Canon image formula dr m160 office document scanner
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Canon image formula dr m160 office document scanner






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Canon image formula dr m160 office document scanner Document Transcript

  • 1. My Associates StoreShopping CartProduct DetailsCanon imageFORMULA DR-M160Office Document ScannerFrom CanonListPrice:$1,295.00Price:$886.35 & eligible for FREE Super Saver Shippingon orders over $25. DetailsAvailability: Usually ships in 24 hoursShips from and sold by Amazon.com54 new or used available from $650.48Average customer review:(16 customer reviews)Product DescriptionWith a combination of performance, convenience, and flexibility, the Canon imageFORMULADR-M160 scanner is a compact document imaging solution for office environments. The DR-M160 scanners user-friendly design, high-quality image processing, reliable item handling, andintelligent software offer end-to-end options for capturing, converting, communicating, andcontrolling business information.Product Details Color: White Brand: Canon Model: Canon DR-M160 Original language: English
  • 2.  Number of items: 1 Dimensions: 9.09" h x 11.02" w x 9.76" l, 7.05 poundsFeatures Scans up to 60 pages per minute Double-Feed & Non-feed prevention Simple hardware and features designed with the user in mindEditorial ReviewsFrom the ManufacturerView LargerWith a combination of performance, convenience, and flexibility, the Canon imageFORMULADR-M160 scanner is a compact document imaging solution for office environments. Its user-friendly design, high-quality image processing, reliable item handling, and intelligent softwareoffer end-to-end options for capturing, converting, communicating, and controlling businessinformation.A Wide Variety of Applications Provides the basis for efficient records management and paperwork reduction Beneficial for the Legal, Financial, Healthcare, and Government sectorsExceptional Performance
  • 3. View Larger Scans up to 60 pages per minute—both sides in a single pass Holds up to 60 sheets in the ADFConvenient and Usable Design Less than a foot long and wide, it is a productivity booster in space-constrained areas Intuitive control panel to pre-program scan tasks Adopts and simplifies higher-end scanning features into a compact, easy-to-implementpackageHigh-Quality Scanning New roller design Double-feed prevention Scan long documents, embossed plastic cards, thin paper, and moreIntelligent Software CaptureOnTouch for easier use Improved CapturePerfect enable users to share information using cloud applications suchas Microsoft® SharePoint®
  • 4.  Kofax VRS Nuance eCopy PDF Pro Office Also bundled with ISIS®/TWAIN drivers for easy integration with third-party EnterpriseContent Management (ECM) systems.Environment in Mind Meets ENERGY STAR® guidelines for energy efficiency Complies with the RoHS and WEEE directives for reduction of hazardous substances andwaste productsCustomer Care For investment protection, eCarePAK options are available on the DR-M160 scanner.eCarePAK extends service beyond the initial one-year advanced exchange warrantyperiod, saving on costs associated with post-purchase maintenance and maximizinguptime throughout the product life.Whats in the Box? Main Scanner Body USB Cable AC Adapter Power Cable for 120V Setup DVD-Rom Reference Guide (E.F.S.)
  • 5.  Warranty eCarePAK Brochure Insert of ePPO Insert of Kofax VRS Kofax VRS Basic CDCustomer ReviewsMost helpful customer reviews24 of 24 people found the following review helpful.Industrial strength scanning for a home office deskBy Damodar ChettyUpdated Mar 22, 2013:I love this scanner - after about 2 years of fairly regular use, its still working as well as it didwhen it was brand new.##########################Im a strong believer in a paperless office, both for security and ease of access, and have used theFujitsu ScanSnap S510 for a number of years. I have absolutely loved that scanner, which iswithout doubt, the best business investment Ive made. It has the smallest footprint ever, is veryzippy, and can do duplex scans, with blank page removal. It even came with a great softwarepackage - a PDF manager (ScanSnap Organizer) and Adobe Acrobat Standard.Downsides with the S510? It is easy to double feed pages, requiring a restart of the scan job fromthe top. Furthermore, you are restricted to the ScanSnap Manager software for all scanning -TWAIN/ISIS compatible applications cannot directly interface with it.The DR-M160 is a whole different beast inside and out.The ScanSnaps compact foldability and genial two tone colors are replaced by a moreprofessional finish. The ScanSnaps rollers are simply no comparison to the heavy duty ones thatreside within the DR-M160. The DR-M160s speed is to be seen to be believed - both for thephysical scan as well as for the PDF conversion. And, all of this in a workstation footprint thatsonly slightly larger than that of the ScanSnap!Note that this comparison was purely for illustrative purposes as the ScanSnap cost me abouthalf of what the DR-M160 retails for, so the two devices are in entirely different leagues.Installation:########
  • 6. 1. Mechanical setup took a couple of minutes. Slot in the document feed tray, and remove acouple of protective stays, and its good to go.2. Software install is also straightforward with a single CD that installs a driver, CaptureOnTouch (a TWAIN compatible scanning application), CapturePerfect (ISIS compatible scanningapplication), and eCopy PDF Pro office (an Adobe Acrobat Professional equivalent fromNuance).3. After a restart, and with the scanner connected, my computer loaded the drivers and I wasgood to go. From start to finish - about 15 minutes.Thats where I should have stopped. Installing Kofax Virtual ReScan was an exercise in patience.First I needed to run a separate CD installer. Even on Windows 7 32-bit, I got an annoying "Thedetected Operating System is not supported for VRS..." Soldiering past that, I needed todownload a Canon DR-M160 Component Installer from the Kofax site. Kofax was then unhappyabout its activation. Not a pleasant piece of software, and completely unintuitive to use. I quitbefore I hurt myself.Experiences:##############For my very first test, I loaded 53 pages into its hopper (about the max capacity), and clicked theStart button. This was a batch of legal sized documents that had sat in a folder, stapled together,for about 8 years. This was a tough job, especially given how much the pages wanted to sticktogether, but the DR-M160 handled it like a champ. It took about 3 minutes to run through thesepages - scanning them at 200 dpi, and converting to an output PDF file. This was remarkablegiven that I was using a 4 year old computer with a dual core processor and 2GB of RAM. Therated speed of 60ppm is with a Core i7 2.8GHz CPU with 4MB RAM, and letter sized paper.Since then Ive thrown more typical jobs at it (mailed statements, invoices, and the like) and ithas handled them with panache and effortless ease.I was also impressed with the software that accompanies the DR-M160. You literally haveeverything you need to be productive and effective at managing a paperless office. As with anysoftware, theres a learning curve associated.CaptureOn Touch:#############CaptureOn Touch is the least fussy, most presentable, and friendliest of the bunch. You can gofull-auto, and let the scanner make all the decisions. Or, you can hook into the scanners driverand configure it the way you want it - adjusting brightness/contrast, compression/qualitytradeoff, double feed detection, etc.It supports 9 configurable profiles that are integrated with the Job Select hard button on the DR-M160. Each profile describes a scan workflow (a job) in terms of (a) scanner settings (dpi,duplex/simplex, rotate to match text orientation, etc.), (b) whether you want to review thescanned output, (c) the output file format (PDF, JPEG, TIFF, PPTX, BMP), and (d) thedestination (file folder, print, a target application, email). Note that the scanner only displays ajob number, so I needed a cheat sheet to keep my profiles straight.
  • 7. CapturePerfect:###########This is much less intuitive to use than CaptureOn Touch. For e.g., when I tried to perform aduplex scan using the [Scan Page] menu option, I got a dialog that simply said "Scanning Side isset to front-side and back-side or skip blank page, but scan front-side only." Turns out you mustpick [Scan Batch to File] in order to scan duplex! If you can take its idiosyncrasies, you arerewarded with additional control options, such as dynamic image manipulation.eCopy PDF Pro:##########Just like Adobe Acrobat, eCopy supports indexing of PDFs, security, digital certificates, PDFforms, PDF comparison, search based redaction, macros, integration with MS Office, etc. And,also just like Acrobat - it comes with DRM in the form of online activation and machinefingerprinting.The UI for this tool does not match its power - the icons look as if drawn by a bunch ofpreschoolers, and I often have to hunt to find functions. Fortunately, all the power that I need isthere, except perhaps the ability to add security to a batch of PDF documents. I find that I amquite impressed with eCopys functionality and stability.Conclusion:########Over the time that Ive used it, this has become my go-to scanner. It is hard to find fault withanything that this unit does. It is quiet, quick, compact, and comes with some fairly industrialstrength software tools.In addition, the Exchange Roller Kit for DR-M160 Scanner, is readily available in case it isneeded.One option missing is the use of a carrier sheet (provided with the ScanSnap) that lets you safelyscan thin receipts as well as documents with pencil marks - which can otherwise do a number onthe scanners optics.This scanner does its job and does it exceedingly well. I dont imagine that Ill outgrow thisscanner for a very long while.Happy Scanning!~Damodar11 of 11 people found the following review helpful.Fast scanner, but PDF software leaves a lot to be desiredBy S. JentschThis scanner is not your average, run-of-the-mill consumer grade device, and its performanceshows. Unfortunately, the software that is bundled with it keeps it from being a five-star item.
  • 8. I installed the TWAIN device driver as well as the eCopy PDF Pro Office software. I figured Iwould start with that and then go for the Kofax Virtual Rescan software, which appears to be forOCR (optical character recognition) and large volume document scanning, later. Given theexperience I had with the PDF software, perhaps I should have either stopped with the TWAINdriver, or just skipped it for the Kofax software, but more on that later.The scanner is fast! After installing the TWAIN device driver and the scanning interfacesoftware, I was able to scan a document using Adobe Acrobat Pro. When I hit the scan button, Ithought I did something wrong, because the page fed through the scanner so quickly, I figured itjust ejected the page. A moment later, Acrobat is showing me both sides of the document thatwas scanned, in color, and the text was auto-recognized as text from within Acrobat! Even afterseveral weeks of use, Im still amazed by how fast this scanner does its job, but for the pricepoint, I guess that should be a given.The scanning interface software that allows for programming the buttons on the scanner and forautomating scanning tasks took a little to get configured, but once I became familiar with theoptions, I found quite a bit of power and flexibility available. Customizable presets can bechosen for the default process, and those presets control most of the scanning parameters, as wellas how documents and images are saved.If you need to scan documents on a regular basis, or if you have a large volume of documents toscan, this software alone can be a god-send. The ability to set up the software to auto-savedocuments where you want them, and how you want them named, really comes in handy andmakes the task much easier and much faster. For instance, you can have each page savedseparately or together, and each file can have whatever prefix you want, with the date and timeinserted, as well as a running counter. I would have liked the ability to have just the date insteadof the date and time, but thats a minor nitpick.The eCopy PDF Pro Office software is the one negative in this package. Its interface appearsamateurish and setting its options is not as comprehensive as I would have liked. For anyone thathas a document management software package, such as Adobe Acrobat Pro, I wouldnt evenrecommend installing the eCopy product unless there is a feature you really need.One major reason for this is what I found quite by accident a while after installing it. I noticedthat the hard drive was thrashing quite a bit while I wasnt doing any disk-instensive tasks, andthe CPU load was high enough to kick up the fans in the case for extra cooling. I investigatedand found that the CPU had gone up to 25% and there was a lot of disk activity from theWindows indexing system and another program that I tracked down to the eCopy software. Itturns out that the eCopy software integrates with the Windows indexing system to enableindexing of PDF files, and now that it was enabled, every file on my hard drive was beingscanned for PDF files to index. This went on for a couple of hours while I tracked down thecause, and I could not find any way within the Windows Indexing System or the eCopy softwareto stop it. Eventually, I found a reference on a web site where people were reporting the sameissue, and followed the instructions to run MSCONFIG and disable the service that was causingthe undesired behavior.
  • 9. I was not annoyed so much by the fact that this happened, as I can see the value in it, but I thinkit should have been an option during installation, and there should have been a way to switch offthat activity without having to force Windows to stop the service that was connecting to theWindows Indexing Service. Most average computer users are not going to know aboutMSCONFIG and a good share will not feel comfortable using that tool, and given the impact thatit had on the system, such behavior shouldnt be enabled by default.That software issue aside, this scanner is an excellent device. Its much more than the averageperson needs, but if your needs outstrip the capability of consumer-grade scanners, this onecertainly seems up to the task! The biggest issue with many lower-priced scanners is that they donot come with TWAIN drivers, but rather proprietary interfaces with the bundled documentmanagement software bundled with the scanner. While this probably lowers the price of the unitsomehow, the flexibility that the TWAIN driver provides is invaluable for those of us that wantto use our own software to perform scanning tasks.With the higher price should come enhanced performance when it comes to feeding a stack ofpapers well (I had no issues with everything that I tried) and durability. Time will tell on thelatter front, but its encouraging to see that roller kits are available for purchase for the time whenthe rollers no longer feed the paper well, as happens with scanners and printers alike afterextended use.The speed of this scanner and the availability of the TWAIN driver are the two primarycharacteristics that make this a device worthy of consideration. The powerful scanning interfacesoftware will fulfill many needs for document scanning, and if youre willing to put up with theeCopy software or if you already have your own, editing scanned documents also becomespossible.In a small office/home office situation, a device like this makes it possible to take that stack ofback invoices, bills, and other paperwork, and turn it into a set of files on your computer that youcan organize, store, and backup any way that you want. Now that I have this scanner connected,Ive been looking for paperwork that has been buried in drawers and boxes, but should be moreaccessible, and finally taking care of a task that was too onerous to even consider doing in thepast.6 of 6 people found the following review helpful.Fast Scanner, has some design flawsBy C. LubbersPROS:This scanner is blazing fast. At 300 dpi is creates a very high quality image in an amazingly shorttime.CONS:It has 2 major problems.1. One is that the outbound tray isnt smooth. It has groves that allow it to slide in and fold up.The problem with that is when paper is being discharged from the machine it fairly regularly get
  • 10. caught up in the groves, sometimes jamming the scanner.2. The paper sitting in the inbound tray bumps up a little as the next page feeds in. This onlybecomes a problem when you get to the second to the last page, as that feeds in it bumps the lastpage making the scanner think that it is done with all the pages. So you end up having to scanagain and append that to the first scan. The only solution is in the settings you can have it notstop scanning until you push the stop button on the front of the machine. While this fixes theproblem it is a pain to have to do that every time if you scan frequently.FINAL THOUGHTS:It is a good scanner no doubt but for the amount of money it costs it should really be designed alittle better. Also I cant speak to the software that comes with it, we use a third party DMS so wedont use any of the software that comes with it except the TWAIN drivers which seem to workwell as our 3rd party software doesnt have any issues communicating with the scanner likeweve had with other scanners (snapScan Im looking at you)EDIT: Ive been using this scanner pretty heavily for about 7 months. I need to retract one of mycons. Number 1 about the outbound tray. It turns or that it is just REALLY sensitive about beingcompletely extended. It if it just 1 millimeter off it tends to jam up. If it is extended all the way itdoesnt jam at all. Number 2 is still a real problem though.See all 16 customer reviews...My Associates Store | Shopping Cart Browse by CategoryPatio Furniture SetsCamera & Photo Similar ItemsHP Officejet 6100 e-Printer Wire...$89.003 Pack V4INK New Compatible Brot...$55.00
  • 11. Post-it Message Flags, "Sign Her...$4.38