Nikon 1 j1 10.1 mp hd digital camera system with 10 30mm vr and 30-110mm vr 1 nikkor lenses (red)
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  • 1. My Associates StoreShopping CartProduct DetailsNikon 1 J1 10.1 MP HD Digital CameraSystem with 10-30mm VR and 30-110mm VR 1 NIKKOR Lenses (Red)From NikonListPrice:$749.95Price:$496.00 & eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping on ordersover $25. DetailsAvailability: Usually ships in 24 hoursShips from and sold by Amazon.com18 new or used available from $339.99Average customer review:(158 customer reviews)Product DescriptionFor your very mobile lifestyle comes a completely new imaging system with freedom to createand express as never before. Highly compact and portable, the Nikon 1 J1 goes everywhere yougo. Moments from your amazing world are captured using a highly responsive autofocus andsuper fast shooting speed. In one touch you can work in Full HD (1080p) movie record mode. Acamera so versatile you can even snap photos while recording movies. Unleash your creativitywith Nikon 1-offering a balance of high performance, advanced features, portability and a newlydesigned interchangeable lens system. Infuse your world with photos from every moment andconnect as never before. FEATURES: Innovation in technology and design - Today, all it takesis a single imaging device to capture and share every moment of an incredible and connected
  • 2. life. Nikon brings an evolution in imaging technology, starting with a newly developed NikonCX-format super high-speed AF CMOS sensor that powers every capture. Ensure imageprecision through the new, compact interchangeable lens system featuring image stabilization(VR II) and superior fast and quiet autofocus motors built on the NIKKOR heritage of opticalexcellence. Capture all the action - Not a moment is missed with a camera that keeps up withyou! Always on the go, you know moments worth sharing can happen all the time. Dont let yourcreativity be hindered by slow focus speed; Nikon 1 J1 delivers an amazing 10fps speed inautofocus mode. Grab every turn of the swimmer as he leaps from the high dive and glides intothe water below. Even fast moving action like this is rendered with amazing clarity-thanks to anincredible 73 point AF array continuously working to ensure everything is sharp and clear.Motion Snapshot brings photos to life - Certain snapshots from life evoke emotions that justcannot be retold witProduct Details Amazon Sales Rank: #1415 in Camera & Photo Size: 10-30mm VR and 30-110mm VR 1 NIKKOR Lenses Color: Red Brand: Nikon Model: 27553 Published on: 2011-10-24 Dimensions: 8.00" h x 8.00" w x 6.00" l, 2.50 pounds Display size: 3Features A revolutionary new imaging system from Nikon, harmoniuously designed from the ground up The Nikon J1 is faster than you are with the worlds fastest autofocus among cameras with AF Bring your images to life with Nikons new Motion Snapshot Command your creativity with the simultaneous capture of still and Full HD video The Nikon J1 does the thinking for you with Nikons new Smart Photo SelectorEditorial ReviewsFrom the ManufacturerFor your very mobile lifestyle comes a completely new imaging system with freedom tocreate and express as never before. Highly compact and portable, the Nikon 1 J1 goes
  • 3. everywhere you go. Moments from your amazing world are captured using a highlyresponsive autofocus and super fast shooting speed. In one touch you can work in Full HD(1080p) movie record mode. A camera so versatile you can even snap photos whilerecording movies. Unleash your creativity with Nikon 1—offering a balance of highperformance, advanced features, portability and a newly designed interchangeable lenssystem. Infuse your world with photos from every moment and connect as never before.Revolutionary new Nikon 1 system breaks visual barriersInnovation in technology and designToday, all it takes is a single imaging device to capture and share every moment of an incredibleand connected life. Nikon brings an evolution in imaging technology, starting with a newlydeveloped Nikon CX-format super high-speed AF CMOS sensor that powers every capture.Ensure image precision through the new, compact interchangeable lens system featuring imagestabilization (VR II) and superior fast and quiet autofocus motors built on the NIKKOR heritageof optical excellence.
  • 4. Focus that’s as fast as youCapture all the actionNot a moment is missed with a camera that keeps up with you! Always on the go, you knowmoments worth sharing can happen all the time. Don’t let your creativity be hindered by slowfocus speed; Nikon 1 J1 delivers an amazing 10fps speed in autofocus mode. Grab every turn ofthe swimmer as he leaps from the high dive and glides into the water below. Even fast movingaction like this is rendered with amazing clarity—thanks to an incredible 73 point AF arraycontinuously working to ensure everything is sharp and clear.
  • 5. For moments that deserve moreMotion Snapshot brings photos to lifeCertain snapshots from life evoke emotions that just cannot be retold with merely a photograph.Remember the feelings you had while watching a wave crash to the shore or fireworks explodingoverhead? Make those moments come alive in a single click using Motion Snapshot. Reveal theessence that can’t be captured in a single photo.
  • 6. Share a richer experienceSimultaneously capture Full HD (1080p) movies and photosThere will be moments when you’re recording a great movie and an opportunity to grab anamazing photo comes along. Capture both at the same time! Start your movie recording with atouch of a button. See that great still? Hit the shutter even during record mode. Autofocus keepseverything sharp, working double duty to simultaneously capture both movies and photos. Infuseeven more personality into multimedia creations by adding slow motion. For times when photosalone are not enough, family and friends will appreciate your expressions brought to life.
  • 7. Get the best of what’s seenLet the camera do the work with Smart Photo SelectorFor all the times you wished your camera could capture those great spontaneous moments whilethey unfolded in front of you, there is Nikon 1. Have too many blurry or poorly lit photos? Orhow many photos do you have where someone’s eyes were shut? With a single touch usingSmart Photo Selector there are no more imperfect photos. Get the best of what you see. Engagein the moment while you let the camera do the work for you.
  • 8. Creativity expanded with 1 NIKKOR LensesCompact, light, high performance opticsExpand creativity and select from a range of lens options, including one designed specifically formovie filming. Engineered for fast and easy swap-out, stay photo-ready all the time.Compactness brings portability, whether using the single focal length 10mm or the 30-110mmtelephoto. 1 NIKKOR lenses feature vibration reduction (VR II) to keep photos sharp, extendinga heritage of precision symbolized by durability, superior image quality and optical excellence.
  • 9. EXPEED 3 processorEXPEED 3 marks the culmination of years of dedication to advancing digital imagingtechnologies. At the heart of Nikon 1 is EXPEED 3, with dual image processors, to deliveroutstanding system performance, high-speed processing, state-of-the-art phase detectionautofocus and the fastest data transfer rates. Witness outstanding image quality, tonereproduction and advanced autofocus at unprecedented speeds.Low lightAn advanced, innovative Nikon super high-speed AF CMOS imaging sensor, wide ISO rangeand option to select the best lens for the job give you even more control over the light. Produceamazing photos in all those moody environments. Tap only ambient light and open the mostartistic doors to photographing on the dance floor, nabbing dramatic sunsets and candlelitmoments.LCD monitorCheck your creativity: frame and share your creations on the large and sharp three-inch LCDcolor display. An ultra-high resolution screen featuring 460k-dots shows every detail toprecision. An anti-glare coating renders easy viewing of photos and HD movies, even outdoors.Premium AccessoriesIntuitive simplicityEasy access to advanced features are hallmarks of the Nikon 1 system. From the ultra intuitivecommand and features buttons, easy-to-understand menu and fast mount lens, you’ll be
  • 10. expressing your thoughts and visions as never before. Even advanced features for photos andmovies can be created with one-click ease.EN-EL20 Rechargeable Li-ion BatteryThe EN-EL20 is a rechargeable Li-ion battery which powers the Nikon 1 J1 digital camera. It is suppliedwith the camera.CB-N2000 White Leather Body CaseThe CB-N2000 is a white leather protective body case designed specifically for the Nikon 1 J1 digitalcamera.AH-N1000 White Leather Hand StrapThe AH-N1000 is an optional accessory leather hand strap, custom designed for the Nikon 1. The strapoffers users a comfortable, snug hold.
  • 11. FT-1 Mount AdapterThe FT-1 Mount Adapter allows you to use certain Nikon D-SLR/SLR lenses on the Nikon 1 V1 and J1. TheMount Adapter is attached to the Nikon 1 V1/J1 and the F-Mount NIKKOR lens then attached to theadapter.WP-N1 Waterproof HousingNow your Nikon 1 can really go everywhere—even down to 130 feet (40 meters) underwater! Transformyour Nikon 1 J1 or Nikon 1 J2 and 10-30mm VR lens into a powerful waterproof camera.
  • 12. Compare Nikon 1 CamerasNikon 1 J1 Nikon 1 J2 Nikon 1 V2EffectivePixels10.1 million 10.1 million 14.2 millionSensor Size 13.2mm x 8.8mm 13.2mm x 8.8mm 13.2mm x 8.8mmImage SensorFormatCX CX CXStorageMediaSDSDHCSDXCSDSDHCSDXCSDSDHCSDXCTopContinuousShootingSpeed at fullresolution5 frames per second 10, 30or 60 fps using Electronic(Hi) shutter5 frames per second 10, 30or 60 fps using Electronic(Hi) shutter5 frames per second 10,15, 30 or 60 fps usingElectronic (Hi) shutterISOSensitivity100-32006400100-32006400160-6400Movie HD: 1920 x 1080/60iHD: 1920 x 1080/30pHD: 1280 x 720/60pSlow-motion: 640 x240/400fpsSlow-motion: 320 x120/1200fpsMotion Snapshot: 1920 x1080/60p (plays at 24p)Audio file format: ACCMovie file format: MOVHD: 1920 x 1080/60iHD: 1920 x 1080/30pHD: 1280 x 720/60pSlow-motion: 640 x240/400fpsSlow-motion: 320 x120/1200fpsMotion Snapshot: 1920 x1080/60p (plays at 24p)Audio file format: ACCMovie file format: MOVHD: 1920 x 1080/60iHD: 1920 x 1080/30pHD: 1280 x 720/60pSlow-motion: 640 x240/400fpsSlow-motion: 320 x120/1200fpsMotion Snapshot: 1920 x1080/60p (plays at 24p)Audio file format: ACCMovie file format: MOVMonitor Size 3.0 in. diagonal 3.0 in. diagonal 3.0 in. diagonal
  • 13. Monitor Type TFT-LCD with brightnessadjustmentTFT-LCD with brightnessadjustmentTFT-LCD with brightnessadjustmentBattery /BatteriesEN-EL20 Lithium-ionBatteryEN-EL20 Lithium-ionBatteryEN-EL21 Lithium-ionBatteryApprox.DimensionsWidth 4.2 in. (106mm)Height 2.4 in. (61mm)Depth 1.2 in. (29.8mm)Excluding projections.Width 4.2 in. (106mm)Height 2.4 in. (61mm)Depth 1.2 in. (29.8mm)Excluding projections.Width 4.2 in. (107.8mm)Height 3.2 in. (81.6mm)Depth 1.8 in. (45.9mm)Excluding projections.Approx.Weight8.3oz. (234g)camera body only8.4oz. (238g)camera body only9.8oz. (278g)camera body onlyCustomer ReviewsMost helpful customer reviews705 of 726 people found the following review helpful.Its great, for what it is.By J. WischkaemperTheres been a lot of talk about Nikons new 1 Series cameras, and a lot of disappointment overthe CX sensor size, and the perceived lack of quality compared to Sonys larger APS-C NEXcameras. Many enthusiasts have been understandably frustrated by this move, wanting the bestof all worlds - D3 quality in a point and shoot body. The J1 doesnt quite hit that mark, but if youunderstand what youre buying and play to the cameras strengths, its a great piece of gear for thebeginner, enthusiast, and the pro alike.For clarification, I am primarily evaluating the J1 for its use *as a camera* - I wont touch muchon the video or motion snapshot modes.The Good:* As a part-time professional, I bought this camera primarily because of its size, and the ability(hopefully) to use my collection of F-mount lenses in the future. In this respect, the J1 isfantastic. My first mirrorless purchase was a Sony NEX-3, and I was overall very happy with it,but the size of the lens still made carrying it around a real chore. Unfortunately, this really comesdown to physics - there are physical constraints on how small you can design a lens with a 55mmfocal length (concretely, it cant really be much less than 55mm in length). Fundamentally, this iswhere the CX format helps the J1 significantly. Due to its smaller sensor size, it is possible toconstruct equivalent lenses which are significantly smaller and lighter than for the APS-Cformat. The promise of being able to use standard-range high-quality zoom lenses (think a 17-55f2.8, for instance) as mid-range telephotos is certainly intriguing. There is no such thing as a freelunch, and obviously the wide end and depth of field suffer here, but I am hopeful that Nikon orthird party manufacturers will address that concern as much as they can. At the moment,
  • 14. however, the J1 with its kit lens is a camera that is, while not pants-pocketable, certainly coat-pocketable.* The autofocus system is fantastic, especially in good light. Ive been particularly impressed atthe ability of the J1 to track a subject around the frame. Ive been a big fan of Nikons 3Dtracking AF since I first saw it in action on the D300, but the J1 really takes it to a new level. Thesubject tracking mode is fast and very responsive, and once youve locked it on something, itdoes a very good job of staying with your targeted subject. Nikon claims that the J1 and V1focus faster than the D3, and while I havent used a D3 in a while, the J1 focuses fast enough (ingood light) that I wouldnt doubt the claim.* Image quality is actually quite good. I was fearful of how bad the noise would be on a smallersensor, but Ive been reasonably impressed with the results so far. JPEG results out of the cameraare not stellar at high ISO - theres certainly some aggressive noise reduction going on - so youwill certainly want to switch to RAW for best results. At present, ACR will not open J1 files, butCapture NX2 will. The ACR 6.6 beta results posted on are encouraging, beingclose to on-par with previous generation sensors (D90, D300, etc). Without access to the files inmy normal workflow (Lightroom), its hard for me to make a direct comparison on how muchyou can eek out of a RAW file on the J1 compared to other cameras, but so far Ive been pleased.UPDATE: Lightroom version 3.6 (beta) is out, and Ive had a chance to play around with severalof the images Ive taken over the past few weeks. Again, Ive been reasonably impressed. This isnot a D3. With standard noise reduction in LR, I think the image quality is easily better than myD200 was, which given the size of the sensor is quite impressive. It is certainly better than thehigher end point and shoots Ive owned (Panasonic LX-2, Canon S90 - which to be fair are acouple of years old).Things that could be improved:* The interface. The camera tries to take care of a lot of things for you, and for the most part itdoes an ok job. If youre trying to access things like you would on a DSLR, you may have someproblems. It would be nice to see Nikon update the firmware with the ability to reassign some ofthe buttons to tasks that are more useful in manual mode, but as with any wish-list feature, itsnot something you should plan on happening if youre buying the camera. Overall, the interfaceisnt worse than the NEX-3, so Im not displeased. Id like things to be more accessible, but thecamera is perfectly usable as it is.* The high-speed electronic shutter setting is very, very restrictive with regard to the settings youcan change. Things you have no control of if you want to use the high-speed capture: Programmode only (no aperture, shutter or manual), ISO (Auto 100-3200 only), metering (matrix only),focus mode (AF-A only), and focus tracking (area mode only). I was rather looking forward tousing the high-speed mode, but frankly these restrictions make it pretty difficult to use with anykind of creative control.* There doesnt seem to be a way to turn off the image preview after you take a picture, which issomewhat problematic if you are trying to capture a string of pictures. You can take a single
  • 15. shot, or a burst of pictures, but in either case you cant use the camera again until the previewgoes away, which generally takes 2-3 seconds. This wont be a big deal most of the time for mostpeople, but it does make capturing any kind of action problematic. Simply adding an option toturn this off in firmware would go a long way.Things that you might care about, but arent strictly speaking critical to being a camera:* Video seems to require more light than stills - at least if you are using the 720p60 anddefinitely if you are using the high-speed video. High-speed is somewhat gimmicky, perhaps, butdont plan on using it indoors. There simply wont be enough light. The 720p60 video is nice -certainly smother than a lot of SLR and mirrorless video out there, including my experience withthe NEX-3. I dont know that youre going to get broadcast quality, but things have come a longway in just a couple of years.* The smart selector function seems to work fairly well, but since you cant see the images itthrows away, its hard to really know. I havent used this function extensively, but when I have,Ive been happy with the pictures its kept.Should you buy a J1? It depends. If youre intrigued, but not completely sure you need one, Imight wait for the next generation. If you want to be able to carry a small, light camera thatoffers fairly good image quality - especially if you have a set of Nikon lenses - this would be agood choice. If youre a parent who wants to take pictures of your kids at their sports games,when paired with a longer range zoom, the Nikon J1 will get you some great results. If you wanta camera that weighs half a pound, can fit in your pocket, has a 25x f2.8 zoom, and gives younoise-free images at ISO 204,800... youll need to look somewhere else.At the end of the day, the J1 is a compromise, and it doesnt really pretend to be otherwise. Youwont get the low light performance you would in an APS-C camera, but you wont be carryingten pounds of gear with you either. When buying the J1, my personal philosophy was thefollowing: if Im in a situation where my primary concern is image quality, Ill bring my pro gearalong. Otherwise, Ill carry the J1, and thereby have the possibility of capturing scenes, albeit atreduced (though still acceptable) quality, because my camera is with me, instead of sitting athome.198 of 207 people found the following review helpful.Great startBy AlbieI initially preordered the V1, most of the lens, and the flash. I realized I was getting a Nikon 1camera so that I dont have to carry so much camera equipment. I cancelled the V1, and Ipurchased the J1 black instead. I am glad I did.I think for most people the J1 and 10 - 30 mm kit is the best choice. The 10mm pancake lens isnice if you want to do a lot of shooting in low light, but you cant zoom. Most of you are used tozooming, and when you cant get closer with your feet because of some barrier, you wont behappy. Many are posting that the 30 - 100 mm lens is very good too. I would have gotten thatone for my J1, but I have Nikon lens for my Nikon dSLR D5100. I plan on buying the adapter so
  • 16. I can use my current dSLR Nikon lenses on the J1 for fun.The J1 is a great little camera, but you do need to read parts of the manual. If you are someonewho likes to capture the moment, this camera is very good in bright light. The colors (whitebalance) is very good, and in bright light the camera will focus more quickly than most camerasout there. This is great camera for someone (example, my wife) who likes to just shoot and notworry too much about all the photographic technical mumbo jumbo.The Nikon 1 cameras are very good in both pictures and video. I think there is one othermirrorless brand that does video as good as the Nikon 1 cameras. When I use my D5100 NikondSLR for video, I just have to accept the fact that there will be enough moments where theD5100 is trying to find focus, and so the video will have many small instances of a blurrypicture. For most of us, the video of the Nikon 1 J1 will be very good for our family and socialevents. The Nikon 1 J1 has better auto focus video than any dSLRs out there.My previous small camera was the Canon S90. I really liked it. I have compared the J1 to theS90. You have to increase the sharpness in the J1 menu settings to match the sharpness of theS90. The J1 beats the S90 in color accuracy. I love the colors (white balance) from this newcamera. It is as good or slightly better than my Nikon D5100, which is a great dSLR.I am enjoying this new toy. Hanging the camera on my neck or shoulder is much morecomfortable than my DSLR. If you can afford it, I recommend getting the J1 10 - 30 mm kit. Inbright light it is fantastic with great fast focus and great color. You do need to read the manual onthe topics of vibration reduction (VR) and active dynamic lighting. For pictures you will wantthe VR to be on normal most of the time. For video, you probably will need to put VR onactive. This is currently the best camera for both very good pictures AND very good video. As afather, I really regret not taking enough small video clips of my kids, especially of themspeaking. Like any camera, you do need to use good holding technique, read the manual, andlearn to use this new toy if you want to get the most out of it. If you just like to point and shoot,this will do that too.96 of 109 people found the following review helpful.The Underdog CameraBy Sara BretonSo, I feel like this camera isnt getting enough credit. I own a D7000 and quite honestly, thenegative reviews are happening because theyre comparing DSLRs. STOP. You absolutelycannot compare the Nikon 1 to a DSLR. As far as the facts go, this camera does everythingadvertised. I am completely satisfied with it. When I dont feel like lugging my D7000 around, Igrab this camera. In fact, I cant wait to bring it home with me for Christmas because I can getnearly the same quality as I would a D7000 shot. BUT, you do need to treat it MUCH differentlythan a DSLR so please dont purchase this wonderful camera because you think its going toperform like a DSLR because it has removable lenses... it will not, so spend time with thiscamera and learn its soft spots and what works for you.See all 158 customer reviews...
  • 17. My Associates Store | Shopping Cart Browse by CategoryPatio Furniture SetsCamera & Photo Similar ItemsNikon CB-N2000SE RedLeather Bod...$39.95Nikon 1 SeriesDeluxe DigitalCa...$9.95Nikon LC-N40.5Black Front Lens...$6.99