yearsago.....If you are a parent and your kids play sports like football and soccer this might be the ultimatecamera for you. Its easy to use and the longer zoom lens is sharp and locks focus quickly.Coupled with a fast frame rate and you fix all the stuff that cheaper DSLRs and point and shootsuperzooms tend to muff.I just wish they had supplied the flash in the same shipment as the cameras....I want to try usingit as a trigger for my studio flashes.The mirrorless cameras represent a new direction for camera makers and I think, for users aswell. The handling and image quality is more than enough for most of the stuff we want ourcameras to do. And the Nikon is in the same league with the m4:3 cameras from Olympus andPanasonic.127 of 130 people found the following review helpful.Great camera for the sensor size open mindedBy Kodachrome manFirst of all, Amazon - please limit reviews to those that actually own what they are "reviewing". Iconsider Amazon reviews a good resource but do not like having to wade thru the worthlessgripes of non-owners that better belong on camera forums.I am a certified professional photographer and use Nikon and Leica "full frame" equipment formy commercial and portraiture work. However, for my daily walks I often want to use a goodcompact camera which was a Lumix LX5. I have used a few images from this camera for agallery I sell in but find that in the large print sizes (20" or so) the small sensor just does notquite get it. So I have been looking for a better compact camera and was pleased to see the Nikon1 system with a somewhat larger sensor. After reading some reviews I decided the weight, size,
  • 10. and lack of control did not make sense for me. But after reading an open minded andknowledgeable review by Rob Galbraith I changed my mind. As to the size compared to largersensor cameras he actually compares them with lenses on the body, unlike other reviews, and itshows that it is indeed very compact in comparison. He also compares the simplicity to Appledesign, which being an Apple computer convert, caught my attention. Some reviewers confusethe simplicity of the control layout with lack of control and that is a false assumption. The blackbody is also a very nice, simple, elegant, designI bought the 2 zoom lens kit from Amazon, and liked it so much I bought the 10mm lens a fewdays later. I was even lucky enough to find a flash.Some initial thoughts:- Yes it much bigger than my LX5 but not too big as a larger sensor system would be for my use.- Focus is at least as fast as my Nikon D3 and fast glass, and exposure is almost always right on.- I use the camera in aperture mode, and it is very fast and easy to change aperture, and you cando it while looking thru the viewfinder. I prefer it to a dial.- The menu is very well done and I like that it stays where you last used it. For instance, if youjust changed the ISO, if you want to change again, just hit the menu button and you are at theISO line, no searching thru the whole menu again.- Preliminary thoughts on lenses - the 10-30 is soft in the corners wide open, but have not tried itsince the recent firmware upgrade. The 10mm is great! The 30-110 is fun - such a long range insuch a small lens. It seems quite sharp but not much testing yet.- Just got the flash today. More good thinking by Nikon - has bounce and rotates and is light as itrequires no batteries. Exposures made inside, bounce and direct, look nice and even. It of coursewill take down the charge on the camera battery but one of the good things about the "chunky"body is it has room for a large battery- Having the flexibility to change lens on a compact camera is super. Today I had a lens on thecamera and a lens each in of the pockets of the light jacket I was wearing for my walk and thelens in the pockets were so light they were barely noticeable.- Looking forward to the adapter for my Nikkor 50 1.4 and 85 1.4- Great camera for fast, from the hip, shooting. The LCD can easily be turned off, the viewfinderis off until you bring it to your eye, so you can leave the camera power on for a fast grab shotwithout draining the battery- Lenses do not go on with the quality feel I get from the D3, the 10mm even feels a little rough- Glad that Nikon had the courage to start an all new sensor size - it may not be for everyone butis exactly what I was looking forThat is all for now, will update this review as I learn more about the camera system.165 of 190 people found the following review helpful.Poor mans Leica M9By ZeitgeistSoloThis camera has freed me from SLR bondage. I understand now why many pro photographerssold their high end DSLRs and bought a Leica m9 rangefinder digital. Four years indevelopment, this camera hits a grand slam for Nikon and I believe its a game changer.
  • 11. Forget the armchair quarterbacks bemoaning the small sensor. Its good enough. Better than myd200 and about on par with my d300 without going under the microscope.The genius of the 2.7 crop is the tiny, tack sharp lenses. Yes, theyre a bit slow but thats what thehigher ISO is for. This camera has a useable 3200 speed. The lenses probably have in-cameracorrection for various aberrations since you cannot see any chromatic aberration. none. Evenwide open. They are sharp, sharp, sharp. Again, I think with the processing power available thatthis camera applies barrel and pincushion correction. Just my humble opinion.You have HD video. You have 1200 fps slow motion. There are a ton of cool gadgets here.Leave your video camera at home? Well, no, if its a high end Canon in the $3k up range. But ifyouve forgotten it, you wont feel disarmed. In firearms parlance, this is an excellent backup toyour real weapon, and its in a major caliber.To fully "get" this camera, order the 10mm fixed prime. You then have a tiny, pocketablepowerhouse that forces you to work on framing and composition. If you have dabbled inphotography for 35 years like I have, you will understand what Nikon was going for with thiscamera- freedom. No heavy body and gaggle of lenses in a bag. I bet youll shoot much more,since youll have it with you. The first rule of photography is to have a camera with you.You can fully control this camera. Its not as easy as it should be. Going back to full auto takestoo many steps. But it can be done. Its almost as if the camera is forcing you to slow down andthink about what youre doing.Build quality is amazing. I own Rolex watches not because they are accurate, but because theyare amazing mechanical devices that are impeccably built and engineered. This body exudes thatquality. The lenses are plastic, and so a bit of a letdown tactilely, but movement of the zoom isfluid and feels expensive. I hope someone makes a Leica M adapter for these bodies; theydeserve nothing less.Nitpicks? Lack of short depth of field. Thats it so far.Will housewives like this? Yes. But there are other cameras cheaper that will satisfy them. Thisis a camera for someone who already understands photography. One who owns many SLR andDSLR bodies and lenses. One who knows what a camera can do. But one who is looking forfreedom. Freedom from menus and buttons. Freedom to express and grow.See all 111 customer reviews...My Associates Store | Shopping Cart Browse by Category
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