Canon xl1 s minidv digital camcorder
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Canon xl1 s minidv digital camcorder






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Canon xl1 s minidv digital camcorder Canon xl1 s minidv digital camcorder Document Transcript

  • My Associates StoreShopping CartProduct DetailsCanon XL1S MiniDV DigitalCamcorderFrom CanonThis item is not available for purchase from this store.25 new or used available from $498.07Average customer review:(23 customer reviews)Product DescriptionSmall enough to carry around and costing not much more than a top-of-the-line consumercamcorder, the XL1S produces such high-quality results that it is sure to be the top choice formany independent filmmakers who demand full features and controls. Like its predecessor, theXL1, this camera uses three separate 270,000 pixel CCDs (one for each primary color) for thebest picture quality. The XL1S records digital audio, with two channels of 16 bit/48 KHz soundor four channels of 12 bit/32 KHz sound. The body is based on a magnesium-alloy frame formaximum durability. It ships with a 16x optical zoom lens with optical image stabilization, but isalso compatible with other XL camcorder lenses. With an optional adapter, you can use CanonEF (EOS) still-camera lenses--some of which also feature optical image stabilization.Product Details Amazon Sales Rank: #7057 in Camera & Photo Brand: Canon Model: 59886 Released on: 2001-08-08 Platforms: Windows XP, Windows 2000 Server, Mac OS X, Mac OS 9 and below,Windows, Windows NT, Mac, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows NT 3.5, WindowsNT 4, Windows NT 5, PowerMac, Windows Me Display size: 0.7
  • Features Record for up to 90 minutes on one battery charge Three shooting modes: Normal Movie, Digital Photo Mode, and the cinema-like FrameMovie Mode and shoot in 16:9 16x optical zoom lens (digital zoom to 320x) and image stabilizer Professional-quality MiniDV camcorder and still camera with 3 CCD lens Interchangeable lens system can use Canon EOS lenses with optional adapter Interchangeable lens system--can use Canon EOS lenses with optional adapterEditorial Product Description Small enough to carry around and costing not much more thana top-of-the-line consumer camcorder, the XL1S produces such high-quality results that it is sureto be the top choice for many independent filmmakers who demand full features and controls.Like its predecessor, the XL1, this camera uses three separate 270,000 pixel CCDs (one for eachprimary color) for the best picture quality. The XL1S records digital audio, with two channels of16 bit/48 KHz sound or four channels of 12 bit/32 KHz sound. The body is based on amagnesium-alloy frame for maximum durability. It ships with a 16x optical zoom lens withoptical image stabilization, but is also compatible with other XL camcorder lenses. With anoptional adapter, you can use Canon EF (EOS) still-camera lenses--some of which also featureoptical image stabilization.The electronics of the XL1S have many advanced features, including a number of programmedAE modes, as well as both shutter and aperture priority modes. There are two different automodes, one of which allows you to adjust any setting manually, if you want, and the other, whichadjusts every setting automatically and lets you adjust nothing. A spotlight mode automaticallycompensates for difficulties when shooting a subject bathed in a spotlight. The computer-shooting mode gets rid of monitor flicker that happens when shooting a computer screen. Thereare also three different shooting modes: normal movie, digital photo, and frame movie. Normalmovie mode is for any time you want to shoot video footage. Digital-photo mode records a stillimage for six seconds on the MiniDV tape and also captures any accompanying audio for acommentary track. The frame movie mode records 30 noninterlaced still images per second,instead of capturing 60 fps interlaced images. This mode isnt intended to be used for shootingvideo (playback may not look completely smooth). Rather, frame movie mode should be used asa burst, or continuous, shooting mode, like youd find on a still camera.The XL1S offers many new and updated features over the XL1. There is a 16:9 shooting modewhere electronic lines draw are displayed through the viewfinder so you can compose your shotsflexibly for later conversion to HDTV, where 16:9 is the standard. SMPTE color bars helpestablish a proper color reference for shooting and editing. Interval recording lets you shoottime-elapsed motion video with intervals from 30 seconds to 10 minutes. Zebra patterns help youdetermine overexposed areas in your shot so you can adjust the aperture and shutter accordingly.
  • Digital Video Format and IEEE 1394The XL1S is a consummate professional creation tool that supports the established industrystandards, MiniDV and IEEE 1394. Support of these standards make the XL1S a flexible videocreation tool that interoperates with standard DV equipment and computer editing systems asaccorded by engineering, scientific and broadcast communities.DV Format Technology and Its AdvantagesThe MiniDV format supported by the XL1S delivers morethan 500 lines of horizontal resolution -- a 25%improvement over analog systems. The DV format allowsfor near lossless transfer within digital editingenvironments for faster creation, increased productivityand improved production quality of final prints.IEEE 1394 (DV Terminal)The XL1S comes standard with a DV terminal that conforms to IEEE 1394 for digital transfer ofvideo and sound, in addition to regular video and audio outputs. The IEEE 1394 (also known asFireWire®) standard allows editing, copying and recording of digital video over a single cable.This transfer format affords improved image and sound quality and is virtually free fromgeneration loss.The 3 CCD SystemThe XL1S maximizes the capability of the DV format by usinga 3 CCD (charge-coupled device) system with a separate CCDfor each primary color (red, green, blue). A beam-splittingprism separates light passing through the lens into individualcolor components and each is sent to its own CCD. Comparedto a single CCD, the 3 CCD system achieves outstanding detailwith highly accurate color reproduction suitable for thedemands of high-end video production - wide dynamic range,low color noise, high-contrast detail, natural color resolutionand low-aliasing. The 3 CCD system also makes advanced PixelShift (for increased image quality) and Low Light Recording(for increased flexibility) possible.The three CCD image sensors in the XL1S, each with 270,000 pixels, were specifically designedto capture as much image detail as possible and for shooting under extremely low lightconditions. The size of each pixel is 72 square microns - 150% larger than the pixel-size oncomparable DV models. The result is an approximate 4 dB improvement in sensitivity. Thisimproved sensitivity means that each CCD can capture more information at all light ranges. Insuper low light, the XL1S still captures crisp and clear digital data. Under extremely brightconditions, the Pixel Shift capabilities of the XL1S greatly reduces vertical white streaks andsmears, making it a consummate field recording device for all conditions.Because human eyes see green more clearly and readily, the green component of a video signalcontains 60% of the picture detail whereas the red and blue components together comprise theremaining 40%. With the advanced Pixel Shift on the XL1S, the green CCD is physically shifted
  • the equivalent distance of 1/2 pixel horizontally from the red and blue CCD, and the green signalis electronically shifted 1/2 pixel vertically. This shifting of the green CCD increases thesampling points, resulting in a system that is comparable to 410,000 pixel CCD systems in termsof resolution. With a larger pixel size and the process of Pixel Shift, the Canon XL1S giveswider dynamic range, better low light recording, reduced vertical smears, and high quality stillimages without sacrificing the highest resolution DV available.Audio and Video Inputs and OutputsThe XL1S offers a plethora of means by which to get audio and video in and out of thecamcorder. The XL1S is designed to handle two types of analog video input and output: usingaudio/video cables (composite) or S-video. There are four audio inputs and outputs. Allconnections are on the camera body.Whats in the Box XL1S Camera Zoom Lens 16x XL 5.5-88 mm IS BP-930 Battery Pack CA-910 Compact Power Adapter DC-900 DC Coupler SS-1000 Shoulder Strap WL-D32000 Wireless Controller SP-100 Shoulder Pad S-150 S-video Cable STV-150 Stereo Video Cable Lens HoodCustomer ReviewsMost helpful customer reviews142 of 145 people found the following review helpful.Best DV Camcorder If You Are SeriousBy A CustomerThe picture quality of the XL1s is outstanding and it is known to be the industrys leading pro-sumer camcorder. It is also an extremely versatile camera, allowing you to change lenses, varyyour audio options (such as connecting to professional audio sound systems), and film in bothframe and wide-screen formats. The only drawbacks are that it is quite a leap in complexity andit doesnt have a pop-out viewfinder, which means youre stuck looking throught the eye-piece orhave to buy an attachable view-finder.It isnt for your average videographer who wants to just take video of family and vacations. It isactually being used to film documentaries and for professional services such as filming eventssuch as weddings (which is what I use it for).
  • Due to its size, weight, complexity, and cost (especially when you add the optional accessoriessuch as filters, additional lenses and microphones, etc.), you had better be very serious aboutvideography before you invest in the XL1s. If you are, you will be thrilled with this camera.80 of 83 people found the following review helpful.High quality DV for those who knowBy D. ChangJust short of a top-of-the-line broadcast DV camera, the XL1S is an extremely high quality DVcamcorder. Its affordable and relatively easy to operate. Granted, my parents wouldnt have theslightest clue on where to start, and for most people this is WAY too much camera for generalapplications. But for semi-pros and amateurs alike you cannot go wrong with this piece ofequipment. All the features you could want or expect are included, and transferrance to analog orto a DV editor isnt more than a button push away. Im a freelance videographer, and Im startinga production house and this is the base piece of equipment I use. Too much camera for weddingsand picnics, but for any type of video project this is all you need.29 of 29 people found the following review helpful.Owned my XL1 s for about a year now and nothing but great !By A CustomerMy camera has been down to Key West for a short film shoot.Not a problem it produced the most vivid clearity one could imagine.Also shot footage for TheDiscovery channel with this camera last month with pro-qaulity.DVD burns complement this camera this camera looses not one bit of qaulity when editing.Esspecially if you have a good enhancement program youll love the results the Xl1s producesbump up the saturation and the colors jump out....I have shot with about every camera out there and the Xl1s beat em all hands down on weightand ease of use.Picture qaulity is by far the best .500+ hours on my Xl1s and it works better thannew.You know, you have to read the manual to adjust for lighting conditions other than that I canproduce a great film feel to my work with this DV camera.A must for the person looking to make his mark in the business.Dont settle for a gl2 or a panasonic, youll know what Im talking about once you shoot with thisunbelieveable camera.One thing this camera is very stable,and with practice youll throw away your tripod.....You,Gotta practice camera technique people....If you have the cash this is your camera..See all 23 customer reviews...My Associates Store | Shopping Cart Browse by Category
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