Canon rebel xs 10.1 mp digital slr camera with ef s 18-55mm f 3.5-5.6 is lens (black)
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  • 1. My Associates StoreShopping CartProduct DetailsCanon Rebel XS 10.1MP Digital SLRCamera with EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 ISLens (Black)From CanonListPrice:$649.99Price:$639.95 & eligible for FREE Super Saver Shippingon orders over $25. DetailsAvailability: Usually ships in 24 hoursFulfilled by Amazon and Sold by SHVITZR92 new or used available from $229.98Average customer review:(406 customer reviews)Product DescriptionIdeal for a wide range of photographers from first-time digital SLR users to veteran photoenthusiasts, the new Canon EOS Rebel XS camera is designed to embody what you have cometo expect from the EOS Rebel series -- a fast, non-intimidating, lightweight, easy-to-use camerathat produces excellent images and starts emerging photographers off on the right foot.Immediately, photographers will take notice of the cameras Optical Image Stabilized kit lens forcrisp focus, compensating for camera shake from unsteady hands or a moving vehicle. The newRebel model also incorporates Canons DIGIC III image processor, 10.1 megapixel CMOSsensor, Live View, Auto Lighting Optimizer, 7-point wide-area autofocus (AF) sensor and 3.0frames per second continuous JPEG burst rate where the number of consecutive shots in a burstis only limited by the capacity of the flash memory card in the camera.
  • 2. Product Details Amazon Sales Rank: #961 in Camera & Photo Color: Black Brand: Canon Model: XS Black Original language: English Number of items: 1 Dimensions: 2.40" h x 3.80" w x 4.90" l, .99 poundsFeatures 10.1-megapixel CMOS sensor captures enough detail for poster-size, photo-quality prints Large 2.5-inch LCD display; includes Canons EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS lens DIGIC III image processor provides fast, accurate image processing; Live View Function EOS Integrated Cleaning system and Canon-designed Self Cleaning Sensor Unit, plusDust Delete Data Detection in included software Stores images on SD/SDHC memory cards (not included)Editorial ReviewsFrom the ManufacturerFor perfect photos, fast and simple, theres nothing better than Canons new EOS Rebel XS. Withpowerful features including a 10.1-megapixel CMOS sensor, Canons DIGIC III processor, fastshooting and more, its a digital powerhouse. With simple, easy-to-use controls, a compactdesign, a 2.5-inch LCD monitor, and Live View Function, its a beginners dream come true.Canon EOS Rebel XS Highlights10.1-megapixel CMOS sensor10.1-megapixel CMOS sensor Canon’s CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor)sensor captures images with exceptional clarity and tonal range, and offers the most pixels in itsclass. It offers many of the same new technologies first seen in Canon’s professional EOS-1DMark III to maximize each pixels light gathering efficiency. It’s an APS-C size sensor (22.2 x
  • 3. 14.8mm), and theres an effective 1.6x increase in the lens’s marked focal length when attached.Canon’s DIGIC III Image Processor dramatically enhances image quality and speeds up allcamera operations for intuitive operation. It works in concert with the EOS Rebel XS’s sensor toachieve unprecedented levels of performance in all lighting situations.DIGIC III Image Processor Developed to maximize performance between the capture andrecording stages of digital photography, the EOS Rebel XS’s DIGIC III Image Processor workshand in hand with Canon’s CMOS sensor to achieve even higher levels of performance. Theentire electronic system is totally redesigned, giving the camera its incredible combination ofspeed and image quality. Digital noise is significantly reduced in shadow areas, and colorreproduction is superior.Auto Lighting Optimizer in actionAuto Lighting Optimizer The EOS Rebel XS’s Auto Lighting Optimizer is yet another image-quality tool that comes to the rescue in tricky lighting conditions. It can actually lighten darkareas of a scene while ensuring that bright areas maintain tonal detail. In addition, it can increasecontrast in "flat" lighting, such as overcast days. It’s now available in all shooting modes,including P, Tv, Av, and Manual.Picture Style settings With the EOS Rebel XS’s Picture Style technology, photographers canchange the look of their digital photographs. Color, saturation, sharpness and contrast settingscreate noticeable variation in the saved image. Changing a Picture Style setting is almost like a35mm film user switching from one type of color film to another. In addition to six preset PictureStyle settings, Canon offers additional downloadable "Picture Style Files" that can be installedinto your camera for even more imaging options at your fingertips.
  • 4. High-speed, wide-area 7-point AF with center cross-type sensors The EOS Rebel XS featuresa high-speed, wide area 7-point AF system. It can focus using One-Shot AF mode, AI Focus AF,AI Servo AF and Manual. The center, cross-type focus point operates flawlessly in lower-lightand lower-contrast settings. In Live View Function, the EOS Rebel XS can focus manually, with5x or 10x magnification for focusing clarity.Capture up to 3 frames/secondExcellent performance with 3.0 fps continuous shooting The EOS Rebel XS operates withsuch effortless speed that operation is nothing short of intuitive. With instant startup times,speedy autofocus and minimal shutter lag, the EOS Rebel XS is one of the fastest camerasavailable today. It can shoot up to 3.0 fps (frames per second), in bursts of up to 514 JPEGs or 5RAW files, so youll never, ever miss a shot.Large 2.5-inch LCD monitor with Live View Function The EOS Rebel XS has a bright 2.5-inch TFT LCD monitor with 230,000 pixels and a viewing angle of 170 degrees. It’s perfect forLive View composition or viewing camera settings like AF, ISO, Metering, AF Point selectionand flash options. And the maximum brightness of the EOS Rebel XS’s LCD monitor is about30 greater than its predecessor, which is a big benefit when youre using the camera in brightsunlight.Live View Function Live View Function enables you to view your subjects directly on the 2.5-inch LCD monitor. It’s easy to magnify any part of the scene 5x or 10x for precise manual focus.And now, there are two ways to use Autofocus along with Live View Function in the EOS RebelXS. You can even choose a grid overlay, perfect for keeping lines in your subject straight in yourpictures. In the studio, Live View Function can be used remotely via a computer through theEOS Rebel XS’s USB connection, and the included EOS Utility software.
  • 5. Quick mode/Live modeIn Live View Function, the EOS Rebel XS has two AF modes: Quick mode, which uses thecamera’s standard 7-point AF system, and Live mode, which is a contrast-based AF system thatreads the sharpness of subjects right from the imaging sensor, and can be overridden by pressingthe AF mode selection button. A familiar feature in PowerShot cameras, Live mode AF usessimilar technologies to achieve focus, while Quick mode is more appropriate for capturing actionor for shooting in low light.The target area for Live Mode AF is at the center by default, but it can be moved around most ofthe picture area with the cross keys on the back of the camera.EOS Integrated Cleaning System Photographers who must change lenses in dustyenvironments will find the advanced Canon EOS Integrated Cleaning System a tremendous timesaver. Dust that settles on the sensor surface is removed using ultrasonic vibration. This SelfCleaning Sensor Unit routine is automatically activated whenever the camera is powered on oroff. (It can also be manually activated.) A special collar positioned around the sensor collects theloosened dust. Dust particles can also be automatically removed via software. By shooting aplain white subject, the photographer can acquire dust position data that is transmitted along withthe image (whether JPEG or RAW). Canon Digital Photo Professional (DPP) version 3.3 or latersoftware can be used to manually or automatically erase the dust spots. It’s not one feature, it’s abuilt-in system to minimize the effect of dust in high-resolution digital images.Self Cleaning Sensor Unit A key element of minimizing dust is preventing it from clinging tothe front surface of the imaging sensor. To combat against this, the EOS Rebel XS features aCanon-designed Self Cleaning Sensor Unit. The low-pass filter at the front of the sensor shakesoff dust automatically with ultrasonic vibrations, removing dust from the sensor assembly. The
  • 6. EOS Rebel XS also has a coating on the front surface of the low-pass filter, to increase itsresistance to dust sticking to the sensor.Dust Delete Data DetectionDust Delete Data Detection Dust that may still remain on the front of the sensor can also beerased with software included in Digital Photo Professional (DPP) Version 3.3 or later software.A simple test shot of a plain, white object can be taken, using a menu setting. This Dust DeleteData image is analyzed in-camera, and the location and size of any remaining dust is added toany subsequent pictures taken. This data is transmitted along with the image, whether JPEG orRAW, and can be either manually or automatically erased in Canon’s DPP version 3.3 and latersoftware. This added software option ensures the cleanest possible image, perfect for printing orarchiving.Canons lightest and most compact EOS Digital SLR to date (as of July 2008) Measuring4.96 x 3.8 x 2.4 inches and weighing in at under 16 oz., the EOS Rebel XS is indeed the smallestdigital Rebel ever produced. Its lightweight and compact design does not, however, leave outcontrols and displays one would expect from an EOS Digital camera. The EOS Rebel XS has thefull array of buttons and controls found on the Rebel XSi, plus a 2.5-inch, 230,000-pixel LCDmonitor, which is perfect for composing in Live View mode, or reviewing photos alreadyrecorded onto the camera’s SD/SDHC memory card.Compatible with compact SD and SDHC memory cards Compact, inexpensive and availablein increasingly large capacities, SD and SDHC memory cards are a perfect complement to theEOS Rebel XS’s compact and lightweight body design.Compatible with over 60 Canon EF/EF-S lenses and most EOS System accessoriesEF & EF-S Lenses The EOS Rebel XS is compatible with all Canon lenses in the EF and EF-Slineup, ranging from ultra-wide angle to super telephoto lenses. Canon lenses employ advancedoptical expertise and micron-precision engineering to deliver unprecedented performance in allfacets of the photographic process. Special optical technologies, such as Aspherical, ultra-lowdispersion, or fluorite elements are featured in the universally acclaimed L Series lenses. AndCanon’s Optical Image Stabilizer technology is featured in select lenses to minimize the effect ofcamera shake. Through Canon lenses, photographers can truly maximize the quality andliberating performance of the EOS Rebel XS.
  • 7. Flash Photography The EOS Rebel XS features the acclaimed E-TTL II flash metering system.With any of the flashes in the EX Speedlite line, E-TTL II provides reliable flash output whethershooting fill-in flash pictures in sunlight, or using flash in total darkness. With E-TTL II, theexact same 35-zone metering sensor used for measuring ambient light is also used for flashmetering - giving even finer metering command of the image area. If you prefer a broader areafor flash metering, there’s a menu setting to change to "Average" flash metering -- where theentire 35-zone area is measured evenly for flash exposure.The optional Canon Speedlite 430EX II is the ideal step-up accessory for powerful flash shootingwith the EOS Rebel XS. It has excellent flash power (maximum guide number of 141 ft./43m atISO 100), and is the perfect way to get great flash pictures when you can’t get right up to thesubject. The 430EX II is also great for bounce flash, with its tilting and swiveling flash head. Itautomatically zooms the flash head to cover lenses ranging from 16mm up to 105mm or longerwith the EOS Rebel XS. Of course, it works with the camera to provide full E-TTL II automaticflash exposure. And the 430EX II has a powerful AF-assist beam, which allows the camera toautofocus even in total darkness on subjects as far as 32 ft. from the camera.SoftwareCanon EOS Digital Solution Disk (Version 17.0) The EOS Rebel XS comes bundled with anupdated Canon EOS Digital Solution Disk, which features powerful software programs designedto extend the EOS experience to the computer. These include Canon’s ZoomBrowser EX forWindows (Version 6.1), ImageBrowser for Macintosh OS X (Version 6.1), Digital PhotoProfessional (Version 3.3), the totally new Picture Style Editor (Version 1.0), Canons EOSUtility (Version 2.2), RAW Image Task (Version 2.8), PhotoStitch, and PTP TWAIN Driver.Each application is designed to perfect the captured images and streamline the digital workflow.ZoomBrowser EX v.6.1 and Digital Photo Professional v.3.3 for Windows are compatible withthe new Windows Vista operating system.Digital Photo Professional (Version 3.3) is an image processing program that enables high-speed RAW image processing, high-speed previewing for real-time image adjustment andsupport for sRGB, Adobe RGB and Wide Gamut RGB color spaces. Because it’s CMS (ColorManagement System) compatible, Digital Photo Professional allows for easy image layout andprinting in Adobe RGB in conjunction with Easy-PhotoPrint and PictBridge printers. It alsofeatures the Dust Delete Data Detection tool for cleaner images.
  • 8. EOS Utility (Version 2.3) for Macintosh or Windows handles the connection between thecamera and computer, whenever they’re connected via USB. It allows remote controlledshooting from the computer, handles downloading of images from the camera to the computer,and allows seamless linking to either Canon’s ZoomBrowser/ImageBrowser or Digital PhotoProfessional software once images have been copied to the hard drive. Furthermore, it’s used toupload settings back into a USB-connected camera.ZoomBrowser EX (Version 6.1) for Windows and ImageBrowser (Version 6.1) for Mac OS Xare the easy, user-friendly options for viewing and editing of JPEG and even RAW image files.Both allow viewing of numerous types of images including finished TIFF and BMP files. Bothalso have a variety of search options for finding images, allow re-naming of single images orbatches of files, and offer a variety of options for printing without using a separate image-editingprogram.RAW Image Task (Version 2.8) for Windows/Macintosh This software is an integratedcomponent of ZoomBrowser EX (Windows) or ImageBrowser (Mac). It allows processing ofRAW images from EOS cameras, including the new EOS Rebel XS, with a variety of adjustmentpossibilities. These options, as well as the overall color, contrast and "look" of RAW ImageTask, closely mimic the characteristics of Canon’s in-camera JPEG processing.Whats in the BoxRebel XS body, EF-S 18-55mm 1:3.5-5.6 IS lens, Eyecup Ef, Wide Strap EW-100DBIII, VideoCable VC-100, USB Interface Cable IFC-200U, Battery Pack LP-E5, Battery Charger LC-E5,EOS Digital Solution Disk and Instruction Manuals, "Great Photography is Easy" Booklet and"Do More with Macro" BookletReview from dpreview.comLearn more about this cameraat DPReview.comCanon Rebel XS Digital SLR: Highly Recommended by dpreview.comWhen Canon launched the EOS 300D back in 2003 it was widely regarded as the first affordable
  • 9. digital SLR and secured Canon a seemingly indomitable number-one spot in the market. Sincethen the small Canon has gone through three further iterations and the current model - the EOS450D - offers a feature set and image quality that could only have been dreamed about five yearsago (and at a price point well below the 300Ds). However, the competition havent been idlespectators and have recently launched a number of de-speced cameras that have redefined theentry level segment and undercut the EOS 450D in the DSLR hierarchy.Canon has now responded to this mounting pressure by launching a new model one tier belowthe 450D in its current lineup - the EOS 1000D. It shares bits and pieces with Rebels gone byand, depending from which angle you look at it, the new model is either a stripped down 450D ora reheated 400D. Its a lower specification camera than the 450D, by every measure you mightsee listed on the shop shelf, but is not the huge step down that its market positioning might leadyou to expect.On the next page of this review youll find a detailed comparison between the 1000D, 450D and400D but the headlines are; a 10MP sensor, 2.5 in LCD monitor, 7-point AF system and no spot-metering (like the 400D) but gaining Live View with both phase- and contrast-detect AF,SD/SDHC for storage and a control and menu layout that is pretty much identical to the EOS450Ds. In fact, because its based around the same Digic III processor, it shares an interface withalmost every current Canon DSLR all the way up to the 1DsMkIII.Note that throughout this preview we will refer to the EOS 1000D by its European name; if youlive in other parts of the world youll know the camera by Rebel XS or Kiss F Digital, but theyreall essentially the same camera.>Read more at dpreview.comCustomer ReviewsMost helpful customer reviews809 of 814 people found the following review helpful.Canon REBEL XS simply a beautiful experienceBy Judah BharathI spent several weeks reviewing the REBEL XS vs its many 10 MP adversaries, I even checkedit against the ultra zooms as I wanted the convenience of video as well, but too many good thingsstood out with this camera and so I decided upon it. I bought the rebel XS and after days of dirttesting this camera Ive found it a beautiful experience.Now Im a professional videographer attached to a tv station in Trinidad & Tobago, my purposefor this camera was the need for a quick sharp still shot camera that would be impressive underlow light and still capture impressive portrait shots to be used for my website and for large prints.I didnt want to shell out over a $1000. US for a camera body.What is tagged by Canon is true: The full auto mode is truly accurate and gives excellent shots
  • 10. always, it makes photography so easy for a beginner or intermediate. The portrait mode isntblurry, images are clean, nicely toned, excellent in quality for large size prints. The P ( programmode) I like alot at first because this mode sets exposure so nicely I found it addictive. I shot alotof night pics of cars on a freeway, with bright, sharp, lively colours emerging. Night pics at 800iso had very very very little noise, and I mean I was searching the pics on 15" monitors forreason to complain, but was really impressed.The auto focus is really quick. Th XS comes with "only" a 7 point auto focus system comparedto the XSi 9 point, forgive me when I say there may be no need for another 2 points when thecamera focusses so quick and so accurately. I have not gotten a soft image when shot with theauto focus operating.Now for those point and shoot cams that boast about "face detection"....5 faces...6,7, some even15. I also have a 10 mp ultra zoom, this simply matters little if not at all, if the focussing abilityof the camera is poor or average, and given the "average lens" quality theyre made of.I have learnt clearly that a 10 MP ultra zoom simply cannot compare to a 10 MP D SLR...chalkand cheese.I also bought the Tamron 70mm - 300mm, F4-5.6 telephoto/ macro lens. No vignetting at eitherend of the lens.Auto iso is simply magnificent, have not taken a shot where the camera over estimated orunderestimated the iso levels.The Manual mode of this camera is the most impressive for me. The rebel XS via variousmagazine testing has come up faster than its other 10 MP rivals when it comes to fps shooting,and burst images. It really does shoot 3 fps consistently, it shoots 2.3 fps in low light, worst caseis over 1 fps all at 10 MP quality.I havent used a lower quality since, given I bought a Transcend 8GB SDHC card storage is notan issue.Most of my shooting has been at night, for the little done in daylight, it has been amazing.Colours are very bright, depth of field very very nice. Macros works well. Image optimizersimply shocked life out of me. I was in a shaded area and without flash it really improves thesubject without over blowing the background, stuff that is almost impossible on point and shootcams.Stuff I disagree with from the "reviews" : 1- "The camera feels cheaply built"....simply wrong,nothing is shabby, buttons are actually easy to press, doesnt have cheap clicks to them, the lensmount has a secure feel to it, and a proper snap when it is set. Battery compartment is certainlysecure. Your finger must intricately open the door for entry, wont be an accident issue. Rubberdoor at a.v. ports snap in well. Rubber grip is firm enough, smooth enough to not irritate yourhands.2- " XS is "overpriced" compared to the XSi.....Xsi shoots slower than the XS, XSi picturequality is equal to the XS even though the XSi is 12 MP. The XSi may be the 3" LCD and a fewother upgrades, but these upgrades dont add up when the picture is taken and the quality of bothcameras match alike. I may have chosen the XSI if I wanted to spend the extra $150. u.s but forthe lesser price, Im yet to regret.3- "The XS "only has a 2.5" LCD compared to a couple of its rivals having 3" LCDs". I can seeevery thing clearly with this screen, even with Histograms, and grids onscreen. If LCDs getmuch bigger then canon may need to install a tv tuner as well....the 2.5" is more than sufficient.4- "The XS doesnt have SPOT METERING compared to the XSi, so this is a big issue"- havent
  • 11. encountered a reason to complain yet, after 500 night shots and 200 day shots.THE DOWN SIDE: the EOS software for uploading the photos to computer, and remotecontrolling the cam via computer is AWFUL. Its a task to upload, as it is beach balling whenyou hit "upload". Digital professional software is non responsive. I have not been able to use thesoftware past the install point. Mac version here.Better use i-photo and photoshop.I highly rate this camera, and as a videographer whos accustomed to t.v. broadcast quality theREBEL XS is worth it, and since canon is so intent on pushing the rebel XSi they havesignificantly lowered the price on the XS.....I recommend people buy the XS and get a good lenswith the discount earned. The trick is in the lens and the user, and lesser the camera.309 of 317 people found the following review helpful.Best Affordable DSLR (Canon XS vs. Olympus E-510 or Nikon D40/60)By J. GalloI want to save you the time and uncertainty in choosing the best affordable DSLR. For thoseconsidering the Canon EOS Rebel XS, the Olympus E-510 or the Nikon D40 / D40x / D60, Ibelieve the Canon XS is the best choice. Also, at the price difference between the XS and theSXi ($150-200 as of December 08), the XS is an excellent alternative--both take exactly thesame high quality pictures, save the 2MP difference, which is negligible at the end. Please notethat the XSs new lens kit comes with the better quality EFS 18-55 Image Stabilization lens (theyare better engineered); and that Canon is offering nowadays generous rebates on telephoto lenseswhen coupled with the purchase of the XS (I bought mine with the entry-level Canon EF 75-300mm III lens with a generous instant Canon rebate. Dont buy from anybody different fromB&H Photo, directly from Amazon, Adorama, Buydig/Beach Camera; stay away from BroadwayPhoto and TriState).Canons are popular for the excellent image processing. Nikons for their Nikor lenses. Olympus,some say, for the color of some of the pictures they take.The Olympus E-510 has important flaws, e.g., the average performance in high ISO speeds andhighlight blowing. Also, its inconsistency with good results is worth noting.The Nikon D40 lacks important features, e.g., image stabilization in their kit lens. The D60 islacking the high picture quality ratings of the Canon XS. Both Nikons are nice looking, which isa selling factor I usually consider; but picture quality should be your top criterion for the longrun.Dont go through the extensive research I have already done (months, and intense debating). TheCanon XS is a winner (specially with the new IS lens kit), even more with its current price (Dec.08: $480). It is feature rich (you can even add 3 of your preferred defined Picture Style modes),good/professional looking (black body), even the sound of the shooter is nicer than the others.Bottom line: Excellent picture quality, high ISO/low light remarkable performance, and relevantfeatures and space for customization make the Canon XS a winner for months and even years tocome.
  • 12. 186 of 189 people found the following review helpful.Excellent starter DSLRBy Brandon WhiteThis review is geared toward complete newbies (such as myself) who are coming from the point-and-shoot world.I purchased this camera due to a budget constraint and after reading numerous reviews. For whatyou features you get, you simply cannot beat the price for an entry level DSLR camera. You mayhave looked at the XSI (as I have) and have been tempted to put forth the extra $100 or so to getthat one. If you get down to the nitty gritty between the specs of the XS and XSI, youll find thatthey are very minimally different, and more importantly, those "extra" features will have nobearing on you as a DSLR newbie.This XS (1000D) model is oft overlooked because so many are praising its "bigger brother" theXSI. But take a look at a side-by-side comparison and youll notice not much has been scaledback for this XS. Save that extra money for better glass. I would even be willing to speculate thata future firmware release will address some of these scaled-back features.PROS-Currently the best bang for buck youre going to find (at this time).-Canon didnt scale back very much from the XSI-Some report that the lower MP (10 vs XSIs 12) gives better image quality because of the sensor(DigicIII).-Excellent image quality even with the supplied kit lens.-Easy to use (with some research-effort on your part)-Canon compatibility -- nuff said.CONS-Not crazy about the build materials (some sort of plastic). When I purchase things, I plan onowning them for a very long time, regardless of how "outdated" it may become a few years downthe road.-Some button placements for me seem counter-intuitive, but remember, Im only a newbie.-Has crop sensor like all of the rebels.-Live View usefulness is questionable.In short: If youre coming from P&S, you will not be disappointed with this purchase. It willmeet or exceed your expectations of photo quality and features.See all 406 customer reviews...My Associates Store | Shopping Cart Browse by Category
  • 13. Patio Furniture SetsCamera & Photo Similar Items.. Deluxe 57" Camera Tripod with...$16.99Canon ACK-E5 AC Adapter Kit for ...$64.00eForCity 2 PACK LP-E5 REPLACEMEN...$17.80 AccessoriesTenba 638-221 Small Messenger (B...$104.95Canon CBC-E5 Car Battery Charger...$87.95Tenba 638-231 Large Messenger (B...$109.95