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Canon vixia hv30 mini dv high definition camcorder with 10x optical image stabilized zoom

Canon vixia hv30 mini dv high definition camcorder with 10x optical image stabilized zoom






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    Canon vixia hv30 mini dv high definition camcorder with 10x optical image stabilized zoom Canon vixia hv30 mini dv high definition camcorder with 10x optical image stabilized zoom Document Transcript

    • My Associates StoreShopping CartProduct DetailsCanon VIXIA HV30 MiniDV HighDefinition Camcorder with 10x OpticalImage Stabilized ZoomFrom CanonPrice: $899.99Availability: Usually ships in 1-2 business daysShips from and sold by Crawfords Superstore32 new or used available from $270.00Average customer review:(119 customer reviews)Product DescriptionCanon VIXIA HV30 High-Definition MiniDV CamcorderProduct Details Amazon Sales Rank: #5413 in Camera & Photo Brand: Canon Model: HV30 Released on: 2009-11-30 Dimensions: 5.51" h x 5.55" w x 8.78" l, 1.20 pounds Display size: 2.7Features Capture high-defintion video to MiniDV
    •  10x optical zoom; SuperRange Optical Image Stabilizer 24p Cinema Mode; 30p Progressive Mode 2.7-inch widescreen Multi-Angle Vivid LCD Simultaneous photo captureEditorial ReviewsFrom the ManufacturerFrom the ManufacturerFor tech-savvy, sophisticated and discerning videographers who demand a first-rate qualitycamcorder, Canon’s HV30 enables them to capture the ultimate in HD video and still photoquality. The HV30 offers the unparalleled combination of a 10x HD Video lens, a 2.96-megapixel CMOS image sensor, and a DIGIC DV II processor, all packaged in an elegant HDVcamcorder.Featuring Canon’s exclusive SuperRange Optical Image Stabilizer to stabilize a wide range ofmovements, a built-in video light to easily shoot in dark settings, and the new 2.7-inch multi-angle Vivid LCD acreen to view from various angles with true color representation and contrast,your shooting possibilities are now boundless. Beyond that, you can capture amazing HD detailand color reproduction while achieving critical focus with Instant AF. Create the look and feel ofHollywood movies with the 24p Cinema Mode or choose 30p Progressive Mode to capture fastaction with optimization for the web. With HD and SD recording modes, you can make the moveto HD while retaining compatibility with standard definition equipment. The HV30 is easy to useand delivers the high level of performance you’ve come to expect from a Canon camcorder.Vixia HV30 HighlightsHDV format The HV30 records true 1080 resolution, high-definiton video. The HV30 iscapable of recording and playing back HD images using MiniDV cassette tapes.Canon Full HD CMOS image sensor (1920x1080) The HV30 features a Canon manufacturedHD CMOS image sensor. Similar to its use in Canon’s EOS Series digital SLR cameras, theCMOS sensor reproduces high-resolution images as true HD movies. Canon’s HD CMOS sensoracquires image information at 1920x1080 pixels. Canon’s HD CMOS sensor also features on-chip noise reduction technology. This low noise technology feature means that even in dimly-litscenes, the signals from each pixel are as pure as possible, with minimal "noise" or otheraberrations.
    • The HV30 comes equipped with a 10x HD video lens10x HD video lens The HV30 comes equipped with a 10x HD video lens. An aspherical lens isused to help achieve low aberration and high resolution, the HV30 lens also features superspectra coating technology which lowers flare and ghosting. A gradation ND system is used forbetter exposure in bright shooting situations. This lens design creates true HD image quality.RGB Primary Color Filter Whether you’re shooting video or photos, you will appreciate theHV30s stunning, high-definition image production. For rich, accurate color, the HV30 uses anRGB Primary Color Filter. It separates light into red, green, and blue color components, resultingin vibrant images with natural-looking tones similar to what you’d obtain from 3CCDcamcorders.Genuine Canon Optics With more than 70 years of expertise in manufacturing lenses forprofessional broadcast and photography, The Canon names represents optical excellence. Thatswhy Canons expertise in designing lenses for photography and broadcast television goes intoevery camcorder lens we make.DIGIC DV II image processor DIGIC DV II is the next generation of Canons exclusive DIGICDV signal processing technology designed specifically for HD. Since video and still images havedifferent color requirements, DIGIC DV II HD digital signal processing ensures optimal imagequality for both HD video and still images. Thanks to DIGIC DV II image processing, the HV30produces video with improved color reproduction -- especially in skin tones, and dark and lightscenes. It also uses a hybrid noise reduction system that employs two types of noise reduction --for images that are crystal clear.Canon SuperRange OIS combines vector and gyro detectionmethod
    • SuperRange Optical Image Stabilizer The HV30 features Canon’s SuperRange Optical ImageStabilization (OIS). Utilizing a Hybrid detection method (combining vector and gyro detectionmethod) corrects camera shake instantly for steady shots. And unlike other optical stabilizationsystems, Canon’s Super Range OIS covers a wide range of movements while preserving imagequality. It is even effective while taking photos.30p Progressive Mode 30p Progressive Mode is a progressive format that delivers clarity forfast-action subjects and is the perfect frame rate for the web. Plus, it is ideal for displaying crispimages on your home theatre system or computer monitor. Before now 30p was exclusivelyfeatured on pro-level camcorders but Canon now offers the widest frame rate options for everyvideographer.2.7-inch Multi-Angle Vivid Widescreen LCD The HV30 is equipped with a Multi-Angle VividLCD. This newly-designed screen offers two key advantages for easy, flexible operation.1. A wide viewing angle - view from any direction2. A wide color range - provide robust, accurate colorInstant AF (Auto Focus) Instant AF is Canon’s new and advanced autofocus system. Using aHybrid Control system, the Instant AF makes it easy to focus on previously difficult subjects. Itdramatically decreases the time it takes to achieve proper focus and increases accuracy especiallyin low-light and high-brightness situations.HDMI terminal The HDMI terminal transports high definition video signal with audio in onecable to your HD television. The new standard in HD connection.Achieve a professional film look with 24pcinema mode24p Cinema Mode 24p Cinema Mode is a feature demanded by professional filmmakers andpreviously, only available on pro-level camcorders. 24p Cinema Mode enables all aspiring moviemakers to achieve a professional "film-look". This mode is actually two different features, whichcan be used independently, or together, depending on the user’s preference.1. The frame rate changes to 24p -- the same frame rate as movie film2. The HV30 changes the color and tonal characteristics to make you feel like you are watching amovie in the theatre.Advanced Accessory Shoe terminal The Advanced Accessory Shoe allows the use ofadditional accessories such as a video light and directional microphone.Built-in electronic lens cover A built-in electronic lens cover automatically opens when the
    • camcorder is turned on and closes when turned off. There is no dangling lens cover to lose.Program AE Mode The HV30 gives you a choice of settings that automatically result in the bestexposure for different conditions. Scene modes include: Portrait, Sports, Night, Snow, Beach,Sunset, Spotlight, and Fireworks. Each adjusts your camcorders settings to compensate fordifferent lighting conditions and different subjects.Simultaneous photo capture While shooting an HD movie, you can simultaneously capture a 2-megapixel photo to a memory card by simply pressing the photo button. It’s perfect for anytimeyou don’t want to miss a moment.Built-in video light Increase your low-light capabilities even further by shooting with the HV30.Featuring a Video light, the HV30 enables you shoot subjects in color in low-light at distancesup to 4.9 feet away.Microphone terminal with audio level control The HV30 features a microphone terminal forattaching an external microphone. The audio level can be manually adjusted for greaterflexibility. A level meter is shown in the LCD screen.Headphone Terminal The audio/video terminal doubles as a headphone terminal for monitoringsound while recording.Focus Assist function When shooting high-definition, a properly focused subject is more criticalthan ever. With one push of the Focus Assist Button (during manual focus setting), video zoomand peaking (for emphasizing image contours) are displayed. Not to worry, this is automaticallycancelled when recording is started.Level Shot and Grid Markers Its easy to keep your HV30 level for more professional-lookingvideo. Simply press the Level Shot Control button, and a horizontal marker appears in yourviewfinder. Line up any horizontal lines in your shot to the marker and you know yourcamcorder is level. Also, the Grid marker is very convenient for setting up the special balance inyour shots. Since background colors vary, you can select from two line colors to make the lineseasily visible.Smooth Zoom Control With this innovative feature, you can always be sure of smooth, steady,professional looking zoom shots. Simply select one of three pre-set zoom speeds. You can also
    • select variable so you can control the speed manually.3.1-megapixel photos Capture stunning 3.1-megapixel photos in 4:3 aspect ratio to a miniSDcard (2.07-megapixel photos at 16:9).Advanced Photo FeaturesHistogram display 9-point Ai-AF mode Record 3 MP photos to a MiniSD card Simultaneous photo recording (at 2 megapixels) Photo grab Histogram display Built-in flash Easy Print/Share button Auto Exposure Bracketing Metering Modes (Evaluative, Center-Weighted Average, Spot)Photo grab With this professional level feature, capture photos during playback. With one pushof a button you can "grab" a 2-megapixel still from your HD video footage. There is no need toworry about taking a photo while you’re shooting.9-point Ai-AF mode Auto Intelligent Auto Focus ensures sharp images and gives creativeflexibility. Even when your subject isnt in the center of the frame, the HV30s Ai-AF functionwill automatically select from 9 metering frames on the screen to help bring images into sharpfocus.Built-in FlashBuilt-in flash Capture superb images in low light and indoor photography settings.Histogram display Commonly used in Canon’s line of digital SLR cameras, the HV30 featuresa Histogram display. With just one push of a button, the brightness information of a still image is
    • revealed. This allows you to monitor image quality so you can make adjustments to improve thenext shots.Print/Share button For fast and easy, one-touch printing of your photos at home, simply pressthe camcorder’s Print & Share Button. The button can also be used for one-touch downloading ofyour images to a computer.1 Year Parts and Labor Limited Warranty Canon’s camcorder limited warranty providesprotection long after other manufacturers’ warranties expire.Whats in the Box: VIXIA HV30 Camcorder BP-2L13 Battery Pack (with Terminal Cover) CA-570 Compact Power Adapter STV-250N Stereo Video Cable WL-D87 Wireless Controller IFC-300PCU USB Cable CTC-100/S Component Cable Digital Video Solution Disc for Windows and MacintoshCustomer ReviewsMost helpful customer reviews169 of 173 people found the following review helpful.Great image, poor "feel" in your handBy Robert CozziIve used higher-end ProSumer camcorders for a while and virtually every other generation ofvideo camcorder since 1980. I recently used a Sony HC3 HDV handheld but gave that to mydaughter when I got this HV30.The HV30 has a great picture and all that. So I think Ill focus on whats either really cool, or abit off-putting for a buyer.Really Cool:Video quality is the best you can find on todays one-chip HDV camera. Some 3-chip camerashave a better color depth but many 3-chip cameras actually have a worse picture. They did agreat job.It plays other Canon HDV tape. I own and use a XH A1 3-CCD canon HDV camera and theHV30 plays its tapes even better than the XHA1 seems to. Thats great because I can save theA1s guts for a few more years.
    • It has virtually every output port you could wish for (today). HDMI, Component (yesComponent!), Composite, USB and Firewire. Its very complete.It worked with Apple FinalCut Pro without any trouble. I cant even get he XHA1 to work with itwithout screwing around with it for a while.It has a mic input jack which Podcasters love, but I and other have been having trouble with it. Ibelieve Canon didnt make a simple mic jack but some kind of phantom powered mic this or that,which hobbyist would not really use. So to make it work, and this is the tip, you have to go intothe menu and turn on an option, then go into a different menu and adjust the gain and/or volume.Oops, maybe this should be a "not so cool" item.The Not so Cool.The ergonomics are poor. My hand doesnt feel comfortable holding it no matter how I adjust thehand strap. Ive never had this issue with any other camera.The Record start/stop button is in the wrong location. They put their goofy "joy stick" rightwhere a persons thumb falls while holding the camera, so youre instinctively pushing on thejoystick instead of the start/stop button while filming. The worse part, the Joystick is really crapas an interface element.Noisy camera. The camera makes noise when you move it (shake it) it makes noise when youzoom and it makes a ton of noise when you insert or eject a tape.Poor image when filming motion. If youre filming a scene and you move the camera, you aregoing to get streaking of the image. Why? I believe/assume its because unlike Canons great D-SLR cameras in low light, their video equipment doesnt have the lower ISO (low light)capability that Sonys or everyone else has. Not sure why, but it seems to be a consistent themewith Canon. Fortunately it has a built-in light useful for those birthday parties but not much else.The Bottom LineFor the under $800 it costs, its worth it if youre filming your vacations, holidays, birthdays andwhatnot.If youre a podcaster and want something with every connection known to man, its more thanworth it for the HDMI and mic jacks alone.If you wish you could afford the Canon XH A1 or better and want nearly as good a picture, thisis the camera for you.If you simply want a tape drive for your XH A1, this is actually cheaper than a commercialCANON HDV tape drive.The bottom, bottom line is Sony had lost its way and CANONs HV30 is the current champ in
    • the hand-held HDV camcorder race. I like sony better, but I dont like getting nickeled and dimedto death. You buy the Canon HV30 and youll be happy with the results.178 of 184 people found the following review helpful.It was a hard decision, but Im happy.By lewkoCanon VIXIA HV30 MiniDV High Definition Camcorder with 10x Optical Image StabilizedZoomIm very happy with my Canon HV30. I rate the picture quality, color quality, low-light ability,white balance all excellent. The zoom control is a little close for my fingers and I found myselfholding the camera less firmly (ie with the tips of my fingers rather than my whole hand) whichwould be wearisome on a long shoot, but tripods are still the best way to shoot video for steadypictures. On the other hand the anti-vibration correction seems to help a lot.The total package is good, not excellent and includes a battery with a nice contact protector thatdoesnt look like it will fall off (unlike the protector plate on the Elura and Optura that has to betaped on because it is so loose.) The plate keeps the battery from discharging on the keys in yourpocket or bag. It also includes a charger which will also operate the camera without the battery,which is very handy. This is only good, because it wont charge the battery unless it is in thecamera, so you cant charge while shooting with another battery.The package also includes a remote control (see above) that frustrated me the first time I used itand seems to be of marginal utility. However, all of the minor problems with the package can beremedied with an add-on accessory. The camera is what does the work and it is excellent.Ive had this camcorder only one week. It was a busy week with kids graduation and parties andnight club rock concerts on the video agenda but I learned a lot shopping for this camera andusing it all week, so maybe my story will help you.First, why miniDV rather than flash, hard disk or dvd? I already have two mini dv cameras, aCanon Optura and an Elura. These have given me good service and images that were the envy ofmy Sony, Samsung, and Panasonic-owning friends. The only brand I compare to Canon is Sony(for similar consumer equipment). I rejected the flash and DVD models because the recordingtime is too short. DVD, in particular, is a rip-off with just 15 minutes for a $10 disk.This kind of short recording time is OK if what you want is to capture 1 or 2 minutes of magicmoments and have them immediately available to put in a player. Personally I find the tape justas good for instant replay on the built-in video screen. It takes a couple minutes longer to rewindthe tape.The hard drive models have a recording time advantage that initially attracted me, but thetransfer issue is what made me decide to stay with a minidv. Ultimately all video has to betransfered to another medium to be used and archived. I have been transfering my minidv tapesto computer hard drives and dvd for years.
    • Transfer is a tediuos, time-eating process that has caused me to spend more upgrading mycomputer and software than I spent on the cameras. Yes, I can make DVDs with my video; I canmake YouTube videos; and I can put my own video stuff on my iPod and Zune. But it takes a lotof time to get the results I want.Why tape? Its cheap and convenient. Video takes a lot of disk space to store the original andthen to edit and render into other formats. I buy the cheap tapes but I only record them once. Ican carry 2 or 3 which give me 2 or 3 hours recording time. The real restraint is the batteries.Once I have the image on tape I dont erase it. I can play it immediately if I want to, but theultimate goal is to transfer it to hard disk for editing and archiving. The real godsend is the recentplethora of cheap 500 GB (now 750 and soon 1TB) external USB hard drives. The transfer timeis a chore; so is the indexing.Tape is patient. I can do it on my schedule. With a hard disk, it can get full at a time that isinconvenient to transfer but I need to do some more shooting. Then I would have to consider thedreaded DELETE of something I shot. With tape I can postphone transfering and editing formonths without impairing my camera readiness. After I transfer, I still have the tape.I considered the Sony HDR-HC9 and the older Canon HV20 vs. the Canon HV30. I was temptedby the 6MP in the Sony and also by the low prices on the HV20. I saw a deal on an HV20 for$520 but it was gone before I made up my mind to settle for it. Ultimately I was looking at $999for the Sony or $771 for the Canon. The HV30 had 30p mode and the $228 savings provided abudget for extra batteries and other goodies.So am I happy? Yes.My wife used it at my kids graduation. Perfect color and detail, oohs and ahs from everybody.My wife just uses automatic mode with the lcd screen hanging out. I took some mobile shots inmy car, one-handed through the windshield. The anti-vibration mode works great, as does theautofocus. During this shoot there were times when the camera was looking almost directly intothe sun. The meter responded quickly and closed down the aperture, but the resulting scene was alittle dark (not too bad, actually). There is a back-light compensation button that could havehelped but I didnt think about until later.Then it was off to a night club. I took a recharged battery, not totally topped off because ofnumerous replays of some of the recent shooting. The lighting was typical dim night clubambiance with flashing disco lights on the dance floor and stage. My plan is to film the wholeshow.I have plenty of tape but just the BP-2L13 that came with the camera, which the manual rates at75 minutes using the viewfinder, or 70 minutes using the LCD. I also know that new Li-onbatteries need to be recharged a few times before they reach their full capacity.47 minutes of continuous filming is what I got, using the viewfinder. The image in theviewfinder was bright and easy to see. I wear bifocals but I was able to hold the camera severalinches from my face and still see the edges of the viewfinder screen enough to frame the picture I
    • wanted. My Optura and Elura both had decent viewfinders, but many was the time when I justpointed the camera and hoped my framing was ok because the image was so dim. The HV30 isreally a huge step up.I havent had enough experience with this camera to fiddle with the focus and white balancewhile shooting so I left it on automatic. The colors of the spotlights were changing very quicklyand I was panning the stage and the crowd, zooming in and out. After the battery died I took itoff and held in my hand to warm it so after the show it gave me a few more seconds of shooting.Considering it wasnt topped off on the charger and it was only the first time it had been cycled Iwasnt that disappointed. I just ordered a BP-L24H rated at 145 minutes recording time on theviewfinder from Amazon for $99 with some of the money I saved over buying the Sony.The images were fantastic. Ive shot in light like this with my Optura and ELura and there werealways dark shadows with almost no detail. The Vixia showed great detail in the shadows. Theautomatic white balance reacted in a pleasant way to the red, orange and blue spotlights.Occasionally, on a wide shot of the band, while I was panning, the lead singer would be washedout from the bright spot on him while the rest of the band was in shadow but the overall effectmade him look rather god-like which was cool. When I zoomed in the aperture closed down andI got excellent skin color and detail on his face. The anti-vibration did a great job because mostof the images were pretty steady even though I was handholding and the crowd was bumping meoften.The sound was the only detail that keeps this from being perfect. The sound started out OK forthe first few numbers, but as the night went on and the playing got louder, there was a lot ofdistortion because of the overloading. The band used big Marshall amps and I was standing 3feet in front of an eight-foot high stack of speakers so it is to be expected. For a more acoustic orquieter show the automatic limiter would have been fine. Next time I wont stand in front of thespeakers.At home I hooked it up to the HDTV with the HDMA cable, tuned to the HDMA input with theTV remote and fired up the camera with the included remote control. The remote is a littleskinny thing that doest provide any feedback when you select a function. My bedroom is lessthan 15 feet long so it couldnt have been more than ten feet to the camera. I had to get up andcheck the display in the camera to make sure the tape was rewound. This would be strictly anexperimental item to be used at close range in a shooting situation.On batteries: I have bought the "compatible" batteries and been burned many times. On myCanon sure-shot the compatible batteries would be charged (Charger light is green) but thebattery would run the camera no more than 5 minutes. Same problem on my phones. For myOptura, I bought three "compatible" batteries and they worked fine. YMMV.For editing, Ive been using Ulead Visual Studio 11.5. The HV30 doesnt come with any softwarefor movie editing or even transfering to disk. The included CD has software to transfer stillpictures to a computer, but you dont need it. I verified that the HV30 is recognized automaticallyas a digital camera when you plug in the USB cable to the computer running XP.
    • I didnt install the Canon software, but I did install a miniSD chip (not included) and take somepictures. There is a different button to snap still pictures which I missed the first time I took apicture. Even if you have the switch on the still position, it starts the video tape recording if youpress the camera start button. The three megapixels doesnt maake for a great picture but it maycome in handy. This isnt one of the feaatures that attracted me to the camera but it may come inhandy.It copied my video from the camera and I edited it into a DVD. My Visual Studio 11.5 edits andburns AVCHD, but I havent got a player that will read AVCHD anyway (other than mycomputer). Im waiting for the Blue Ray burners to come out at reasonable cost, then Ill probablyget some software that burns those. My computer is a quad-core Pentium with 4GB RAM.If you read all the way to the end you are really a glutton for detail like me. I dont really care ifyou buy this camera or not. You should buy the camera that is right for you and your budget. If Ifelt I could afford it, Id get a 3CCD profesional model with interchangeable lenses. Id hire agrip to carry my equipment and set up and hold the boom mikes. Id get some professional gradeediting equipment too, like Avid. Id get one of those business disk duplicators that print thelabels and burn the disks while I sleep. OK, Ill stop.158 of 163 people found the following review helpful.Great camcorder!By Michael ChungIve had the HV30 for about 1 week now, and so far I think its great.I previously used the Sony TRV38, another very capable camcorder. The HV30 comes in a slick,black color and is slightly smaller than my Sony TRV38.I have three young kids, so I take tons of video mostly indoors. The HV30 has very good lowlight capability. Theres some grain in the darker videos, and the shutter speed also slows (youcan see the stuttering movement in the video when taking in very low light). However, you canstill see faces clearly. One cool thing I like about this camera is that it has a manual controlledLED light that can add about 3 feet of light when its too dark. Sony has that 0 lux Night Shotthat works in complete darkness, but the colors change to green and black and makes the eyeslook scary. I prefer the LED light feature on the HV30 over Sonys Night Shot.You can select from 5 different shooting modes:1. DV (regular)2. DV (wide screen)3. HDV (high definition - wide screen by default)4. HDV 24P (cinema mode)5. HDV 30P (progressive mode)Although I dont have a high definition TV yet, the colors in every mode looked great on myregular TV. The 24P and 30P modes give the video a "movie look and feel" (thus the namecinema mode), and this is cool just to have. I look forward to shooting something all in 24P or30P and showing the DVD to family/friends. Im sure theyll be amazed that my home videosdont "look" like home videos.....and this is all due to the camcorder modes.
    • You can take photos using the HV30 (saves onto mini SD card). You can use the camcorder as astand-alone digital camera (3 megapixels), and theres even a flash on the camcorder for thedigital camera. You can also take still photos while youre recording video. I use this to takephotos while recording only because its a nice little extra thing to have. The pictures are not allthat great but not bad either. Its definitely a bonus that both video and still pictures are built intothis one camera. I would still recommend a dedicated digital camera to take better quality stillphotos.I backup all my videos to DVD because its easier to watch that way. I prefer the miniDV tapesbecause it stores "pure" video and information like the time and date. I just started doing a littlevideo editing using Sony Vegas software....and that seems to be a nice software package. Thefinal video on the resulting DVD looks great.I thought I would stick with Sony products, but so far I am enjoying the Canon HV30 and haveno regrets.I will probably be adding more to this review as I use the camera more.Update April 7, 2008Still liking the camcorder because of the 24P and 30P modes. You can really see that differencein the images compared to regular mode. Your video editing software must support HDV (highdefinition video) in order for you to edit any high definition stuff. Sony Vegas Movie Studiodoesnt have it, but the Vegas Movie Studio Platinum edition DOES have it. Make sure to buythe right software if youre going to do editing.I noticed that the sound is a little soft. Maybe theres a setting for this, but another possiblereason is that the Canons HV30s microphones are on the top of the camcorder facing upcompared the my Sony TRV38s microphones on the front facing forward. This does not botherme too much.Theres an automatic lens cap which makes protecting the lens very convenient. No more fussingwith a lens cap or having it dangle in your videos.The package does not include a neck strap...you would think Canon would throw in a strap for a$900 camcorder. I bought a regular Canon strap at a local shop for $18. I think this is worth tohave to keep the camcorder secure.The battery is a cheap one and keeps a charge for about an hour or less. Since a miniDV tape is 1hour, it would be prudent to get a better battery just to be safe. Canon makes an extended batteryfor about $60.See all 119 customer reviews...My Associates Store | Shopping Cart
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